NHL Rumor Mill – July 10, 2019

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Update on Jake Gardiner, three teams that should go the offer-sheet route, and the latest Sabres speculation in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


NBC SPORTS: Former Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Jake Gardiner topped Scott Billeck’s list of five potential value unrestricted free agents. Wingers Justin Williams, Michael Ferland, Ryan Dzingel, and Patrick Maroon completed the list. 

Former Leafs defenseman Jake Gardiner remains available in the UFA market (Photo via NHL Images).

Reports indicate Gardiner is seeking $7 million per season. Billeck suggests the 28-year-old rearguard is pricing himself out of range of cap-strapped teams (like the Winnipeg Jets) that could benefit from his services. He suggests the New Jersey Devils make a pitch. He and the recent acquisition of P.K. Subban would make the Devils’ blueline more formidable. 

YAHOO SPORTS: Justin Cuthbert wonders if the cooling UFA market might make it possible for the Leafs to bring back Gardiner at a reduced rate. It’s assumed the blueliner could accept less than market value to return to Toronto. Given the ongoing uncertainty over Mitch Marner’s new contract, Cuthbert feels the Leafs would have to shed salary via trade to sign Gardiner to a less-expensive contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There are teams, like the Devils, with sufficient cap space to sign Gardiner. Those who could use him, however, could be hoping to get him for much less than $7-million annually.

As for returning to the Leafs, I don’t see how that’s possible right now. General manager Kyle Dubas has done a fine job this summer making moves to bolster his roster and free up salary-cap room. The Marner situation, however, could make signing Gardiner a bridge too far. 


THE SCORE: Josh Wegman suggests the Colorado Avalanche, New Jersey Devils, and Carolina Hurricanes should attempt to sign a top restricted free agent to an offer sheet. He points out the Avalanche and Devils have the cap space to sign Toronto’s Mitch Marner to an offer worth an annual average value of $12 million.

The addition of Marner could push the Avalanche into Stanley Cup contender status. Bringing Marner to the Devils could convince Taylor Hall to stay in New Jersey. Given their respective depth in young talent, the two clubs could afford to part with four first-round picks as compensation to the Leafs. 

Wegman admits there’s a low possibility of the Hurricanes signing a player to an offer sheet after matching one for Sebastian Aho from the Montreal Canadiens. However, he points out they have sufficient cap payroll room to target someone like Washington’s Jakub Vrana. They also have depth in draft picks to part with second- and third-round picks as compensation. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting suggestions by Wegman, though it remains to be seen if those three clubs will go that route. While Sakic signed an offer sheet as a player, he reportedly isn’t a fan of them as a general manager.

Sakic’s in an enviable cap position and could prefer not tying up too much of his long-term cap space. He also has to re-sign RFA Mikko Rantanen, who could cost over $9 million annually.

Cap Friendly indicates the Devils have over $20-million in cap room. However, they’re trying to re-sign Hall to a long-term deal. Nico Hischier will need a new contract next summer. GM Ray Shero likely wants to ensure he’s got sufficient room for both.

As for the Hurricanes, I don’t see them doing an offer sheet. But if they did, the Canadiens would be their likely target. That move could be two or three years down the road when one of the Habs younger players, like Max Domi and Jersperi Kotkaniemi, become RFAs. 


THE BUFFALO NEWS: After shipping Alexander Nylander to Chicago for defenseman Henri Jokiharju, Lance Lysowski speculates the Sabres might not be done in the trade market. He points out the Sabres have around $6.6-million in salary-cap space and need scoring help. “With the free-agent market mostly picked over, the Sabres could theoretically trade from their defense corps to add a top-six forward, specifically a second-line center.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sabres defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen is a frequent topic of trade chatter this off-season. This latest move should stoke that speculation. 


  1. Kadri and Marner and that young rising team in Colorado? Ya, that would look good alright

  2. Which team says no?

    Marner to the Kings for Doughty.

    Kings get young talent and the Leafs have a powerhouse defence.

    Reilly – Doughty
    Muzzin – Barrie
    Dermott – Ceci

    • Rumor had it that Subban for Marner was in the works but preds wouldn’t retain any of Subban contract

      • I believe it was Nylander for Subban, but Nashville had to retain 30% of the Subban contract.

    • Drew might say no.

      • Don’t understand the Subban thing. Who was the source? Dubas might like him , but from Olympics / Worlds whatever, seems like Babcock does not. Would he get the amount of playing time? Would there be head butting?

      • True

    • I don’t tink Marner is going anywhere. He will sign for between 8 to 9 million for 1 year with the understanding if the leafs don’t win the cup they will move Matthews to Arizona for a boat load of players, prospects and draft picks. He would then become the heart of the leafs and get 12 to 13 million per year for the next 5 years. So Matthews will have to out perform Marner to not get traded next summer.

      • Matthews is a franchise player. He is not going to be moved!

  3. Good ? Cost certainty with Doughty but he’s 29 and signed thru to age 35 at $11 per season.

    He’s played a lot of hockey. I think the Leafs would pass but who knows for sure

    • I would hope that the Leafs organization will never repeat signing players at the downside of thei careers, not implying that Doughty is..

      If say they did, then what. You now have to replace or try and re-sign Muzzin, Barrie, Ceci! Where’s the $$ coming from?

      No more old and beat up shiny toys.

      Dubas and company has a blueprint and knows how to maneuver through the turbulent years, because of Cap compliance.

      It takes a bit of time. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day..

      He controls the narrative.

      • @Antoni: I’d like to think the Leafs would pass on Doughty as he has a NMC anyways and he likes it there so its a non starter anyways.

        I year contracts for aging veterans to fill roster spots and roles while other things are developing make sense; as long as the cost makes sense

      • I think they only need to sign one of Muzzin, Barrie and Ceci after the first year.
        By then Sandin and Lilejren could join Doughty, Reilly, Dermott and the guy they sign.

  4. One team to put an offer on the table for Marner is Ottawa
    I heard in Ottawa the Sens management is waiting for White to sign tennis Mr Marner is still available they are making a pitch
    Ottawa will ne amazing team even giving up 4 first round draft picks for Marner

    • Yes please, Ottawa can give thier 1st’s for Marner. That is exactly the type of team I would definitely take the 1sts for.

    • nice try go draft your own players turds

      • Classy. And not surprising.

      • your right again your never wrong not surprised you answered

  5. That would be good , then the leafs could offer sheet Chabot next year.

    • Where would the Leafs of all teams find the cap space to offer sheet anybody?

  6. It definitely is looking a lot more like the NHL overall is in Cap Hell logjam, with only a handful of teams in good shape cap wise [NJ, COL, OTT, CBJ, WPG], altho OTT doesn’t spend to the cap limit
    21 teams have less than $10 M in Cap space, but a fair number still have RFA to sign. Example: TOR has $3.8 in space but there is Marner to sign (or trade)
    The Hard Cap has created Cap Hell for many. It is unheard of to have so many unsigned RFA. I think the league may have no choice but to look at shifting towards a SOFT CAP.

    • IMO the hard cap isn’t the problem. The problem is the contracts GM’s signed. It’s not like they didn’t know there was a cap.
      The RFA’s are sitting because those GM’s are doing their job by using the only contract negotiating tool they have with that player, after their ELC expires they have no right to arbitration.
      It seems like the bridge deal is dead and gone, perhaps we see it make a comeback as GM’s are forced to take a hard stance.

      • Its the players problem, They get 50% of the Revenue pie. 21-22-23 years olds coming out of their ELC’s want to be paid for potential & are demanding a much larger portion of the players revenue pie. It isnt the GM’s, if their star player wantsX amount of dollars or they withhold services, the GM’s are going to move up to placate them. The 28-29 & 30+ year old UFA’s are going to be left with the crumbs & will be better because they would have “earned” the raises they are trying to get. But if there is no money, there is no money. The older players are going to get screwed & there will be a growing rift within the Players Union. I can see the rank & file of the players union to put a cap on what these RFA’s can get paid & take that decision out of the hands of the GM. It’s coming, the storm clouds can be seen on the horizon. When these young players start commanding 7-9% of the cap, it’s simple math, GM’s run out of money quick.

      • Fair point Kevin

    • Greg, Leafs also have $5.3 million of LTIR and the roster is at 23. After MM signs, someone will eventually be dropped. So, cap space is north of $9 million.

      WPG currently has a 15 man roster and 4 RFAs to sign (including Laine & Connor). The Jets should have about $20 million to sign their RFAs, leaving them under the cap but nowhere near Ottawa territory.

      Lots of talk about offer sheets and freeing up space to do so. My question, who is going to buy the high priced assets that a competitive cap team wishes to dump. Lots of sellers, few buyers. In my book, that equates to low returns. To offer sheet Marner, it will cost 4 firsts plus a firesale of a team’s bad contracts. That’s a massive gamble, especially considering that one of the picks could be a lottery pick. By the way, how many teams made the playoffs in each of the last 4 years?

      Ans: 4

      • Which is another reason offer sheets don’t make much sense to me.
        You have to overpay or the other team matches.
        Cap problem for yourself or you just crap in another teams sandwich.
        Not sure which outcome really makes you a better team long term?

      • Kevin, Great point made. The hard cap isn’t going anywhere and the only thing that changes id what RFA’s make as the vets are getting the shaft and there’s more of them, also college UFA status compensation will be in. You pick a NCAA player #1 overall that’s the compensation to sign him for another team.

    • Collusion?

    • Soft cap makes a lot of sense.
      There isn’t cap parity in the league at this time and it’s painfully obvious.

      Montreal is the worst hit by this. If Florida offers a UFA 7M/year and Montreal does the same, where do you think that person signs?

      • Toronto, because everyone wants to take less to play for the Leafs!!!

    • I think the league, really, has no choice but to do away with the gentlemen’s agreement of not signing RFA’s to offer sheets. It really is incredibly stupid. The three other major leagues have RFA’s as well, they get signed, and the teams owning their rights receive compensation and move on and there is nothing passive or active aggressive about it. RFA’s in other leagues are simply treated as free agents. Right now there are so many un-signed RFA’s because there is no danger in not signing them to new deals before their old contracts expire because no one else will sign them. So, we then have a progression whereby teams leave their RFA’s unsigned, trick themselves into believing that they have cap space, go sign UFA’s, and then have no cap space. It’s also tremendously dumb to inform teams as to what the cap is going to be basically as free agency is opening, or a few days after. Not only did some teams piss away cap space on UFA’s before they should have, but some did it with the expectation of having about $2-3 million more in cap space than they actually do now. I am also failing to understand why there seem to be fewer transactions overall these days.

      Since there are a number of teams unable to sign their RFA’s, there should be several looking to deal players off their rosters for cap space, but nothing is happening. The need for trades is especially acute given the blatant refusal to use the RFA system which, in fact, facilitates “trades” for RFA’s. Sure, it’s only a week past July 1 and there’s a whole off-season yet to go, but for a number of these teams, the cap crunches have been known for a long time now, but the GM’s sit on their thumbs or even go backwards with their cap space (Danton Heinen re-signing for instance. That’s 2.8 million less to sign McAvoy and Carlo, but there’s probably no trade coming because, why would there be? Who could the B’s trade anyway?). It seems like the Leafs are really the only team doing anything proactive while all the other GM’s look at each other helplessly while waiting for someone to step up and solve their problems for them, and if someone gives Marner McDavid money in an offer sheet Dubas’s work may not be enough anyway.

      This all is getting to look a lot like politics in the U.S. in the worst possibly way. The system itself is imperfect, but would work if the actors within it had any interest whatsoever in the system functioning correctly. However, rather than work within it, the GM’s are constantly looking for ways around the system or simply choosing not to do things that can help their teams for purely political/cowardice-based reasons (i.e. if we offer sheet RFA A from another team, then next year those guys will offer sheet RFA B from our team). This refusal to operate the system as designed is probably going to lead to another missed season with the next round of CBA negotiations which will again be focused on cementing the teams’ abilities to act in bad faith within the system and with regard to revenue-sharing with the players.

      Long story short, the problem is not with the cap or the league or the “system”, but with the people and their incompetent management and/or patent disinterest in making the system work.

      • People don’t use offer sheets because it is the worst possible tool to build a team. I don’t think it has anything to do with collusion or a gentlemen’s agreement.

        If you don’t overpay, the other team will match. So you have to overpay, which will doom you to future cap issues. Then on top of that you have to give up draft pick compensation.

        The system for RFAs is broken – but it is broken because it is poorly thought out; not because of collusion between the GMs.

      • You can’t compare other sports. Apples and oranges.
        NFL – most contracts aren’t guaranteed. franchise tag their best players. Can’t see the NHLPA signing up for that.
        MLB – do they even have RFA’s? I think you have to be on the major league roster for 6 years before you become a FA of any kind? They doesn’t seem to be a distinction between the 2.
        NBA seem kind of close, but different sport where the star players play almost the entire game and have a greater impact on the outcome of the game.
        Not sure I would want the same kind of player movement we are seeing in the NBA.
        Tough question.

    • Or gms could not be dumb.

      • Like offer sheeting way out of their price range?

  7. Interesting Lyle, you implied that Carolina would only offer sheet a player off the Canadians roster.
    Obviously that would be a move out of spite, really isn’t how one should manage their team is one view; another thought could be a GM saying I feel comfortable offer sheeting a player on Montreal roster because they didn’t mind sending one to another player.
    Granted Montreal offer sheet was extremely weak, they did play within the rules and for a team to single out the Habs just because of doing so, is rather immature but yet I can see teams doing so statement it’s ok with MB because he made an offer sheet so he has nothing to complain about.

    • Agreed Caper. I would point out that MB designed his OS so that the Habs would have the cap to sign there key RFAs/UFAs. MB will likely sign kotkiniemi early anyway. Domi loves Mtl. He is big on the Original 6 history as is he Dad. I seriously doubt he signs an OS to go to Carolina. He did not do well in Phoenix and the lack of spotlight played a part.

    • Nothing wrong with spite in a competitive situation….if you let someone take shots at you without a response you will do nothing but suffer more shots from more directions as the years go by…

      If I were Carolina I would already have noted every Habs player who is American or Finnish and planning how I could make Beregivin or his replacements life more difficult when they re eligible for an offer sheet..

      Just what I would do

      • OBD, I’m not sure they would. Probably really want to though!
        If it made sense for them sure, but I’m not sure it ever would.
        If it was a player they knew MTL would match then OK repay the favor.
        If I was a GM of any team I would question MB’s motives if he called regarding any young player on my team that was or could become an RFA. Definitely wouldn’t be open with any info.

  8. Doesn’t take long to get in cap hell. If Ottawa was to sign Marner like was proposed, probably for 12 million. Then Chabot who if he has another season like last , would he be worth 12 as well. Then Tkachuk , wow another what 10 million in 2 years. Brannstrom probably 10 million a year after. Because we know there all high level prospects. God , Melnyk will need another liver and 2 cases of scotch.

  9. The Bruins signed Danton Heinen to 2yrs at $2.8m per year leaving them with $7.353 in cap space to sign both Carlo and McAvoy. Boston is lucky that Charlie Mac isn’t eligible to receive and offer sheet, as the bruins do not have enough cap $ for both players, they have 23 players signed and 2 can be sent down freeing up another $1.5m in space giving them $8.8.
    David Backes and his $6m cap hit although his actual $$ for salary for this season is $1m is still too much considering the cost the leafs paid to rid themselves of Patrick Marleau contract. This leaves the Bruins with trading a player or two and I stated before the only player that makes sense is Torey Krug and it has to be for prospects or picks but not much dollars coming back in return if a player is involved . Yes I going to suggest Edmonton and JP as part of the return package. The only other options are Backes and a 1st for a 7th round pick, or both Carlo and McAvoy taking less money on a bridge deal.

    • If they can find a taker for John Moore’s $2.75M hit that sould bring them up to $11.55M. Would that be enough to bridge the two of them, at least until Backes contract as well as Seidenberg buyout and Beleskey held-money come off the books?

      I agree the most likely scenario is a trade of Krug, but I would much rather see Moore sent packing. I really don’t see a need for him with the team’s defensive depth.

      • DM agree, Moore should be an easy move good player good contract but wouldn’t be missed.
        Question remains will Carlo and/or McAvoy accept a bridge deal? McAvoy only choice is to sit out so he isn’t going anywhere.
        Carlo to me would be or should be a offer sheet candidate, a team could offer sheet him up to $6.3 with the compensation being a 1st and 3rd would really but the Bruins in a bind but would be forced to match; however if they went a million to say $7.3 compensation being a 1st, 2nd and 3rd, not sure if Boston would be able to match, they would have to quickly give away picks and prospect to dump Backes contract. Imagine Carlo a Colorado native in the Avalanche lineup.

      • How about Miller instead of Moore.
        Plays tough, but also hurt a lot.
        Only a year left and is a RD where the B’s seem set up for a while.
        LD :
        Moore 4 years left, reasonable cap hit.
        Krug UFA after this year. A luxury they can’t afford moving forward.
        Chara – 42 on a 1 year.
        Grezlyk – RFA after this year. Should be a reasonable extension.
        Our best D prospects are LD and we may need them pretty soon. I keep Moore until the young guys force him out.

    • Why would carlo and McAvoy take a discount though? They have earned a decent pay day just like Marner has earned it.
      Caper I dont mean to sound like an a$$ but just stating the obvious. Why risk signing a bridge when you can get alot more and know it.

      • Why did kapenan and johansson take short deals?

      • FD, I think if they were going to accept a bridge deal they would’ve done so already. Carlo and McAvoy are not responsible for the salary cap restraints.
        The only reason they would accept the bridge is that there betting on themselves and feel management will compensate them when appropriate time. If they both signed a one year deal, Boston could negotiate their contract extension on January 1st. They are not allow to discuss this type of deal because it’s consider circumventing the cap otherwise tampering and isn’t allow.
        Real world Sweeney need to move out either Krug, Backes or Krejci to get the $$$ needed. 2 of them will bring back assets and one will cost assets to move out. Pick your poison. Maybe Backes can come down with some skin rash.

      • I dunno Caper. If Sweeney decides he has to play hard ball he can.
        Now that may hurt you down the road with some bad feelings from the player so you prefer to avoid it.
        But bottom line if this gets close to Dec and they still haven’t signed the player is facing the reality that he may not play hockey this year, or collect millions of dollars. That is real money you may never get back, and real pressure. Same for the team, but if you don’t have the space you don’t have an option.
        Nylander called Dubas on the last day when he was at a stand off, not the other way around and the deal seemed reasonable at the time. Might still be moving forward.
        $3M for Carlo on a 2 year. $5.5 for McAvoy on a 2 year.

      • Dubas called nylander he even said it, and if you think Carlo or McAvoy agents are accepting 3 and 5.5 especially after going to the cup final you’re nuts

      • BBB, below is a video/interview with Dubas stating that Nylander called him. It is at the beginning of the clip.
        You have no idea what Carlo and McAvoy will sign for. Obviously I am guessing too.
        Put a number down and we can compare when they sign.
        If a bridge I think it will be close to what I said.
        If it is long term, meaning the full 8 it will be significantly more. I hope they don’t do 5.
        McAvoy in the 8.5 to 9 range.
        Carlo in the 6 to 6.5 range.
        I could also be way off.


    • Why is Mac not eligible for an offer sheet? What am I missing?

      • Caper explained it once. I think it had to do with McAvoy not playing enough games in his first year.

  10. If the Leaf’s want Marner so badly and Marner’s looking for $11 mill, then trade Matthews. I honestly think that’s the only way to keep him. Besides, I think the Leaf’s are more Tavares/Marner team anyway. That duo was really fun to watch, even as a Leaf-despiser.

    The moment they signed Tavares, everyone saw these cap issues coming. Then the whole Nylander debacle set them back even worse! Nobody is even gonna look Nylander’s way trade wise unless he puts up some decent play. I don’t see that coming. And if I’m proven wrong, I’ll eat me words.

    They’ve built a pretty good D unit now and got rid of a pretty good 2C in Kadri, so all my previous Matthews trades are gone. So how ’bout this one….

    Matthews and a conditional 2nd in 2020 or 2021 (dependant on what Carolina does) for MacKinnon. The 2nd is to ease the pain of Matthews added salary.

    • Not sure Sakic would give up the best contract in the entire NHL by a mile to grab Matthews who has no chemistry built with Ratts or Landy. Matthews makes nearly double what Nate makes. Sakic has cap flexibility right now and would be handcuffed grabbing Matthews.

    • Sakic won’t do this. The strange part of this deal is that neither player’s ceiling is known as yet. MacKinnon has gone on an insane curve over the last two years and Matthews thus far has had sub par line mates, there is no clarity on what he can produce if he has a pure passer feeding him.

    • @Caper I get all of what you are saying. It has to sit in thier head though, I sign a one off and hope that I have a good and healthy year and like you said, hope the B’s reward me later and I bank. I’m not so sure I want to fully put my body on the line incase something does happen. Pretty much everything is on hold specifically, (imo) for the MM fiasco affecting outcomes or lack there of for the remaining high end rfa’s. BTW, Is there added pressure on Marner’s corner because of this? I’m a unionized guy in my employment, we fight for everyone because it affects us all down the line. Both of those Boston defenders are crucial now and to the next phase of that franchise.

  11. Ferland to Vancouver ????

    • Yea he just signed. 4 for 14 I think.

      So Benning adds another bottom 6 guy and completely overpays again. Bottom 6 players should rarely ever be over 2.5 mill per. Ferland, IMO, is not worth it. Better to give ice time to some of the young kids.

      and now Ferland (for 4 years)

      Most expensive bottom 6 I think in the league no?

      Benning what are ya doing!!????

      • Ferland has played in the top 6 for the past 2 seasons and put up 21 and 17 goals (40pts) respectively. I think Canuck Mgmt wanted Virtanen to be that guy, but he’s not there yet, if he ever will be.

        He’ll start out with Petterson and Boeser.

        Log jam of Fwds in Canuckland, trade might be coming…

      • have you guys not watched Ferland play?
        He should pot in 20 and make room for Elias to do his thing

      • Ferland is a top 6 guy. Has been for the last two years. Not sure where you are getting that he is a bottom 6 forward

      • Benning might want to save a couple of bucks to sign the guy who actually puts the puck in the net. Wheres the money for Boeser going to come from?

        Canucks roster has Pettersson and Horvat signed. All other currently signed forwards are interchangeable 3rd but mostly 4th muckers and grinders. Let alone the sieve defence Bennings put together.

        Another off season of Bungling Jimmys make the playoffs tear it down rebuild.

        Brutal, absolutely brutal.

  12. Shero mouth off this summer about offer sheets being given out… nothing but crickets from him though.

    All talk Ray?

    • Ray would be wise to offer sheet Marner. Nothing to lose at all. Marner next to Hughes would be tremendous.

      • Hughes/Hischier, Palmieri, Hall, Subban and Marner PP looks pretty filthy

    • The longer Shero waits, the more likely Marner is to sign it and the less likely Toronto is to match it

  13. Ferland to the Canucks? 4 yrs at 3.5?

    Classic Dim Jim Vancouver overpay.

    • If that is the deal then Vancouver got a steal of a deal on Ferland. If you are a canucks fan you’ll love what Ferland brings

    • Overpay? Your fried.

  14. Vancouver just signed Ferland for 4 years at a $3.5M AAV. Nice signing with decent term.

    Got me thinking though. Would you rather have Ferland @ 4 x 3.5 or Tanev @ 6 x 3.5?

    Easy answer in my opinion.

    • Canucks offseason has been solid. Even if you think a 1st rounder for JT Miller was high… Adding Miller+Ferland into their top 9 makes them a tougher team to play against. Brock+Elias must be pleased

      • agree.
        Canucks became harder to play against with those additions + Myers.

        Now, will Virtanen going to be packaged with Eriksson or Suter or Tanev?

  15. Why offer sheet someone. Vegas has as good as your gonna get(Gusev) and you can probably get him for 1 first rounder and sign him for around 4 mil a season.

    • Or 2 2nd rounders…their Shipachyov experiment was a big fail…

      • Hi ds,

        An offer sheet just might come back at just one 2nd

        VGK’s are stuck right now so an offer sheet signed by Gusev is not out of the realm

        Keep it under $4.22 M and compensation is just one 2nd

        Not a bad risk to take on this player IMO

        The next threshold is $6.3M and his deal won’t get close to that…. so worst someone has to pay (if north of $4.22 M AAV) is a 1st and a 3rd

        There was scuttlebutt the other day that the Ducks were partaking in the fragrant Leafy products and had interest in JJ!!! I know right 👍

        would they go Rust + JJ + ?? for Ritchie …. frees up
        $5.25 M …. then offersheet Gusav???

        Sid Guentzel McC

        Gino G-Chuck Gusev

        Bjug Kahun Tanev/Simon/Ritchie/*Horny

        Blueger **ZAR Tanev/Simon/Ritchie/*Horny

        *I don’t think Horny should play top 6… expensive for bottom 6 but it is what it is

        ** ZAR can be used as a trade chip if need be

        Letang Dumo

        Shultz Pettersson

        Gudbranson Riikola


        De Smith

        Above after signings (Gusev , Pettersson , Blueger, ZAR) fits in Cap

        Note again …. no point in any moves if they are still keeping JJ as a regular

      • If Gusev only signs a one year deal would he be RFA or UFA next summer?

  16. Since MB lost out on Aho and still has around $7m to use

    perhaps he calls Vegas and does a swap?

    to Vegas: Stastny & Merill ($7.8 ish total)

    to MTL: Alzner & Hudon ($4.6 ish total)

    Gives Vegas enough room to get Gusev now
    but the winner is MTL who gets out from under Alzner and gets another center (only 2 yrs) giving the kids more time to grow

    Gusev can get 3.5-4 if VGS moves 1 more player but at least $3m to start

    MTL has room to sign Armia still and won’t be tied down long term with Gardner’s huge contract.

  17. to me it seem like all the gm are colluding to stop escalating rfa prices this year and let the greedy fkrs stew…starting with the lowball offer from mtl..kudos

  18. Vancouver probably remembers Ferland when the Flames played them in the playoffs a couple years back. Seen him lots and a good player. Trouble staying In the lineup though. Good combo of toughness size and scoring touch. Canucks will be more difficult next year for sure.