NHL Rumor Mill – July 18, 2019

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Will the Oilers find any takers for Milan Lucic or Jesse Puljujarvi? Could the Jets have interest in Sabres defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen? What’s the latest on Patrik Laine? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


THE ATHLETIC: Daniel Nugent-Bowman doubts the Edmonton Oilers will get much of a return for Milan Lucic or Jesse Puljujarvi. Still, dealing either guy could be addition by subtraction and bring something back to the lineup.

Despite Lucic’s bloated contract and declining production, Nugent-Bowman said he was told several team looked into acquiring the left winger. Lucic is only owed $16 million in actual salary of the remaining $24 million against the salary cap. 

Will the Edmonton Oilers find anyone willing to take Milan Lucic off their hands? (Photo via NHL Images)

Trading Puljujarvi won’t be easy as the previous management mishandled the winger’s development that adversely affected his play. Oilers general manager Ken Holland could try to trade Puljujarvi for a comparable young player or for an older, established top-nine forward. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples lists 10 reasons why an NHL club should trade for Lucic. Among them are Lucic’s physical game, his strong possession numbers, durability, leadership and experience.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Those factors Staples listed about Lucic haven’t improved the Oilers. Combined with his $6-million annual average value through 2022-23 and the drop in his scoring and you’ve got a tough sell.

Puljujarvi would be easier to move but interested clubs could attempt to squeeze Holland by asking for something else in the deal. They could also be reluctant to give up anything worthwhile for the young Oilers winger. 


WGR 550: Jeff Hamilton of the Winnipeg Free Press discussed recent rumors linking Buffalo Sabres defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen to the Winnipeg Jets. He acknowledged there’s speculation suggesting Ristolainen or unrestricted free agent blueliner Jake Gardiner could be a good addition to the Jets blueline. Hamilton said Neal Pionk, recently acquired by the Jets from the New York Rangers, is still a bit of an unproven commodity. He also feels Sami Niku isn’t ready yet to be a top-four blueliner.

Jets left-winger Nikolaj Ehlers has come up in trade rumors. Hamilton doesn’t think he’s a fit in Buffalo, pointing out the Sabres are already deep at left wing. He suggests perhaps a package of promising Jack Roslovic and veteran center Mathieu Perreault. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets could use an experience top-four, right-side rearguard. It remains to be seen if they’re seriously eyeing Ristolainen and if they can come up with an enticing trade package to get him. 

WINNIPEG SUN: Scott Billeck reports none of the recent rumors surrounding Patrik Laine are substantiated. The restricted free agent winger is said to be seeking a short-term contract amid whispers of his supposed unhappiness over his role with the Jets. Billeck believes just because Laine wants to consider his options doesn’t mean he wants to leave Winnipeg. Both sides have a lot to consider regarding their contract negotiations. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Billeck points out, Laine isn’t the only RFA star still without a new contract. The notables include Toronto’s Mitch Marner, Colorado’s Mikko Rantanen, Tampa Bay’s Brayden Point, Calgary’s Matthew Tkachuk, and Vancouver’s Brock Boeser.

The Laine rumors likely had to do with reports of some discord in the Jets dressing room last season. Winnipeg’s small-market status, Evander Kane’s tumultuous departure several years ago, and Jacob Trouba’s trade request three years ago also factor into the Laine conjecture. Unless we hear otherwise, expect the Jets to re-sign Laine. 


  1. *10* reasons to trade for Lucic?

    Have to imagine that two of them are “you recently suffered a head injury” and “you’re trying to get fired”.

    • I actually laughed at this (a real LOL). Twice.

    • Nice one Garth!

      Good morning chuckle

      Those zingers metaphorically remind me of a scene from the movie Animal House … Frat initiation with Kevin Bacon down on all fours getting roundhouse whacks from a cricket bat shouting “thank you sir; can I have another”!


    • Or you think the year is 2011?

    • I wouldn’t throw in the towel on Lucic yet. Dustin Brown on the Kings is 34. His cap hit is $5.8M per season. For years we kept hearing the Dustin Brown’s contract is toxic and nobody would take it. I believe Brown was even exposed in the expansion draft, and Vegas passed on him. He bounced back in 2017-2018 (at age 33) with 61 points and had 51 points last year. So on the right team, Lucic could easily return to form.

      • I appreciate the effort but using an exception to the usual trends in brown doesn’t really make a good case for lucic to have a “good” chance to live up to his contract

      • We can speculate on possible deals involving Lucic until the crows come home, but there are two underlying factors why this hasn’t happened: 1) he has a NMC so must agree to any trade, and it’s a safe bet that there are far more places to where he would not agree to go, severely limiting Holland’s bargaining, and 2) he has 4 years left at $6 mil per, taking him to age 35.

        And even if he accepts that he’s no longer wanted in Edmonton and decides to waive his NMC clause, the team that might otherwise take him would likely think twice about bringing in a player who might just be content to go through the motions – hardly a good influence on any younger players on that team. Yes, he might not take that approach – but what is there to be gained by taking that gamble?

      • Do A lot of crows live at your house George? That must be quite the cacophony to have to tolerate.

      • Mtl
        Alzner & Juulsen
        Lucic & Puljarvi

      • why on earth would Montreal do that? Take a higher cap hit and trade a relatively promising young d-man…

        In the end, Edmonton will have to include something in a deal to move either of those 2 guys… Thinking anyone would trade an “established” forward for JP is nuts…

    • 10 reasons not to trade for Lucic would be easier to find, lol.

      • They used to gather in a “murder” right around our area and the morning “symphony” made me want to load up a 12 guage on more than one occasion.

        Then the ravens returned to the area after an absence of over 100 years … and suddenly the crows became scarce.

    • Reaon #1 : Youre Jim Benning.

  2. Maybe the sweetener for Lucic is Puljularvi . There is a need for speed to which Milan is considered “lumbering” . Can’t see any takers.
    The Jets are going to need defence. The departure of Myers Trouba and Chiarot leaves a large gap. If they have any shot at Ristolainen they better take it.
    I think they take a big step back next year and will struggle to make the playoffs.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Send Puljujarvi and Lucic both together as a package. You can have Puljujarvi if you take Lucic.

      As for Lucic, he’s only 31. That’s not that old. Perhaps the problem is less Lucic and more the Oilers. I remember when Lucic was playing for the Kings, he had heart and added grit. I’d be curious to see what would happen if the two came to the Kings.

      I see this as a benefit even if Lucic didn’t return to form. The Kings have young players who hopefully will develop into stars, and I see Lucic as a character and leader who can help them develop. So if Lucic returns to form, the Kings are much more competitive next year and possibly in the playoffs. If not then they just run out his contract while the kids are developing.

      My concern is more Puljujarvi. I’m wondering if he’s a head case. McLellan coached Puljujarvi in Edmonton, so he should know. But Puljujarvi was a high draft pick, and if he ends up living up to that billing, he could end up being a steal. Add to that the fact that the Kings seem to be collecting Swedes, so he’d be right at home.

      • Many said much the same thing about Yakupov – and he was a 1st overall. Two teams who thought he might end up being a steal later, he’s in the KHL.

      • I wouldn’t say he is a head case JDBiGC, but immature and a bit of a loner. Doesn’t hang with his teammates and still struggles with adapting to the language and culture. At least that is what has been reported in local media here in EDM.
        The way the story goes is JP spent too much time in the NHL in his first season as the Oil didn’t have any depth then either, probably worse than today. They sent him down and he did OK in Bakersfield. The Oil put him in the NHL again, and with a 10 game cup of coffee in Bakersfield they kept him in EDM and he struggled again. Rumor has it they wanted to send him down and he and his agent pushed back hard and said he should be used in a top 6 role. The Oil gave in trying to keep the kid happy. Year 3 with the Oil all year, in and out of the lineup playing just under 12 minutes a night. Has season ending hip surgery and demands a trade.
        Yes he is immature and thinks he is more ready/better than he is at this point in his career. Not the fist kid to think that, won’t be the last. The Oil should have known better and sent him down and left him there to play, practice on skill development and learn to be a pro. Both sides deserve some blame but in the end the the Oil had the control in this situation.
        They didn’t use it and here we are. Going to Europe for a year or 2 might be a bluff, but it might also be the best option for the player and the team.

      • McClellan in LA would be the exact reason Puljujarvi wouldn’t go there. Also, pretty sure he’s a Fin, not a Swede

      • Puljujarvi is Finnish, not Swedish.

        They love each other.

      • “Going to Europe for a year or 2 might be a bluff, but it might also be the best option for the player and the team.” Yes, Ray, that may be the best thing for Puljujarvi.
        The Bruins’ prospect, Forsbecka-Karlsson, has signed a two year deal in Sweden. Perhaps, later, he’ll return to the Bruins and finally make the NHL. If not, oh well, bye, bye, kid! 🙂

      • Agree…Ottawa should be the team to do that. They have picks to send back, and won’t be contending for a but, so the risk is less. If Pulujarvi can get close to the player he is supposed to be, he will be a decent NHL player. Ottawa can afford the risk IMO

    • I agree silver, the jets are no longer a lock to get into the playoffs.
      Right now I would say the top 4 teams in the central in no particular order, St Louis, Colorado, Dallas, Nashville.
      If Winnipeg gets in, they will be the 5th team from the central division, which is a good possibility as only Calgary, San Jose, and Vegas would make it from the pacific

  3. How about some version of a Shattenkirk for Puljujarvi deal? Jets would get a top 4 RD (although aging) the Rangers would get a young winger that might (or might not) fit with the rebuild and relieve some of the Rangers cap pressure. The Rangers no longer need Shattenkirk and the Oilers are obviously tired of Puljujarvi. Not saying one for one but something that includes these two players.

    • Hi dov

      Not saying necessarily that the Shatt/PJ is the specific solution …. mostly due to the Shatty cap that Ed can’t take on ; but I do think you are bang on wrt type of move they (Oil) should make wrt JP….

      JP for an older D that may have a tougher contract and/or recently declining play relative to contract value; and who just may play better with a change of scenery

      Now of course I’m not talking about JJ (some here who know my views might have jumped to that conclusion…. Oul not taking JJ; that’s for sure) but the older D contract (within reason) for JP just may work for the Oil

      I truly believe that JP was not used / developed properly in Ed and he will IMO certainly improve in another city

      • He was injured . He tore his meniscus his 1st year with NY in training camp and played through January that year until NY shut him down. Since then, he’s not been close to 100%.

        What an awful human being playing at less than 100% with a serious knee injury for 4+ months! Selfish piece of crap 💩!

        Where do you get this stuff? Straight out of your bum?

      • That was meant for Matt.

      • I’d bet Gorton has spoken to Edm. Namestikov for Puljujarvi! Even if Rangers retain a mil, they need to move some salary.

    • Couldn’t shattenkirk work out hard in off season and eat right and be ready to play? What a disgrace of a human to sign a contract then not give 100%

      • Matt, where you behind him in McDonalds? How do you know what he eats? As mentioned above, he spent most of last summer rehabbing from knee surgery. He still wasn’t 100% when camp opened, and after finally getting his legs suffered a separated shoulder!! After all of that, many have argued that he was their best defenseman for most of the 2nd half

    • Word was a few weeks ago that this was offered to the Kings. They didn’t want Lucic. No team will consider Puljujarvi as a sweetener. He’s done nothing in the 3 years since he was drafted. Edmonton would have to give up a first or a good player/prospect. Which I dont think Holland wants to do. Or they’d have to take back an equally toxic contract.

      • Howard, agree that JP as a sweetener would not do it. Not sure a 1st would be enough either. 4 years is a long time to carry a $6M cap hit for a 4th line player.
        Even if you are OTT and in a rebuild 4 years is too long. They might be a playoff team by then.
        Holland is in a tough spot, he needs his picks to build a young inexpensive talent pool and depth, and he is trying to shed expensive non producing contracts.
        Can’t do both IMO.
        Keep drafting and wait for the contracts to expire, which a few will over the next 2 years. Lucic being the exception. Maybe then a buyout or trading with a sweetener is not so painful.

      • Imo the price to get rid of Lucic is to high that the Oilers will consider it. His contract bewares him of a buy out, he has a NMC and imo he is obviously in decline. Even if the Oilers retain the max. 50% of his cap/salary, it will be hard to find a taker.
        And look what the Leafs had to include to trade Patrick Marleau, who was only signed for a year with a much lower salary after his bonus was paid out.

  4. I wouldn’t be very happy if I were a Jets fan … one of the worst off seasons in memory …

    • It’s to bad for the Jets. I really was hoping they would do well. Everyone talks about helping the smaller market. The Nhlpa needs to get their membership to cooperate as well.Look at Columbus, players don’t want to be their either. Columbus had the money too. The league needs to fix the tax difference or don’t touch anything

      • no need to feel bad for the Jets fans for the off season.

        The bad: We got a poor return on Trouba though it seems a few circumstances played into that (lower cap ceiling than predicted, less room for RFA on all teams making it a buyer’s market, perhaps Trouba undermined the best trade offers)

        The neutral: Lost Myers, Chiarot, Hayes (or Lemieux and 1st depending on when you value the trade), Tanev gone

        The good: entering 2019 with a more experienced lineup than 2018 – we were too young, Niku and Pooman will get playing time and will replace Myers/Chiarot without too much hickup. Still bursting with talent at forward that has been buried in the minors or down the depth chart such as Roslovic, Vesalainen, Appleton and a few more. Still not enough PP time to keep everyone happy. Most expect Hellebyck to return closer to 2017/18 performance level.

        Unknown: Pionk – management obviously sees an upside. Dressing room discord was significant – is it resolved or still festering? When will Connor, Copp and Laine sign? Copp uses same agent as Trouba and Trouba has held out before. Hopefully Connor signs before camp. We won’t miss Laine if he plays like 2018/19 and it is likely addition by subtraction.

  5. Canucks have interest in the Finnish forward…

    • If Holland is looking to move Lucic and Puljujarvi together he needs to get Dim Jim in Vancouver on the phone.
      No doubt the Bungling One would surrender a good young player and a 1st rounder (2021) to add a Cup champion and young speedster to the lineup.

      Jim Benning: You can never have enough 10 goal scoring 4th liners on your roster. Depth is what wins championships.

      • I would suggest Holland try to get Columbus to take Lucic and JP for a couple of draft picks and then go after Jake G.

      • @Shaun:
        No team is offering the Oilers draft picks for Lucic and Puljujärvi. You may get a pick (no first rounder) for Puljujärvi but not if you offer both in one trade.

        May be Jim trades Hughes and Boeser to the Oil for Lucic, Puljujärvi and a bag of pucks.

      • The Oil don’t need more D, they need scoring forwards.

  6. Interesting that Lucic was washed up at age 29 and GMs still want to hand out long deals to forwards that are 30 or over. If Lucic was bought out I would bet money a crazy drunk GM would sign him to a multi year deal maybe even 3 years. The league really needs to have a better buyout system, let’s say you sign a 28 year old forward to a 7 year deal and after 4 years he’s washed up, he goes entire season with zero points, he tells the team he will never retire and he will milk every penny until the last day, the team should be able to buy him out a better way VS being stuck with an old guy who gives zero effort and is washed up.

    • That’s not as simple as it sounds. The NHLPA would never go for it, and if they did they would want similar protections the other direction. There are numerous players currently being “underpaid” by current market salaries (think the entire Boston first line). If Lucic can be easily cut loose for under-performing according to his contract, then should Bergeron be able to opt out of his deal and seek $10M+?

      The answer here isn’t for GM’s to have an easier time fixing their mistakes, it’s for them to be smarter about their asset management and avoid the mistakes. We are starting to see some progress in that regard, with veterans such as Simmonds being handed 1 year deals rather than 5 or 6.

      • One of the best posts (double minor) I’ve read in awhile… besides the daily nuggets of gold I leave for everyone that is.

      • Exactly DoubleMinor. Well put.

      • Double Minor I totally disagree with you; Boston first line isn’t over paid, they are almost spot on in regard to their value. Now if you want to debate that other players are over paid, then have at it. Mark Stone, John Tavares, Austin Matthews, Patrick Kane, Johnathan Toews, Connor MacDavid, Brendan Tanev and the list goes on.
        There is only one player in the NHL under paid and he has no one to blame but himself and that is Kevin Labanc, but he thinks his service is only worth a mill so I guess is isn’t under paid.

      • Well, the argument could be made that every single player in the NHL is overpaid. They are making ridiculous money for playing a game while people adding real value to our society are barely scraping by. That’s more an argument for the backward priorities of society though.

        With that said, based on salaries for comparable players, which is really the only benchmark for value relative to contract, then the three of them are underpaid (or at least a good value compared to players with similar output/skill).

      • DoubleMinor, actually it’s quite simple, if you don’t want to pay the money, don’t pay it. Yes there is a pay scale set and it’s a minimum and a maximum, everything else is negotiated in between. The team with the high paid player doesn’t win the Stanley Cup, might not even get to the playoffs. A hockey team is a business and it’s run to make money for the owner and or shareholders. The end of the day yes they would like to win the championship. Some teams need playoff success to be profitable and to encourage more customers to buy a loyalty card (season ticket holders) to encourage long term growth of their business.
        No one arguing if they are over paid or not, some are some are not. But I don’t buy the notion I have to pay this guy this much because some over hear is paying that guy more and he is similar to my guy. Personally don’t care what that guy is getting but here is my offer, it may or may not be the same as his.
        I also find it very convenient that the debate when from salary of say the highest player to well he sign his when the payroll was this amount so in theory he was getting this % of the cap so cap % wise he is making less. I could care less about the cap % I’m not paying you by cap %, your getting paid/offer what my budget is based on. Yes you always have options sometimes limited for example sit out in the hope of more or another team offer sheet you if you’re eligible to receive one.
        In summary any GM worth his salt should not run his business based on what someone else is doing unless its been proven to be successful, hence why you see copy cat teams when a team win the cup.

      • Who said anything about percentage of the cap?

        I think you need to reread what has been written. The point wasn’t about how anyone constructs their team.

        The point was that certain players, if given the opportunity to opt out of their contracts, would be offered significantly more on the open market. I didn’t argue the merits of it, just that it’s true.

    • Jim Benning on line one…..

  7. How can Puljujarvi be a sweetener when it’s reported that Edmonton can’t get any value for him in a trade?
    The statement says previous management miss used JP and this is why he hasn’t panned out as of date. We could also say Puljujarvi didn’t seize the opportunity given to him.
    With all that said as I stated several times I would like to see Boston take a run at him, offering up John Moore who has 4yrs remaining $2.75m per. They get a third pairing dman, skates well and can distribute the puck. Boston gets a player who was mis managed or hasn’t lived up to his hype. If ends up as a third line player or 4th line player you still have an nhl player on your roster, or a player traded for little to no assets. But based on his speed and size he should be able to contribute but maybe not a top 6 forward.

    • That trade is a win win for both teams. Moore is a solid Dman and that is a good value contract for the oilers. I dont think the bruins want to get rid of him but they need to shed salary and can do so from a position of strength.

      I also believe the bruins have the team structure to help make JP a successful player.

      And if he is a bust, then so be it because they needed to shed salary anyways.

    • Caper that trade proposal sounds fair. But I don’t think the Bruins would offer Moore for JP. JP’s value is very low. And imo he’s the next Yakupov. For the kids sake I hope I am wrong.
      And may be Holland/ the Oilers think they can get him back on track respectivley that he can develop into a solid NHL player.

    • Reasonable offer Caper. I think PJ is an NHL player today, but as you alluded to a 4th liner.
      Right now if he wanted the 3rd line RW job in Edmonton it would be his out of camp. He would have to work his ass off and play within the system without pissing and whining about it and prove that he belongs there. If not he would be back on the 4th line in a month and getting 12 minutes a night. And would likely stay there until injuries force him back up the lineup.
      The same would likely be true in Boston, but Cassidy and Sweeney may not be in a place were patience is allowed as it is cup or bust.
      Strong room though, maybe he gets in line?
      Like you say worth a flyer, but Moore is a solid player to give up on a roll of the dice on what could just be what he looks like today, a 4th line winger.
      Risk reward seems about right I guess, but tough call.

  8. Don’t know if the Bruins had enough cap room left to sigh both McAvoy & Carlo even without the Heinen RFA signing but it sure made it more difficult Heinen signing doesn’t tip any scales ….it looks like another year will pass going on year #4 that the Bruins haven’t added a scoring winger with size for that 2nd line

    • It’s still only mid-July; I’m not concerned that they will have Charlie and Carlo signed by the end of the off-season. They have some options for shedding salary.

      If one of the young guys (JFK or Frederic) can have a strong showing and grab hold of that 3rd line center position, then I think Coyle on Krejci’s wing could work out fine. He did well there when filling in at times last year and he’s got good size.


      • Ya, DMinor that sounds like a reasonable plan with Frederik but maybe a year away still. JFK brought nothing to the table last year and took a step back in Providence IMO. I would give Kuraly a shot again too. Seems like the offence could still come out. Rest of his game is great. Is it too soon for Studnicka? He looks like he could turn into a player. Full season in the minors never hurt anyone, but he seems like a quick study.

  9. RNH as the sweetener!
    To NYR: RNH + Puljujarvi
    To Edm: Buchnevich+ Namestikov+ Anderson+ DeAngelo
    To NYR: Milano
    To Columbus: Strome

    • RNH and Puljujarvi isn’t worth that much! And Columbus would never do that trade.

      • I’d say the NY package offered doesn’t get it done for RNH, he is far and away the best player in this deal

    • delusional New yorker. I guess since you were gifted 2nd overall (how? I have no idea), no you want everything for free….yeah

      • I guess this trade is fair since there’s arguments for both sides!

  10. Double Minor, I understand the NHLPA wouldn’t go for it. But we talk about the smaller markets needing help. The teams do it with the salary cap. I would think the players would be interested. No team no place to play. The perception of any players being under payed is hilarious.
    Lots of people would jump at 700,000 a year to play a sport.
    Boy , soldiers don’t make that and their career ending injuries are alot more severe.
    They don’t have to work summer jobs , they get to train.
    I get any person takes as much money as they can get. But anyone who thinks they’re underpaid should pull their head of their butt. They are lacking oxygen

    • Vinnie, as I stated above, the “underpaid” reference is simply in terms of their current market value relative to other pro hockey players. I agree that all professional athletes and other entertainers are overpaid relative to everyone else. You are attacking a straw man there and you know it.

      I spent 12 years in the US Army, over a year of that serving in combat as a route clearance engineer. I’ve had several concussions from roadside bombs and I walk with a limp at 36 years old because of some shrapnel that went into my leg; yet I consider myself lucky because I had friends who didn’t make it home at all and others who came back without some of their limbs. Don’t come at me with this BS about comparing soldiers to hockey players. I’m well aware that I didn’t make anywhere close to the NHL min salary.

      • Thank you for your service

      • Thank You for your service…..

        Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

  11. Take a Flyer—-Looch for Bakes—46 with 17 again? Does it work???? Ya never know doubtful but maybe worth a shot

    • As a Bruins fan, I would say maybe if the term was the same. They both have a $6M cap hit, but Backes’ deal ends in 2 years and Lucic has 4 years left.

      It would be interesting to see Krejci and Lucic reunited, but not worth the risk of adding additional years of toxic contract.

      • Agree–kill that idea–unless they wanted to eat the 2 years

  12. Lyle, the last few days CapFriendly has been showing something I haven’t seen before regarding certain RFAs

    10.2 (c) ?

    They show it for Colin White of Ottawa, Charlie McAvoy of Boston and Brock Boeser of Vancouver

    Any idea what it means?

      • Ahh. Many thanks DoubleMinor.

    • From an article a few years old on THN:
      Gaudreau is what’s known as a 10.2(c) player, named for the provision in the collective bargaining agreement under which he falls, which governs players with fewer than three years of professional experience. And even though Gaudreau’s three-year entry level contract with the Flames expired after this season, he doesn’t have three years of experience. That’s because when Gaudreau signed his deal out of Boston College after winning the Hobey Baker Award, the Flames played him in their last game of the season. That game, in which Gaudreau scored his first NHL goal, burned a year off his contract, but did not credit him with an accrued season of experience.

    • Yes, it means they’re ineligible to receive an offer sheet.

      • Ryan Poehling will be in the same situation in two years, will he not? One less target for Carolina.

  13. I’d bet the Farm Lucic is moved after his bonus is paid in full.

    • @shoreorrpark:

      I don’t think so. He receives a signing bonus every year.
      May be he gets traded in the last year of his contract at the trade deadline or after his bonus was paid (probably in July).

      • Yes Juss76. After his bonus is paid in FULL.
        Sorry, I shouldn’t have been so vague.
        Poor attempt at humor on my part.

  14. Lucid coming to Toronto for Ceci

    • I’m not very smart but ,I thought it was till the cows come home.
      Also George I would be worried why the ravens are hanging around. They are spirits of people who have passed.

  15. The Jets will resign Laine…he is a Franchise player, trust me for the past 2 years I have been watching Jets fans here in Winnipeg line/ laine the streets in downtown Winnipeg wearing his jersey. I am sure they have some d-men who can move up in the system as fingers in the levee. No need to panic yet.

    • Did you scout him in Europe Inge?


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