Potential NHL Salary-Arbitration Candidates

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Soapbox | 5 comments



  1. Curious Lyle why you would feel Bennett could command over double his last salary. I would think Kapanen & Johnnson deals in Toronto have set pretty comparable contracts that Bennett would fall around. If Flames can get Benny to sign off for 5 years then maybe I hit 3.5 mill per. Otherwise I see another 2 year deal coming in the 3.2 range.

  2. Lyle, do performance bonuses ,such as bonus for points or goals, count against the cap?

  3. Many fans will remember that, at the NHL combine in his draft year, Sam Bennett could not do a single chin up (I’m with him there).
    Look at him now, a two-way player willing to hit and stand up for his team-mates. He deserves credit for working hard at a training program to develop the strength to go along with his skills. Hope he keeps it up.

    • I wish he was a Bruin.