NHL Rumor Mill – July 12, 2019

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A list of five potential summer trade candidates plus updates on Loui Eriksson and Julius Honka in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Minnesota Wild winger Jason Zucker and New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider are among five players Jared Clinton believes could be summer trade targets. Calgary Flames defensemen Travis Hamonic or Michael Stone could also be shopped, as well as Vancouver Canucks winger Loui Eriksson and Vegas Golden Knights forward Nikita Gusev. 

Could the Minnesota Wild trade Jason Zucker before the start of next season? (Photo via NHL Images)

Given the Wild’s two previous attempts to trade Zucker this year, Clinton doubts they’re done trying to move him. Limited salary-cap space explains why Kreider, Erikkson, Hamonic and Stone are on this list.

The Golden Knights are reportedly shopping Gusev as they cannot afford to re-sign him. Clinton’s colleague Steven Ellis suggested the Montreal Canadiens, New Jersey Devils, and Columbus Blue Jackets as potential destinations. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Zucker trade chatter has cooled since a deal that would’ve sent him to the Pittsburgh Penguins in late-May fell through. There’s some speculation Wild general manager Paul Fenton isn’t as keen to move Zucker as he once was. However, one can’t dismiss the possibility of a trade before next season begins.

The asking price for Gusev is said to be a second-round pick and either a later-round pick or a prospect. Getting a potential scorer for that low price has some observers wondering why he hasn’t been traded yet. I’m guessing it’s his demand for a two-yearl deal worth $4 million annually. A lot of teams have used up their cap space for this summer or face significant re-signings next summer.

Kreider’s future with the Rangers could depend on how much they spend to re-sign defenseman Jacob Trouba. The Blueshirts have around $8 million in cap space and Trouba’s new contract could eat up most of that cap space. That won’t leave much to re-sign restricted free agents Pavel Buchnevich, Brendan Lemieux, and Anthony DeAngelo. 

Hamonic’s or Stone’s futures in Calgary depend upon the cost of re-signing power forward Matthew Tkachuk. The Flames must also re-sign Sam Bennett and David Rittich, who have arbitration hearings coming up.

As for Loui Eriksson…


TSN: Agent J.P. Barry, who represents Canucks winger Loui Eriksson, said his client’s future in Vancouver remains uncertain. They met last month with Canucks GM Jim Benning, discussing Eriksson’s comments about friction with head coach Travis Green and what’s next for the winger. While Barry downplayed Eriksson’s remarks, he admitted both sides have looked into trade options. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks must shed salary to free up cap space to re-sign Brock Boeser and Nikolay Goldobin. Trading away Eriksson and his $6-million AAV is the best option but also the most difficult. He’s 33, his performance is in decline, and he’s signed through 2021-22.

Eriksson’s got a no-trade clause but I daresay he’ll waive it to go to any NHL city at this point. Nevertheless, those other factors account for why the Canucks are having difficulty drumming up interest in him. 


SPORTSDAY: Matthew DeFranks reports the Dallas Stars are trying to trade defenseman Julius Honka. With their addition of Andrej Sekera, the Stars have a glut on the blueline.

Honka, a first-round selection in the 2014 NHL Draft, has struggled to crack the Stars’ lineup. He was a healthy scratch for the final 35 games of the regular season and all 13 postseason contests. DeFranks speculates Honka’s value could rise as teams with limited cap space seek a young, affordable blueliner. 


  1. I don’t know how the Sens and Canucks haven’t worked out a deal yet for Eriksson.

    He’s only owed half of his remaining 18m (assuming this year’s big bonus was paid out by the Canucks already?) which is huge for the budget Sens.
    Getting any B level prospect sent to Ottawa with Eriksson should be more than enough to make Melnyk thrilled.

    • Perhaps the Senators just aren’t interested in Eriksson? That would be my guess.

      • I believe his bonus is paid out on the 15th, so hopefully after that we will see a move made

      • Good guess Lyle. Since they are a budget team and will surpass the cap floor once White signs, why on Earth would they want Eriksson?

      • If it cost a 1st to get rid of Marleau’s 1 year contract, what would the asking price take Eriksson?
        2 firsts? Virtannen? Juolevi?

      • No because they wouldn’t have to pay him, what was it, $3M in cash then buyout the contract as a full $6M+ cap hit and no player attached to it. I personally would pass on that as a reward for that.

      • Any idea how the Rangers will get the cap space that they need?

      • Art, as I indicate below, the Rangers – and several other teams – will simply have to trade someone from their main roster to clear the space needed to sign their RFAs. Yes, they can add to the current $7,093,534 in cap space by assignments to the AHL of a few of the players shown as part of their main roster at the moment by CapFriendly – names like Chytil, Andersson, McKegg, Howden, Nieves, Hajuk, Fox who are all on ELCs. But even sending down 4 to make room for Lemieux, Buchnevich, Trouba and DeAngelo, the most it frees up is another $3.4 mil, and while the resulting $10.5 mil would likely be enough to get Trouba signed, it won’t leave enough to ink the other 3. And if they send down a couple more, then their major league roster is depleted with no ability to bring anyone up in the event of short-term injuries where the caps of those injured remain in effect and the caps of those elevated have to be added in (long-term injuries are something else and there is cap protection there).

    • “He’s only owed half of his remaining 18m (assuming this year’s big bonus was paid out by the Canucks already?) which is huge for the budget Sens.”

      Sure, but they could simply sign three players to league minimum contracts and hit the cap floor that way, rather than committing $6M a year to Eriksson.

      • Besides that, there’s so many teams looking to shed salary. It’s a buyers market and Sens would be better off spending on younger, less expensive players with upside.

    • Sens are siming for the cap floor. They have a ton of picks now. They havexa ton of prospects there is no need for them to become the solution to other teams mistakes.

      Assuming, which is a big assumption, thar melnyck will pay is star players whdn the rebuild is complete. The plan seems to be to keep the payroll as liw as possible then use the cap space to sign your developed players and go from there

    • Eriksson has a NTC , I doubt he would waive it to go to Ottawa. Sens could consider if he was in his last year but I doubt it with 3 years left, he will be 34 when the season starts. Maybe Dorion could agree to take him if Virtanen is added to the deal. Dorion should sit pat and wait , the price to take on other teams dead weight or cap is going to go up as we get closer to puck drop.

      • Hornqvist & JJ for Eriksson LOL

      • From a Pens perspective no thanks.
        But imo this trade would have no winner….

      • I was joking..

        I know this is a no win scenario. VAN cannot even consider this bc of the cap room it takes up, let alone 2 players they have no need for.

      • As I keep saying, Ottawa has no interest in an Eriksson. However, having said that, he’s hardly in a position to pick and choose where he goes in a trade, since it’s clear teams aren’t exactly shoving each other out of the way to obtain him.

        In fact, unless Benning coughs up an amazing “are-you-kidding me?” sweetener I don’t see any young rebuilding team with lots of cap space that would want him around for 3 years. Especially since every one of them has key RFAs they need to sign, either this year or next.

    • Dallas Stars

      Before Heiskanen and Klingberg came into there own Honka was the Stars best budding D man ..
      He could really be a quality pick up for a team in a transition that is looking to make a step this year and in need to to rebuild a back end with youth and experience at a low cost .

      He would be a great pick up for the Red Wings …they could really use a player like this, that is young manageable under contract and willing to make this a project.

      Yzerman with the right people in place could develop a player like this into a quality top 4 in the Wings organization.

      23 years old great $$$ and mobile… good first pass
      D man with great wheels… could be a good set up man on the power play as well…worth the risk .

      • interesting-we will watch-

  2. Dzingel at 6.75 for two years is a good pick up for Carolina.

    • If Williams comes back, they’ll have an overabundance of NHL-level forwards. I think it’s been ~12 years since they’ve had that problem.

      • Canes are looking good , plus they have players in Charlotte waiting to challenge for spots , especially on D

    • GP

      Bazinga ! for Dzingel

      I’ll say that’s a deal for the Canes…. I would not have guessed with his speed , style and numbers that he would have taken that low… Columbus couldn’t come up with that offer?

      He went to Ohio State; you would think an identical offer would have favoured him staying with Clb (George, if he had stayed [re-signed with Clb] were Sens due for a conditional pick upgrade?)

      Anyway…. great score for Canes …. IMHO Dz worth more

      • Columbus scratched him in some olayoff games. Dzingle got more ice time than he deserved in ottawa. He isnt as good as his stats. Great speed little finish.

      • Not in his case Pengy. He wanted $5 mil to re-sign in Ottawa and Dorion said no. So too, apparently, did the Columbus GM

      • Thanks Jeff

        I haven’t watched him a ton and was only going on my limited viewing and stats.


        didn’t know that (re Ottw offer); Re: Clb; I get the balking at $5M; but couldn’t they come up with the Canes offer?

      • They could have. Easily. The fact two teams did not has to be saying something. Carolina may come to regret doing it somewhere down the line.

    • Dzingle would of been good for Dorion to snatch back. Yet i dzingle had little interest in returning.

      • Nope. One-Way Johnny. No D interest at all. Same problem got him scratched repeatedly by Tortorella.

    • That’s a good deal lower than the $5 mil per he was seeking from Ottawa (and probably Columbus)

    • At first reading, I thought it was 2 years at $6.75M per year; I thought you were insane calling that a good pickup.

      Cap hits of $3.25M and $3.5M for a 25-goal scorer is a good signing though.

      • Not if he’s on the ice and partly responsible for 40

  3. The balance of July will be slow. Things should pick up after August long.

    How does a non play-off team have no cap room Vancouver ? Luongo for one and signing players like Beagle for two.

    Gusev to step in at $4m is a financial risk.

    • Silver,

      Luongo, Eriksson, Beagle, Roussel, Sutter. Thats a pile of either bad contracts, overpays or too much term.

      Luongo- 3 million
      Eriksson – 6 million
      Beagle – 3 million
      Roussel – 3 million
      Sutter – 4.375 million

      That’s 19.375 million in pretty much wasted cap space let alone the money dropped on the defence. More than enough to sign Boeser, Goldobin and a top end FA.

      3/4 of the current roster is 3rd or 4th line forwards and #4-6 defencemen.

      Jim Benning has his insane make the playoffs tear it down mentality and has assembled a lottery pick roster with next to no cap room, no 1st round pick next year and two RFAs to sign in Boeser and Goldobin. Hows he going to get the room to sign them? By adding “sweetners” to trades involving Eriksson and or Sutter. More draft picks and prospects out the door as the Bungling Jimmy era continues to run around in circles. With Bennings trade history its very doubtful the Canucks come out ahead after any deal.

      Ive said it before, Ill say it again. Dim Jim has got to go.

      • Now I see why Linden left. I would be pissed off too if I lost arguments over those dumb contract signings. What are they doing signing Ferland when they have Boeser and Goldobin to still sign?? I got no issue with Ferland but Benning’s gotta eat the Sutter, Beagle, Eriksson, and Roussel contracts before he can have the luxuary of signing Ferland with outstanding RFA’s to sign… Dim Jim is right… I wonder if Linden is insterested in the Seattle job??

  4. “2 steps forward, 1 step back”
    Sorry, I just don’t see Rangers trading Kreider. I know pundits like to look at him as getting best return, to me that’s the exact reason you keep him. Everyone looks at Rangers as being in perpetual rebuild, but after building one of the better prospect pools in the league, I think the Trouba trade and Panarin signing show its time to move forward. I see Kreider as a core guy. He’s under contract already and there’s other guys who can get moved to get cap compliant. I think Rangers will extend Kreider as it will only require a raise of about 2 mil while other contracts will be coming off the books in the next 2 years and younger guys will be moving into line up on elc’s

    • If the Rangers are fortunate enough to be able to trade Namestnikov & Strome, Kreider will not HAVE to be moved. Kreider has the bigger value. I do see him being moved.

      • IHC. Yes, Kreider has the best value, but that’s my point. Why trade him? I’ve read that they’re moving along with negotiations, and even though that’s probably not a priority at the moment, I think an extension gets done before season starts. I don’t think Strome gets moved yet, unless they think they can go with the young guys at center. I’ll bet the house they buy out Smith, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see DeAngelo traded. To me, a deal with Edmonton for Puljujarvi should be pursued. Namestikov would be a nice fit there, even if we had to retain a million every little bit helps. Colombus would be a good trade partner as well. JD and Karmo have a good working relationship and they have the cap space after losing their big 3

      • I’d like to see


        if they can miraculously convince EDM to take Vlad for Pujujarvi then that would createcap room to resign Kreider and give us


        Just think we need a solid RD behind Trouba sooner than later

      • IHC:
        Because Kreider has the most value, he is their best trade chip. I had the same arguments for not trading Kadri. And I was wrong 🙂

      • Can Buffalo be convinced to take Strome, ADA a ? rd pick and Smith for Risto?

        Really need to clear cap to sign Kreider and still solidify that right side behind Trouba.

        Make your trade of Namestnikov to clear cap for Pujujarvi

        I jut wouldn’t give Kreider $7m for a long term deal…

      • IHC. They don’t need to create cap room for Kreider!!! He’s already under contract

      • @Juss

        I would trade Kreider to free cap to address other areas of the team but JD a nd company can work magic then I am ok with him staying.

        Namestnikov, Smith, Staal, Shatts & Strome are the biggest contracts that hinder from extending up Kreider short term and re-tooling their D.

        Looks like Kreider HAS to go

        if so i’d want a solid top 4 RD

        Kreider & Namestnikov & Smith for Risto & 2nd

        Panarin & Chytl can cover the top 2 LW slots

        Lemieux & others rotating can cover bottom 2 LW

        Those BAD D contracts created the lack of flexibility.

      • @slick I was referring room to resign Kreider to an adequate pay raise when I said “sign Kreider”

        Sorry for any confusion

  5. Still keeping 🤞for JJ exit and another move so that Pens can add Gusev

    Logic is there …. roadblock is in the “brain freeze”
    of GMJR

    Reported days ago that Murray had interest in JJ for the Ducks

    Is the hitch that League won’t allow the perfectly acceptable trade of 7th rounder in 2049 because it’s too far down the road?

    I jest

    Whatever the offer is Jimbo …. take it!!! Now

    You should have been exactly like that lady in the IKEA commercial ….. running down the road “start the car” “start the car”


    • to Van: JJ, Bjugstad & Rust

      to Pitts: Sutter & Eriksson

      $$ is about even right??

      like it? just do it lol

      • That’s one of your worst trade proposals! Bjugstad and Rust definetely have value, JJ not really…
        Sutter isn’t the player he was in Pittsburgh, always injured and lost his scoring touch. And Eriksson, well three more years @$6mil is one of the worst contracts in the NHL (only Lucic’s is worse because the buying him out makes no sense cap wise)

      • the LOL means I am joking. Pengy would do nearly anything to be rid of JJ.

      • Hi IHC

        Yep I’d do almost anything to rid JJ. New you were joking with that proposal.

        No, wouldn’t do that one— they are still saying Ana interested?????

        I’m still trying to convince Jimbo to send JJ + Bjug + Rust to Minn for Staal (would be Pens 3C) , *2nd, *5th, and a prospect

        *send 2nd & 5th to VGK for Gusev; Pens keep prospect.

        Pens then have $9.2M to sign Gusev, Pettersson, Blueger, ZAR… more than enough

        Jimbo has put a call block on my though 🙁

        …. or …

        “Bob, it’s little Jimmie here. I understand you have a hankering for JJ. Well here goes pardner… I’ll give you JJ, Rusty, and the Z-man for Ritchie, Steel, and 2nd and a 5th… good to go…. yesssssss”

        “Georgie Porgie, Jimbo here, I just hooked up with Bobby boy; I now have their 2nd and 5th in ’20 …. can I have the rights to loosey Goosey for the 2nd and 5th? … yessss”

        “Hi Chad, it’s James here. Sorry bud but we have to waive you. We’ll do beers some time. Good luck and all the best”

        Sign Gusev, Petterson, Blueger…. done!

        See…. being a GM is easy…. LOL

    • Pengy,

      Edmonton – Nugent Hopkins and Milan Lucic
      Pittsburgh – Malkin and JJ

      Moneys fairly even… how bad do you want to be rid of JJ?

      Would you do it? Rutherford? Holland?

      • Hi Ron,

        See my “quick” trades above

        Yes I’d do almost anything to get rid of JJ but that would certainly be a massive massive massive over-payment to rid him.

        Holland I think would do this for sure…. He’d be on the phone to Katz in a minute and get the chequebook out and buyout JJ as soon as the 48 hour window opens.

        Kidding aside

        Sid, Gino, Letang, Murray, Guentzel will not be moved.

        They are still talking that Anaheim is interested in JJ… what is the friggin hold up?

        give them future considerations; buy him a beer next week and then after you have a quaff together; tell NHL head office that the future considerations have now been dealt with.

        My cousin tells me that he heard on the local radio station (greater Pitts area) that there are now even politicians weighing in on their desire to rid the city of JJ. They are obviously doing this tongue ‘n cheek but that just goes to show you how widely he is hated in Pitts.

        Can I offer up my annual salary to Jimbo if he makes the deal. I only pay myself the nominal $100 “honorary” fee annually but maybe that will be the incentive Jimmie has been waiting for.

        Anything….. please!!!

    • Pengy—Perhaps, the only way the Penguins can relieve themselves of JJ is also the easiest way–study game films of the 2016 season and consult Tortorella to find out how he morphed JJ into a 23-point, plus-23 defenseman that season. Gonchar might not be the real god.

      • Hi Francis

        No idea where the JJ of 2016 went… but he’s gone; loooonnnnnnngggggg gone

        The worst (costliest to performance of team) player in the NHL by far

        I have no idea what Murray (Anaheim) is thinking … but if he wants him…. take him; put the city; the state; the team; the fans out if their misery… take JJ

  6. It’s rather clear that nothing can be decided until Kreider makes it clear what he wants in order to extend his deal…the math is quite simple, $8M to sign 4 players…Trouba will take $7.5M of that, leaving 3 guys who will conservatively need $7M (Buchnevich $3M, DeAngelo $2.5M and Lemieux $1.5M).

    • Maddo305

      Thanks for bringing up those numbers …, I’d been so focused on Pens, VGKs, Leafs and Sens situations that I didn’t realize how tough a situation Rangers were in…. as you said … CapFriendly has them with 21 on Roster ; $7.1M left and the 4 RFAs to sign. Dropping (minors if possible) the two cheapest currently on roster in CF…. only gives $8.5M for the 4 RFAs…. one could argue that Rangers are in a much worse predicament than Leafs just due to the magnitude and impact of their 4 RFAs and expected cost and the number of key trades/moves that Gorton has to make


      Ok , just cuz I’m a nice guy … I’ll help you free up $2M

      JJ for Zib…. just say the word dear Maddo305 and we’re good to go on that

      Can we shake on it?

      • Pengy, JJ is not enough for Zib. You have to give to get. We should add Hornqvist. Fair deal 😉

      • Hi Juss76

        I was totally joking.

        would love to have Zib. He aint coming cheap and certainly not for a nightmare (aboslutely the worst in the NHL) Dman and an overpaid at best 3rd line winger. Horny has heart; but unfortunately past his prime.

        I’m grasping at straws to come up with a JJ solution

    • Kreider is already accounted for in this years cap. I don’t think he’ll get over 7 mil on an extension, which I see as pretty fair. That’s a raise of 2.4… that’s about same as cap goes up every year. I don’t agree with those estimates on their rfa’s either. . As much as we all like Buchnevich, if he goes to arbitration, he’ll probably only get 2, maybe 2.5 the most. DeAngelo and Lemieux have no leverage. So I don’t see 7 mil for all 3 as conservative guess. I think all 3 will only cost between 4-5 million total. 1 of those 3 could get traded as they’re all expendable. Let’s say Trouba and Buchnevich both agree to terms before hearings for ( and ill be conservative here) 10 million combined. That would give you a roster of 23 and put you over cap by 3 mil. It would also allow you to buyout Smith which would put you under the cap. Moving Beleskey down to minors ( or trading him) saves you enough to move Kravtsov up. Can sign Lemieux to a 2 way deal and have option of sending either him or Nieves down. That leaves only DeAngelo to sign. So you’re really only looking at having to trade one of him, Namestikov, Strome or even Buchnevich.

      • @ slick

        Think the move is to move BOTH Strome & Namestnikov, if possible.

        That is 7M. Allows Kreider to stay. Buch can play with Panarin & Kratsov at center.

        Smith’s buyout can happen next year as the cap the following year will have enough room to absorb Smith’s hit.

        Rangers are stuck with their overpaid team members.

      • Buchnevich is finally a consistent NHLer…. and another team could get a steal for him…

        What is going on with Names??? is there a buyer beware tag?Even if the Rangers give him away the score for McD+Miller is still Libor Hajek, Brett Howden, Nils Lundkvist and Karl Henriksson

      • IHC.
        Again, Kreider is under contract. Namestikov, Strome and Beleskey are all ufa after season, so their cap space will be available for Kreider regardless.

  7. In an attempt to meet Chrisms request, here is a list of those teams I regard as needing to clear cap space in order to retain key RFAs. Who they deal – and who they deal with – is wide open to conjecture

    Vegas – has $0 left with which to sign Gusev – coming off $925,000 – did not play a game with Vegas after coming from Russia where he led the KHL with 82 points (17 goals) in 62 games with SKA St. Petersburg. They also have minor league RFAs Bischoff & Schuldt;

    Pittsburgh has $1,592,500 left to sign LW Teddy Bleuger – coming off $650,000 – 6g 4a 10 pts in 28gp; C/RW Zach Aston-Reese – coming off $925,000 – 8g 9a 17 pts in 43 gp; and LD Marcus Petterson – coming off $794,167 – 2g 17a 19 pts +13 in 57gp with Pitt after 0g 6a 6 pts +4 in 27 gp with Anaheim. They also have minor league RFA C/LW Adam Johnson

    Toronto – has $3,765,301 left to sign RW Mitch Marner – coming off $894,167 – 26g 68a 94 pts (led the team in scoring);

    Vancouver – has $5,058,242 left to sign LW Nicolay Goldobin – coming off $863,333 – 7g 20a 27 pts in 63 gp; RW Brock Boeser – coming off $925,000 – 26g 30a 56 pts in 69 gp – if Goldobin can be signed for $1.25 mil is the $3.8 mil enough to re-sign Boeser?

    Tampa Bay has $5,576,669 with which to sign C/RW Brayden Point – coming off $686,667 – 41g 51a 92 pts and LW/RW Adam Ernie – coming off $800,000 – 7g 13a 20 pts in 65 gp. They also have minor league RFAs Thomas & Masin;

    NYR have $7,093,534 with which to sign LW/RW Brendan Lemieux – coming off $839,167 – 12g 5a 17 pts in 63 gp with Winnipeg & NYR; LW/RW Pavel Buchnevich – coming off $925,000 – 21g 17a 38 pts in 64 gp; RD Jacob Trouba – coming off $5.5 mil – 8g 42a 50 pts +8 in 82 gp with Winnipeg; RD Anthony DeAngelo – coming off $863,333 – 4g 26a 30 pts +6 in 61 gp. They also have minor league RFA Lettieri (Trouba will likely get more than they have left in cap space – so something has to give);

    Calgary has $9,473,292 with which to sign LW Matthew Tkachuk – coming off $925,000 – 34g 43a 77 pts; C/W Sam Bennett – coming off $1,950,000 – 13g 14a 27 pts in 71 gp; C/LW Andrew Mangiapane – coming off $705,000 – 8g 5a 13 pts in 44 gp; G David Rittich – coming off $800,000 – 2,61 gaa 0.911 save %. They also have minor league RFAs Lomberg & Valiev (Tkachuk will take up most of what they have left – not enough to sign Rittich – something has to give);

    Boston has $8,103,334 with which to sign RD Charlie McAvoy – coming off $916,667 – 7g 21a 28 pts +14 in 54 gp; RD Brandon Carlo – coming off $789,167 – 2g 8a 10 pts +22 in 72 gp. They also have minor league RFA Forsbacka-Karlsson (this will be a tight squeeze unless one of those D really has his sites set high);

    St. Louis has $12,420,406 with which to sign G Jordan Binnington – coming off $650,000 – 1.89 gaa – 0.927 save % + a great playoffs; LD Joel Edmundson – coming off $3 mil – 2g 9a 11 pts +8; C/RW Oskar Sundqvist – coming off $700,000 – 14g 17a 31 pts in 74 gp; C Ivan Barbashev – coming off $741,667 – 14g 12a 26 pts; C/LW Robby Fabbri – coming off $925,000 – 2g 4a 6 pts in 32 gp. They also have minor league RFAs Reinke & Husso (depends on what Binnington gets);

    Winnipeg has $22,872,503 with which to sign F Patrik Laine – coming off $925,000 – 30g 20a 50 pts; LW Kyle Connor – coming off $925,000 – 34g 32a 66 pts; C/LW Andrew Copp – coming off $1 mil – 11g 14a 25 pts in 69 gp; RD Neal Plonk – coming off $925,000 – 6g 20a 26 pts -16 in 73gp with NYR; G Erik Comrie – coming off $650,000 – only 1 gp with Winnipeg; They also have minor league RFA Nogier (on the surface should be more than enough to sign everyone – even with Laine and Connor gobbling up a good chunck of what they have)

    Colorado has $23,215,239 with which to sign RW Mikko Rantanen – coming off $894,167 – 31g 57a 87 pts in 74 gp; C/RY J. T. Compher – coming off $925,000 – 16g 16a 32 pts in 66 gp; F Andre Burakovsky – coming off $3 mil – 12g 13a 25 pts in 76 gp with Washington; C Vladislav Kamenev – coming off $833,333 – 2g 3a 5 pts in 23 gp; They also have minor league RFAs Greer, Dries, Lindholm & Boikov (like Winnipeg, they should have more than enough although Rantanen will take up a large portion of the space, and Burakovsky figures to get something closer to $4.5.

    • Good list George, some teams have painted themselves into a corner… btw JFK will be playing for Vaxjo in the SHL this coming season.

      • I thought he’d been assassinated

    • Thanks George

      Greatly appreciated

      From the list… to me , Rangers are the ones in the most “tenuous” position. There’s is the most “multiple/complicated moves” type of resolution

      It’s great to have the assets but the shuffling of the deck to make room is quite complicated as at now.

      Pitts first RFA signing should be Pettersson.

      Leafs… I’m still saying that the easiest (and wisest) path is to move WW out for a D; savings plus LTIR $’s and MM can be signed eventually.

      VGK… the first move MUST be to rid the Clarkson contract. Other moves yes… but move Clarkson.

      …. and I know you hate me saying this George, and I realize that Sens are now piling up picks and prospects; but to be able to get a good prospect for only $200K, to me, is an absolute steel. Vegas must move this contract so will give up a prospect (and they do have a pool)… and Sens only have to pay the 20% (of $1M sal) that the ins. company doesn’t pay… I know you hate it… I’m a businessman and I only look at the upside vs. downside…. upside is huge… buying a future NHLer; downside…. very slim chance that the $200K spent gets a prospect that never plays in the NHL… so in that case … $200K for the rights to Baby Sen. Set aside the Melnyk thing… this is just $200K; and with many pluses involved. No question from me… I’d do it.

      StL and Col are sitting in excellent shape right now

      Things are OK for Boston and I have confidence in success with the issues

      Winn and Cgy do have exposure but barring an offer sheet (Tchuk/Laine etc)— I think things will work out.

      Cheers and thanks for posting all that

    • Thanks George

      Greatly appreciated

      From the list… to me , Rangers are the ones in the most “tenuous” position. There’s is the most “multiple/complicated moves” type of resolution

      It’s great to have the assets but the shuffling of the deck to make room is quite complicated as at now.

      Pitts first RFA signing should be Pettersson.

      Leafs… I’m still saying that the easiest (and wisest) path is to move WW out for a D; savings plus LTIR $’s and MM can be signed eventually.

      VGK… the first move MUST be to rid the Clarkson contract. Other moves yes… but move Clarkson.

      …. and I know you hate me saying this George, and I realize that Sens are now piling up picks and prospects; but to be able to get a good prospect for only $200K, to me, is an absolute steel. Vegas must move this contract so will give up a prospect (and they do have a pool)… and Sens only have to pay the 20% (of $1M sal) that the ins. company doesn’t pay… I know you hate it… I’m a businessman and I only look at the upside vs. downside…. upside is huge… buying a future NHLer; downside…. very slim chance that the $200K spent gets a prospect that never plays in the NHL… so in that case … $200K for the rights to Baby Sen. Set aside the Melnyk thing… this is just $200K; and with many pluses involved. No question from me… I’d do it.

      StL and Col are sitting in excellent shape right now

      Things are OK for Boston and I have confidence in success with the issues

      Winn and Cgy do have exposure but barring an offer sheet (Tchuk/Laine etc)— I think things will work out.

      Cheers and thanks for posting all that

      • Pengy, there HAS to be a hidden glitch in there somewhere … I mean, if the Clarkson move was THAT cheap for the receiving team PLUS a bona-fide prospect, the first question to pop up is, why in hell hasn’t it happened already? You’d think there’d have been several teams scrambling to make that deal already who are in a re-build, not just Ottawa.

      • Hi George

        Technically Clarkson HAS to agree to the trade ( moving anywhere but Dallas; Nash or the two Florida teams will have him losing some take home pay due to the tax differences …. so could be as much as $150 K)…. but I’m sure there is some nods and winks deals that happen when a stumbling block like this arises

        That’s the only hold up …. he does provide Cap flex to any team near the Cap but not over…. Vegas needs to move him

        The nod/wink incentive would have to come from Knights

        It’s doable

        For sure he is only still owed $1M and $800 K of that is paid by the insurer

        There’s a deal out there

        Leafs in tougher… Horton’s contract not insured …. all $3.6M paid by the team that owns him

    • Thanks George!….hope avs can hold down that$4.5 mil on Burakovsky but who knows these days!

  8. Read Kadri reason for nixing the trade to Calgary. Personally thought it was a valid reason. Wasn’t personal against the Flames, he just thought by saying no, it be over and done with and he would continue being a leaf. Apparently it wasn’t in Dubas cards.

  9. I keep seeing Pens fans bemoaning the signing of Tanev while stating that guys like Donskoi or Dzingel would have been better signings.

    This exposes a deep misunderstanding of why we lost.

    Those buttery players would change nothing for us.

    • While Donskoi or Dzingel are not the answer in Pitt, Ferland got the same cap hit as Tanev for two less years.

      Not a Pens fan, but I don’t mind the signing of Tanev in Pitt. I just think the salary and term were excessive.

      • I’d take Ferland if we could move Hornqvist, but also a different player than a Tanev.

        In Pens terms, Ferland is a Hornqvist or a Malone, we needed another Kunitz. Big shoes to fill, but there wasn’t another FA who fits that bill.

    • Hi MG

      No issues from we re Tanev signing and AAV. My issue was the term.

      A risk that may turn out in years 4-6 but it was a risk that I probably would have been reserved in making.

      fingers crossed

  10. Lots of chatter about the Habs getting Gusev or other forward talent, but I haven’t seen any talk about Zucker, who fits a need (top 6 RW) and fits into the Habs’ cap structure. Would seem a nice match, to me!

    • I’m not so sure at this point that Zucker will be traded. And seeing as how he was supposedly going to be traded for Kessel, Minnesota obviously wants a top player in return that would help them immediately. I don’t see that happening right now for the Habs or any team for that matter.

      If, as Lyle suggests, Gusevs contract demands are keeping away teams who have limited cap space or who face multiple re-signings next year, it must be noted that the Habs have neither of these issues. That’s why Bergevin has to go for it. It’s a reasonable gamble and it sure beats having $7m in unused cap space. Otherwise, what was the point of trading Shaw?

    • Pens should add a 2nd and a 5th or something to JJ and move him to a team needing to hit cap floor. Not sure who that would be. And move Hornqvist for next to nothing in return. Sign Gardiner ($6M per max) and extend Petterrson.

      Tanev was a good signing. Give him a chance. Pitt needed more grit. He’s healthier than Ferland although won’t pop as many scores.

      I like Ehlers but Jets should move him for Ristolanen if Buffalo will accept that deal.

      Jets should also look hard at Julius Honka. They already have 2 small guys in Niku and Morrissey but dmen develop so late sometimes. Offer one of their forward prospects like Appleton. Not Vesalainen or Roslovic though.

      Make Roslovic the 2nd line centre with Laine and Ehlers. If he can’t hack it move him to #3 C and bring Little back to the 2nd line.

      Oilers are fools if they aren’t pursuing Gusev. Offer some picks. Please. Would like to see him play with McDavid and Draisaitl.

      • Lots of talk about that in Edmonton Geoff. The overall sentiment is how could you pay a guy who hasn’t played a game in the NHL $4M?
        I wouldn’t. 1 year at $1.5M – $2M. If he is an effective NHL player then pay him, if he isn’t see ya.
        #2 behind Gusev in KHL scoring last season – Nigel Dawes. Remember him? Last years KHL scoring champ – Kovalchuk.
        Heck last season Linus Omark was 4th and he couldn’t make a brutal Oilers team.
        He might be the real deal, he might be ineffective.
        Who knows, which is the point.

      • My sentiments exactly Ray. 82 points in the KHL means absolutely zilch in the NHL – as a lot of KHL transplants have discovered. Also, the guy is 27 y/o and hardly a giant at 5′ 11″ 176 lbs.

        Not saying he’d be a huge risk to keep around for a “show-me” season at nominal salary (say, $2.5 mil) – but no way at $4 mil and longer term. That’s why McPhee can’t find takers if that’s what he and his agent are seeking.

        Maybe Vegas has to bite the bullet if they truly think he’s the real deal and find some way to keep him themselves by trading another, established player. But he should be prepared t be hosed because no one is bending over backwards (or forwards) to do him any favours.

      • Geoff204

        Last week the rumour was that Anaheim was interest in JJ (no $’s retained and no extra in incentive to take him). Not sure what is holding that deal up.

        a shake, high-five, a box of Turtles chocolates and $25 in Micky D coupons should do it

        GMJR… wake the f*&^%$k up !

      • George, the scouting report I heard on the radio, Rishaug I think, was good hands and skill. Feet on the slower side.
        Often lack of speed is a problem, in both ends of the ice. Then there are guys like Krecji who can produce while being on the slow side.
        Just a big unknown IMO.

      • I think Buffalo would gladly take Ehlers for Ristolainen with a few pieces added here or there for both sides. The thought here in the Buffalo press is if/when Risto is traded it’s going to be a big trade. No idea what they feel is big but Ehlers/Risto as the main pieces is big to me.

  11. Makes a lot of sense, Howard! ^5