NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 8, 2019

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The Hurricanes officially match Sebastian Aho’s offer sheet, an update on Don Cherry, the Sharks thank Joe Pavelski, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines. 

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: As expected, the Carolina Hurricanes officially matched the Montreal Canadiens’ offer sheet to Sebastian Aho. The 21-year-old thanked the Canadiens for the offer but professed his happiness over staying with the Hurricanes. His new contract is a five-year, bonus-laden deal worth over $8.4 million annually

The Carolina Hurricanes yesterday matched Sebastian Aho’s offer sheet (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There some dispute on social media over Aho’s true intentions while questioning the Habs rationale for making that offer.

The Canadiens took a calculated gamble that failed but cost them nothing. Their roster didn’t improve but it also wasn’t depleted. The Hurricanes waiting until the last day to match was seen as screwing over the Habs but it didn’t prevent them from making four UFA signings last week

The Canes keep their franchise player but for a shorter term and more money up front. The Aho camp was the only side that pretty much got what it wanted. Time will tell if this situation affects Aho’s future in Carolina beyond the tenure of his new contract. 

NBC SPORTS: The San Jose Sharks took out a full-page ad to thank former captain Joe Pavelski. After spending 13 seasons with the Sharks, Pavelski signed a three-year deal with the Dallas Stars. 

THE SCORE: Hockey Night in Canada pundit Don Cherry took to Twitter yesterday to quell speculation over his future. The brouhaha arose after Toronto Sun columnist Steve Simmons claimed Cherry’s return hadn’t been confirmed. Cherry said he was told a week after the 2019 playoffs he would be back for 2019-20. 

NEW YORK POST: Sonny Milano and A.J. Greer were arrested by New York police yesterday morning after a fight with an acquaintance. Milano plays for the Columbus Blue Jackets while Greer is a member of the Colorado Avalanche. 

The scrap was said to be either a disagreement over the payment of a restaurant tab or the victim becoming rowdy and refusing to leave the players’ apartment when asked. The pair were charged with misdemeanor assault and released. They have a court appearance scheduled for September. 

CAP FRIENDLY: The Tampa Bay Lightning signed center Gemel Smith to a one-year, two-way contract worth $700K at the NHL level. 


  1. Aho, in appearances, didn’t really care where he played so long as he got his loot and a quick path to ufa. Good on his agent for using the limited leverage a rfa has and getting a great deal.

  2. Steve Simmons probably can’t tie his shoe laces correctly. He’s the Brooks of Canadian sports journalism.

  3. Listening and reading some of the fans and media reaction in Montreal, there appears to be a belief that MB knew his offer wasn’t good enough to land Aho but wanted to show the fan base that he was trying to do something. That seem a little far fetched doesn’t it?

    • Caper: I think the fan appeasement thing is a happy coincidence. I think MB guessed the offer was going to be matched but he was not going to put Mtl in cap hell going forward for any one player, especially if that player was not going to be the final piece to a Stanley Cup. The Habs need more than just Aho. Giving up 4 first would be fine with MB if it meant planning a parade at the end of the year.

      • If gmmb was 1000 off the next step up (to 21sts second third). What would the harm be to go up to 1000 before the 4 1sts? The kid is a young star. Barring a complete crash and burn he is going to get better. Overpaying for over the hill declining talents is problematic… locking up young star power is good team building.

        I think it’s fairly obvious gmmb was reasonably sure the car owner would balk at the money upfront and ahos agent reinforced that notion.

    • His offer was definitely good enough aho signed, he obviously wasn’t getting that number in Carolina. It’s funny guys on here say mb was dumb but than go on to say how dumb gm’s are in free agency in way overpaying? lol

      • BBB, how do you know he wasn’t going to get that number from Carolina?

      • BBB yes the offer was good enough for Aho but wasn’t good enough for Carolina to walk away from. Everybody and their dog do Carolina was going to match that offer; this is why some of the media and fans claim it was a stunt.

      • No offence to Mr Poulin, ex Bruin after all, but he has no idea what the contract between Aho and Carolina would have been when both sides eventually agreed.
        Does Mr Poulin know what the contracts of Marner, Point, McAvoy will end up being? Nope.
        Aho and Carolina would have likely still been negotiating, and it may have right into camp and beyond. We simply don’t know.
        That is why they go through the process.

      • I call it dumb because either he actually believed that Dundon wouldn’t reach into his deep pockets and match that offer. Many posters on this site called it after it happened and he couldn’t see it when it is his job?
        Or it was what MB says it was “showing the fans that they were trying to do what it takes to win”. His words.

        Luckily for him and the other teams, most of the other GM’s in the league will likely show more restraint. We will see.

      • Lol ray do you honestly think you know more than poulin? Dumb is not even trying, the biggest thing you don’t understand is the salary was nothing Waddell would have matched anything Bergevin took a shot at the bonus money, it doesn’t affect mb in any way moving forward it didn’t over pay someone he’s loaded with prospects it was the perfect time to atleast try! And he has 12 picks next yr

      • BBB, Carolina was trying to sign Aho for 8 years. According to Waddell they were trying to sign him for around the cap hit he signed for. We don’t know the details of the negotiation but rumors were Carolina offered a 7.5 mil for 8 years and were expecting a counter offer that never came. By the way Aho’s 12 million salary this year would have been taxed 1 million more in Montreal than it will be in North Carolina. 3.3 million more in taxes over the life of the contract. Poulin didn’t mention that so I thought I would.


        Bergevin apparently didn’t think Aho was worth risking two first, 1 second and a third. It was a no risk no reward offer by Bergevin. It also seemed odd to me that Aho’s agent felt the need to make a public statement that it wouldn’t be easy for Carolina to match the offer.

        I don’t blame Bergevin for trying but as Dundon said it was a waste of time.

      • Rumours were Waddell offered 8 yrs 48 million that’s 2.5 million less, we don’t know what was offered but we do know aho signed so he liked that offer better than what Waddell offered!

      • BBB, I agree Aho must have liked Bergevins offer better.

        I had a pretty reputable source for the Hurricanes offer to Aho, You! It was in the Poulin link you posted. Just kidding, I had listened to the podcast before.

      • I’m buddies with the McGinns

    • Real far fetched. Gmmb just got played by the agent for aho. As did Carolina. It’s not even a good attempt to try to salvage pride if that what it is. He should have offered more but didn’t. End of story

      • You’re the one talking about overpaying for free agents yet think Bergevin should have offered more? Lol quit talking out of both sides of your mouth

      • Not often a Habs fan agrees with a Bruins fan, but BBB has it right.

        The Habs threw a Hail Mary. It was incomplete. So what? What bruised pride? Offering more to Aho would have caused down stream cap damage to the Habs. Bergevin said he had to be mindful of this well before the offer was made to Aho.

        Aho is with Carolina. Hopefully we hear no more about this, or Kawhi Leonard.

      • If you can’t see the difference between offering a young budding superstar money and a peaking to downturning vet then I’m not sure how to dumb it down any further

      • It’s called looking to the future, the Habs are loaded with good prospects and they need to be payed down the road, look at the leafs they signed a vet in Tavares who will be 30 soon and start declining and now they can’t afford marner a budding superstar

      • The leafs got a bonafide superstar under market value. I think that was a rare ufa deal that works well for a team (they failed to make corresponding moves to maximize that deal). But that’s not what we are talking about. Since it’s obvious Montreal is having trouble getting top talent to sign there they should have been more aggressive in getting a number 1 center who is young to go there. Another 1.5-2 mil a year doesn’t break the cap. An extra 1st when you are as loaded in picks and prospects as you say isn’t a big deal. Gmmb screwed up. Is it devastating? No. But if that extra bit of dough cost them aho that’s a big whoopsie no matter how you try to spin it.

      • Another aspect to the way the offer was structured was that the player gets paid his signing bonuses even in the event of an eventual work-stoppage. Dundon has a reputation of being rather tight-fisted so the hope was that a $7 or $8 million payout during a work stoppage would sour Dundon on matching…

        Maybe Bergeron should have gone up a level to the 2 1sts plateau, but he took a calculated risk that he didn’t have to.

      • You obviously don’t understand, mb could have offered 11 million it was getting matched it has nothing to do with the salary it was bonus money. The salary did not matter I don’t think I can dumb it down for you anymore?

      • That’s right toine, some people just look at the salary which was a non factor in the long run

      • A yes the bonus money… which could have been higher if the offer was higher… come on man. Why bother having a debt when the other person keeps making your point for you. If they thought Dundon would balk at the lower bonus money why not do the same thing with the bigger deal and really bring the thunder.

        Why? Because gmmb either was over confident, misinformed, or mislead. But that’s on him. Whoopsie!

      • Lol you still don’t get it! Stick to your male nursing you can help the injured hockey players lol

      • This is my image every time you post! Lol it’s fun

      • Had to do two posts after to many cocktails huh? That being said. That was funny. Loved it.

        Karmas a bitch big sad. At sometime in your life a murse will make difference in your life or your loved ones lives you will appreciate.

        On their behalf.

        You are welcome

      • Not putting them down at all! It’s just funny

      • Sure it is bigbad. Very funny. We take care of people at their worst. When they are sick and can’t care for themselves. When they are dying. Very funny. When in the future a murse changes your diapers I hope you laugh it up. And blame leaf fans.

      • Lol wow pretty sensitive! You dish it out but can’t take eh, keep up the good work lol

  4. Good to hear Coaches Corner is back! For those who don’t like or don’t watch, continue to mute or go to the fridge, because this decision doesn’t impact your game experience.

    • Since I’m only subjected to it vicariously and seen how passionate people are about it congrats to those who find it entertaining! I may not like the old man but always hate to see when other people have something they enjoy taken away.

      • Chrism it’s good for George O as he has someone older then himself to watch and look up to.

      • Heh. That’ll be the day. When it comes to Coach’s Corner I am totally ambivalent. I don’t bother with the fridge … but if it’s a bathroom call I’m afraid Don loses one viewer anyway.