NHL Rumor Mill – July 9, 2019

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The latest on Mitch Marner and Jesse Puljujarvi in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ken Campbell believes we could be waiting a while for a rival club to sign Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner to an offer sheet. He said there are, or have been, teams that were/are serious about making an offer to the 22-year-old Marner. He also feels two teams already made offers, with the winger rejecting them because he didn’t like the destinations. 

Offer sheet rumors continue to dog Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner (Photo via NHL Images)

Campbell suggests it might be better for interested clubs to wait. Signing Marner in July gives the Leafs too much time to make sufficient moves to match the offer. Campbell also believes Marner doesn’t wish to sign a long-term deal. He suggests either a one-year, $14-million contract or a five-year deal with an annual average value worth over $11 million could put the Leafs into a bind. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Marner situation could drag on throughout the summer. Not many teams can afford to pony up over $11 million annually. Cap Friendly indicates the Colorado Avalanche, Winnipeg Jets, Ottawa Senators, New Jersey Devils, Philadelphia Flyers, and St. Louis Blues all carry over $12 million in cap space. However, that doesn’t mean any of them will go for it.

The Avalanche must re-sign winger Mikko Rantanen, whose new contract will eat up a good chunk of their cap space. The Jets have to re-sign Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor. The Senators would probably love to snatch Marner from the Leafs but I doubt he’s interested in joining them.

Blue Jackets defenseman Zach Werenski is due for a healthy raise. The Flyers must re-sign Ivan Provorov, Travis Konecny, and Scott Laughton. The Blues have several RFAs to re-sign, including goaltender Jordan Binnington. The Devils also have several RFAs to sign, such as Pavel Zacha and Will Butcher.

Perhaps one of these clubs will get creative to pitch a suitable offer sheet to Marner. Given their various cap situations and their restricted free agents, it’s unlikely any of them could pull it off. 


TSN: Jesse Puljujarvi faces an uncertain future with the Edmonton Oilers. His agent, Markus Lehto, said the club hiring a new general manager and a new coach hasn’t swayed the 21-year-old winger to reconsider his trade request. “Sometimes a player and a team are not a fit. This seems to be the case here. Nothing radical about it.”

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Kurt Leavins believes Puljujarvi won’t be playing for the Oilers in 2019-20. He notes there was a recent report linking the winger to the Los Angeles Kings. Leavins doubts that transpires as former Oilers coach Todd McLellan is now the Kings’ bench boss. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Oilers GM Ken Holland is believed listening to offers for Puljujarvi but he’ll want a decent return. That could be tough to find as the winger’s struggles with the Oilers has hurt his trade value.

Unless Holland can package Puljujarvi in a larger deal he probably won’t find many takers. If a trade isn’t possible Puljujarvi could face returning with the Oilers this season or signing with a European club.


  1. Rangers need to move Namestikov. Puljujarvi would be an excellent fit in NY. Especially with Kakko coming in. Maybe if they retain a million.

    • Namestikov would give the Oilers much needed depth with his 40-50 . I find it odd that Namestikov has not been moved yet

      • He’s not a 40-50 guy considering he’s only did that once in his entire career.

      • So many teams looking to shed salary, it’s not easy moving guys and getting a decent return

    • Perhaps Namestnikov, Kreider & 2 1sts for Laine lol

      Think Laine would look better across from Kakko with Zib in the middle than Pujujarvi from EDM

      • I highly doubt that Marner will go anywhere else. The way he’s with Matthew’s and Nylander their pretty tight and Mitch knows that the Leafs are going to be heavy contenders for the cup in the next couple of years if not this up coming season.
        It’s been 53 long years since they last won the cup and Toronto fans definitely want to see that happen hell they deserve it. If they don’t win soon the Babyboomer generation are going to start dying off while they will never get to see Lord Stanley’s cup being skated around the arena by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

      • I was born in 1967 and I have this completely irrational fear that I will die the year the Leafs next win the cup…

    • Love that, article says the sens would love to snatch up Marner but Marner probably doesn’t want to go there. Not sure I follow that considering Dorion was first to say he is done adding. This is a head scratcher beyond head scratchers. Maybe Marner wants to play in Ottawa but the sens don’t want him?

      • Perhaps the Sens would want marner.

        They would have to give up 4, 1rst round picks.

        They will have to pay a winger over 11 probably 12 million dollars per year.

        They will need to sign him to a shorter term contract, walking him to gree agency at which point shortly after given toronto the 4th of those 4 1rst rounders they likely lose him to free agency.

        They will need to offer a contract heavey with signing bonuses to even cause Marner to think about signing it. Signing bonuses are not exsctly Melnyck’s go to method.

        All this while they are rebuilding through the draft. Have no bonifide star centre which could of come through the draft but toronto has that guy now.

        No Ottawa isnt wanting to snatch Marner from Toronto. Sure they’d love to have him. Any team would, but not at that cost.

        But ottawa would be the team able to.give toronto the best 1rst round picks. If Marner did sign an offer sheet from Ottawa i suspect Toronto may just take the pics.

        But it aint happening.

  2. Maybe a swap with Vegas. Rights to Puljujarvi for rights to Gusev?

    • would Gusez report to eD?

      • Vegas just signed Subban to a 1 year $850,000 contract, so now they’re down to 1 (Gusev) from their top RFAs and now well over the upper cap limit.

      • I don’t mind dying and not seeing leads with a cup. Fans would be unbearable . Example/Raptors.

    • Head scratcher seeing as how if the sens wanted Marner that bad, and would love to have him they’d try. But they don’t, I think they have those wingers in their system right now in Batherson, formenton, and you can even put Abramov there as well. Too many guys who can put up those numbers Marner has. The game is tailored to speed and skill, but when it comes to the physical Marner disappears, so in the direction the sens are going, Marner ain’t a fit.

      • Good luck with those wingers. Marner is a heart and soul guy that will do anything to win. You must be a ott fan. Fun fact I love it that your GM made the comments last year about our rebuild and how we forgot about the defence…where is most of that defence now. Lol

  3. So basically, the rumoured talking point with Marner’s camp is “moot point” and intransigent based on report.

    Marner $132,979 per point @ $12.5M – rumoured asking (94 points) vs. Kevin Labanc $17,857 per point @$1M – “signed (56 points) based on last season.

    Who would you rather have on your team for the upcoming season based on the Clubs ROI (return on investment).!?

    I know and realize that its not really a fair example but come on $14M for a one year contract!?

    As a commenter said, we are in a Twilight Zone..

    • Nobody has offered Marner anything.

      Wth Campbell is going on about waiting so Leafs have less time to make room…I can assure you the Leafs are ready for whatever imaginary offer comes through.

      The only one I want is Marner on another team.

      Make it happen Dubas.

      • Buddy you’ve got to be kidding Mariner going to another team not going to happen, Dubas will figure it out he’s not going to let that happen and I’m certain Mariner wants to stay in Toronto because he knows the cup is coming to Toronto

      • Sure.

      • He doesn’t know that, no one knows the cup is going to Toronto that’s a mere guess by desperate fans who’ve been crying the same tears since 67. Pay’em all 14 million per season, no one would she’d a rear only to laugh as the laughs miss out year after year.

      • You must not be a leafs fan. Why would you not want a talented winger who can score 90+ points, can make your centers better can block shots in key situations, can change a game by himself and oh yeah does alot for his community.

  4. Puljujarvi to Pittsburgh for Bryan Rust … Pens get even younger and cheaper and the Oil get a defensively challenged speedy wing …

    • If the Oilers want a speedy winger who can score but is defensively challenged they can just sign Dzingel as a UFA without giving up anything.

      • But does Dzingel want to go there…

      • He’s fast approaching “beggars can’t be choosers” territory. Teams haven’t been exactly clamoring for his signature.

  5. JP is not worth the press he is getting.

    The longer MM waits, the more likely he gets less than the Breadman…

  6. I am equally certain that a) Marner would have absolutely NO interest in joining the Senators and b) Dorion would even fleetingly consider using an offer sheet – especially not when Chabot is soon to be negotiating his new deal.

    • That goes both ways though George. If the sens wanted him they’d go for him regardless of what Melnyks pockets say.

    • Holding your breath, are you, Joey?

      • @BCLeaf Fan..Ha Ha.not at all 🙂

      • Pretty sure marner could go to any team, it is 4 1st but they have 5 yrs to fulfill it

    • “is forthcoming as early as today.”

      He said that FIVE DAYS AGO. Not offer sheet came “today”, or “tomorrow” or “the next day” or even “the one after that”.

      • @Garth: That’s what I wondering too .Couldn’t find the date anywhere on the video and usually the older it is, the further down the page it falls.

        Either way, holding pattern continues

      • Sounds a lot like the ongoing soap opera known as “the Kawhi Leonard Watch.” 🙂

      • LOL. And now the guessing begins! I couldn’t resist checking out the history of TML dealings (dating back to 2010 only) to see which teams might qualify as “having a history with the Leafs” (any and all trades) and came up with the following:
        at 5 each are Edmonton, Chicago, Pittsburgh,
        at 4 each are TB, Nashville, LA,
        at 3 each are Ottawa, NJ, Calgary, SJ, St.L, Airizona, Columbus, Washington, Colorado
        at 2 each are Carolina, Winnipeg, Florida, Dallas, NYI, Philadelphia
        at 1 each are Minnesota, Vancouver, Montreal, LV, NYR, Boston

        Of course, “having a history” is relative so it could be any of the above who have enough cap space.

        But, if you’re looking for a team with either enough cap space, or perhaps able to clear the decks with another move before the summer’s over, and a REAL trade history with Toronto, look no further than Anaheim – $9,250,242 as things now stand and with no less than SIXTEEN trades with TML going back to 2010. The only question is, do they have all their own 1st round picks for the next 4 years?

      • A couple of candidates who could be moved elsewhere to clear space for Marner in Anaheim would be Silfverberg – $5,250,000 for 5 years or Rakell – $3,789,444 for 3 years

      • Maybe it will be MB, the offer sheet wizard!

      • Maybe it will be dubas he likes giving away 1st round picks for no return?

    • That was from a few days ago I thought…move the goalposts again lol.

      • The news cycle everything Marner is perfunctory and becoming absurd ..

  7. Rantanen is worth every Penny as much as Marner. If Marner is willing to bridge get it done.

  8. So the closer to arb date trouba gets the more the jets refusing to let rangers talk to him makes sense. Pure speculative… but maybe he wants location flexibility related to his wife’s future career?

  9. Come on Sweeney go get JP you have an abundance of defenseman (9). John Moore good contract good player, worth the gamble, throw in a third if you have to. Get it done!

  10. All the talk about Marner, how come no one talks about an offer sheet for Matthew Tkachuk, is he not worth 4 1st round picks? Coming off 34 goals and 77 pts, the flames have $9.473 in cap space and still have Bennett, Mangiapane and Rittich to sign. You don’t have to go to the 4 1st just max it to the 2 1st a 2nd and 3rd. His style of play would be welcome by any team.
    Ottawa should then the brothers could play together.

    • It seems Tkachuk flies under the radar when it comes to offer sheets, that and the Flames in general. It seems the farther west you get the less coverage you get.
      However if someone did offer sheet Tkachuk in the range of a 1st, 2, and a 3rd the Flames would match.
      Even though it is very quiet on the movement front I think there are a lot of discussions in the background holding deals up.
      I know the Flames are actively trying to move Brodie and Frolik which would open the door to sign Tkachuk.
      It would have been interesting what other moves the Flames would have made if the
      Brodie for Kadri deal would have went through

  11. @Caper: They are all likely waiting to see what happens with Marner to gauge there own asking prices.

    Who knows, maybe Marner and the rest of them all get to Dec 01 🙂

  12. One year OS for Marner is only viable if there is a guarantee he will resign at a lower cap hit after. It would be insane IMO to make an OS giving up multiple high picks for only one year of Marner when those picks will sign ELCs for three years at least, each. Any potential OS to him will be for multiple years…..

    • And with your comment you have your answer as to why a one year offer sheet hasn’t been offered

      At least as far as we the public know.

    • Hi Habsfan1

      The only way I can see the massive 1 yr offer sheet working is with a huge SB; the team if successful ; maintains Marner’s rights by qualifying him at year end …. and the qualifying offer I think (someone out there let me know if I have it wrong) is relative to his Sal portion and does not include his SB

      If I’m right with that assumption ; for example

      Immediate SB of $10 M ; Sal of $4M… so they would retain his rights with a qualifying offer (is it 105%) of $4M

      Sure they could then lose him to another offer sheet next year (that they have a right to match btw) and then would get 4 1sts to replace the 4 1sts they gave up… basically delaying their picks by one year

      Upside …. after a year they can negotiate a longer term deal

      Downside …, only if they don’t match … delayed picks by a year and overpay by $4M for one year they of service

      If I’m right in the assumption (qualifying only at the Sal amount) …. then this $14 M offer sheet is just a risk reward business decision

      I can’t seeToronto matching; and offering team still has rights to marners future for 4 more years

      Will it happen …. highly unlikely; but it is a business decision that I could understand the rationale for

  13. Why would Marner sign a one year deal? Even if it would be for $14mil? How much money would he lose if he gets a seroius career ending injury?
    Imo it is more realistic he signs a 5 year deal at $11mil per season.

    If Marner received an offer sheet and he didn’t sign, would or could the Leafs make it public? Does anyone know?

    • Juss76

      If Marner gets an OS but doesn’t sign it; I don’t think the offering team would need to inform the Leafs … they may never know about it.

      It would benefit Marner if his agent at least showed the offer to Dubas (as a bargaining chip) but I don’t think Dubas would be required to make it public

      If the offer sheet is signed (like Aho’s) then it has to be registered with the league and then of course it is communicated out

      So it is possible that there have been OS proposals out there (not just for Marner… there was a hint that Point was given one) that were never signed and therefore not made public

  14. Marner loves to go down left wing and cut right across the center of ice pretending to shoot and does a pass back to left, If Scott Stevens was still playing he would be knocked out. Too bad Stevens doesn’t play anymore

    • Knowing what we know now about the consequences of concussions, why would you wish players to be knocked out?

      Was the game better for Erik Lindros having to retire?

    • And why did Scott Stevens retire? He had persistent concussion problems.
      You ever have one, Matt?

    • Concussions are no laughing metter. My son was checked hard from behind headfirst into the boards.Cost him 1/2 his season.

      Not funny in the least.

    • Know one wishes a player gets knocked out, think what Matt is saying is true. Which is why ill always reiterate what I say about Mariner’s game. Although skilled and speedy, the guy disappears when the game gets too physical. Maybe he is afraid because he is of smaller stature, but you can have him at what ever price you want. Teams add players like that when they have the size and bodies to protect the smaller guys like Marner. Unfortunately come playoff time, I wouldn’t want Marner on my team, sure during the season I’ll take him, but it’s that second season where the struggle is evident.

    • Matt where have u been have u not watched hockey any hit Steven’s throws would b a 5min major for hit to the head, or point of contact, or intent to injure. No more hitting, different game than when he played

  15. Is there a rule preventing a team from “threatening” an offer sheet to Matthews and using that as leverage to force a trade in their favor? I guess I’m thinking of something along the lines of protecting an exposed player in an expansion draft. In reverse…?

    Not talking specifics or who could or would do this. But say Team A has the cap space needed to offer Marner enough money that Toronto can’t offer but the compensation picks are low enough that they could be coerced into trading someone else to Team A they normally wouldn’t trade for a less than desirable return.

    Wondering if there’s an actual rule or would/could the league invalidate such a trade.

  16. I’m pretty sure a lot of posters here occasionally go over and read Eklund’s site.
    I just read he was speculating on a Gaudreau for Hall trade.
    Now we all know Eklund’s track record has a zero percent accuracy rate but even a blind squirrel finds a nut once and while. ha ha

  17. Jesse Granger of the Athletic is reporting that the Knights’ price for Gusev is a Second Round pick plus a later pick or lower tier prospect. Take it for what it’s worth; after all, these “scoops” are brought to you by the same folks that “reported” that Jake Gardiner is a cinch to get 7 years at $7m. AAV. But if accurate, I’m all over this if I’m Marc Bergevin. And sign him to the 2-year $4m. AAV he wants. The Habs have an extra 2nd next year, a deep prospect pool and sufficient cap space over the next 2 seasons to make this work. Unless something bigger is still possible.

    • I have a feeling it’s a bidding war for gusev, especially if that’s all they’re starting to ask for! Lol

    • Howard, it may have been better if Jake didn’t return from injury. In the payoffs, Gardiner’s severe limitations were all very evident. Which GM will step up and gamble on a high AAV long term contract during the 2019 summer of the capocalypse? Jake may have to eventually settle for a one year $4 million show me deal. Maybe the Sens will have 3 ex-Leafs on their D next season.

      • “Severe limitations” – wow! What an astute comment.

      • I fully agree with you. My point, however, was that there were reports that he was asking 7 years/$50m. and various analysts expected him to get it. He certainly will not. Everything must be taken with several grains of salt, including as to what Vegas is seeking for Gusev..

  18. Any offer sheet requires that the player wants to play there. That is truly the biggest stumbling block to most offer sheets. Most players likely want to stay where they are, especially home-town heroes.
    You need “crazy money” to sway those guys.

  19. And *IF* you sign a guy for $14M, just think of what that does with every other RFA and UFA who looks at your team? You may be killing your future for the sake of one player and insuring that you over pay for every new deal for the next few years.

    • These talks of 14M are insane. Never going to happen

    • Some – many of them rabid Leafs fans – will argue and have argued that Dubas already started that over pay ball rolling with his cave-in deal to Nylander last year.

    • Some GMS are probably refusing to get into offering an offer sheet this year because they have their own to worry about next year. For example if Dorion signs a player to an offer sheet i’m sure he would worry about Chabot getting an offer sheet next summer. Chabot probably will realize this and wait to see what the market is like for him before signing back with the team.

  20. George:

    Just my opinion but the Nylander money was not a cave in ( smidge too high maybe but not much) ….but the manner of doing it reeked of caving in….and perception is reality I was taught a long time ago.

    What Dubas & the Leafs missed was an opportunity to to earn respect & credibility….They could have left him in Sweden stayed with their offer and waited….instead of flying to Europe on knees….

    • I don’t know 7 million for 5 goals in 50 games? Sounds like an overpayment

    • Offer sheets in a salary cap world? I don’t see it, nor do I see Marner risking a Leaf career by rolling the dice. If he goes to Dubas and shows him a potential offer sheet if I were Dubas I’d call his bluff and encourage him to sign it and tell him no guarantees of matching. Then Papa will relocate to the hinterlands with him and when he returns to Toronto, fans will throw snakes on the ice for him.

      He knows they’ll be hated by the wntire city. For what? Because Matthews and Tavares will be making more?

      Sign an 8 year deal Marner and you’ll make the extra half mil or more doing ads.

      Marner should push for the captaincy as a bargaining chip for hometown discount and term.

      • Frank would you take less money than a coworker because you live 10 mins away and he lives an hour? It’s not like these players pay for gas lol give it a rest with the hometown discount crap this is a business and the workers want to make as much as possible before an injury

    • They should have shipped him out fifteen minutes after they found out he was a holdout. He was highly (over)rated and the return would have been the good young defender they needed, and the demonstration of resolve to Matthews’ people.

  21. To me 4 consecutive 1st rounders is too high a price to pay. He becomes damaged (concussions/knees etc) you put a serious dent in your teams future. I never thought there would be an offer sheet. At least for MM.

  22. Nylander to blackhawks for D prospect.

    Perhaps Botterill is going to package that prospect in a flip for something else?

  23. Dubas takes alot of heat for giving to much money to Nylander. LMAO. That is pretty much a prerequisite to being a GM in the NHL. Can anyone name a GM who hasn’t overpaid players. We will see if after he has taken over if they tumble out of the playoffs. Guess they should have hired the magician in Ottawa. 5 more years and we will see if Nylander’s contract is bad. Bobby Ryan has been making 7 million for how many years now. Boy, Murray was a legend too. Alex Daigle didn’t play a game and got 12 million for 5 years. Right out of junior. That’s wear the ELC came from . Thanks Ottawa. That was in 1993 , wow talk about over paying and they could’ve had Chris Pronger

  24. Aww Vinnie here we go again with the “retaliation swipe” citing dumb Ottawa moves (which are undeniable by the way) for the perceived notion that what I said about Dubas above was my opinion.

    What I said was “Some – many of them rabid Leafs fans – will argue and have argued that Dubas already started that over pay ball rolling with his cave-in deal to Nylander last year.”

    Don’t take my word for it – go back and check – some of the most detrimental comments directed at Dubas came from Leafs fans. Also, if you can go back far enough, I have ALWAYS defended Nylander, pointing out repeatedly that his ills last season stemmed from missing all of training camp and the first chunk of the season into December, returning only when the game began to take on a much tighter checking style as teams began jockeying for position.

    He wasn’t the first pro athlete to experience that nor will he be the last.

  25. George, how is it going. You take those sneaky swipes. I just like to remind you Ottawa isn’t and hasn’t made great decisions past or present. That’s what makes this site great. You are alright George it’s the rest of us that’s screwed up. I actually enjoy reading your comments.

  26. For the Penguins I will offer Jack Johnson for Puljujarvi’s rights… and Edmonton still wins that trade.

    Calling up a prospect from your AHL team would be overall better for your organization than bringing in Puljujarvi.