NHL Rumor Mill – July 19, 2019

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The latest on Mitch Marner, the Rangers are in salary-cap hell and an update on Joe Thornton in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner attempted to avoid discussing his contract status during his All-Star Invitational charity event yesterday. He’s hopeful of having a new contract in place before training camp opens in September, adding he’d be reluctant to attend camp without one because of the injury risk. Marner also said he’s left it up to his agent and Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas to sort things out.

THE SCORE: Josh Wegman reports the Leafs will have around $9 million in salary-cap space once permanently-sidelined winger Nathan Horton is placed on long-term injury reserve. That number will rise as some players are assigned to the minors.

TORONTO STAR: Dave Feschuk believes the Leafs want to avoid Marner’s negotiations dragging into the regular season as William Nylander’s did last fall. Signing him during the season “can have the effect of ballooning a first-year cap hit, which can complicate Toronto’s already headache-inducing financial puzzle.”

No end in sight for Mitch Marner’s contract negotiations with the Toronto Maple Leafs (Photo via NHL Images).

If Marner seeks an annual average value comparable to Auston Matthews and John Tavares (around $11 million), the Leafs would need to shed some salary. Feschuk speculates one way would be trading someone like Nylander, Kasperi Kapanen, or Andreas Johnsson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Marner’s not the only noteworthy restricted free agent still unsigned. Tampa Bay’s Brayden Point, Colorado’s Mikko Rantanen, Winnipeg’s Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor, Calgary’s Matthew Tkachuk, Vancouver’s Brock Boeser, and Boston’s Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo have yet to re-up with their respective clubs. But because Marner plays for the Leafs, his situation garners most of the headlines.

The two sides have nearly two months to hammer out an agreement before training camp opens on Sept. 13. The longer he goes unsigned, of course, the more speculation there will be about his future in Toronto.

The threat of an offer sheet hangs in the air, with the New York Islanders and Columbus Blue Jackets among the teams said to have considered pitching one to the Marner camp. If there’s no deal in place by mid-September, perhaps his camp accepts an offer sheet in hopes of ending the deadlock. 

Marner’s a Toronto boy and undoubtedly wants to stay put. But he and his representatives want to ensure he gets what they consider fair compensation. Leafs management wants to re-sign him but their limited salary-cap space complicates those efforts.

If they agree to sign him for around $11 million per season they’ll have to move someone to clear sufficient room. Placing Horton on LTIR and sending a couple of players to the minors might not be enough to re-sign Marner and leave sufficient wiggle room to other roster moves during the season.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the Rangers still lack sufficient salary-cap space to re-sign restricted free agents Jacob Trouba, Pavel Buchnevich, Brendan Lemieux, and Anthony DeAngelo. After a whirlwind of activity that saw the additions of Trouba, Artemi Panarin, and Kaapo Kakko, the Rangers have been quiet since early-July.

Brooks said the Rangers discovered there’s no market for defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk unless they take back an onerous contract in return. There’s also no interest in blueliner Brendan Smith and haven’t found a club willing to take Vladislav Namestnikov’s $4 million salary-cap hit.

He also reports the Rangers still haven’t engaged in contract extension talks with Chris Kreider and there’s no indication they will trade him. They could trade Buchnevich but Brooks believes they’ll want him to play alongside Panarin.

The Rangers could go the buyout route with Shattenkirk and Smith but probably wish to avoid the added dead-cap space. The way Shattenkirk’s contract is structured, they won’t get much cap relief in 2020-21. They could trade Kreider but his 11-team no-trade list could complicate things. He suggests perhaps trading Shattenkirk to the Los Angeles Kings for Dustin Brown and buying out the latter, as they would receive more savings from that than they would from a Shattenkirk buyout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers appear to be in “salary-cap hell”, but it might not be as serious as it appears at first glance. Management didn’t just blindly pursue Panarin and acquire Trouba. I believe there’s a game plan here, one that will become clearer once Trouba is re-signed.

With Trouba’s July 25th arbitration hearing approaching, the two sides are reportedly engaged in working out a new contract before then. After he’s under contract, I expect we won’t have to wait for long to see how they’ll free up sufficient cap space to re-sign the others. That could involve trading Kreider. It could mean going the buyout route with Shattenkirk and/or Smith, or maybe they’ll find a creative way to move one of their contracts without taking back too much salary in return.

As for Brooks’ proposed Shattenkirk-for-Brown swap, that depends not just on the Kings being amenable to that move. If the Rangers are on his seven-team “no-trade” list, I don’t see him waiving it to go to a team that will buy him out. 



  1. Offers for Marner – Who says yes, who says no, or do they agree?

    8 years x $11M
    7 years x 10.5M
    6 years x $10M
    5 years x 9.5M

    Numbers should work with a 21 person roster and Horton on LTIR.

    • Thank you Chris for pointing out that the Leafs can afford 11 mill on a 21 man roster without trading anyone! And they’d only have to do that from the time Hyman gets back from LTIR and the trade deadline.

      To answer your question I’d do all of the above if I’m the Leafs because they are all underpayments.

      Many people don’t realize that even strength points per sixty Marner ranked 3rd in the league behind Kucherov and McDavid. Looking only at primary points per sixty Marner was #1 in the whole league for players who played more than 100 minutes.

      Kucherov’s counting stats are only better than Marner’s because a) the Lightning had 60 more power play opportunities than the Leafs last year and b) Kucherov accumulated a ton of secondary assists.

      Marner also finished 14th in Selke voting and was the top penalty killer on the team by season’s end. He was regularly tasked with top competition and holding the lead in the final minutes of games. So it’s not like he’s just a one dimensional offensive player either. He’s worth every penny of Tavares or Matthews.

      That’s my Marner rant! And no I’m not Paul Marner!

      • Well said, people seem to always say the winger isn’t as important as the Center but the forward on the team is the best forwArd on the team! He wants 11.6 I think he’s done being second fiddle and rightfully so

      • Will never doubt Marner’s ability or importance to this team BUT there is always a caveat. When considering Marner’s value you have to understand the comparisons to Matthews are laughable.
        -Matthews was never given the prime powerplay time until this past season. Marner played the 1st pp line all of 2018.
        -Marner had consistent linemates for the past 2 seasons. First JVR and Bozak and then Tavares. We know Matthews played with Ennis and marleau to start the season right?
        -for all of the “line driver” stuff I hear, JT’s point total increased by 4 this year marner over 25…I think I can tell who impacted who more
        -small winger vs big centre (and yes it does matter)

        Not to slander marner – not at all- but the only deal I give him in the 8 year 11 and its an overpayment- would love to see what he would have done with Markeau and Ennis as linemates.
        If we weren’t in Toronto- how would you compare him to Aho, Rantanen,, Point…I’m a Leaf fan and I would take all 3 of those guys before Mitch- sorry.
        Great player- not a superstar…yet..

        For the same reason guys take less in places like Florida (tax implications), Marner should do the same in Toronto, heck not even less, just fair market value.. his endorsement deals with Apple wont follow him to Arizona or Long Island…
        I get the other RFAs are unsigned but I don’t even think they are being offered FMV- Marner’s view of himself is on another level

      • When you’re the getting paid the most on your team should it matter who your line mates are? Tavares isn’t stupid he played with barzal another great set up guy, and when coming to Toronto he wanted to play with marner a guy that can control the puck and set him up! Than there’s the fact marner also plays the pk, the 2 teams in the cup final are built with 2 way players sure you need offense but when you have a two way player in the new nhl they’re worth gold

      • Centres are more important.

      • Sam, your point regarding the impact of playing with Tavares is bang on. Difficult to dispute the evidence right in front of us.
        Like I said I hope the Leafs do pay him $11.5M.

      • C are more important? Skill is more important. If you’re using the case of MM and if you watch leaf games, who is the player on that line, who controls the play of the game, who has the puck on his stick, creating time and space waiting for someone to get open and feed them the puck.
        Who is the player that kills penalties? who is the player you put on the ice when your up by one or down by one?
        Yes every team needs good C, but the centerman doesn’t need to be your best player and in Toronto case as in Tampa Bay the guy playing RW is their best player regardless of position.

      • For a couple of decades the best player on the Habs was a left-shooting RW by the name of Rocket Richard, while in Detroit it was another RW by the name of Gordie Howe. In their day their salaries were the best on both teams.

      • Bang on caper! Marner is the leafs best player he and his agent know it and I think he will hold out and rightfully so, marner has been second fiddle with the leafs since his elc and he has had enough

      • Marner is the best player on the leafs? yet no one, no one has offered this “wayne Gretzky like lol” player an offer sheet…why is that? No one else in the league values him like that. Except this Toronto market.. Sebation Aho was offer sheeted 8.5 and had 30 goals but Marner is worth 3 mill more? You know why the leafs paid Matthews that much ?because they knew the league WOULD offer sheet him.
        Marner can ask for whatever he wants from the leafs but unless someone forces their hand they aren’t paying it- and deep down inside if someone does step and pay him 11.5 I think the leafs are just fine walking away and taking the compensation.
        It was never about cap space its about what Shanahan and Dubas think he is worth.
        Once again, I wonder what Mitch Marner’s stats would be like if he didn’t have JT but rather marelau and ennis lol…

      • Marner only scored 26 regular season goals a career high.

      • Just like last season with Nylander who, I recall, at one time was being extolled as destined to become one of the greatest Leafs ever. Then, when he held out for what he and his agent thought he was worth and could get, the knives came out. And haven’t stopped slashing since. Now, the longer this Marner negotiation drags on, the anti-Marner vitriol will increase exponentially.

        Look around the league. He isn’t the only one not in any rush to re-sign. “give a break” to their respective GMs. nor, for those who can be, not tendered offer sheets: Boeser, Point. Trouba, Carlo, McAvoy, Tkachuk, Konecny, Provorov, Rantanen, Conner, Laine, to name some of the more prominent.

        Nor do I believe for a second that they’re all marking time to see what happens in Toronto. It’s all simply a reflection of doing business in today’s inflationary world of pro sports. The more money that’s raked in thanks to media outlets bidding for for coverage rights, combined with increased costs at the ticket booths as well as merchandise sales, the bigger the share being sought by the athletes.
        Unlike the others, however, hockey has adopted a hard cap and many of the current non-signings (for want of a better term), including remaining UFAs of any worth, can be traced back to GMs.

        It’s only going to get worse.

      • I dont dispute how good marner is or even if he is toronto’s best player. I still beleive centres are more important.

        If marner was a centre he’d be absolutely irresistible

      • Well. that opinion is certainly your prerogative Jeff – just as valid as those of us who think differently. And many of us do.

      • Yeah, SpeedKills, he did – but he also had 68a – not bad for a winger and far more than Cs Tavares (41), Matthews (36) and Kadri (28). In fact just 9 fewer than Tavares and Matthews combined.

    • Marner does not want a 6-8 year contract. It looks like he wants a 4-5 year contract, to bring him to UFA status after the contract is up. The UFA part of it all, isn’t the sticking point, it’s the age he’ll be going into getting a second huge contract…like what Matthews did. It’ll bring them to the age of 27, where they’ll then want a 7-8 year contract. This is a more smarter in setting up your future. I guess this is becoming the new way for 21/22 year old RFA’s in handling their future.

      • Hi LeafsAdvocate

        Agree …. term is more of a sticking point right now due to where he will be age wise.

        4 yrs takes him straight to UFA where he can walk and Leafs get Jack…. I really can’t see that happening.

        5 buys one year UFA but then leaves Leafs, as at now with 3 coming up for contract at the same time…. another problematic situation for Leafs

        7 and 8 are not what MM camp appears to want.

        1 and 2 are extremely risky for MM and he’d be crazy to do so. 1 and a serious injury could cost him $M’s in future rev.

        So that basically leaves 3 and 6 as the most likely terms that could work for both sides.

        So… is it 3 in the $9 M – $10M range or 6 at North of $11M????

        As a Leaf fan…. I’d love the longest term….

        time will tell on this.

        I’m more insterested really in how fast all the remaining RFAs are signed once the first major one gets finalized.

        If lets say Pointe signs for big in next couple of days do the balance of key RFAs lock up within a week?

        This all could end up with the huge chunk of them signing in a 48 hour period after Training Camp opens

        the game of Chicken is ON!!

    • My guess is Marner wants to be the highest paid Leaf. Lead Toronto in scoring the last 2 years, plays a 200 foot game and is more durable than golden boy Matthews. Hes the Leafs best player and wants to be (should be) paid accordingly.

      11.25 per yr x 5 is my estimate.

      • Does anyone think giving Marner the C would save any money. He seems to want it .

      • I hope so Ron, and with a 21 man roster just to make it even better.

      • marner is best player for sure and hes durable so i would have to agree that term is great just get it done. personally i would give him matthews deal even though hes overpaid and hasnt earned jack s**t . dubas has made his bed now he has to sleep in it. first of all players have got to much pull and they play a game in which they love. if they play for their country in olympics worlds or even all star game they do it for pride. marner is worth at least 11.6 yr so get him signed so he has confidence in himself knowing he gets full value for if he leaves no compensation will be good enough to for a future hall of famer and being home town boy that will get them a cup or 2.if wellie is worth 6.9 then marner is truly worth double that.so there u have it lock him up leafs.

    • If the term goes down the salary tends to go up is my observation.

      • Thats right bbb link msm like it matters, good grief man.

        How are the Bruins going to sign Macvoy and Carlo with only 8 million in cap space?

      • @bbb You do know that Barzal had 23 fewer points last year with JT gone and guess who gained 25 points with JT…yup Marner.

      • Good grief Gary! Lol it will be tough to sign them but I’m not going to sit here and downplay how good they’re, they deserve their money just like marner deserves as much as Matthews

      • Gary do you realize the islanders played a whole different style with the new coach, and without Tavares made it farther in the playoffs than the leafs did with Tavares? The leafs actually regressed after signing Tavares in regular season points and still couldn’t win a playoff series

  2. Trouba will be asking for Doughty money because he thinks he’s the next Bourque

    • Matt, i don’t think that he is asking for $11mil but imo he wants around $9mil

    • Phil Bourque? Gabriel Bourque?

      • Rene Bourque

      • Dang Ron,

        just reading this now… you beat me to it!!!

        as I read Juss76’s post; I immediately thought of posting Rene— LOL


      • Chris bourque. How’d you forget him?

    • Every report out there says he’s seeking somewhere between 7-8 per. But I guess you know better somehow? My guess is he settles in at 7.5-8.25. Nowhere near what you’re saying.

      • If this reaches arbitration hearing; how do the Rangers critique Trouba when he never played for them? It certainly could put the relationship off to a bad start. If history has shown us anything Trouba will fight to the last moment to get what he wants. He also may find out just as in the pass that he doesn’t get what he wants.

      • All of this may happen, but all reports coming out from both sides is they are working on a deal and trying to avoid arbitration.

        If it comes to arbitration, I’m sure NY will use compatibles to his skill set rather than getting into personal jabs.

        I’m not overly concerned with any of this to be honest. Pionk for nothing wouldn’t be ideal. But the reward far outweighs the risk if they land him long term.

      • Comparable, not compatible.

    • Marner will be a Leaf for years to come. Maple Leafs will have to trade Mathews or he will leave for Arizona as a free agent. The league will insist on it to sell hockey there. Ask Edmonton how it works, the league made them trade Gretzky to LA Kings. It’s a business an that worked.
      Now Arizona needs Mathews to come home

    • Hmmmmmm? As usual Matt was wrong? Amazing to see a Sabre’s fan talk so much trash about other teams, players , contracts etc.

      Eichel is making 10 and has yet to play in one single playoff game! Okposo? Hmmmmmm?

      • Eichel, the next Gretzky! Earning every penny in the regular season.

    • MATT.. i think $8 million per season is too much for Trouba . He is solid but?????

  3. Signing Matthews to a 5year $11.6mil contract imo is an overpayment abd was the big mistake. If the term would have been 8 years then ok. But at the time when his contract would be more team friendly (because of a probably higher cap) it ends and he is a UFA. That means he’ll leave or the Leafs will have to overpay to kerp him.

    • Tavares was the mistake.
      (don’t get me wrong, he’s a great player)

      It set the tone for everything that followed…

      • The diffegence is that Matthews was a RFA with no leverage. Why didn’t they play hardball with him? Signing him to a 3-4 year deal at around $7mil. Imo he’ll leave after his 5 year deal ends so you loose one year of him but he’s signed to a contract that allows you to sign other players and your team is better.

      • Neither Tavares or Matthews was a mistake. I don’t think anyone realistically saw Marner putting up 94 points. IMO, he’s a great player but, and I know others will argue he “drives offense”, he’s not worth the same as Matthews. 9 mil tops. Matthews is a 40 goal scorer, which to me a guy putting puck in net is still more valuable than a guy piling up assists on a talented team. Marner averaged 24 goals last 2 years. Matthews hor 40 in his only full season and would’ve easily topped 40 in other 2 injury shortened seasons. I find it hard to believe any GM would take Marner over Matthews in a redraft. If anyone thought Marner was worth 11 mil, we probably would’ve seen an offer sheet already.

      • The real mistake was Game six of the first round – the rest is just noise.

  4. Headline read all about it..

    Paraphrase: “But because Marner plays for the Leafs, his situation garners most of the headlines”.

    Can Marner’s camp just ask to get traded and or go to the KHL , get Offer Sheeted and best answer today, “not-attending camp”! Just so this news cycle ends.

    • As a hockey fan I’m sick of just hearing about Marner’s contract and the deadlock there. I want to hear more details about what’s going on with the other teams and their RFA situations.

      • Teams that have a key RFA – or key RFAs – to sign and need to clear space to do so and possible roster demotions and/or LTIR contracts to help create cap space

        Vegas $0 cap space – need to sign Gusev – possible demotions – Brandon Pirri ($775,000), Curtis McKenzie ($750,000), William Carrier ($725,000), Valentin Zykov ($665,000), David Clarkson ($5,250,000)

        Pittsburgh $842,500 cap space – need to sign Aston-Reese, Marcus Pettersson – possible demotions – Dominis Simon ($750,000), Zack Trotman $700,000), Chad Ruhwedel ($700,000);

        Dallas $970,001 cap spavce – need to sign Honka – possible demotions – Justin Dowlking ($750,000) Roope Hints ($811,667); Talor Fedun ($737,500). Stephen Johns ($2,350,000 – IR)

        Toronto $3,765,301 cap space – need to sign Mitch Marner – possible demotions – Nicolas Petan($775,000), Nick Shore ($750,000); Kenny Agostino ($700,000), Frederik Gauthier ($675,000), Ben Harpur $775,000), Nathan Horton ($5,300,000 IR)

        Tampa Bay $5,576,669 cap space – need to sign Point & Erne – possible demotions – Anthony Cirelli ($728,333), Mathieu Joseph ($728.333); Danick Martle ($700,000), Ryan Callahan ($5,800,000 IR)

        NYR $7,093,534 cap space – need to sign DeAngelo, Trouba, Lemieux, Buchnevich – possible demotions – Brett Howden ($863,333); Greg McKegg ($750,000), Cristoval Nieves ($700,000), Adam Fox ($925,000), Lubor Hajek ($833,333),

        Boston $8,103,334 cap spave – need to sign Carlo & McAvoy – possible demotions – Par Lindholm ($850,000), Steven Kampfer ($800,000); Connor Cliftoin ($725,000)

        Calgary $9,473,292 cap space – need to sign Rittich, Bennett, Tkachuk, Mangiapane – possible demotions – Dillon Dube ($778,333), Alan Quine ($735,000), Jusso Valimaki ($894,166), Rasmus Andersson ($755,833), Oliver Kylington ($730,833);

      • Hi George,

        Many thanks for the list

        Rangers IMO; are in the most tenuous spot as they have so much to consider. It will be multiple signings and possibly multiple moves to get things in order.

        Bruins with two key young D in McAvoy and Carlo are also in a slightly precarious situation.

        T-Bay— Pointe is the key signing. To me, as a C, more valuable (than MM) to some team looking to potentially offer sheet someone (Columbus???). If Erne is lost, not a massive deal. I had advocated previously for moving the Calahan contract, as a key move. Order of demotion (from your list) IMO: Martle, Joseph, Cirelli.

        Cgy also in a situation that multiple moves may be needed to get the 4 signed.

        Leafs— see my post further down.

        Re possible demotions: IMO preference/order of demotion:

        Dallas: Dowling, Johns, Fedun, Hints

        VGK: Mckenzie, Zykov, Carrier. Pirri should not be sent down. I’m very pro on him.

        Pitt. Note: key is signing Pettersson. If ZAR is lost, the team won’t collapse. He’d be missed but the loss is not cataclysmic. Losing your second best LD in Petterson—- BIG BIG deal!!!

        George, you didn’t mention the obvious demotion that frees up more Cap—- waive JJ; which would free up $1.08M. Waive him…. Who is going to pick him up???….. Anaheim???? Done— that frees up $3.25M!!!! No one picks him up …. $1.08 M freed up in Cap space. Then in order of preferred demotion: Ruhweedel (this contract extension done so quickly is another puzzlier!!!— no one else was looking at signing him; why the rush????); Trotman, Simon.

        Again, easiest solution is buying out JJ and waiving Rhuweedel — that is $4.5M available to sign Pettersson and ZAR. Pens have never done the buyout before —- so very little chance of happening.

        2nd best option— call Murray on the Left Coast and see what it takes to move JJ (he was stating interest 10 days ago!!!)…. If they would take Rust and JJ for Ritchie…. Jump on it!! JJ for a 7th in 2048…. Jump on it.

        3rd best…. Waive JJ and Ruhweedel (and unfortunately the obvious likelihood of no team picking them up); demote Trotman; sign Petterson. This leaves ZAR unsigned though.

        After that, Pens are in the multiple moves/trades kind of scenario.

        Keeping JJ as a regular and deep playoff run possibilities are oxymoronic in nature

      • George,

        Thanks for the list.

        You left out Philadelphia who have to sign Konecny and Provorov with 13.4 million left in cap space.

      • I thought about that for a bit, Ron, before submitting. On the surface, it would appear that that $13,417,421 should be more than enough to sign both Konecny and Provorov, both coming off ELC deals of $894,167.

        I know Konecny had a pretty damned good season with 24g 25a 49 pts, but just what kind of deal do you see him trying to get. I thought maybe something like $4 – 4.5 in a bridge deal (if that animal still exists), which would leave just under $9 mil to sign Provorov. He had decent offensive stats for a D with 7g 19a 26 pts – but if he goes to arbitration that -16 is going to stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe a similar contract to Konecny’s? There are also a few candidated for AHL demotion which, collectively, adds another $1.4 mil in total (Myers & Gabriel – confess I know little about either)

      • I’m not a fan of either team. But it seems to me that Matthews and Marner to the Devils for Hall and Hischier poses positive aspects for both teams. I do recognize this is very unlikely to happen. Just a thought.

      • A M E N ! ! !

  5. Seems to me that all the rfa camps are waiting for another camp to blink first.

    • No other RFA (big Name Forward) is going to sign any deal till Marner signs in TO. Everyone of those players is waiting for him to set the Bar.

      • Yes, because the entire NHL and the known universe revolves around the Maple Leafs. At least according to noted Leaf loving media tycoons TSN and Leafsnet , oops I meant Sportsnet.

      • I am no leaf lover, just saying if he gets 11, other guys are worth more after.

  6. 6 days Trouba Robert Orr. I still maintain he goes to arbitration . We will see.

  7. Re :Leafs and Marner and Cap space

    23 Man roster w/o trading a player; and even signing MM at the high end of the currently bandied around Cap parameters is doable ….. but risky ….. it would mean signing MM after opening game…. in season escalator Cap is dangerous (see craziness of $11 M + Cap last year for WW)

    With 3 LTIRs at EOD game 1 and moving one player down (to get to 22) ; plus current space …. way more than enough to sign him day after opening day; after that …. exponential growth of Cap hit

    Will this absolute absurdity gamble actually happen ? I certainly doubt it and pray that GMKD doesn’t go that route

    I stick with easiest solution being trade WW for mid 20’s up and coming D (either at now or destined for, top 4 placement) at a lesser Cap…. options are out there

    If I’m GMKD ; I’d immediately call Lou and see what deal can be made for a WW/Pulock swap

    D massively and immediately better; Cap space immediately balloons to $8.7M

    Either move Horton contract or put him onLTIR; then loads and loads of space to sign MM….

    Rest for a couple of weeks

    “….Hello Lou …. it’s Kyle…. pull up a chair; grab yourself a drink; I’ve got something that’ll work for both of us”

    • You can not move Nylander, as he promised his fans he’ll foot the bill for the number switch. He also promised a handicap gentleman a new pair of runners with 88 on the back of them. All joking aside that is a classy move and it’s the only move Nylander will be making as per promise by Dubas.

      • Hi Caper,

        You just may be right w.r.t. WW not moving because of a “promise”.

        I use that in quotations because we only know from WW’s side. GMKD was very very careful in his public statements and he never used the word “promise”.

        I go back to my contention that GMKDs sole job is to improve the club. As a GM you have to strategize deals, work with scouts and then take what is available at time of your selection point. You have to establish a credible working relationship with other GMs and of course with the Agents you negotiate with and with your own players.

        There are times in which the betterment of the team has to take precedence over personal relationships and verbal agreements. This is one of them IMHO.

        WW is a good player. He is not the answer to a cup. He is NOT more valuable to the team than MM. The team still has deficiencies now on D and is definitely in a precarious situation in the out years (will not be able to extend all current D next year). So for the betterment of the team; a move has do be done.

        I contend that the more logical move is to trade WW when (1) he is only costing (to receiving team) $700 K this year ; (2) only a cash AAV for balance of the contract of < $5M per; and (3) with a performance at the world's (note: away from Leafland) as his most recent "showing" and that was at the top of those performing with and against him.

        I do believe that he can be flipped now for an up and coming mid 20's D at a much lesser Cap hit. WW for Pullock would be an absolute boon for Leafs.

        It is a tough world as a GM, especially a GM in the biggest hockey market in the world. Hello fishbowl!

        I own a firm and have to make tough decisions and there are times that I have to put my business and my current clients first; and it sometimes compromises verbal inferences and sometimes verbal commitments that I've previously made. I'm forced to think "big picture" and "long term".

        This is not dissimilar to what GMKD has to do; it is just that his decisions and movements are on a much much more grandiose stage. I could sell and retire; he's got many years ahead of him.

        I'm just a "free-lance GM wannabe" posting on my cell…. but it is a move that I would definitely make.


    • PENGY…. J j is going to b waived, bought out or shipped west..Anaheim Los Angeles.

      Look you and Rutherford seem to think Pettersson is top 4…if that’s the case the waive buyout trade JJ and sign a ben Hutton adam mcquaid or ben lovejoy to play 3rd pair with gudbrason..

      I still think trading Brian Rust for a top 4 dman Jonas BRODIN Minnesota Brandon montour buffalo marxo scandella buffalo salaries all close.

      • Hi BlackNGold

        That was sad that you were thinking I was on the same wavelength as GMJR…LOL

        However , yes, I do think Pettersson will slot in 2nd LD…23 , played. Very poised and very well; in the rise

        It looks like GMJR won’t buy out JJ …. stupid…, but I’m hoping for a trade to Anaheim ; hadn’t heard about LA looking too

        As I mentioned before re Brodin ; his numbers don’t look that great …. I don’t know much about him though

        I wantedMontour badly last year and pre TDL … Buff basically stole him… now Pens already have 3 RHD … so would have to move 1

        McQuaid would be a good add…. but also RHD

        Under no circumstances should Pens look to Lovejoy

        Hutton , only if at very cheap

        Scandella would be a great add but a lot to pay for 3rd pairing

        It would have been fantastic to get Benn …$2M … but now in Van

        Chi loaded in LDs… what would they take for Koekkoek…. he’d be inexpensive and could platoon 3LD with Riikola

        Everything starts with ridding JJ

        If all they did was get rid of JJ and waive Ruhweedel …. then enough Cap to sign Pettersson and ZAR … Pens can certainly compete with those moves

  8. It’s clear that the issue now is due to Dubas screwing up Nylander then Matthews. No one should have got more than Tavares.
    Time to get control over the situation and give Marner a number and term option with a deadline. 7-8 yrs at 9to9.5. If not interested then trade him to Columbus for Seth Jones and josh Anderson. Tml throws in ceci and a third and CBJ adds Foudy. Toronto now has the right de they need with 3 yrs left at 5.4 and Anderson under 2 mill for a year. Enough cap space to chase another impact player as well.

    • Great idea for the Leafs Syper53, not sure Columbus shares that opinion.
      If Jones likes it in CLB, and he gets a fair next contract in 3 years, he may finish his career their.
      I wouldn’t trade Jones straight up for Marner let alone throw in Anderson. Both guys on team friendly deals for a guy who may end earning more than $10M/year? (I agree on your salary range for him)
      Marner is an excellent player. But I don’t trade him for a true #1 D man who is at $5.4M for the next 3 years. The position and the money matter.

  9. Rangers aren’t in “cap hell”. The 4 rfa’s should total about 13mil when signed They are at a little over 7 mil in cap space. I’ve said all along that Smith will probably be bought out if necessary. The only reason they waited was because they didn’t need to until Panarin signed. They knew they’d have another window. After signing everyone and buying out Smith, they’ll only be over by about 2 mil, and they’ll be sending down a couple guys. So realistically, I’m sure they can still trade one of Strome, Namestikov, or even Shattenkirk. Along the lines of the LA trade suggestion, a trade with Nashville for Turris? Would Preds take Beleskey as payment for Rangers taking on Turris’ extra 3 years? That would clear over 2 mil in space, while adding a legit 2c,..Nashville would get a right D to replace Subban who could help their PP.

  10. What is the penalty fkr not bej g cap complaint by Seasons start?

  11. I stopped reading Brooks’ articles in the post due to his continued negativity and, unfortunately, he shows up here. Worst beat writer. If I were in the Rangers’ organization in any form, I wouldn’t give him the time of day. I would enjoy black listing him. “The sky is falling” !

    • I imagine the media in every NHL city has their version of Brooks – Simmons and Kypreos in Toronto, Brennan in Ottawa, etc.

      • hah….You’re too hard on Brennan. It’s definitely Garrioch for me. Complete bozo.

        Marner to me is like a Hossa. Great player. Pay him.
        But until that defense is fixed, they’re not getting out of the first round.

    • Brooks is bruuuuuutal, just makes drivel up so he has something to print. Id compare Brookses musings to the tripe on HockeyBuzz.

  12. I really think panarin was a huge mistake for my rangers….way too much money…

    • You get what you pay for. Again, it’s really only this summer they have to dance around the cap. Eventually you want elite players if you’re going to contend. They’re in a really good spot moving forward, with most of their larger contracts coming off in the next 2 years. As far as Brooks, like any beat writer with his years, he has some inside sources. Most of the time though he’s writing opinion pieces, which we all know about opinions and what they’re like that everyone also has.

  13. Has anyone else noticed that the aging Seinfeld and Gary Bettman look similar and have alot of the same mannerisms.
    Could they be the same person .
    Just trying to change it up a bit
    Does anyone else notice this site is like the movie Ground Hog Day.
    The last month has been
    Marner’s worth 11 million
    No he is not.
    Boston fans say he is.
    He is not worth more than Matthews
    Yes he is.
    The caps says they only have 3 million.
    No they don’t, they got more.
    Tavares was a mistake
    How will they sign Muzzin and Barrie.
    Good God you fellas needto be checked for Dementia. You don’t even realize you say the same thing everday.
    Too much keyboarding, not enough brain stimulation

    • Who is this?

      • Lol, be honest I don’t remember

  14. I’ve seen a lot of posts regarding demoting players to save cap, however in most of these cases the cap space saved is very minimal. Burying a $750k contract does not give you an additional $750k in cap space.

    • “Burying a $750k contract does not give you an additional $750k in cap space.”

      Have we all been missing something fundamental here Adambuffalo? Right now CapFriendly shows a lot of these ELC players as part of the major league roster, and so their $750,000 NHL cap hit is factored into what they show as cap spending. If, say, an Agostino of the Leafs is sent to the Marlies, why wouldn’t his full $750,000 (or whatever his cost is) be made available?

  15. To PHI: Marner & Ceci

    To TML: Provorov, Sanheim & Patrick

    Apparently Philly is looking to add upfront

    TML needs to get value back if Marner keeps balking at offers. Provorov is cheaper to resign than Marner.

    Nylander can play top 6 and Patrick can center the 3rd line.

    • Why the heck would Philadelphia agree to take on a 1-year “show-me” contract for a player (Ceci) who becomes a UFA next year? Whether it’s in Toronto or Philadelphia, if he doesn’t prove he’s a $5 mil + D-man he’d be gone or, alternatively, if he DOES show that that is his true worth, then he becomes a negotiation headache all over again (his established history).

    • 100%, total, complete, no f’in thanks.

      Signed the Flyers

    • Maybe you should change your name to “IhateFlyers” with a suggestion like that…

  16. James Neal to oilers for Milan Lucic and conditional draft pick. Might help both players?

    • Lucic moved his ntc for the deal to happen.

      • Funny as bad as their contracts are I think both are going to do better with their new teams! Trouba 7 years 8 million done

      • BBB.
        But Trouba wanted Doughty money? Lol

      • Slick who said that? Lol

      • BBB
        Scroll up. Matt

  17. Edmonton – Milan Lucic
    Calgary – James Neal

    Per Sportsnet.

    Classic trash for garbage deal.

  18. Ceci is going to Edmonton

  19. Nice signing by Rangers, locking up Trouba through his prime… 8 mil per for 7 years. Have a feeling in about 3 years, after expansion and tv deals, that’ll be a bargain. Will be 31 at end. Now let’s see what happens with Buchnevich. Rangers need to make some trades…once Buch signs clock starts ticking on 2nd buyout window.

    • Kreider & Shatts for Larsson and pick?

      • I thought you surrendered your trade proposal card?

        No thanks on that! And Edmonton doesn’t have 11 million in cap space.

        Ny can clear 3.5-4 million by sending players down. Trading around 3-4 million gives ny the room they need.
        No way Deangelo, Lemieux, and Buchnevich are getting more than 8 million combined.

        Trading Kreider now would be a mistake. Ditto Strome.

    • Trouba got his money. Too much today but could be good value by the end.
      What makes you think the TV deal is going to be better?
      One thing we do know is the cap depends on the Canadian dollar. Early reports are the cap won’t move to much next season. But we’ll see.

  20. A lot of people love to draw player comparisons and use that as player value.

    Mcdavid is worth more than X player, x player isn’t worth as much as Doughty.

    I’d get it if Doughty or Mcdavid were available for other teams to just take….. but they’re not!
    Imagine if something like this was said during contract negotiations?

    “Well, you’re no Mcdavid “

    “F -you, go get Mcdavid! “

    You pay YOUR best players big money. Using comparisons to player that aren’t available or signed their deal under different rules , different cap, different cba ( Crosby, Malkin, Giroux etc.)
    Is kind of reaching.

    You simply can’t draw these kind of comparisons.

  21. I just want to be the 100th comment!