NHL Rumor Mill – July 13, 2019

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The Blue Jackets reportedly looked into signing Mitch Marner to an offer sheet. The details plus the latest on the Canadiens, Blackhawks, and Bruins in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: cited a tweet by The Athletic’s Aaron Portzline reporting the Columbus Blue Jackets were among “many teams” that spoke to Mitch Marner about an offer sheet. The Maple Leafs winger is a restricted free agent but Portzline said he’s seen no indication he wants to leave Toronto. He’s also convinced the Leafs would match any offer, “perhaps by trading (William) Nylander.”

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman said he also believes the Columbus Blue Jackets were thinking about signing Marner to an offer sheet. This came after a report a week ago by a Sportsnet colleague claiming everyone was talking about the New York Islanders pursuing the winger. Friedman believes term was the sticking point, with the Jackets preferring seven years and Marner less than that. He added sources told him if anyone was going to pursue Marner with an offer sheet, it was the Blue Jackets.

The Columbus Blue Jackets reportedly had interest in signing Mitch Marner to an offer sheet (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Around and around we go in what’s become “The Summer of Marner.” Last week, it was the Islanders supposedly poised to sign him despite carrying insufficient cap space to pull it off. Now, it’s the Blue Jackets. Some pundits even wondered if the Montreal Canadiens, fresh off their failed attempt to sign Sebastian Aho away from the Carolina Hurricanes, might make a pitch. Wonder what team will be linked to Marner next week? 

Yes, a rival club could sign Marner to a expensive short-term offer sheet too expensive for the cap-strapped Leafs to match. Perhaps they could be forced to trade Nylander to free up the dollars to match. The longer this goes on, however, the less likely that scenario seems to be. 

I don’t doubt the Blue Jackets looked into it. Cap Friendly indicates they’ve got over $15 million in cap space and need something to significantly bolster their offense after losing Artemi Panarin, Matt Duchene, and Ryan Dzingel to free agency.

However, restricted free agent defenseman Zach Werenski is due a substantial raise that would eat up a big chunk of that cap room. And no, they’re not going to ink him to a short-term bridge deal when defense partner Seth Jones is pulling down $5.4 million per season. So I don’t see how Marner’s a fit there.

As I noted earlier this week, only a handful of teams – the Jackets, Colorado Avalanche, Winnipeg Jets, Ottawa Senators, Philadelphia Flyers, St. Louis Blues, and Minnesota Wild – have enough cap space to make a competitive offer for Marner.

Some, like the Jackets, Avalanche, Fyers, and Jets, have significant restricted free agents of their own to re-sign, cutting deeply into their cap space. The defending Stanley Cup champion Blues are more interested in keeping as much of their roster intact as possible. The Wild, meanwhile, don’t strike me as a club with serious interest in going the offer sheet route. 


LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Winnipeg Jets winger Patrik Laine, New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider, and Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere are among seven suggested trade targets for Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin. Others include Vegas Golden Knights forward Nikita Gusev, New York Islanders defenseman Nick Leddy, Calgary Flames rearguard T.J. Brodie, and Edmonton Oilers winger Jesse Puljujarvi.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The piece acknowledged pursuing Laine via trade or offer sheet was a pipe dream. I daresay it was included simply because some observers wondered if Bergevin would try his luck again after failing to land Aho.

Kreider could become a cost-cutting candidate by the Rangers. There’s also the risk he’ll depart next summer via free agency. Trade rumors last month linked the Habs to Gostisbehere, Leddy and Brodie. The Canadiens need another good left-side blueliner so perhaps there’s a deal to be made with one of those teams.

Gusev reportedly seeks a two-year deal worth $4 million annually, which might explain why he hasn’t been traded yet. Puljujarvi is a reclamation project at this point. Still, the Oilers will want a decent return. 

TVA SPORTS: suggested Bergevin should target some of the few available Quebec-born players still available in the UFA market. They include forwards Jason Pominville, Derick Brassard, and Gabriel Bourque. A report out of Edmonton earlier this week claimed Brassard sought $4 million per season, which he denied on Friday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rather than target one of the few remaining Quebeckers, all of whom are past their playing primes, how about pursuing the best available and affordable talent that might actually improve the roster? Just throwin’ that out there. I don’t presume to know Bergevin’s intentions for the remainder of the offseason. Signing a fading veteran merely to add another Quebecker to the roster doesn’t appear to be a front-burner issue. 


NBC SPORTS: In the wake of the Boston Bruins signing Danton Heinen earlier this week, Joe Haggerty notes they’ll have to shed salary to re-sign defensemen Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo. The Bruins now have around $8 million in cap space.

Haggerty believes it could cost around $10 million to re-sign the two young blueliners. He suggests shopping a sidelined blueliner like Kevan Miller ($2.5 million AAV) or John Moore ($2.75 million) once they become healthy enough to play. In the meantime, the Bruins could one of them on LTIR to start the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A rival club could also squeeze the Bruins by insisting on a draft pick, a prospect, or a young NHL-ready player be included in the deal. It’ll depend, of course, on how much it costs to re-sign McAvoy and Carlo. 



  1. I would snap up Perlini. Would expect a couple of million for a couple of years . Size and speed and still young
    Brassard would be a good depth piece but maximum $2. something. Injury and age have caught up

    • The Boston bruins front office is clueless. Yes saddled with another TERRIBLE contract for BAckes, didnt learn from Belesky, David K over paid and soft and old at 7 millions is NUTS. And who approved theses lousy contracts…CAM NEELEY. You trade Krug now for value, he is to small and not worth 6 million dollars.

  2. I do not get a chance to see Hyman in Toronto play….is he good? Top 6?

    Thinking to clear cap and Minny wanting to get younger off

    to TML: Zucker (5.5), J.T.Brown (700k) plus a 2nd in 2021

    to MIN: Nylander (6.9) & Hyman (2.3)

    it gives TML roughly a lil over 3m in space more than they current have. They get a top 6 guy who can play up and down the lineup while clearing cap. Get’s them that much closer to figuring out the $$ space to accommodate Marner

    Minny gets younger, though spending more and Koivu’s 5.5 will be off the books at the end of the season. They currently have 11m in space with just 2 RFA’s which won’t cost much.

    Good? Bad?

    • no thanks

    • Thanks for the feedback all =)

    • Hi IHC

      Was shopping…. just reading this now

      Trade has logic and fits for Minny (and I’ve got confidence that it would interest them) but Leafs not only need to free up space but still are not quite there (good shot at Cup) wrt D

      If they move WW (which I’ve advocated for); it should be for a top 4 mid 20s DMan in around the $5M Cap mark … upgrades D ; frees up a valuable $2M in Cap

      Hyman is super gritty and great net front presence . Great speed. His only downside is that he “sneaky cheats” by floating …. gets a lot of breakaways (and some goals) that way ; but at stretches he does leave Leafs basically in a 5 on 4 kill in our end as he’s hovering at blue line between opposition D or floating outside blue line “hiding” behind a D.

      Has good speed to get back and does so; the floating is my only concern … when it pays off all good but it’s been costly at inopportune times these past two years. Curb that trait and his Cap is very friendly.

      Like Zucker but again it’s D Leafs need

      So , for me , I wouldn’t make that trade

  3. Zach Hyman is a solid 3rd/4th line player but I wouldn’t consider him Top 6 by any stretch.

    • Zach won’t be moving from the top line as long as Babcock is the coach. Mike believes that someone has to go and get the puck for the scorers. Hyman is fantastic at hunting down pucks. If a line doesn’t have a winger who retrieves pucks, then there are too many one and dones with the play moving towards the other end.

    • Yes, Hyman is by no means a Top 6 forward production-wise, but he is one of those players that compliments the Top 6 forwards that do produce Top 6 scoring. He is the type that goes hard into the corners, takes the hits and hits back, goes in the dirty areas in front of the net, all the while giving less pressure on the more skilled guys.

    • My fake pimp name in junior high was busta Hyman

  4. It seems to me the bruins have to move a D-man whether they needed the space or not. If they sign both Carlo and McAvoy that will be 9 D signed to NHL contracts. They have rolled with 8 in the past and it worked as it was rare that at least one wasn’t hurt.
    A RD like Miller who is a proven NHL guy and plays tough in the playoffs, has 1 year left at a reasonable 2.5, should be in demand. Not sure a sweetener is required. Character guy.
    Contending teams like COL, TB or NSH could all benefit from having a RD like him in the lineup.
    The injuries the guy had last season seem more unlucky than a persistent issue. Who breaks his kneecap twice in 2 months? Maybe time for some new shin pads?

    • Ray, I agree the bruins need to move a dman; however as you stated with Miller injuries and finishing the season on the shelves, he value would be low for a return. I believe the best player to trade is John Moore four more years at $2.75 excellent value, for the same reason you should keep him are the same reason he should be trade to give cap space.

      • Ya Caper, agree that you get more for Moore. It depends how the B’s feel about Zboril, Vaak & Lauzon and their ability to be quality NHL D in a year. Lauzon looks closest to ready.
        IMO both Chara and Krug are not in our lineup after next season.
        That leaves them with only Grezlyk as a proven guy on the left side. So you have to have 2 of the 3 youngsters in your lineup. If your in win now mode, not sure that is ideal.

      • Trade Sweeney for terrible contracts
        Trade Krug NOW, over rated midget defenseman.

  5. Marner isn’t getting an offer sheet unless he is willing to sign max term. No team will be giving up that many picks for a term of 5 and under.

    Five years and losing him to UFA isn’t worth it.

    Toronto would have the best chance of re-signing him after 5 years.

    Worst mistake is a Nylander repeat. Get him signed.

    • Worst mistake is a Nylander repeat? Repeat in what, holding out until a new contract is signed? At least the end result is what we’re wanting, a re-signing of Marner.

  6. Boston is in cap trouble. Probably will have to move someone. Mcavoy and Carlo should be around 10 million or more or will hold out and want out. Rival clubs should offer sheet Carlo because Boston will struggle to match. Not sure why they signed Kampfer with all the other defenseman. Sweeney has to work some magic.

    • Dave, IMO Kampfer is a non issue. If the Bruins are healthy on the back end he will be in Providence and his # won’t count against the cap. If he doesn’t clear waivers and gets scooped, fine.
      The Bruins won’t have a problem moving Miller or if they choose, Moore. They did it with McQuaid and Miller is a better player.
      McAvoy and Carlo will be fine, plenty of RFA’s are in long negotiations. Just part of the biz.

  7. The Marner camp are the worse. I heard the offer from the Jackets would have to be the 4 firsts since they don’t have their second which mean they wouldn’t have a pick in the 1st and 2nd round for two more drafts and no 1st for two years after that. So to demand that monetary commitment and then say we only want all that money and a short term is a joke and frankly disrespectful.

    I’m all for getting all you can because that’s their game too but to be unreasonable like that is just wrong. Mitch, I know agents, a lot of them are bad…you got a really crappy one and I’m being nice.

    • get yourself a puppy and a box of kleenex .. it’s called business

    • Why do Leaf fans think Marner should sign for less than he believes hes worth or can get elsewhere?

      So he can wear a Leaf jersey? So he can wallow in the cauldron of 50 years of failure?

      Reality is outside of Johnny its not about the money Tavares for most players it is about the money. Playing careers only last so long and players want/need to earn max dollars while they can.

      Toronto is not the center of the hockey universe despite what Leaf loving TSN or Sportsnet may say it is.

      Marner is entitled to seek as much compensation as he likes. Will he get it? Doubtful but the CBA allows him too so why cry about it?

      • @Ron Jull:Yep, that’s about the size of it. If anybody was standing is Marner’s position, they would very likely be doing the same thing that Mitch is.

    • A little cheese to go with your whine?

  8. Pittsburgh has $1,592,500 in cap space, I checked this out because of a tweet that interested me last night as per the offer sheet and theorized that a team could offer sheet Teddy Blueger (28games 6g-4a 10pts) up to $1,395,053 and if Pitts doesn’t match you get him for free.
    Pittsburgh has three rfa Blueger, Ashton-Reese and Marcus Petterson this certainly would be an effective use on the offer sheet if another team seen value in any of the three and up the offer to $2m per the compensation would only be a third round pick and most likely to rich for Pittsburgh to match, definitely have to move out salary.
    None of these players are 1st line or 1st pairing but certainly could help out the depth of your team.

    • Pens def need to resign Pettersson, Aston-Reese somewhat, he is extremely fragile & injury prone .. Blueger can walk …

      and regarding Derrick Brasard … caveot emptor

    • In theory that makes sense Caper. But another theory says that those rebuilding teams with lots of cap space but who don’t have many key RFAs of their to sign, are playing the waiting game with teams like Pittsburgh because, in terms of expectations heading into a new season, they simply can.

      The problem we have when it comes to RFAs like Bleuger et al is that we don’t know how they’re regarded by the teams that own their rights. It’s OK for us to look at minimal bare stats and come to the conclusion that they’re either expendable or looked upon as keys to the future. But we just don’t know.

      Maybe those teams with the cap space do have a better handle as to how the Pittsburghs and others see these kids and figure, if they wait long enough, they might be willing (or be required) to deal a more established, experienced player with good cost control for nothing more than mid-range picks and/or secondary prospects in order to protect that future. Especially with another expansion draft coming.

      Just another thought.

    • Hi Caper

      Blueger is a solid 4C for Pens but I can’t see other teams offer sheeting a 4C ; no danger there IMO

      The danger for Pens , wrt An offer sheet ; IMO , is with Petterson.

      D much more coveted than 4Cs and depth wingers

      All of my joking aside re JJ…. Petterson is by far the 2nd best LD (behind Dumo) that Pens have in their system

      Space has to be freed up …, you know my answer

      GMJR has options but I’ve not heard much wrt him actually working on calls to explore those options

      Something has to be done or he’ll lose at least 1 of the RFAs

      Again , if he’d bought out JJ …. then leaving $4.6M left in Cap should do it for the 3RFAs

      Anaheim is interested apparently … trade him for future considerations (everyone knows that means for nothing) and then team immediately better and then with $4.8M in Cap space for Petterson ; Blueger; and ZAR


      • The MDZ signing pretty much puts a knife in any deal for Jj

    • Trotman will not be on the roster come game time. So Pens cap space right now is really about 2.2 mil.

      Blueger is going nowhere.
      Petterson is going nowhere.

      ZAR is very expendable.

  9. I read Joe Haggerty Column who I read with a grain of salt. With that said he did put out his personal projections of what McAvoy, Carlo and Heinen should sign for he listed them as best to last

    McAvoy 8yrs @ $7.5 6yrs @ $7m or 4yrs @$6m
    Carlo 6yrs @ $4.5, 8yrs @ $5.5 or 4yrs @$3.75
    Heinen 2yrs @ $2.5- $3m (only option viable he said)

    So I must give him credit because he nailed the Heinen contract. As far as both McAvoy and Carlo I would like to see them both at 8yrs and if Boston can sign Carlo for 8yrs at $5.5 that would be a steal of a deal.

    • Would be a steal but I cannot see Carlo saying yes to 8 years at 5.5 only. Watching other defensemen get paid….pretty sure he ask to go 3 for 5.5 unless BOS ups the $$$ per year…then he may consider something longer.

      The market will only go up.

      • It seems about right for Carlo. Big guy who skates really well and very good defender.
        So far has not produced offensively and probably won’t. Not his strength.
        Dare say 1 dimensional, but really good at that one dimension.

  10. Caper if you think McAvoy….8 yrs $7.5…..Carlo 8 yrs $4.5…

    What do you think Marner gets??

    Louis Lablanc got $ 1 million after 50 pts. Timo Meir $ 6 million after 36 goals…..Aho $ 8.5 after 85 points….Kucherov $9.5 after 120+ points

    An aside….Carlo at $4.5 is vunerable to an offer sheet IMO

    • old blue do – most, I think, believe Labanc was an idiot for signing that one year deal with all its built-in dangers. He’s the whacko exception to a general position being taken by players in his situation.

  11. Seems the so-called “bridge contract” these days is 4-5 years rather than two. Have your cake and eat it too?

  12. It all boils down to greed on Marner’s part, he wants to cash in big time twice while still in his 20’s; which is reason for pushing a shorter term. TOR & CBJ, & I’m sure other teams are offering longer term. Thus the stale male. This may be true for most of the RFA’s.
    It’s becoming obvious that offer sheets is becoming less & less of an option for most teams, due to its ineffectiveness (due to the matching).
    I can see a shift towards trades involving RFA as the next step.
    Marner may not be a bit with Columbus cap with Seth Jones $5.4 M & Werenski (RFA) looking for a big raise. But a trade would help both teams out, cap wise & roster needs wise. Marner for Jones or Werenski as the key pieces?

    • Nothing whatsoever to do with “greed” – was Tavares greedy by either demanding – or offered – that humongous up-front cash?

      The kid is looking out for # 1 – not some glorified franchise.

      • Agreed,

        Marner is doing what he feels is best for him. Just like the Leafs are doing what they feel is best for the franchise.

        Leafs frontload contracts with huge signing bonuses because they have the cash many teams dont. Teams and players both look out for #1, who wouldnt?

      • Definitely agree nothing “greedy” about getting deserved contract. Kid ultimately decides where he wants to be. The money end is totally in hands of agent. No need to insult the kid.

      • I agree. Seems that the term is the sticking point. May be he wants only sign a five year deal at whatever amount of $. And I am sure the Leafs offers are for 8 years. I also believe the offer which was said to be made by the Jackets was for 7 years.

      • Your comparing apples with oranges, Tavares was a UFA. & Tavares did leave some $ on the table when he chose to sign with the Leafs.
        Marner isn’t hiding the fact he wants to be the highest paid Leaf. He did turn down a generous offer of $10M per season from the Leafs.
        It doesn’t make sense for the Leafs to tie up 50+% of their cap in 4 forwards; something will have to give, & I’d be ok with Marner (& Nylander) to be moved, to strengthen their LW & defense positions.

    • @ Greg: Please get off your soapbox here: Marner is an NHL world class professional athlete and is entitled to negotiate for himself and his family ; if applicable, the best contract he can get for what may amount to a career not longer than 10-15 years.

      If you were in Marner’s position, would you like to be told by somebody like you that you are greedy for exercising that right to negotiate? I think not !

  13. Lots of chatter the Habs are looking for a top 4LHD, which they – in one way – should be. That side isn’t strong enough.

    However, if they get one, that either means that Chiarot, who they just signed, gets paid $3.5M to be their third LHD. Or Mete, who they want to be top 4, is their third LHD for years. Both are pretty crappy options.

    Right or wrong, I think that all means Bergevin has decided they’ll try for Mete as a top pair defenseman again this year. I think any trades they make will be to bolster their forward ranks.

  14. I think the only way MB makes an OS for Laine is if the Jets first sign Connor and really put themselves in a bad spot cap wise. Could actually see he reverse scenario. My guess the Jets sign both guys to comparable deals at the same time.

  15. This just popped up

    “The St. Louis Blues acquired forward Dakota Joshua in a trade with the Toronto Maple Leafs on Friday in exchange for future considerations. Joshua completed his fourth season at Ohio State University earlier this year. “Dakota has had an outstanding college career and we are excited to be adding him to our team,” general manager Doug Armstrong said in a press release. The 23-year-old Dearborn, Mich., native was selected in the fifth round (128th overall) in the 2014 NHL Draft. After the trade was completed, Joshua signed a two-year, entry-level deal with the Blues.”

    Big kid at 6’3″ 200 lbs. It would appear he had no interest in signing with the Leafs.

    • First time ever that someone wasnt just dying to take less to play for the Mighty Maple Leafs.

    • Probably Dakota Joshua realized the Leafs are to deep upfront, figured he would have a better chance making St. Louis.

      • You got it Vinnie.

      • That’s an equally valid point for sure. These college types who are free agents or even drafted but unsigned, along with their agents, no doubt scour the league rosters to determine those teams presenting the fastest route to the majors. It even happens now and then with drafted major junior/European types.

      • And this George is why every player should be playing n the same position as college fa. Much better chance for the best talent to rise to the top if they can pick where to play. How many 22 year olds are stuck behind other talent… say like they are 6-7th on the depth chart as a d man, that could then sign with another team and be 4th? An injury or cold streak away from an nhl call up? When all kids are no longer eligible for junior or college, if not signed, they should be eligible for ufa.

    • as long as he didn’t sign with ottawa who cares i know i’m wrong and someone is right he is always right

    • So this is how a Leafs’ 128th overall draft pick makes the news rounds? The guy was a collage grad that either wasn’t going to sign or be offered to sign and honestly no different than any other teams prospects. Always wondered how that kind of “news” makes the rounds 😂

  16. I think that the actual signings of RFAs shows where this market wants to….

    Aho, Dzingel, Ferland…Dzlingel, Timo Meir, LaBlanc …… is telling you where the market in real dollars is for these guys……not what Kypreous, Dreger and to a lesser extent Friedman speculated without end when trying to stir up a little excitement …..

    In the vivid imaginations of fans who want the Leafs to fail, giving 10.5 million to Marner makes sense…..to a team that has to give up draft choices then overpay for this player it has not made sense so far….

    My own preference is to trade Marner rather than overpay him….a good player does not need his tires pumped in Toronto…..the media will do it for him if it is contract time…

    Truth and accuracy are not of interest to the media….clics are

  17. Pretty sure the Leafs didn’t offer Joshua a contract. They did him, and the Blues, a favour by trading his rights so he could sign with St Louis.

  18. Has a player ever morphed from useful second line player to useless dog faster than Brassard?

    He just stopped trying.

    And now, he and his agent think/hope no one noticed.

  19. You are you are never the same after an injury. You might heal but still not like you were as original. Brassard has had a few and don’t think the same player. Then add age. Such a fine line at that level. Not a case of quitting in my opinion.

    • I heard an interview he gave on his way out of town, he talked about how he just couldn’t get himself up for games playing on the third line and 2nd PP. If you want to say it didn’t fit, etc. that’s one thing but he “couldn’t get himself up for games”.

      Judging by the results, this didn’t improve with the two subsequent teams to quit on him, either.

      And I won’t rewrite history, I really wanted Brassard and thought he’d be good here. Luckily, JR turned him into McCann otherwise that trade would have been a distaster.

  20. If the Habs had a gm with a backbone he wouldn’t have tried to trick all the Habs fans with a half hearted attempt at an offer sheet he knew would be matched he signed chairot no better than benn and he signed cousins wayyyyyy worse than Shaw we are going backwards again this year under this knitwit of a gm sorry Habs fans long year ahead when your putting your hope on mete and kids hoping to crack the lineup

    • ben beats your rear end dude.

  21. Fabbri another example. Signed recently for 900 k . 23 and done ? Brassard 31 and done?

  22. On Marner, some places claim BUF to be interested, but they lack the cap space and Marner’s stats are as good or better than Eichel’s so bringing in Marner at a higher salary than $10 million would likely create a mess in the locker room.
    Columbus has the space, but they have had no luck retaining guys who previously played there on a playoff run. Nobody on the current roster at or over $6 Million,
    so they have room to throw big money, but an offer sheet of $10M+ sends a message to their own RFAs, and that could stall locking up their defense.
    I have a feeling that many players are wary of playing for Tortorella too, and may be part of the reason why some guys like Dzingle and Duschene didn’t stick around.
    Colorado has the space, but an offer sheet on Marner that puts him ahead of MacKinnon and the other stars….including RFA Rantanen could make things very delicate in Denver. I don’t see them taking that chance.

  23. Is it just me or does it not seem like when a player leaves Ottawa they become very bad. What is it. Is it they never were any good and just over rated. Or does Ottawa destroy a player and their confidence.

    • Wha?


    • Zibanejad, Chara, Stone, silverberg, Lehner, Hoffman, Hosea etc….

      You’re going to have to do better than that.

      • Bolland

  24. So you’re saying they just trade all their good players. It is quite a list. Wonder why it’s hard to believe they are going to do it right this time. So who did they get back. Thanks for proving my point. Ottawa Rising. LMAO

    • Wait what was your point?

      You are an odd duck

  25. I’m an odd duck, you’re 30 years old talking on an old man’s site on a Saturday night. LMAO Will nobody your age talk to you. Geez , you can’t be that homely go to a peeler bar.

    • Huh?

      That means your old, using abbreviations even a dignified younger man finds juvenile, basically calling Spectors site a McDonald’s at 6:30 am.

      What the hell is a peeler?

      I’m a young father with two young beautiful children to take care of. You on the other hand can’t defend your posts so you sling thoughtless boring insults.

      What’s also odd is as a man in my thirties I have already grasped more about this game than you ever will in your lifetime.

      Now go enjoy your instant grits geezer.

      • For some reason that will likely never be known, Vinnie has a giant bug up his ass when it comes to Ottawa.

  26. Chrisms are you and George cuddling now. You don’t form your own opinion, you look to George for confirmation . It’s kinda sweet. What I said about Ottawa is true. George has pointed out they were lucky they didn’t give contracts to Turris , Karlsson Dzingel ,among others. And how bad the have played for other organizations as well. Chara hasn’t played for Ottawa in 10 years. It is sweet you coming to George’s defense

    • Give it up Vinnie. That sort of condescending and insulting crap just doesn’t cut it in here. No one needs to come to my defense in challenging juvenile, “my dad is tougher than your dad” schoolyard style rhetoric. Stick to hockey and when making a point use defensible facts, not some personal bias that only a certified shrink can fathom.

      • Ok, your Royal Highness the king of condescending. You fall back on being old. Ha Ha
        I suspect the reason you are on here is people are done listening in the real world

  27. Aww Jaysus. I tried – but you are hopelessly wallowing in self-pity – keep firing your pointless blanks. Fewer and fewer are paying any attention to your bitter persona.

    As for me, say what you like. I’ve stopped explaining myself to those who only understand from their level of perception.

  28. It’s nice you sticking up for Chrism. You would be doing him a bigger favor if you told him to get off the keyboard and outside. Playing sports with his children instead of inside talking to old people. Having children and showing them the great outdoors is what life is all about. Being 6 foot 2 and sitting at a keyboard is a bit of a waste isn’t it.

  29. God am I ever getting sick of this whole Quebec-born player thing. Get the best player to help your team, period.