NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 27, 2019

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An update on Phil Kessel plus the latest contract signings and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines. 

THE SCORE: Phil Kessel is hoping to bring more than scoring to the Arizona Coyotes. He’s also hoping to take on a leadership role with the club.  “I haven’t really got to have that in my career. I think it’s going to be great. I’m going to do whatever I can to help these guys win and help them improve. (If) the young guys have questions or anything they want to talk about, I’m there to talk about it. Try to get our team better and them better.”

Phil Kessel hopes to take on a leadership role with the Arizona Coyotes (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: During Kessel’s latter years with the Toronto Maple Leafs he was expected to become more of a leader. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out well. By his own admission, he’s a quiet person and not a “rah-rah guy.”

Kessel’s critics will scoff but he could be an effective leader with the rebuilding Coyotes. He’s now 31 and more mature than he was during his Leafs days. He’s also got more playoff seasoning and now in a market where the spotlight is considerably less harsh compared to his previous NHL stops.

NBC SPORTS: The New York Rangers avoided arbitration with Pavel Buchnevich, re-siging the winger to a two-year, $6.5 million contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The annual average value is $3.25 million. Cap Friendly indicates the Rangers are above the $81.5-million salary cap by over $4.1 million, with restricted free agents Brendan Lemieux and Anthony DeAngelo to re-sign. Something’s gotta give via trade or contract buyout. I’ll have more in today’s rumor update. 

NBC WASHINGTON: The Capitals avoided arbitration with forward Chandler Stephenson, inking him to a one-year, $1.05-million contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Capitals sit $1.3 million over the cap. They’ll also have to shed salary before the start of the season, though their options will be easier than those facing the Rangers. More on that in the rumors section. 

THE DETROIT NEWS: The Red Wings re-signed forward Dominic Turgeon to a one-year contract. 

TRIBLIVE.COM: The Pittsburgh Penguins traded a conditional sixth-round pick in 2021 to the Edmonton Oilers for prospect defenseman John Marino. 

The Vancouver Canucks extended their affiliation with the ECHL’s Kalamazoo Wings. 

SPORTSNET: The St. Louis Blues are donating equipment to the Hockey Hall of Fame celebrating their first Stanley Cup championship. 


  1. Phil is capable of leadership but to date: his leadership examples have not sat well as it pertains to team concepts.

    When you’ve been traded from the Bruins to Leafs To Pens and now Coyotes and you’re only 31 and some of you’re previous teams are still paying to have you go away, then it does raise the odd eyebrow.

    Phil can score and bang up the points But he’s capable of much adversity too. I hope Arizona works for Phil and the Coyotes and he’s found a place he can call home and make it work

  2. Rookie ask Phil about his exercise routine Phil replies “Listen man I had speed and skill didn’t need any of that, it was for players hoping to be like me, want to go for a dog?”

  3. So, in other words Phil will be behind the hot dog cart this time around.

  4. Kessel gets alot of bad publicity. All he does is score , put up points and enjoy life.
    Isn’t that everyone’s dream to be a millionaire, a superstar and to be able to get that by playing a sport you love.
    Kessel knows that and is enjoying life like he should. Who cares what negative people say .

    • Vinnie, with you 100% Phil the thrill is one of my all time favorite players. He has a unique set of skills. (speed, shot and accuracy)

  5. Remember the playoffs a few years back when Kessel kept on giving it to Geno on the bench…he was fighting with everyone, linemates…Coaches. I remember when Malkin looked at Kessel the looked up to the sky shaking his head. He’s just a bad teammate.

  6. I remember they won the cup.

  7. Phil is just that..He invokes this and that from his teammates. That will never change.

    Is he worth every nickel he gets paid? Opinions vary but he is playoff ready ; and can skate like the wind; despite any hot dog addictions he may have, so at the end of the day, Phil is still the thrill

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    • reply to doghouse: Not perfect like you are

  10. Sorry: No sense posting here unless I’m letter perfect.

    • Joey, no need to get worked up. You weren’t being singled out.

      Because you misspelled hotmail in your login, the comments program reads it as though you’re a new user commenting for the first time. It’s the program, not a person. It has nothing to do with being “letter perfect” or being in the doghouse and certainly had nothing to do with your original comment, which has been approved.