Oilers Win Neal/Lucic Trade But Still At Risk of Missing the Playoffs

by | Jul 25, 2019 | News, NHL | 11 comments



  1. Lyle please do not give idiots chance to write. The last paragraph was bull. McDavid not asking for a trade.

    • Test

    • Couldn’t agree more !

  2. “MAY begin to start asking some uncomfortable questions this time next year”

    Chill out kaz, Lyle can post whatever he wants. This is his show!

      • Yeah.no way he should do this.writer is evil with his hate of the people of the city of dead

  3. The article is right IMO. It was a good trade for the Oil. First one in a while mind you.

    • Agree Ray, they did win that one. I imagine the first of a few Kenny makes holding the ropes? Let’s see.

  4. I’m an oilers fan. And as much as I’d like to hope McDavid won’t be asking uncomfortable questions I think he probably would be. He wants to win. Him leaving would be devastating. But I also wouldn’t blame him. I don’t think the writer was insinuating McDavid leaving. Just wanting answers etc imo.

  5. Good summary of the Oilers’ situation – well written.
    A healthy McDavid would be a good start to the season – so much fun to watch.

  6. I’m surprised there isn’t more mention about the structure of the conditional draft pick. I’ve never heard of a conditional draft pick based on how the players traded compare against each other the following season.

    To me, it makes this trade a win for hockey fans in general as it gives us another story line to follow!