NHL Rumor Mill – July 6, 2019

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Offer-sheet rumors dogging Mitch Marner and Patrik Laine, plus an update on the Blackhawks, in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


SPORTING NEWS: Sammi Silber cites reports suggesting Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner could soon receive an expensive offer sheet. Sportsnet 590 The Fan’s Joey Vendetta confirmed a report from The Fourth Period claiming at least one NHL clubs was “very seriously considering” tendering an offer sheet to Marner. Vendetta speculated it could be worth $12.5 million. 

YAHOO SPORTS CANADA: Kyle Cantlon cites NHL Network’s Mike Kelly speculating the New York Islanders could target Marner with an offer sheet. Cantlon also suggested the New Jersey Devils, Buffalo Sabres, and Philadelphia Flyers were among clubs with salary cap space to sign Marner to an offer sheet. 

Offer-sheet rumors swirl around Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  More than one person has pointed out the Islanders lack sufficient salary-cap space to sign Marner. Isles general manager Lou Lamoriello is the former Leafs GM. However, with over $8.6 million in cap room, he’d have to ship out a couple of salaried players to make it happen.

The Leafs, meanwhile, are in a vulnerable position. Cap Friendly indicates they have over $3.7 million in cap space. If necessary, they can place permanently sidelined Nathan Horton ($5.3 million) and Zach Hyman ($2.25 million) and Travis Dermott ($863K) on long-term injury reserve, but that won’t be enough to match a $12.5 million offer sheet. Whether or not a club will go for it, or if Marner will sign an offer sheet, remains to be seen. 


RDS.CA: cites a report by The Fourth Period’s Dave Pagnotta claiming multiple teams, including the Montreal Canadiens, had considered pursuing Marner. He’s heard the Canadiens “may be focused” on Winnipeg Jets winger Patrik Laine. 

TVA SPORTS: Yvon Pedneault said he’d be very surprised if the Canadiens made an offer sheet to another player. Earlier in the week, their attempt to sign Sebastian Aho was matched by the Carolina Hurricanes. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With over $7.4 million in cap room, the Canadiens don’t have enough to make a significant, unmatchable offer to Laine or Marner. I don’t expect them to go the offer sheet route again this summer. They took a calculated gamble with Aho. It didn’t work and so they’ve moved on, as evidenced by their signings of Ben Chiarot, Nick Cousins, and Philip Varone this week. If the Habs make more moves, it could be for more affordable additions via trade or free agency. 


CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Earlier this week, Ben Pope wondered if Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman will make a bold move to upgrade his forward lines. He notes Ryan Dzingel is the only “upper-tied” UFA remaining on the market. However, Bowman would have to ship out a salaried player to make room for Dzingel. Pope feels the more likely scenario is Bowman re-signing restricted free agent Brendan Perlini. 


  1. habs have like 11.5 in cap if u take the alzner weise peca contract partly off as theyll be in nhl. we also can go 10 percent over cap before season starts so we do have the cap to make another offer sheet i think.

  2. Updated list of RFAs still to be signed after RFA/UFA signings yesterday, and also showinb those RFAs (marked *) regarded as part of each team’s minor league rosters

    Vegas 3 $0 Gusev, Subban, *Bischoff, *Schuldt;
    Arizona 2 $178,099 *Mayo, *Emil Pettersson;
    Chicago 2 $1,036,519 Perlini, *Ejdsell;
    Pittsburgh 2 $1,592,500 Bleuger, Aston-Reese, Marcus Pettersson, *Johnson;
    Dallas 2 $2,470,001 Honka, Dickinson; *Hansson, Bayreuther, Heatherington;
    Toronto 0 $3,765,301 Marner;
    Edmonton 1 $3,933,001 Puljujarvi;
    Washington 3 $4,285,706 Djoos, Vrana, Stephenson, *Colby Williams;
    Nashville 1 $5,191,668 Grimaldi, Sissons;
    Detroit 2 $5,284,623 *Turgeon; Hicketts, Rybar;
    Florida 6 $5,414,206 Montembeault, McCoshen, Weeger, Malgin. *Hunt, *Lammikko, *Greco, *Toninato, *Hawryluk, *Mamin, *Schemitsch;
    San Jose 4 $6,382,583 Gambrell, Labanc. *Letunov, *Suomela, *Wood, *DeSimone
    Vancouver 0 $5,569,296 Teves, Rafferty, Goldobin, Boeser, *Perron, *Boucher;
    Tampa Bay 2 $5,576,669 Point, Erne, *Thomas, *Masin;
    NYR 3 $8,018,534 DeAngelo, Trouba, Lemieux, Buchnevich, *Lettieri;
    Montreal 0 $7,469,524 Hudon, Lekhonen, Armia, *McCarron;
    NYI 1 $8,653,334 DalColle, Beauvillier, *Ho-Sang;
    Anaheim 1 $9,250,242 *Kloos, *De Leo;
    Calgary 2 $9,473,292 Rittich, Bennett, Tkachuk, Mangiapane, *Foo, *Lomberg, *Valiev;
    Boston 1 $10,153,334 Carlo, McAvoy, Heinen, *Cehlarik, *Forsbacka-Karlsson;
    Carolina 5 $10,394,334 Forsling, Bishop, McGinn, *Maenalanen, *Carrick, *McKeown, *Fleury, *Forsberg;
    Minnesota 5 $11,346,411 Eriksson Ek, Fiala, *Sturm, *Donato; *Warner, *Soucy, *Belpedio;
    L.A.3 $11,865,606 Roy, Kempe, Iafallo, *Amadeo, *Rempal, *Brickley, *Petersen;
    Buffalo 4 $11,165,476 Ullmark, McCabe, Larsson, Rodrigues, *Elie;
    St Louis 4 $13,920,406 Binnington, Edmundson, Sundqvist, Sanford, Fabbri, Barbashev, *Reinke, *Husso;
    Philadelphia 3 $14,967,421 Provorov, Konecny, Laughton, *Aubé-Kubel;
    Columbus 2 $15,765,918 Werenski, Sedlak, *Scott, *Milano, *Macinnis;
    New Jersey 7 $20,770,000 Carrick, Butcher, Mueller, Zacha, *Baddock, *Jacobs;
    Ottawa 3 $21,940,000 White, *Carcone;
    Winnipeg 8 $22,872,503 Comrie, Pionk, Connor, Copp, Laine, *Nogier;
    Colorado 4 $23,950,239 Graves, Rantanen, Compher. Burakovsky, Kamenev, *Greer, *Dries, *Lindholm, *Boikov

    • Hope you were able to copy And paste the status. Thanks.

      • ?

  3. If someone offers Marner 12.5 million or for that matter more than Matthews, hope they walk away. While they both are elite hockey players I question that they should be paid at the top of the NHL pay scale as of yet.

    • The Marner thing has seemingly evolved into two distinct positions if he’s offer-sheeted at or near Matthews 1) match and make what other transactions necessary to cover, or 2) walk away, take the 4 picks, and shore up where necessary over the next year.

      Looking at it from the purely non-fan pragmatic position, I truly think Dubas has to match because, as I indicated yesterday, those 4 1sts will be spread out over several years and maybe nowhere as good as Marner depending on where those picks are in the 1st round – they could be quite low depending upon which team makes the offer and how high they finish with him in their line-up over the next 4 seasons.

      It’s a tough one to negotiate.

      • The picks can and should be traded for immediate help.

      • And that’s a valid and very doable 3rd option. Thanks

      • Perhaps we could see trades involving RFA, with so many of them unsigned at this point.
        Provorov and Werenski are two notable D men that come to mind.

      • George, I think Dubas would be crazy to match. If Marner signs an offer sheet, it gives Dubas an out. What have they done with him? Not saying he’s not a great player, but if im him, I’m not going into season with a weaker lineup than I had last season. Take the 4 1sts. There’s so many teams that need to clear cap space you can plug many holes with the extra space and picks

      • Yeah, but that’s just it Slick62 – losing Marner to an offer sheet gets Dubas 0 $ space right now since he’s not factored into the space they have at the moment, which is $300,000 shy of $4 mil. Without another move of a significant salary they are limited as to what they can bring in.

      • Take the 4 picks and run. Please name me a player that is worth 4 1sts in a trade. Besides CM.

    • It is idle, silly summer speculation that a team would offer Marner 12.5 million.

      If a team has that much cap space then they don’t have a competitive roster, an neither Marner nor any other top flight UFA would make a difference to winning the Cup.

      If a team does have a competitive roster they won’t have the cap space – at least without jettisoning players that make their roster competitive.

      In other words such a move for Marner, or Laine, would put a team in exactly the same position Toronto is in: cap hell, and without a balanced, competitive roster.

      • So what you are saying is that the Avs with a projected $23,950,239 cap space don’t have a competitive roster?
        IMO the Avs are in a great position to make an offer sheet. They have a strong roster and the cap space. So the draft picks they would lose as compensation would be late round picks. They also have 4 players on their roster who are eligible to be sent down without passing through wavers.

      • Although the only issue that they don’t own their own 2nd and 3rd round draft picks. So, they would only be able to make an offer sheet with an AVV of $10,568,590 and above.

  4. I wouldnt offer sheet Laine, not worth it, but why not Blanc at 6×4.2 or Boeser at 7×8

    • Boeser is not eligible for an offer sheet as he played under 10 games in his debut season

      • Didnt Know that

    • Laine is a weird one. Only 50 points this past season and there were rumblings of a locker room issue the second half of the season. Was Laine part of that issue? Did he start to get a swelled head and starting thinking that he is above the team?

      • Is it as weird as AVS offer sheeting Marner @ 12.5? What would they have to pay Rantanen? How about Mackinnon in two years?

  5. Montreal would have been better off signing Aho to a higher salary than he originally asked for from Carolina which I believe was $9.5M AAV.
    They may have had a better chance of getting the player at 5 x $10.145M with similar front loading. They also have a more pressing need at C than RW

    • I hindsight going up to the max they could offer a n the 2 1sts 2nd third range would have been smart.

      Win some lose some. It’s a shame that gmmb walked away with egg on his face cause it might damper other gms desire to offer sheet players.

      • The reason MB has egg on his face wasn’t because Carolina going to matched it but because it was a lousy offer sheet.

      • Yes. That’s what I said. Wasn’t it?

      • Chrism since you asked, No. You implied might make other GMs think twice. I’m saying it was such a bad offer, it shouldn’t deter any Gm from making a legitimate offer.

      • Huh. Maybe caper. Maybe.

      • Win some, lose some? I’ve only seen offersheets lose, except for Penner.

      • I want breakfast for dinner now.

    • This is true.

      But Bergevin is not that bright.

      • Tell me, Rattus and George, how is it that those who post comments on these sites and do not now and never will work in professional hockey are so much smarter than those are do?

        Cosmic injustice? Kafka-esque perverseness?

      • They’re called opinions – everyone is entitled to theirs, even you. None of us here think our opinions are the be all and end all and that we’re smarter (when it comes to hockey management) than any GM. Bottom line – you don’t like what we post – don’t read.

        All I know for sure is, one of us is right – the other one is you.

      • WHO IS KAFKA!?!?! TELL ME!!

        Name that movie!!

    • Let’s face it, these days common sense is so rare in almost every endeavor it should qualify as a super power

      • good one George….gave me a chuckle

      • People can indeed post what they like.

        But when others make sweeping and ridiculous comments , such “as Bergevin isn’t that bright” or your lazy, unoriginal comment that common sense isn’t, you are inviting a response.

        You get a response you don’t like and your reply is sarcasm and a comment about not reading post? Hard to know if one likes a post without first reading it.

        But I will take your word for it when say you know almost nothing for sure.

      • Aww get a life for krissakes. That common sense comment was a joke. Old Blue Dog got it.

        We all suffer from the same common delusion – that we can make things better by talking about them.

        Find a sense of humor.

      • Some of your comments here have been quite good, George. You often put a lot of work into them.

        But it isn’t me who peppers this site with daily comments, it isn’t me who designated himself spokesperson for others here, and it wasn’t me who started this back and forth with snotty comments.

        And it sure isn’t me who needs to get a life. Indeed, I have no more time to devote to you.

      • George… line judge must not get your sense of humor. I do! And I laugh at it like I did grandpappys jokes!

        (Cause he would sneak me money on the sligh).


        Ahem. 🤲

      • Aww. now I won’t sleep at night LJ

    • The strategy – such as it was – was that the ‘Canes would not be able to pay $20 million in one calendar year.

      Bergevin stated, wisely, that he had to be mindful of the need for new, more expensive contracts for his team in the coming years. Paying 9 million plus/yr is incompatible with that.

      • And the strategy was poor, Not well thought out or researched, and has likely hurt the team.

        I’d like a fan of the Canadians to actually step up to the plate and say “whoops!” That would be refreshing

  6. NJ still makes a ton of sense to me to offer sheet Marner. They have the wiggle room now and in the future. Old vet contracts are up soon. Nico will be an affordable bridge deal too.

    It is interesting MTL is rumored to be into Laine now. Good for MTL and their fans….their management and owner are doing everything they can to bring star power and get back to the promise land of playoff hockey. Kudos

    Does Chevy want another player and 1st rd pick for another RFA who wants to get paid? NYR can do it again. Instead of Pionk we can send ya Namestnikov & Buch or Kreider plus a 1st for Laine

    Laine would look good across from Kakko
    Panarin lines up next to Zib.

    • Ihc Trouba wasn’t about money it was about wanting to play south of the border for personal reasons. But he does want money that is why he has chosen arbitration because the Rangers are not meeting his demands. We’ll see where this goes.

      • Ny is kind of famous for taking players to the brink of arbitration and settling on a deal in the 11th hour. Almost every year in recent history.

        The last actual player to go to arbitration was Dubinsky or Avery if memory serves…

      • Apologies Caper as I thought it was BOTH. His fiancé’s career was the primary reason but I thought he wanted to be paid significantly more than they offered his 1st “bridge” deal leading to him signing his 1 yr deal. Thus leading to his exit now via trade. Thought he had wanted 8 plus with some long term security. NYR are in a position to provide that and WPG is not with all the other $ spread around the roster via Laine, Conner, Wheeler, Ehlers, Scheiffle, etc…

      • Maybe trouba wants to get to ufa to pick where he plays?

      • That would be a first (wouldn’t it?)

    • Like I said the other day. If you are going to do it -go big or go home !

      Meier and Aho are the comparable. Explain to me how you are worth more .

    • I agree, NJ makes a ton of sense, perhaps a Hall for Marner swap could be made. Devils can’t let Hall walk, it won’t happen and I don’t think Hall is resigning in NJ. So, as a Devils fan, I’d like to see this….offer sheet Marner 7 years at 12.1, hopefully Toronto declines to match, then work out a trade of Hall and 2 1sts over the next 4 years, for Marner and Liljegren

      • Problem with that is you’re right back in same position next year with Hall, except if you can’t sign him you lose him for nothing.

      • So, Taylor Hall is worth 2 firsts plus Liljegren (who was also a 1st rounder). Give your head a shake. Even Benning wouldn’t make that trade.

  7. Dumb part of the whole offer sheet thing is the teams that should lose players to sheets don’t. The only team getting sheeted so far is a perennial high pick and cap floor team, not one known for driving up FA prices. The ones constantly driving up prices and living in cap hell are the ones who should get hammered. Instead other teams come to their rescuse with trades that make no sense.

    • That’s assuming the NHL hard cap makes sense. It does, I guess, if the league wants to keep marginal franchises alive. I don’t think that’s a sound strategy myself. MLB does it with a luxury tax, which to me makes more sense.

      • MLB is also trending downward by most metrics. Ratings, attendance, etc. all down because only 33% of the teams in baseball can actually win.

        The NHL’s cap system is the best in all of sports.

        Blues run aside, the playoff races now begin in the middle of October because of the parity in hockey. Half of the races in baseball are over and it’s not even yet the All Star break.

        The only reason to support a luxury tax in hockey is if you are a Leafs or Rangers fan.

      • @MG though there is no luxury tax….there is a major revenue share from team to team no? I thought the tv deal, amongst other things, pools $ to give to teams who cannot garner attendance in order to prop up that team to pay players and stay profitable in order to keep the “parity” going.

        Without NYR & high ticket drawers, does Charlotte draw enough fans on their own and sell enough merchandise to keep their team afloat without league assistance?

        I could be mistaking on how it all works.

        Luxury tax would only benefit poor teams even more but allow players to be truly paid what the market and tv deals bear. in MLB the Marlins and TB RAYS are great examples of this. Without league assistance of luxury tax they would have folded already. Expos did. The best though is KC Royals who$$ from the league and keeping a controlled budget won the title.

        Again I could be wrong…but it’s not a silverspoon rich kid thinking. Luxury benefits the players most. Ie. NBA players. Of course the NBA has a better tv deal lol so that skews my position a bit.

  8. Flyers still have to sign Konecny and Provorov. They dont have the dollars to sign any top RTAs except their own.

    • MG, if baseball had 16 teams in the playoffs, there might be more interest; of course the season would never end – kinda like hockey.
      You’re right about attendance and ratings though. MLB has a problem.

      • So far anyway it’s those monstrous TV deals that keep a lot of the baseball franchises solvent. If that ever ends due to reduced viewer ratings, then watch out.

      • The mlb just had 3 players sign to the tune of over 1 billion dollars Don’t let a few sagging gate problems fool you, the MLB is just fine.

      • The average age of an MLB fan is 55*, ratings are down and this season, attendance has dropped off a cliff.

        Saying that MLB is doing fine is like pointing to your neighbor who is living off of multiple credit cards and saying “they’re doing great, they just bought a new boat.”

        *To have an average age of 55 means that you either have zero millenials watching or a very large portion of your fans are on Medicare and have been for years. Neither bodes well.

        As George said, they could be in a bad way if the bottom falls out of the sports TV market. Their only saving grace might be that live sports has remained the most valuable TV programming even with fractured viewing.

      • Mg, gate revenue is down, overall revenue is up…. yeah, the mlb is just fine! Overall, the MLB is down 4% from 2015,(hardly a cliff) but streaming services etc are way up. The MLB is making more money today than it did 1 year ago. I don’t think they need to be panicking. The sky is far from falling!

        Medicare age, I believe it is 65, but I believe you can go early at 62-63?


  9. So did Carolina matched Aho, or they WILL? Right now I know they were going to match, but is it done, or do we have to wait till Sunday?

    • They will. And people say Sunday, but I actually think they have until Monday, as that’d be 7 days since July 1. Not 100% sure on that one.

      • Yeah, I wasn’t sure about this one. I know they will match, but it’s just childish that they will be waiting till sun/mon in this case.
        But after that we might have some interesting moves around the league (hopefully)

      • They wait because Montreal cannot transact any deals during the match period. Carolina basically closes them for a week by not matching, a deserved consequence in the eyes of NHL GMs for rocking the boat

    • They’ll wait until the final hour tomorrow to file the paperwork with the NHL on Monday.

  10. A third option other than matching or walking from an offer sheet is the forced trade….which is what happened with Kessel , the Leafs and Burke….

    I am not sure if this is fair value but with the Isles it could be Marner + for Barzal, Pullock and a 1 st….which would avoid the spreading out of the returning assets…

    The GMs know what is about to happen and can opt for this option with sufficient time not to be foolish

    • Hi Lyle,

      Just to remind you, that if you are using Cap Friendly for your source of $7.4 million as Mtl’s Cap space, ris is not that accurate.

      The current roster size on CF for MTL is 25, two of those players are going.

      Weise, Alzner, Peca (probably) and Lindgren are not making this team. They are going to the AHL. So you can add another $4million in Cap space ($1,075,000 x 3 plus $750,000) to the Habs total = $11.4 million.

      On the other hand, Armia and Lekhonen (RFA’s) will come in probably near $4 million Toto – leaving a roster of 23 and $7.4 mill to go.

      Adding Lekhonen would require also a salary dump but it is not that bad.

      • adding “Laine”!!

      • The only drawback to that rattus rattus is, if Bergeron goes that route and they then find themselves smack up against the upper limit, none of those players can be recalled in the case of injury since he’d have to count their full cap hit.

        Or am I reading that incorrectly?

      • Technically, yes, they could have $11 million. Nevertheless, as you noted, once they re-sign Armia and Lehkonen that’ll likely drop down to $7 million. Regardless, I doubt Bergevin is pursuing Laine. Besides, the Habs can’t get cute with a Laine offer sheet as they did with the Aho attempt. It’ll cost them a lot to land Laine, probably to the tune of giving up at least two firsts, a second and a third in compensation, if not more. Besides, their effort to land Aho indicated they wanted a center, not a winger.

      • Canadiens shouldn’t pursue anyone. Next year (and the year after) they have their own RFA to sign (mostly young kids). I have no idea how Bergevin will find cap sapce for them?
        Laine? Pointless, unless the end of the season was just an accident, not how he will be playing from now on.

    • It is an option before the offer sheet is made . Not after it is signed .

      • K,

        “the kids”?

        The only RFA’s for the Habs next year are Max Domi and Victor Mete.
        Domi will be really the only one of note.


        I assumed that if someone is injured and a call up is made then the injured player goes on the Injury Reserve and his salary stops counting against the Cap until he’s back.

        The call-up’s salary slots into that freed-up Cap space while he’s in the NHL.

        Is that not how it works?

      • Two 1sts, a 2nd and a 3rd are NOT a lot to pay for Laine, imo.

        If he were out there, fresh, and you would be able to draft him – that would already cost you a 1st, no?
        So it’s one 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd – the real price.

        To me he is easily worth two 1sts – so you are really giving up a 2nd and a 3rd.
        The historical worth of that is what?

        Little is free in life, things cost and you have to give to get.

        He’s a RW sniper, after LD this is the Habs’ biggest need.

        Gotta think big, I am definitely OK with paying that.

        This is why I fault “Bargain Bin” Bergevin – no vision.

      • That’s how it works with a long-term injury rattus rattus – I was thinking about short-term where someone is out for 2 or 3 games, His cap still counts and if anyone is called up to replace him for those 3 or 4 games their NHL cap hit kicks in. Not too long ago I think it was Chicago and NJ who got caught that way and so had to play several games with a depleted bench.

    • Leafs fans will be aghast but barzal for Marner straight up is a tough sell to the isles. Talent level similar… slight nod to Marner even… but center vs wing. Center has more value.

      Be interesting to see a proposal for Marner that doesn’t include barzal.

      • rattus rattus

        Isn’t Poehling RFA next year? Or like Kotka they will be 2 years from now? (i Wasn’t sure about that)
        Yeah, Domi will cost them, so that might be a problem

    • There is a chance that this rumor about the offer sheet was simply leaked on purpose by Marner’s agent to try and expedite the process and apply pressure to Dubas. I doubt it was Lou, as wasn’t he the guy who preached the opposite for years?
      If a trade talk got leaked he would pull the offer, or at least that is how the story goes.

  11. How does trading Marner for Barzal make any sense at all? Where Barzal going to play 3rd line center?

    • Amen, Caper!

  12. Man the click bait machine is running overtime this offseason with all this offer sheet nonsense especially because it’s focused on one of the least likely players. If any GM wanted to put the Leafs in a bind all they need to do is offer no more then the $10.5M right before the 4 first round price tag so it’s 2 firsts, etc and the term of 5 years so if the Leafs match they will have Matthews, Nylander and Marner all hitting UFA at the same time.

    This move doesn’t help your team since you’ll burn a bridge and look dumb and since GMs have only done deals to better their team I doubt they’ll do anything just out of spite.

    I would still match that offer I mentioned simply because I’ll have 5yrs to decide on what to do with the 3 impending UFAs.

    • Lol burn a bridge what a dumb comment! Get out of the 80’s this is a business, did dubas burn a bridge with other gm’s when he caved into nylander or used signing bonus as leverage? Other gm’s were happy with him!

  13. I see Buffalo just plucked Marcus Johansson off the UFA heap for 2 years (there’s that 1-2 year deal again) at $4.5 per.

    That cuts their cap space to $6,665,476 to re-sign Ullmark, McCabe, Larsson, Rodrigues

    • George O, I don’t believe that Botts is done dealing. He is going to try and spin off a contract such as Scandella, Bogo, Sobotka, etc.

    • He’s part of the Backes salary dump scheme.

  14. Might be quiet for a few more weeks with all the prime RFA’s . After the development camps are over a 2 week vacation .
    Once a couple sign it should be fast and furious starting in early August.
    I would like to see a sign and trade. That transaction has been rare and I don’t recall the last one.

    • Last major one I can recall was when Ottawa re-signed Hossa – and then dealt him almost at once to Atlanta for Heatley.

  15. Maybe Marner will announce soon. Perhaps he was waiting on Kawhi Leonard, who just took his services to the Clippers.

    If and when Marner signs, he should do a televised gig like LeBron and announce who he signed with LOL.

    Since it has been drug out for numerous reasons….make it exciting at least by pre scheduling a tv announcement on Toronto media tv and go big. lol

    • Gawd I hope it doesn’t drag on and on and on like that Leonard fiasco. Ahh well, he’s got his championship ring, no allegiance to Toronto and goes to his home state to finish out his career.

  16. With the recent signings, it’s clear Montreal isn’t going the offer sheet route.

    Which is good, because I don’t think they are very good at it, the Aho one was a joke.

    • Amen 🙏

  17. Big difference between preparing an offer sheet and getting a player to sign it. Marner has to know that signing for $12 M, either he’s leaving Toronto, or he’s going back to a team that has to jetison any hope of being better over the next 5 years. He’s the king in Toronto this year, I think that’s what he wants much more than being hated in his hometown and forced to play elsewhere. Signing in NYI or BUF? That would be a lot of painful visits home during the season.
    Montreal? Doubt the money works and they have to resign RFA Max Domi next summer. That would be playing with dynamite.
    His agent screwed up by not negotiating during the season.
    Maybe he sits out 2 months and gets in under the cap that way?

    • Dubas has screwed up by giving lesser valued players 11 million and 11.6 million , Tavares doesn’t have the point total last year without marner! Marner gifted Tavares a lot of goals this past season

      • Ummmm… pretty sure Tavares put up basically the same # of points last year without Marner… but you could surely flip that script and suggest Marner really benefited from playing with JT as he jumped from about 70 pts to 90+….

      • @Haze, you hit the nail squarely on the head. Mitch is a fantastic player but he certainly benefited greatly by playing with Tavares, who was well on his way to the Hall of Fame without having a winger of Marner’s calibre for all those other years.

        Mitch is still a kid, so I place most of the blame on the agent and Paul Marner. Maximum dollars, who cares if the manager has to blow the team up? Shanny and Kyle must be pulling their hair out. I know I wouldn’t be as calm and cool if I was in their shoes. By the way, I love free enterprise. However, the salary cap is a zero sum game. If a team gives far too many marbles to one player, there aren’t enough left to assemble a highly competitive team.

      • Marner carried that line, if marner is gone jt won’t put up those numbers

  18. Dubas need to realize that the problem for the Leafs is Nylander’s contract. He need to trade Nylander for Ristolainen and a pick. This transaction will free up couple of mill and change which then can be utilized to sign Marner at 11.5 mill. Buffalo needs a centre or a right winger which Nylander can provide. If Marner is offer sheeted for 12+, then Dubas need to let him go. No doubt Marner is a great player, but when you play alongside Tavares and on a PP that has Matthews/Tavares/Reilly you are bound to accumulate points on regular basis. It will be foolish to pay him McDavid like salary. If it’s all about the money, he needs to go. You can’t win championship with money hungry players.

    • Typical leaf fan trade nylander for risto AND a pick lol nylanders value is so low he’s not getting risto let alone anything else with him

      • Says the typical Habs fan hiding under a Bruins handle! YOU WALLY…this whole time pretending to be a Bruins fan during the playoffs. Again, YOU ARE A GIANT WALLY!

  19. Most likely with Marner, he’s waiting on Laine, Tachuk, and Point to see if anybody gets over $10 M. Any of them signs next for under $10 and the writing will be on the wall, either sign or sit-out.