NHL Rumor Mill – July 29, 2019

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Four teams with restricted free agent challenges plus updates on Kevin Shattenkirk and Jesse Puljujarvi in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz suggested the Winnipeg Jets, Tampa Bay Lightning, Vancouver Canucks, and Boston Bruins could face some salary-cap headaches as they attempt to re-sign key restricted free agents.

The Jets have over $17 million in salary-cap space but most of it will be taken up re-signing young wingers Patrick Laine and Kyle Connor. It could cost at least $14 million to re-sign the duo, leaving little room to fill out the remainder of the roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets will have 19 players under contract once they re-sign Laine and Connor and could shed a salary in a deal that fetches them a more affordable player in return. Nikolaj Ehlers ($6 million annual average value ) and Mathieu Perreault ($4.125 million AAV) have frequently surfaced in the off-season rumor mill. Then again, depending on the cost of re-signing Laine and Connor, they could seek more affordable additions from within their ranks or via free agency.

Could the Tampa Bay Lightning move Alex Killorn in a cost-cutting deal? (Photo via NHL Images)

The Lightning have around $5 million in cap space and will get $5.8-million more if needed by placing winger Ryan Callahan on long-term injury reserve. That’ll provide additional room to re-sign center Brayden Point. However, they also have an arbitration hearing coming up for Adam Erne while Andrei Vasilevskiy, Anthony Cirelli, and Mikhail Sergachev will be RFAs next summer. Gretz wonders if a forward like Alex Killorn could become expendable.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Once the Erne situation is sorted out, the Lightning will know how much cap space they’ve got to work with for Point. I expect it’ll cost around $8 million annually to re-sign him. If Erne gets under $3 million, the Lightning might not have to move anybody to squeeze Point’s new cap hit within their payroll.

With around $5 million in cap space, the Vancouver Canucks lack sufficient cap room to re-sign RFA winger Brock Boeser. They’ll be forced to shed a veteran like Loui Eriksson, Brandon Sutter, Tanner Pearson, Antoine Roussel or Jay Beagle.

The Boston Bruins have around $7 million in cap space with defensemen Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo possibly costing a combined $10 million. Shedding a veteran like David Backes, Charlie Coyle, Kevan Miller, or John Moore would help.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Like the other clubs on Gretz’s, the Canucks can exceed the cap by 10 percent during the off-season but must be cap compliant before the season opens. Eriksson and Sutter are frequently mentioned as trade options but their declining performances and expensive contracts could be difficult to move.

Backes, Miller, and Moore could be shopped though Backes’ cap hit is also pricey. Coyle would attract more interest in the trade market but I don’t believe the Bruins will move him.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks still believes the Rangers will buy out the final two seasons ($6.65 million AAV) of Kevin Shattenkirk’s contract. He acknowledges it’s an imperfect solution to free up salary-cap space for this season, leaving over $6 million in dead cap space on the Rangers’ 2020-21 payroll.

They’ve been shopping Shattenkirk since February but Brooks believes that would mean taking back an onerous contract or including a first-round pick as a sweetener. The blueliner also carries a 10-team no-trade list that could include all seven Canadian clubs.

Brooks is against trading winger Chris Kreider for futures to resolve their current cap issue. He also said the Rangers have been trying to move center Vaclav Namestnikov but can’t find any takers for that final year ($4 million AAV) of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As per Cap Friendly, the Rangers have a 48-hour window starting today to buy out a player. We’ll find out very soon if they’ll go that route with Shattenkirk.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples believes the possibility of the Oilers trading Jesse Puljujarvi is less likely than it seemed earlier this summer.

Efforts by the young winger’s agent to force a trade by threatening his client will play in Europe appear to have backfired. Trade offers have left Oilers management unimpressed and they won’t move him simply for the sake of doing so. While a Puljujarvi trade could still take place, Staples feels it’s more likely the youngster will report to training camp in September.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If there was a decent return to be had for Puljujarvi, Oilers general manager Ken Holland would’ve moved him by now. Unless someone makes an enticing offer before training camp opens in September, the young winger and his agent will have to decide if he’ll report to camp or play in Europe. Either decision will suit the Oilers just fine.


  1. Brayden Point signs for $8 million? If so, how does mariners ask for ten or eleven? I would take Point for Marner if that were offered to leafs!

    • $8 mil in Florida is a lot better than $8 mil in tax-happy Ontario

      • Hi GP

        The difference is actually much more than that… over $2.1M diff to get the same take home pay

        $8M gross Sal take home pay in FLA is the same as $10.14 M gross Sal in Toronto…. these both net take home of approx $4.74M

        Again, money isn’t everything ; but the tax differences certainly provide quite a skewed advantage when trying to stay within the Cap

        Bolts; Panthers; Stars; Preds; and Knights all have this benefit

        Now since he (Pointe) can’t negotiate for full NMC until later years of his contract ; he could be moved and then get less take home

        P.K. got a tax boon when moved to Nash and will take a “take-home” pay-cut in his new locale (still more take home than when he was with Habs but less than when he was with Nsh

        Again, I stress, money isn’t everything , but it is something

        Players of course all want to be SC champs so of course want to play for contenders. They want to have great team-mates; live in a great city (which includes amenities but also weather/climate) ;would prefer a lesser “fish-bowl” type of media coverage; and of course maximize their over-all career take home earning potential…. playing for Bolts, IMO, checks off all those boxes. I would argue that Nashville also fits the above criteria.

        I still think $8M for Pointe is low though

    • “Once the Erne situation is sorted out, the Lightning will know how much cap space they’ve got to work with for Point. I expect it’ll cost around $8 million annually to re-sign him.”

      No kidding eh, Point is a superior player to Marner and plays center but Marner is worth Matthews money, good grief already.

      • That’s because I don’t see him earning more than Steven Stamkos. Because he’s also playing where there’s no state tax, he’ll take less than market value like Stamkos, Kucherov, Hedman, and Vasilevskiy. And let’s not forget Marner led the Leafs in scoring during consecutive seasons.

    • Asking for and getting are two different things

  2. Well , I guess the salary cap isn’t fair if they don’t take the different tax structures into account in each franchises area.
    And we are all about being fair aren’t we.

    • Why stop with the income taxes then? Shouldn’t we consider everything that goes into cost of living? Homes (purchase and property taxes) in NYC or Boston are certainly more expensive than in North Carolina. Groceries and gas are also significantly cheaper in the southern half of the US versus the north. (I’ve lived in New England my whole life, but I have been researching a move south).

      With that said, what are the benefits afforded the folks in higher-tax areas versus those with lower taxes. Do they benefit from better infrastructure or schools? Are they safer because the police and fire departments are better funded? Should those be considered unfair advantages in recruiting players?

      Instead of whining about local tax implications for NHL salaries, maybe NHL fans should consider voting for politicians who are concerned with lowering taxes for everyone in that locale.

      • I agree doubleminor. The cost of living never comes up but the tax difference always does.

        NYC has a cost of living 130% higher than the national average, while Pittsburgh is -1% below the national average. Are we going to factor in that difference too?

      • Great post, Double Minor. Let’s stop wasting time talking about something as complex as tax structure and cost of living and everything else that goes into a decision for a player. I’m sure that Point loves being on one of the best teams in the NHL and, like all the TB players, wants to prove that last year’s playoff shock was a one-time deal.

    • Curious if there could be a ‘curve’ added. This would mean if say the cap is 80million that Florida teams get almost 10 million more going to players pockets over taxes versus Cali and Canadian teams

      • Basketball has a “luxury tax” which essentially evens out the playing field. Every player, regardless of where they play, pays the same percentage of their paycheck in a tax. Some goes to the local government, while whatever is left over goes to funding and running the WNBA. I think baseball has a similar structure, where the extra money goes into a kitty to help small-market clubs.

        Now, I am not saying to implement any of these ideas, but there are examples of ‘curves’ out there. It seems like parity was doing just fine, but those teams that were mentioned – Tampa, Florida, Dallas, Nashville and Vegas – are all either really high in the standings or about to be. When Duchene signs for less than market value and when Point signs for less than market value, the reason is that, while there are many factors involved, the tax situation helps.

        Though if I do not receive a NMC/NTC, I’m not sure I would sign for less: That’s a big risk.

    • Got an issue with it write your local government official.

    • We get it. You hate the Cap because it prevents the Rangers from being the Yankees.

      But, it would be easy enough to make the cap more fair.

      Deduct the state taxes from a players salary before counting it against the cap.

      Ex. PA has a 3.7 % (or close to that) tax rate. Deduct 3.7% from the salaries of Penguins and Flyers before computing their cap hits. TB, FLA, VGK would deduct nothing. Etc.

      • Yes, Canadian cities have higher taxes but they do vary from province to province. Quebec and Ontario are quite a bit higher than Alberta.
        Also if you are paid in US$ and your expenses are in CDN$, that is a 32% difference (at today’s rates) when purchasing a house etc. Like the US, those costs vary by city.
        If it is simply about money, which it isn’t, Alberta is quite attractive when compared to many US cities.

      • Didn’t stop Rangers from landing Panarin. Or Trouba. Or Shattenkirk. Or any other free agent they’ve signed in last 20 years

      • Plus your math is not as simple as just deducting the state tax. The players get taxed for where they play, so when player from TB comes up through a canadian road trip they pay the taxes of the cities they play in.

        Would still be possible to do what your saying but would be alot more complex.

  3. BTW let us not ruin yet another site getting into politics….;-0

    And this fellow NewEnglander also ponders a move south…..

    • I’m really not all that political of a person, but the question of tax rates is inherently related to politics. Since we were on the subject of cap limits with respect to local taxes this was hardly an off-topic comment.

      With that said, I’ve read several people on this site, including Lyle himself, take swipes at our president which had nothing to do with hockey without being tsk-tsked so spare me.

      • First, I have not taken “swipes” at your president. The only time I mentioned him was in a piece two years ago and that was regarding the Penguins visit to the White House and the uproar it was causing.

        Second, I have no problem with folks discussing taxes and how they could affect where a player signs.

        Whenever anyone raises their personal views about their politics or someone else’s in these comments sections, I shut it down. Stick to hockey in these threads. You want to talk/debate/yell at each other over politics, take it somewhere else.

      • My sincerest apologies Lyle. I believe I misattributed something I read elsewhere to you.

      • No worries, DoubleMinor. Cheers!

  4. Back to hockey.

    These teams are among the sellers who absolutely must make roster changes (whether buyouts, trades, delegations) in order to sign key RFAs (and in these * cases get below the upper cap limit). A couple (Toronto, Tampa) can do it using available LTIR.

    * NYR – RFAs DeAngelo, Lemieux – currently $4,156,466 over the cap;
    * Toronto – RFA Marner – Horton’s $5,300,000 & Clarkson’s $5,250,000 LTIRs available – currently $2,897,199 over the cap);
    * Washington – no RFAs – currently $1, 364,294 over the cap;
    * Pittsburgh – RFA Marcus Pettersson – currently $157,500 over the cap;
    Calgary – $4,673,292 in cap space – RFAsTkachuk & Mangiapane;
    Vancouver $5,058,461 in cap space – RFAs Goldobin & Boeser (who is OS exempt);
    St Louis – $5,070,406 in cap space – RFDAs Edmundson & Barbashev;
    Tampa Bay – $5,576,669 in cap space – Callahan’s $5,800,000 LTIR available – RFAs Point,
    Boston -$7,294,167 in cap space – RFAs Carlo & McAvoy (who is OS exempt);
    Vegas – $1,025,001 on cap space – RFA Gusev (OS exempt);
    Winnipeg – $17,592,503 in cap space – key RFAs Comrie, Connor, Laine;

    These teams will have the cap space needed to sign their key RFAs through roster maoeuvres but likely aren’t buyers to any significant degree

    Arizona – $178,099 in cap space – Hossa’s $5,275.000 LTIR available – no key RFAs;
    Dallas – $970,001 in cap space – Stephen’s $2,350,000 LTIR available – RFA Honka;
    Nashville -$2,334,524 in cap space – RFA Grimaldi;
    Florida – $2,405,456 in cap space – RFA Malgin;
    Edmonton – $2,433,001 in cap space – RFA Puljujarvi;
    Carolina – $2,495,209 in cap space – no key RFAs;
    Buffalo – $3,115,476 in cap space – RFAs Ullmark & McCabe;
    Chicago – $3,336,539 on cap space – RFA Perlini;
    Colorado – $16,465,239 in cap space – key RFAs Rantanen & Kamenev;

    These teams COULD be buyers to a limited degree
    Montreal – $4,044,524 in cap space – no key RFAs;
    San Jose – $4,682,583 in cap space no key RFAs;
    NYI – $8,653,334 in cap space – key RFAs DalColle & Beauvillier;
    L.A. -$8,740,606 in cap space -key RFA Kempe;
    Minnesota – $9,446,411 in cap space – kery RFAs Eriksson Ek & Fiala;
    Philadelphia – $13,417,421 in cap space – key RFAs Provorov & Konecny;

    These teams COULD be major buyers
    Detroit – $5,284,623 in cap space – no key RFAs – Zetterberg $6,083,000 & Franzen $3,954,545 LTIRs available;
    Anaheim – $8,500,242 in cap space – no key RFAs;
    Columbus – $15,765,918 in cap space – key RFA Werenski;
    New Jersey – $16,945,000 in cap space – key RFAs Butcher & Zacha;
    Ottawa – $20,640,000 in cap space – key RFA White (OS exempt) – Gaborik $4,875,000 & MacArthur $4,650,000 LTIRs available;

    • You have not taken into account the $3 million in LTIR money the Canucks have available with Roussel out until December. By then, either Edler or Tanev will be out, so they have plenty to pay Boesser.

      • Tom, that’s why I said yesterday that, not being familiar enough with all 31 teams, I go by what CapFriendly provides, don’t make assumptions (like Edler guaranteed to be out again) and leave it up to those who follow teams closely to point out things of that nature.

    • nice work

  5. It’s not a government problem. It’s a league salary cap make it fair.
    Players are paid in American dollars. Canadian teams take in Canadian dollars. Right now that’s 25 percent more Canadian teams have to make to pay the players
    Talk about the Stanley Cup not being in Canada since 1993. Players see the tax difference, I would do the same.
    Always talking about a level playing field, there never will be. The salary cap is a joke.
    The only team I can remember buying a Stanley Cup is the 1994 Rangers. Good for them 1 cup in 79 years.
    Some teams make a joke of the salary cap just getting to the bottom.
    If Melnyk wanted turn his team around and go after Marner or Point he could. And Tampa and Toronto couldn’t do a thing about it.
    More money in mediocrecy.
    Sink or Swim , like the real world
    Bookkeeping is an amazing thing.

      • Interesting article. Still say the salary cap is a joke. They say it makes a better league, more parity. The reason teams are closer in points in the season is because of the loser point in OT and shootouts. Plus the better teams use their backup. And play to the level of their opponent

      • Sadly, the salary cap isn’t going anywhere. Bettman and the team owners love it and the players have learned to accept it, having seen their salaries rise with the cap each season.

    • Vinnie, the NHL is nothing like the real business world with regards to competition. I pointed out the reasons for that the last time we had this debate.
      I can again if you want me to, but there doesn’t seem to be much point to it.
      The salary cap is going nowhere. Will there be changes to after the next round of negotiations. Of course. They may even address the tax issue, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
      If you want to see small market teams be more competitive with large market teams, there is one solution. It’s called revenue sharing.

    • Hi Vinnie

      The difference in Canadian and US dollars is only critical/relative to shifts in the exchange rates… if our dollar was 65 cents (or 90 cents) to the US dollar but stayed static at that exchange; then there would not be a difference/advantage/loss

      Our dollar is low now and those signing for our teams a few year’s ago when our dollar was in the high 80’s cents and low 90’s cents are taking a hit.

      Remember (albeit for one day) 12 years ago when it touched just shy of $1.12? Players on Canadian teams had the advantage then.

      Yes it’s been more than 1/4 of a Century that a Canadian team has won a SC (I know some would argue that it was only 6 weeks ago that a Canadian team win…with that roster, coaching staff and Canadian GM)but that’s beside the point… the league is nigh 80% US franchises and some of the Canadian teams (my own Leafs mostly) we’re guilty in that period of time; of brutal roster management .
      I thought last October that Winnipeg had built a very strong contender. I really thought it would be Bolts vs Jets…. oh how wrong I was

      The Stanley cup is the hardest trophy of ANY sport to win.

      Canadian teams were in 3 consecutive SC finals …Cgy , Ed, and Ottw; (some would argue Cgy should have been the champs) and most recently Van….. 3 of 4 of those series went the distance

      So yes…. more than a quarter century …. but it’s not as if there weren’t any chances

      Right now … yes our dollar sucks; no question

    • Yeah, the 94 Rangers are the only team in the history of sports to use free agency and trades to win a championship!
      Forget about guys like Leetch ( con Smythe winner) Kovalev, Zubov, Richter, Patrick, Nemchinov, etc. and those who were shipped out to assemble that team . Weight , Amonte, Vanbiesbrook etc….

      Ditto the Yankees.

      Nobody else has ever used this path to win … or try to win a championship. SMH.

      When you say things like this … it’s a shortcut to thinking.

      • That was my point if the salary cap wasn’t there , teams may try to buy a Stanley cup but it doesn’t work out very often.
        May have touched a nerve by saying the Rangers were the only one successful at it. Lots of other teams tried but failed . Doesn’t work that way in hockey. To many variables.
        From now on I’ll call them the New York Oilers of ’94.
        I know the cap isn’t going anywhere. Obviously it gives someone a false sense of fairness.
        Should make sure teams are spending real dollars to get to floor .
        And trading injured players that aren’t playing and never gonna is baloney.
        Wish Melnyk would go after Marner and prove he’s trying to build a winner.

      • The Rangers spent 19.4m on salaries in 93/94, more than double the amount spent by 1/2 the league. The Canucks were at 10.5m.

        The Penguins spent a little more at 20.7m, Kings and Sabres were close at 17.8 & 17.5.

        The point is that the Rangers cup was not about ability to identify talent, it was about the ability to aquire and retain the talent they gathered. For over a decade teams were losing players (ie. Teemu Selanne, Esa Tikannen, Gretzky, Messier, Anderson, Francis, Coffee, etc.) for non-hockey reasons. There was an imbalance in the league that gave NYR and a few others a competitive advantage.

      • You keep using the word fair. The cap has nothing to do with fairness. It’s about stability and competitiveness. The league is growing its fan base and talent pool with sustainable teams in smaller markets. Smaller markets have a better chance of retaining their talent with the cap.

    • Sounds like a good solution to that vinnie is to move all the Canadian teams south. Problem solved.

      • Pretty good solution Chrisms . I guess you think it was fair that Chicago drafted well and then had to trade them to teams that didn’t because of the cap.
        They say teams have to build through the draft and when they do they get penalized.
        Maybe they should treat it like a hiring hall. At the end of the season all the players go to the NHL office. Pull everyone out of a hat . First name to the last place team . 2nd name to the second last team etc. That would be fair. All 23 players.
        Everyone pays max salary cap
        League decides what player is worth and pays him.
        Boy that would be fun.
        Maybe once a team pays its entry fee, it should decide what it pays a player.
        After all it’s a business. Ran 85 years without a salary cap.

      • If all the teams moved to the U.S , you would have to play for the Trump Cup. Stanley Cup is very much Canadian on loan to the NHL

      • It would be the Chrisms cup. Duh.

    • Marner can EASILY recoup money lost to taxes with endorsements.EASILY.

  6. I don’t see how Vancouver is that strapped. They have $5MM in cap space showing but they also have 24 players signed with Goldobin and Boeser left. Assuming the players sent down are $800K that is another $2.4MM in space. Roussel is expected to be in IR for the first couple months at least, which would create additional space.

  7. I think Point signs for 9M. Just under Kucherov and just above Stamkos. Keeps him in Tampa which is pretty clear he wants to do.

  8. TB gives Vasilevski a $9.5 million a year deal. Wow.

    How are they going to keep him, Stamkos, Kucherov, Hedman and Point?

    Teams with goalies needing new deals are cursing Brisebois right now.

  9. yeah playing in florida is great, if you don’t like media coverage.here in south florida, its all about the Miami dolphins and hurricanes and high school football.its almost painful to go to a panthers game against a western division team, with a largely empty arena. want to talk hockey down here????no problem if you have a cat or dog.

    • Lmao. I lived in SoFla for 22 years. My kids where all involved in hockey. It was great when Panthers went to final. Steady decline since. Every town built roller rinks. Most not used much anymore. Gad to be back up north, bit do miss being able to score cheap tickets. Costs over $100 to sit in nosebleeds at MSG now

  10. The only way Benning unloads Eriksson or Sutter is by taking back another bad contract or by adding prospects or picks to any deal.
    Bungling Jimmy has already given away the Canucks 2020 first round pick so it looks like Vancouver is going to have very few picks in the next few seasons.

    How in the hell do you assemble a lottery pick team and end up with zero cap space and still have your job?

    Vancouver has some very good young players (Pettersson, Horvat, Hughes and Boeser) but the rest of the roster is filled with overpaid has beens, wannabees and never weres.

    Dim Jim has created a real mess for the Canucks next GM. No cap space, no draft picks and a roster of 4th line slugs.

    With Chiarelli gone the Bungling One has to be the worst GM in the league.

    Bennings got pictures of someone, hes gotta have pictures, lol.

    • Wow, that was a great rant Ron. Hard to argue with it. Not sure if it is Benning or ownership forcing him to try and make the playoffs, but being up against the cap without having Boeser signed does seem like an unforced error.
      Did ticket sales drop last year in Vcr?
      I believe this is why Linden left, disagreed with the plan that being forced down his throat.

      • Ray,

        Rink was at minimum 1/3 empty for most games last year with a few sellouts (Mtl, Tor, Phi). I dont blame fans for staying away. Tickets are ridiculously overpriced considering the crappy on ice product. Add in 30 bucks to park a 9 dollar dried up hotdog and 11 dollar glass of peecwarm foam they call beer and you need a 2nd mortgage to go to a game.

        Linden bailed because he wanted to focus on an actual rebuild. Move players and contracts out for picks and prospects. Bungling Jimmy has caved to Aquilini playoff demands so now the Canucks are mired in the tear it down make the playoffs quagmire.

        If I were a betting man Id lay odds that Dim Jim gets s**tcanned by seasons end leaving the new guy no cap room, no draft picks and an underwhelming roster.

      • Gas is less than 90 cents a litre 20 minutes down the road once you cross the boarder.

        Gas and dairy products make the hour roundtrip more than worth it.

  11. Trade namestikanov for puljajarvi, problem solved. Maybe keep a mill.

    • No problem at all Jim, other than Edmonton would never do that.

  12. “SPECTOR’S NOTE: As per Cap Friendly, the Rangers have a 48-hour window starting today to buy out a player. We’ll find out very soon if they’ll go that route with Shattenkirk.”

    I don’t profess to know how such things develop in the minds of a GM, but on the surface, if all trade options have been exhausted and the buy-out doesn’t happen today – even as I write this – it likely isn’t going to, because why else would it drag on into tomorrow if that’s Gorten’s decision?

    The other possibility then follows that he’s still trying to work out a last-minute deal before going that route. I would guess this is the case.

    • George, would they need to put a player on waivers 1st? I’ve seen in past there have been posts that this or that team has placed this or that player on waivers for purpose of buyout.

      • Gusev to Devils? Did they sign him?

      • Devils gave Gusev 4.5 per for 2 years

      • Thanks George. That was useful. Both Staal and Shattenkirk have some sort of nmc so they don’t have to go on waivers. Smith would have to clear waivers first, so with the other 2 , we won’t get a heads up

  13. Larry Brooks is a turd monger.

  14. It would be great if the NHL can adopt a salary cap like the NBA so that you can go over the cap to sign and keep your own players. Maybe even have mid range slots of salary that are, again, outside the salary cap that you can use or trade. They need to do something because the salaries are outpacing the cap growth, and pretty soon the mid range players will be squeezed out. Each team will have superstars and rookies.

    • Do we want what is going on with the NBA right now in hockey?
      Players are forcing trades to go play with this or that player. Not sure that is better Boston Hockey Guy.
      If McAvoy wants to go play with Marner, and the team accommodates him even though he is under contract, is that cool?
      Slippery slope IMO.

  15. Why the panic and Leaf-hating? Dubas has shown that he has a plan. Marner signs on the first day of the season so his salary is covered by Horton and Clarkson’s LTIR.

    Next year some more contracts need to be dealt with but in all probability is to let Barrie, Muzzin and/or Ceci walk to be replaced by Lilijgren and Sandin which creates room to resign Reilly and Anderson. Muzzin or Barrie will be resigned. Hopefully Muzzin. If a higher priced player needs to be moved then Dubas will want picks or prospects tokeep the Marlie pipeline full.

    Dubas has done an excellent job this year to create the proper balance in the lines while improving the defense. Babcock now is under the gun to produce. Although I personally like Kadri and Gardner this had to happen. There is still an outside chance that Gardner comes back for a year?

    • Ya Tugboat, Dubas has done a good job. As much as I would prefer for the Leafs to struggle.
      He wasn’t the GM who signed Marleau for 3 years or Zaitsev to the long term deal at a big ticket after 1 good year.
      He dealt with the issues quickly and moved on, and the Leafs really aren’t much worse than they were last year on paper. And in reality they should see growth from 2-3 players as they mature. Should be a contender again.
      Will be a busy boy next summer as well, but he seems to be fine with that.

  16. wait a darn minute,Susan Serandon helped recruit Shatty and Vesey.

    of course ranger fans hate the cap. I’ll take Steinbrenner for $500 Alex

    • I don’t know what Susan Sarandon has to do with a cap.

      But the Yankees have been under the luxury tax threshold for 4-5 years.

      Get current.

      • I don’t know what Susan Sarandin has to do with recruiting Shatty and Vesey either, but I would like to. Is this like a Bull Durham thing?

  17. Leave it to Benning to sign Ferland to short change himself and only leave $5m in cap room to sign Boeser LOL

    but lets give away a 1st rd pick for Miller LOL sheesh

    • IHC,

      Dim Jim strikes again…