NHL Rumor Mill – July 4, 2019

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Another listing of the top remaining UFAs, plus the latest on the Canadiens, Flames, Sharks, and Golden Knights in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


TSN: Marcus Johansson, Jake Gardiner, Ben Hutton, Micheal Ferland, and Ryan Dzingel are among the notable players remaining in this summer’s unrestricted free agent market. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As usual, with all the top names off the board, the UFA signings have slowed considerably. Many of the remaining noteworthy talents could end up with contracts worth much less than they hoped for when the market opened on July 1. 


TSN: With the Carolina Hurricanes matching the Montreal Canadiens’ offer sheet for Sebastian Aho, there’s speculation over what the Habs will do next.

Could the Montreal Canadiens try signing Tampa Bay Lighting center Brayden Point to an offer sheet? (Photo via NHL Images)

The Athletic’s Sean Gordon proposes signing defenseman Jake Gardiner to boost their blueline. He also believes they should pursue Vegas Golden Knights winger Nikita Gusev or Minnesota Wild right wing Jason Zucker. Meanwhile, the Ottawa Citizen’s Ken Warren wonders if they’ll try to sign Tampa Bay Lightning center Brayden Point to an offer sheet. 

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Steven Ellis also considered the Canadiens’ options going forward. Jake Gardiner and Ben Hutton are the best defensemen remaining in the UFA market. His suggested trade options include Gusev, New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider or Philadelphia Flyers blueliner Shayne Gostisbehere. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: TSN’s Pierre LeBrun reported the Canadiens initially considered tendering an offer sheet to Point before turning to Aho. The Athletic’s Joe Smith doubts the Habs will revisit Point. He’s made it clear he wants to stay with the Lightning, who have sufficient cap room to match.

The Canadiens’ priority should be landing a top-four, left-side defenseman. The pickings are slim in the UFA market. Gardiner could be expensive and his recent back injury is a concern. Hutton had an up-and-down tenure with the Canucks. Ben Chiarot could be a decent, affordable addition. He netted a career-best 20 points with the Winnipeg Jets and was among their leaders in hits and blocked shots.

Last month, there were rumors the Canadiens had interest in Gostisbehere and the New York Islanders’ Nick Leddy. I’m not convinced the Flyers will part with “Ghost Bear” but the Isles could listen on Leddy. 

**UPDATE** The Canadiens sign Chiarot to a three-year, $10.5-million contract. 


THE ATHLETIC: Darren Haynes reports the Calgary Flames have a busy summer ahead. They have six restricted free agents to re-sign, including Matthew Tkachuk, Sam Bennett, and David Rittich. Haynes estimates the cost could push the Flames’ salary-cap payroll to $87 million. He suggests a trade of either T.J. Brodie, Michael Frolik or Travis Hamonic could help to address the issue. So could buying out Michael Stone’s contract. 

NBC SPORTS BAY AREA: Chelena Goldman notes the San Jose Sharks also face a salary-cap crunch. They have just over $6.3 million remaining to sign Joe Thornton, Kevin Labanc, and Dylan Gambrell. Cap casualties could include forward Melker Karlsson, goaltender Aaron Dell, or defenseman Brenden Dillon. Of the three, Karlsson could be the most likely to go. 

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien believes the Vegas Golden Knights risk giving up a gem of a player in KHL forward Nikita Gusev. It was reported earlier this week the two sides are far apart in contract talks. Golden Knights president George McPhee acknowledged the possibility of trading Gusev, who’s drawn comparisons to Artemi Panarin. Rather than move Gusev, O’Brien suggests freeing up cap room to sign him. He recommends moving Cody Eakins, Ryan Reaves or Nick Holden. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: All the players mentioned above have surfaced in trade speculation since this spring. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brodie or Frolik are playing elsewhere when spring training opens in September. I agree with Goldman that Karlsson seems the most likely trade candidate for the Sharks. Dell’s value is at rock bottom and the Sharks already moved a defenseman (Justin Braun). I also concur with O’Brien that the Golden Knights could regret trading Gusev. Better to move Eakins, Reaves, or Holden if it’ll free up room to keep him. 


  1. Were I a GM, I’d be very tempted to let other teams overpay, as they always seem to on July 01, and then target teams with the subsequent cap problems.

    In season trades happen all the time. Panarin and Karlsson are very good players, but 11 million plus in a year when revenue grew less than projected? They aren’t McDavid or Tavares, and they aren’t going to push their teams over the top. And as is often noted, players in their 30s are rarely as good as in their late 20s.

    It’s like getting into a bidding war for perishible goods.

    • Karlsson is one of the most elite defenseman in the NHL … the man over a full season averages 74 pts, when utilized on the PK blocks nearly 200 shots a season, is excellent at stripping the puck, arguably the best defensive passer in the league, his advanced stats are amazing, he is a Norris winner and has received votes and consideration for each of the past 8 seasons … he’s been a beast in his last two years of playoffs. Age & Injury sure do lead to questions. But he is certainly a guy right now that puts you over the edge and is a massive difference maker on a team.

      • He sure made the difference against the Blues this year in the Conference Finals!

      • I guess the same could be said for Panarin, Tavares and Mcdavid…. Except the whole conference final thing.

        Aye aye aye. The lengths people will go to prove a point while kicking themselves in the teeth in the same sentence.


    • Mcdavid and Tavares haven’t pushed their teams anywhere.

      Tavares has a total of 31 playoff games and 4 playoff appearances in his 10 year career. Getting out of the 1st round once.

      Mcdavid 13 playoff games, 1 playoff appearance in 4 years.

      Not exactly shining examples of players that are justified getting big paydays.

      Panarin 27 playoff games, 4 playoff appearances in his 4 year nhl career.

      Karlsson, 67 playoff games in his 10 year career. 6 playoff appearances, Including a showing at the eastern and western conference finals.

      • if you want to use regular season points as justification Mcdivid….Last 4 years 372, Tavares 308, Panarin 320….Karlsson 260 in that same span, and loaded with injuries.

    • “They aren’t McDavid or Tavares, and they aren’t going to push their teams over the top.” To date, neither if those two have pushed their team over the top, if you are referring to team progress toward a championship. They have succeeded, however, in pushing their teams into salary cap issues.

    • i think you are to much on the bubbly he is horrible in his own end

  2. Maybe a sign on their wall that says “Caution … Over The Hill And Picking Up Speed”

    • George

      That mantra is printed on the back of my undershorts

      • LOL. Been on mine for about 20 years!

      • If you’ve been wearing the same ones for the last 20 years…. then that wording is all the more apropos


      • LMAO. Now you sound like my wife.

  3. Happy Independence Day to all here residing South of the border.

    I could swear you don’t look a day over 242.

    Gusev an unknown but if his comparison even 1/2 way to Panarin then McPhee might kick himself for losing him

    Pens and Leafs also have to make moves

    What does GMKD have on the back burner to possibly move Horton ; ditto in Vegas on Clarkson

    I think there is a low risk relatively low (compared to what you’ll get) cost UFA D in Chariot for those looking to round out their D

    Hold up with Gardner just might be anxiousness over his back. He’ll land; might be a bit of time but he’ll get there

    Surprised Bergevin having already opened the gates with trying to acquire a C has not done an offer sheet on Point.

    He knows it’ll cost 4 firsts (and to me worth it) and if what TSN announced is true (that 4 firsts have to be your own but can be over 5 years) then Bergevin does have to wait for official Aho match paper work to free up his first (‘20)…, is that assumption correct?

    I’m one that loves the offer sheet.

    To me , as it is part of the CBA ; a valuable management tool.

    I get the past “norm” of the GM “ Gentlemen’s “
    Club and not trying to offend or hurt your colleague…. but this is a new era of the NHL and it is a right given to each GM…. let’s see more !

    • Sorry “does have to wait” should have been “doesn’t have to wait”

      • PENGY. Hearing penguins pushing hard to move J. J . DUCKS KINGS INTERESTED… RUST MAY GO .POSSIBLELY BJUGDTAD…

    • Pengy, as I’ve said before, an Offer Sheet isn’t any more a violation of some unwritten “gentleman’s agreement” than one GM, in a trade, squeezing another who finds himself in a cap crunch.

      It’s a legitimate tool that, I’m sure, the players would love to see utilized more often. The problems I saw with Bergevin’s offer was trying to get under the two 1st round picks scenario and, worst of all, the 5 year stipulation. Had the offer sheet not been matched, he’d have been faced with having to deal with Aho again at age 26 – as a UFA. Now Carolina must face that prospect in 5 years.

      You have to wonder who stuck it to who but, bottom line, the ones laughing the hardest are Aho and his agent.

      • Hi George

        Concur on all ur points

        I think Bergevin truly believed he could get Aho for that and was willing to gamble on his negotiations to extend him in 5 years.

        Now that gamble lies with Carolina.

        Bergevin still has space and needs … he’ll be up to something

      • The offer sheet was likely only signed by aho contingent on getting to ufa quicker. Like Mathews. Players that are uber talented are bucking at the restraints that a cba (which they had no say in) has laid on them. They want to be able to test the free market and pick where they live and ply their trade. For these top tier rfas this is likely the new norm. And with how supposedly deep this and next years draft classes are it’s likely to continue

    • Pengy, I suspect that Gardiner is on the sidelines awaiting the Mitch Marner debacle.

      Maybe Jake would be willing to do a 1 year bonus laden deal to be with the Leafs.

      That’ll get the Marner’s camps attention..

      A defence lineup of Morgan Rielly, Jake Gardiner, Jake Muzzin, Tyson Barry, Travis Dermott, Cody Ceci, Martin Marincin , Kevin Gravel, Justin Holl and Ben Harpur, would be a formidable defence core.

      • Why would a ufa who will have high market value risk many millions of dollars not getting term. Especially one who already has an injury history?

      • Think TML needs a Girardi to rotate in as the 7th. Guys who block shots, play really physical and do not require any real$$ nor tons of ice time. Only upside. Though Jake is talented….doubt he signs a bonus laden low$ contract just to help TML. He is looking for long term security like all other UFA’s do.

      • I see no chance of Gardiner in Toronto.
        If anything they are on the market for a 5/6 who can fill a top 4 role in case of injury. That too won’t happen until Dubas evaluates his roster during training cap. More than likely is a scenario where a couple of guys make a strong case for a promotion from the Marlies to the big club

      • That could well be the case Taz. The trick there is for fans to not to get too excited over the play of such individuals during exhibition/early season games up to about mid-December. Because that’s when the game begins to change as teams start jockeying for position and the checking gets a lot more intense. Ottawa found that out last year with the early success of Lajoie – he was back in Belleville before the season reached the 3/4 mark.

        But, now and then a team does get lucky.

      • Antoni, now that CapFriendly can show the Ceci extension at $4.5 mil coupled with what a lot in here said Kerfoot would get ($3 mil per), the picture is very clear. Even with Horton’s full $5.3 Dubas, now with a potential $9,065,301 in cap space after factoring in the Horton contract, simply doesn’t have enough to sign Marner. So, as I indicated yesterday, look for another move. Soon

        Probably one of the just signed Kapanen, Johnsson, Kerfoot or Hyman, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Nylander.

        Where’s that yadda yadda, yadda guy? Would love to hear his take on the situation.

      • George, I would advocate for Kyle Dubas, Brandon Pridham and Laurence Gilman find a way to convince both Mitchell Marner (1 year deal) – instantly redeem his status; couple that with a Jake Gardiner (1 year-bonus laden) and not trade William Nylander.

        It’ll be one heck of a year for the top Defence core of, Muzzin, Barry and Ceci to prove their worth towards another contract.

        Marner can ask and get the moon next year when Cap allows more flexible term and dollar value!

      • The Leafs cap situation won’t get any better next year.
        They have Muzzin and Barrie going to UFA.

        The year after the have Freddy and Hyman.

        I don’t know if I am reading this wrong but it appears that the Leafs have $72,434,699 locked up with 23 players (not counting Horton’s cap hit but accounting for the salary retention on Kessel). Leaving them roughly 9M in cap space once the season starts.
        One of the players would have to be demoted so they are closer to 10M. Wouldbe nice if Marner would agree to about there.

        Next year is going to be an absolute mess again with having to replace two of the top 3 defencemen with no wiggle room. Nylander has to be moved IMO or Marner would need to be traded.
        I see Matthews, JT and Reilly being untouchable.

      • The odds of Marner signing a one year deal and risking millions, ZERO. But I’d put Gardiners odds at a solid 1%.

        “So you’re saying there’s a chance” Jim Carey

      • No one told me that the wachutu WERE BITERS!!!

        Jim Carey.

      • I agree that there is no chance that Marner only signs a one year deal. Same goes for Gardiner.

        So I am back with my “Trade Nylander” chants 🙂

      • you guys look at your team stop looking at toronto and by the way they do have more cap money more then what you think

      • What’s your last name? Upanddowninthewater?

      • Gee bob, fill us ignoramuses in with your inside knowledge. We’re all a-tingle waiting for something useful from you … we’ve been waiting a long time.

      • LOL@chrisms – bob’s been bobbing for pumpkins – he was told it was an innocent fad but it’s really an orthodontist plot

      • “They have more money THAN you think”

        It’s just a mystery as to where it’s coming from! They don’t know , cap friendly don’t know . But good old bob does!

      • listen to an 80 year old fart behide a computer screen wow put your money were you mouth is and lets play some hockey or are you aloud out of the house

      • “Put your money WHERE your mouth is”

        Basic English.,.. rip!

      • Outside of Muzzin, which of your list of Leaf superstars is going to play defence? Barrie? Nope. Reilly? Nope. Gardiner? Nope. Ceci? Nope.

        That defence couldnt shut down my kids bantam team.

      • Hearing jake gardiner is asking $7 million plus per year…no way he isnt worth more than 5..

  4. Call me crazy but wouldn’t Dillon from SJ be cheaper than any other option for MTL??? Only 1 yr left if he does not pan out and can grab a pick or prospect for him that can be flipped to Vegas for Gusev? Dillion is under $4M giving MT room to use their cap to help strapped teams like TB and grab players they want to help.


    I know He does not bring the offense they need but he is healthy…..

  5. The offer sheet sure speeds up negotiation. The Aho deal could have lasted all summer and longer. Nylander.
    Horton’s dollars can’t come off until the season starts. If they need that money Marner won’t be signed until October . Correct ?
    Don’t see why the Flames need to shed a ton of salary. Rittich should be the same as Talbot.
    Tkachuk a bit of a wild card but not more than Aho. Bennett can’t be much more than $3m and only because of his draft status.

    • All that is needed is to move Stone off the books at 3.5 m . Didn’t play much last season and won’t be missed in the lineup

    • @ Sliver 7 Why are Nylander $ subject to an Oct 01 timeline? He’s signed, he’s been paid his bonus and to my knowledge, can be traded at any time.

      Horton’s contract could be traded to any team who is willing to use it as a LTIR deduction. Ya he’s got a NTC and a NMC with a 10 team no trade list, but he’s done as a player so if they can find a taker for that contract, they can use that dough now; unless I’m missing something in both of your examples.

      • Nylander has no connection to October, his name was used in relation to Aho’s negotiation.

        Horton’s contract isn’t that easy to trade. His contract lacks an insurance clause which is why anyone taking him on will be paying much more out of pocket as opposed to most other contracts that are insured. Will require a pretty big sweetner

  6. I’m still hoping the Habs sign Gardiner. I don’t see how the numbers work for the Leafs – with the addition of Tyson Barrie, I believe that ship has sailed. At this point, I think the Habs might be able to get him for 5 years, $6m. I think that if he’d already received such an offer, he would have accepted it.

    As to other options, I don’t see Ghost being traded. Brodie will likely be traded and that’s something the Habs may need to revisit. As to Leddy, had the Isles signed Panarin, he would be on the market for prospects and picks. With Barzal due a big raise next summer, he will likely be traded eventually, but for now, Lou can be patient and wait for a deal on his terms. Chiarot and Hutton would be decent fallbacks if nothing else works out.

    There was talk yesterday about Kyle Turris. Under certain conditions, that might not be such a bad idea. If you look at his last 6 seasons, in 2 of those years he missed over 25 games and those seasons were complete train wrecks for him. But in the other 4 years, he was quite productive. He can be a solid 1B/2 center. But I would only pick him up if the asking price is reasonable, such as a 2nd and a B prospect, and if the Preds retain at least $2m.

    • Habs sign Ben chiraot

      • That’s a good signing.

      • So much for offensive top pairing D which he clearly isn’t. What is he 4-7th D spot?

      • I guess that closes the door on Gardiner. Seems that Bergevin was not keen on giving a long term, big money deal to a UFA or giving up the assets that other teams were demanding in a trade. This is a decent pick-up which should help for a couple of years while young defensemen like Mete and Kulak hopefully keep improving and until Alex Romanov hopefully is ready to make an impact. In sports, you must always have hope.

        Now Bergevin really has one more move to make – picking up a winger who can contribute top 6 minutes and some offense until Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield are ready to contribute. I’d go after Ryan Dzingel. At this point, he could probably be had for 2-3 years, $4-4.5m. AAV.

      • Tough player, good skater and hits everything. Nice signing by Montreal team just got tougher to play against. Didn’t over pay, I say about the right value.

      • I really like this signing , hard nose player….not the same tools in the bag as Gardiner but less $ and less term than Gardiner would have cost. As noted by Howard they could still go after a winger like Dzingel or Ferland. If they do look at Ferland I would offer a 1 year ‘show me’ deal like Simmonds.
        My depend on how much they have put aside for Lehkonen and Armia.

        Kinda feel bad for Gardiner, this was his year to cash in and every day he goes unsigned and teams spend $ on other players the less there may be offered to him .

      • This is a good signing probably play with petry? I see the Habs going after ferland or dzingle

    • I have been saying tis for 2 weeks. Trading a pick or mid prospect for Turis with $1.5 – 2M held is a great backup plan. A Turris @ $4.5m gives MTL another center and a variety of options to still use their cap to balance out the rest of their needs.

      • Montreal and their cap space hold the upper hand. They should get a great deal somewhere for a middle 6 player

      • The Habs need one more top 6 forward and there are several options, one of which is Turris. The problem is, he’s got 5 years left on his contract. If he had 3 years left, I could see Bergevin picking him up if the Preds retain around $2m. But 5 years? I’m not sure I see him doing it. Bergevin is cognizant of the facts that in 2-3 years, his younger players will need new contracts – hopefully big ones. While it’s impossible to know what’s really going on behind the scenes, it seems he’s hesitant to sign players 28 years old and above to deals of more than three years.

    • For SJ, LaBanc coming off a great season with upside potential. Still figures to be in second six. Trade to east coast team for picks (NJ?).

  7. Interesting that the Carolina owner said that Bergevin was gamed by Aho’s agent. Seems to me that Carolina was gamed into a front-loaded contract that takes the kid directly into UFA status – eye of the beholder, I guess.
    And it looks like Washington is taking “tanking” to a whole ‘nother level.
    Happy 4th to our best friends in this crazy world.

    • Everything being said know by Canes ownership and management now is pure bitterness. Take everything with several grains of salt until they’ve had time to calm down.

    • What choice did Carolina have? Let him walk for a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd? They didn’t have many options on the table once that offer sheet was signed… exactly two options. Match or don’t. There was no third option here…. How did Carolina get gamed….? They got forced into one direction or another. Letting Aho walk was the worst option of the two given…

      Handing over your money when a guns to your head isn’t losing.

      The biggest loser here? The bridge deal… may it Rest In Peace! Thanks Nylander, Dubas, and MB! Heroes to the cause!

      • I think next cba the max deal will 5 maybe 6 yrs

      • The floodgates were opened with McDavid and Draisaitl.
        Nylander taking the firm approach evolved this even further with the players knowing they do have leverage. Looking back at it, it was a big misstep by Dubas.
        I had been harping trading him during the entire summer last year and leading up to December 1sts. Allegedly one of the deals on the table was Pesce for Nylander – what Dubas wouldn’t do to go back to that

      • Taz,

        It really goes back to Hall, RNH, and Eberle…That poor small market team that screamed the loudest about a cap / parity in the league.

        It’s nice to see that they have learned to work in a “fair” market. And have proven year after year how to build a true winner in the “fair” market. Congratulations Edmonton!

      • @BBB I pray to GOD that the players never accept a 5 or 6 yr max contract as terms to keep the game going. It is bad enough if an open society they are “owned” till 28. Now talks of mandated length of contract too. THatis awfully scary. Good on the players, who are forced under a cap, to get theirs within the system.

        That being said…the sport does not generate the same revenue the other major sports due. I understand the owners trying to keep the game growing BUT being “owned” and told where you HAVE to work from 18 till 28 for controlled money where ya basically have to accept it or get nothing is a CRAP deal for the employee.

        Good on players using their leverage.

        If the CBA switches to 5 yr ELC instead of 3. Then at 23 players are UFA…that is more equitable to everyone AND GMs will be forced not to give out as many stupid contracts for mid tier players .

        For TML…they now MUST trade Nylander to get Marner under and have future cap space to get Barrie signed year end.

      • NY4Life, don’t you think that Carolina lowballed Aho, given his status as the best player on the team? That’s what I meant – if they had put a decent contract on the table for him, he might not have signed the offer sheet from Montreal.

      • Bcleaf, was that offer ever actually confirmed? Or was it a “source”. It’s all a negotiation. I seriously doubt that that offer is confirmed, especially given the circumstances. How would Montreal know that anyway? Tampering? Lol.

        Marner, Trouba, Laine, Tkachuk, Boeser, Pointe, Carlo, Rantanen, Mcavoy all left wide open.
        I dare say every single team in the league has somewhat of a significant Rfa unsigned.bsome May have a starting point offer on the table, again, it’s a negotiation. Not a race to “make it rain”.
        Does that make every Gm in the league stupid?

      • @Taz:
        The Draisaitl signing was probably the best contract Chiarelli handed out in his time in Edmonton.
        Panned out as a good contract for the Oilers. Imagine Chia would have signed him to a 2-3 year bridge deal and what it would cost now to re-sign him? Do you really think he would sign for $8.5mil?
        His agent would probably say “Look Skinner scored 40 goals, and 20 or 23 assists as a winger and Leon 50 and 55 assists. And look at his playoff numbers. So Mr. Holland we would like Auston Matthews money and term.”

      • Agree Nyr4life, they didn’t do anything other than negotiate with their RFA.
        I assume Leaf fans would like to have Dubas sign Marner to the lowest cap hit possible, as would every other fan out their with their teams and RFA’s.
        That would be the GM’s job.
        TSN reported the day that it happened that Carolina was at 7.5 and Aho’s agent was at 9.5, so likely would have settled around where they are.
        The Canes would have wanted longer term, and not a front loaded deal.
        So the end result is we now have another comparable for agents to use with a front loaded, bonus laden deal and more UFA’s at 26.
        Great news for the players, bad news for owners and GM’s. Who got gamed again?

    • @BCLeafFan: One thing is for sure: Bergevin has made himself out to be the classic “rat” that nobody likes for the offer sheet he gave to AHO.; even though, the tool exists to all GM’s.

      What I think is next from a Bergevin point of view is should I offer sheet Mitch Marner and if I do, and he signs it, will it work; or am I just shooting myself in the other foot as it pertains to deals with other GM’s?

      Well Mitch: if you sign it, and even worse Dubas & Brains decide ” Go for it Mitch” We’ll take the 4 first round picks over 4 years while you play in a province that not only has the highest taxes, but where the primary language is French:

      Every time you play Toronto, count on being Tavares Long Island Booed complete with tossed jerseys too !

      I mean Leaf fans know how to hate and hug equally !

  8. George McPhee was a genius at the Vegas start….and now he ran out of cap already. Gusev could be a huge mistake to lose

    • That Stastny signing hurts. 6.5 for 2 more years. ouch

      • Patches is worse…4 yrs at 7 million per…..brutal

      • Patches hasn’t had a great couple of seasons but if that line stays intact I see him scoring 35 again this year

      • Patches is expendable with Stone now but the team that could use him are the Habs!

        Stasny only has two years left and chemistry with Stone

        patches in boston….. they have no room either

      • Perhaps Lou calls and offers up Clutterbuck and HoSang for Patches? He has the space and Patches is a massive upgrade. Gives NYI significant more depth. Patches is top 6 and moves Ladd to the bottom 6.

        Vegas also gets their cap space to sign Gusev.

  9. There is many teams with the cap space to offer sheet Marner or teams that he may sign with.
    What if said team took the Timo Meier approach and signed Marner for three years at $27m and made the final season of his salary at $13m; meaning with arbitration he would have to be sign at 110% of his final year making him a $14.3 million signing, would Toronto match?

    • Hmm that would be an interesting option caper!

    • At 9M the compensation is 4 firsts. As a Leafs fan, I’d take that.
      Get the four firsts, open up the cap to resign Muzzin and Barrie.
      Cap flexibility is the name of the game as we are finding out.
      If the offer is less than 4 firsts, the Leafs will match 100%

      • Taz: US$9M/year is 2 1sts, a 2nd and a 3rd.

    • There isn’t many teams, not is

      Taz not sure if you’re referencing my post but a $9m the compensation is 2 1st a 2nd and 3rd round pick.

      • my bad caper, you are right, for some reason I did the math on a 7 year term.
        Yeah, that offer sheet would suck for the Leafs.

        I’d imagine a bit sweetner to someone to take Horton or selling Nylander pennies on the $

    • @Caper…. NJ should pull that move with their cap space.

  10. Jets in one calendar year have lost Armia, Lemieux, Trouba, Myers and Chairot. That’s 3 of their top 5 dman and all players were physical players (Myers not so much) but that’s a lot of team toughness gone out the door.
    Have the Jets gone from Stanley Cup contenders to playoff hopefuls, as other teams in the central are trending up but the Jets are landing. Such a small window.

    • You forgot to add the best thing. All they got in return was Neal Pionk and two months of Kevin Hayes which didn’t amount to much.

      • That all sounds alarming, the flip side is that the ‘heavy central’ division no longer exists as all the teams have downsized and the games are fairly tame. Jets have been guilty of too many penalties, maybe too much size.

        They still have wheeler, lowry, add a few that occasionally throw around the body and Buff. Not a small team yet.

        There is a decent crop of prospects that should be NHL ready including Niku, 2018 AHL defensman of the year and Appleton, 2018 AHL rookie of the year. They are still one of the youngest teams in the league and may end up younger again this year.

        The core has shifted from Wheeler, Little, Buff to scheifele, Morrissey and Hellebuyck

      • Who they still have to sign as an RFA with the $22,872,503 at hand along with RFAs Comrie, Connor, Copp and Laine with 3 more to reach the 23-man roster. Probably minor league elevations.

    • We’re the Jets ever anything more than paper contenders? Going back to Atlanta, their entire history (13 years) consists of 4 playoff appearances, 3 times out in the 1st round, of the 3 swept out twice, and a western conference finals the lost decisively 4-1.

      That doesn’t look like a contending team to me at all.

      • @Nyr4life, paper contender yes, but they never made to the finals. Solid point, but they did get to the conference finals and this year they lost out to the eventual Champs. They now been in the playoffs back to back season.
        Chevy in his quest has depleted some of his assets and had played hard ball, where he should’ve made some decisions earlier like Trouba and Kane, he hung on to long. The as you know gave up assets and 1st round picks to go for it but didn’t work out.
        Ben Chariot was tendered an offer before July 1st but thought he could get more on the open market, after July 1st or 2nd when Chairot didn’t find a new home, Chevy pulled the offer off the table and now Chairot is in Montreal.
        Jets still have quality with Wheeler, Scheifele, Laine, Connor, Roslovic, Lowry, Little and Perreault but their backend now becomes the big question mark.

  11. Leafs signed Kerfoot, 4 yrs 14 million.

    Cap Friendly shows Toronto with 3.7 million in cap space.

    Marner offer sheet coming?

    • Hope so. So it can be resolved and move on.

    • my gut is they are playing chicken with Marner in order to buy time to trade Nylander

      NJ needs to offer sheet $11 for 5 yrs

      those 4 1sts won’t be a promise to have a Marner. Marner next to Hughes would be amazing for that franchise.

      They have older players coming up they can let go by the time Nico and their top young talent need to get paid.

      • I agree, great add for New Jersey or Colorado. Both teams have the cap space and the picks to do it. Id go to 11.9 just to squeeze the Leafs as much as possible. Freeing up the needed cap space in 7 days would leave Dumbass open to getting less in a deal or overpaying just to kove out $$.

      • The Avs projected cap space according to capfriendly is $27,150,239. If the Avs sign Marner for $11.9mil and lets say Rantanen for $11.0mil. (Why would he sign for much less than Marner?) They still have to sign Compher, Burakovsky and Zadorov. If you add $6-7mil for those 3 the Avs could be over the upper limit.

      • Since many people think all the GM’s collude with each other, what do you all think of this scenario for Marner to end the drama. Team A “wink wink” Offer sheets Marner for 11,616,000 (Auston Matthews money) for 6 or more years and Marner signs it. Leafs match, and then trade Nylander to team A (we know they can afford those dollars on RW, for a first rounder or two, and more, Players, prospects, picks etc. Allows Leafs the cap space for Marner and still allows $$ to add a substantial player on LW or RD, where their depth could be strengthened.

    • I agree with Vinnie. Hopefully some team makes an offer sheet to Marner. If it’s higher than $10,568,590 the Leafs can walk away and take the 4 first rounders. If it is lower they can match and would have signed him for less money than anticipated by most here.

      May be IHC is correct and Dubas wants to make another trade to get under the cap before he signs Marner (hopefully Nylander)


    • The Cap Friendly number includes 8 D-men, one of whom will be sent to the AHL. It also includes Nathan Horton, who’ll be on LTIR for the season. That adds another 6m., taking the available space to about $9.7m. Maybe they can convince Marner to take a 5 year deal at $9.5m. AAV. Otherwise they’ll have to move someone out.

    • @Ron Jull: Yep I think so: Marc Bergevin: He’s throwing his cap space around.

      Didn’t work in Aho’s case but might work in Marner’s case?

      What if TML, should Marner sign it, call Marner’s bluff and let him play in MTL? Ya know, the s**tshow would be worth the watch from a fan point of view

      • Especially if Marners plays well….. better than the Golden Boy Matthews…

  12. I wonder if teams are a bit hesitant offering Marner an offer sheet knowing they might get stuck holding the bag if they are trying to stick it to Toronto.

    I am sure they’ve learned something from Bergevin’s debacle.

  13. I wonder if Ottawa will be able to sign Chabot or Tkachuk. All their good players seem to force a trade and then sign for less. Seems strange I’ve seen the Ottawa Rising commercials. And they have to go up I believe .
    It’s terrible to see a legendary franchise with all their accomplishments in such a mess. Dorion took them from 1 goal from the finals to 30th to 31st. If they wait two years maybe they will be 32nd.
    I’m sure if they give Dorion a chance he will fix it. He is a legend in Orleans. Lmao

    • How bitter are you vinnie? Hey taz look at this leaf fan always bringing up the sens! Lol

      • Pretty bitter. Lmao

      • Lmao

      • I’m not here condoning his action either bbb.

        Btw, still waiting on an answer to this:
        Just so we know, you are stating that in the options below you would take B? Correct?

        A. Taveres Plus return on Marner
        B. Marner

        Also, still waiting on what you consider the return would be if the Leafs trade Marner.

      • I’d trade Tavares and keep marner

      • That’s not the question though.
        You’ve said multiple times that the Tavares signing was terrible and how it will cost them Marner.
        I’m just putting the whole picture in context with that question

      • That’s the answer though!you keep marner however you can, more complete player than Tavares already and younger. I’m stating the best move going forward

    • Those young Senators should be good as long as they stay away from taking anymore taxis. lol

  14. gee-I don’t know which I enjoy more-Leaf talk or underwear talk-

  15. one thing I like about the 2019 free agent signings is that not too many NTC and I believe only 9 NMC’s. Especially given the pending expansion draft. Some obvious players got them , Panarin, Bob, Karlsson, Skinner but I can’t believe Hayes was able to not only get the $ and term he did but also squeeze in a NMC! Myers decent $ and term but he too got an NMC. Zuccarello , love him, but how he got a 5yr *6mil with an NMC baffles me, his agent is one helluva negotiator. Pavelski and Edler I get it older players less term.
    I love th fact that Polie does not give NTC and NMC’s , exception being Pekka Rinne , which he earned.

  16. I suspect that Gardiner is in a position where he can wait if he wants to. There are not really any other offensive Dmen of quality remaining as UFAs. If I had to guess, I’d suspect it hinges on Marner. Dubas has likely offered both a cheap deal with term, or a short-term home discount. Gardiner should surely of had 2 or 3 decent offers at pay raises by now, but likely from teams he’s not thrilled to move to. MIN and TOR are likely his top 2 options….everything else takes some pondering.

    • I think teams are afraid of his back problems and defensive abilities I don’t know if a pay raise is in the cards

      • More the back problems, I think. Where would Gardiner land if Montreal is no longer an option?

    • doktor dave , I would add Anaheim and LA to the mix with Minnesota. I can’t see him returning to the Leafs, they can’t afford him.

      • Detroit is also a good possibility.

  17. Just found a good article by Travis Yost at TSN who makes a case for Gardiner’s abilities to boost a team’s defence corps. Got the numbers to back it up too.

    • sorry BC but Yost and his analytics turns me off , I find I read maybe one paragraph of his articles and tune out. I want opinions from knowledgeable hockey people who have the inside scoop or are around the teams and players, not someone who analyzes stats.
      Akin to Gord Miller telling the viewer that Patrice Bergeron wins 70% of his face-offs on the left side of the ice on Tuesday nights when he eats chicken parm before the game, tapes his stick with black tape and listens to the Sheep Dogs in the afternoon. Man he comes up with some odd ball stats.

      • I agree Fergy yost is as bad Simmons around Toronto

  18. AS crazy as it sounds would Jim Benning offer

    to TML: Eriksson ($6m)
    to VAN: Horton & Nylander ($11.9m)

    Eriksson is about $1m cheaper than Nylander and Vancouver also takes on Horton’s LTIR

    That gives TML plenty of space to sign Marner right?

    Benning would be using his cap space correctly. He gets another young asset for long term.

    Trouble for TML would be then who centers the 3rd line. Unless after Marner they have enough to grab Eakins from Vegas.

    • Alexander Kerfoot figures to replace Kadri as 3C.

    • The rumor around our Edmonton office today was a 3 way deal.
      Eriksson to Edm
      Neal to Van
      Lucic to Cgy.
      Everybody gets a fresh start I suppose.
      If I am Edm I do it in a heartbeat, he played well under Tippet in Dallas. Not the same player anymore, I get it, but still has some skill, is a responsible player. Shorter term.

    • If I was Dim Jim I would actually consider this one. Only problem is Vancouver still needs to sign Boeser. Canucks have over 7 million in space right now. Leivo, Goldolbyn and Beoser RFA are going to use all of that and more let alone tack on 5 million more which leaves around 2 million to sign 3 guys including Boeser who will get at least 6.5 – 7.

      Canucks pass Im afraid.