Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 14, 2019

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Latest on the Rangers, Islanders, and Sharks in today’s Sunday NHL rumor roundup. 


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks is not so sure the Rangers can reach a contract agreement with Jacob Trouba before the defenseman’s arbitration hearing on July 25. He still expects Trouba and the Rangers will eventually hammer out a seven-year, bonus-heavy deal worth between $7.5 million to $7.8 million per season. However, the longer things drag out, Brooks suggests the blueliner could turn this into a nine-year committment.

Can the New York Rangers avoid a salary-arbitration hearing with Jacob Trouba? (Photo via NHL Images)

Brooks envisions Trouba opting for a one-year deal via arbitration and then signing an eight-year extension late in the season or before next July. Going that route could make Trouba’s tenure on Broadway a short one, as there’s no guarantee general manager Jeff Gorton wouldn’t flip him to another club before the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Both sides apparently continue to have cordial contract discussions They could reach an agreement on a new contract before then. However, the longer this drags on, the more questions will arise over Trouba’s future in New York as his arbitraiton hearing looms. 


NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis briefly mentioned the possibility of the New York Islanders trading defenseman Nick Leddy before training camp. However, he doesn’t expect Leddy will fetch an impact player he feels the Isles need to contend next season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Leddy’s frequently popped up in the rumor mill since May. While he could be traded come September, I agree with Cyrgalis that the Isles won’t get an impact player in return. 

It’s been a weird off-season for the Isles. On the plus side, they re-signed Anders Lee, Brock Nelson and Jordan Eberle. On the down side, they let goaltender Robin Lehner (their MVP last season) depart via free agency. His replacement is an inconsistent, brittle veteran in Semyon Varlamov, considered a mentor to promising Ilya Sorokin whenever he’s ready to leave the KHL. They also lost a major bidding war for Artemi Panarin, leading some observers to suggest the winger merely used the Isles to leverage a massive new contract with the Rangers. 


THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Kevin Kurz was asked if the San Jose Sharks will pursue another top-nine winger via free agency. That question came following their surprisingly cheap re-signing (one-year, $1 million) of winger Kevin Labanc. Depending on the cost of bringing back Joe Thornton, Kurz doubts the Sharks can afford to chase the remaining UFA wingers unless they’re willing to ink a low-cost one-year deal. Otherwise, the Sharks would have to shed salary via trade. 

Kurz doesn’t rule out a possible return of Patrick Marleau. However, if the 40-year-old winger expects more than a one-year, $1 million contract, Kurz thinks GM Doug Wilson could seek other options. Asked about the trade status of goalie Aaron Dell, his $1.9-million cap hit probably isn’t easy to move after coming off a rough season.  Kurz also downplays trade rumors regarding winger Melker Karlsson, considering him a valuable depth player.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks also noted Labanc’s new contract. “We trust the NHL will keep a close eye on this when — that should be, if — he signs a multi-year extension soon after he is eligible to do so on Jan. 1.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: More than a few eyebrows shot up last week after Labanc, coming off a 56-point season, agreed to a one-year deal worth well below market value. The league hasn’t stepped in to void the contract so we must assume they’re fine with it. But as Brooks suggests, if he signs a lucrative new deal early in the new year, that one-year contract could be construed as salary-cap circumvention.

Sharks GM Doug Wilson, however, seems too shrewd to fall into that trap. It wouldn’t surprise me if he and the Labanc camp have a “handshake agreement” ensuring the winger gets a hefty pay raise on his next deal.

Labanc will be a restricted free agent next July 1. If he and the Sharks wait until then to sign that next contract, I believe there’s nothing legally the league can do about it under the terms of the current collective bargaining agreement. It’ll be interesting to see if this type of maneuver is addressed in the next CBA. 


  1. I don’t understand what Brooks is implying. That SJ has made a secret deal with Lebanc to underpay him now only to overpay him later on a long term deal?

    Isn’t that it’s own punishment? The salary cap equivalent of a pay day loan. Wilson is too smart for that.

    I know this is blasphemy in 2019, but not every single person is motivated entirely by money. Chances are that Wilson explained to Lebanc and his agent that they have X dollars available for him this year and if he wants more, pack your bags for Ottawa. Lebanc bet on himself and stayed where he wanted.


    When trying to come up with an example of a team with cap space that a player could be jettisoned to, I realized just how much parity is in the current NHL.

    How many teams can you with certainty will not make the playoffs this year? I can name one, Ottawa.

    I can name two more that I think are unlikely to make the playoffs, Edmonton and Columbus. That’s it.

    28 of the 31 teams are legit playoff contenders. No other sport comes close to that.

    • OK, 27 of 31. I forgot about the Minnesota Wild.

      • And you think Detroit and L.A. are?

      • Canucks , Kings , Red Wings , NJ, NYr’s., Anaheim are not teams I’d see as locks by any stretch. Winnipeg has lost as much or more than Columbus this offseason. Not sure they can overcome that.

        Suddenly 1/3 of the league isn’t looking so good. Florida will probably make it, Bobrosky should cure a good amount of their problems.
        Is Philly a lock? Not so sure. I don’t think they’ are. Has a couple of moves by Chicago secured them? We’ll see.

        I know NJ traded for Subban, and added Hughes. NY added Panarin and traded for Trouba. Is it enough? We’ll see I guess. I don’t get fooled by paper champions any more.

      • Maybe Labanc understands 1 million dollars to the majority is alot of money. He could also know that if he bargains in good faith it will result in a better negotiation down the road. GM’S do the handshake all the time. That’s why there’s nobody doing the offer sheet. Montreal’s manager lost that in the translation to French

      • OK, 26 of 31. You are right. The Wings are bad.

        I doubt the Kings make it but I can’t rule it out. Same with the Ducks. There is enough volatility in that division that someone could sneak in.

        There are teams I don’t think will make it…NYI, PHI, CHI, BUF, but who could.

        Then again (and this is how the Blues ruined everything) maybe one of these teams has a minor league goalie who has been completely mediocre his entire career who suddenly leads them to a Cup.

      • I forgot about Buffalo. How did I miss them? Perineal bottom feeders.

      • Pretty obvious that I didn’t state that 26-28 out of 31 teams in a league with a 16 team playoff system were “locks”.

      • You’re stating 26 teams are “legit playoff contenders “ maybe you didn’t use the word “lock” but I think the use of “legit playoff contenders “ is actually stronger than “playoff lock”.

        That would be saying a team like Buffalo isn’t only making the playoffs, but they’re legitimately a threat in the playoffs.

      • You’re stating 26 teams are “legit playoff contenders “ maybe you didn’t use the word “lock” but I think the use of “legit playoff contenders “ is actually stronger than “playoff lock”.

        You can think a donut is a parachute. That doesn’t make it so.

        Contender implies they have a chance. “Lock” implies they are guaranteed.

        To say that “I think the use of “legit playoff contenders “ is actually stronger than “playoff lock”” is akin to saying “I think maybe is actually stronger than definitely.” This is clearly not accurate.

      • “That would be saying a team like Buffalo isn’t only making the playoffs, but they’re legitimately a threat in the playoffs.”

        That would be a Cup contender. Not a playoff contender.

      • Clearly not accurate is stating 26 teams are legitimate contenders. Especially after the list above basically kills that idea.

        However you wish to state what you’re saying….. its stretching reality. Your numbers are way off.

        Your list started with 3 and is now up to 13-14 teams ? Or more than 1/3 of the league. That’s a world of difference.

      • okay, guys, play nice, it’s the weekend. I think it is more accurate to say that MG meant “contenders to make the playoffs”. And then, once a team is in, all bets are off. St.Louis was a #7 seed. Nashville made it to the cup final as an 8th seed. The bunch of jerks from Carolina won two rounds.

      • So, you are saying that none of the teams you listed have a chance to make the playoffs?


      • Winnipeg also lost their top scoring singer, top line center and starting goalie? Lol

      • Teams like Pittsburgh, Washington are one injury away from being playoff bubble teams now. If Florida with their fixed goaltending and Coach Q do not make the playoffs….. Buffalo will not surprise me if they contend or finish last.

        Fun offseason

      • Vancouver canucks missed playoffs 4 straight years , 5 out of 6.

        Buffalo 8 straight years no playoffs

        Detroit 3 straight years missed.

        NJ missed 6 out of last 7. One playoff game won in one appearance.

        Arizona 7 straight years missed.

        LA missed 3 of 5, two first round exits , 1 game won in those two appearances.

        Are we saying it’s more likely than not these teams are legit contenders? And why would we be assuming that? A solid hunch?

      • They lost 2 starting dmen…. A center a winger …. that’s not enough? Lol

        Myers and Trouba combined for 43 minutes a game. Good luck filling those roles.

      • Flawed teams, all of them. No doubt.

        But, to be clear, you are saying that none of those teams can make the playoffs this year?

        Is that correct?

      • Absolutely not MG. Any one of them COULD make it, hell if we’re dive in to the hypothetical pool… all of them could!

        But I’m not one for diving that deep in the maybe pool. History and reality tell me 26 teams don’t have a legitimate shot at being contenders. Not today anyway.

      • If St.Louis could make the playoffs after being last in the league at the Christmas bresh and win the cup then I think it is fair to say all teams have a shot at the playoffs.

      • Fergy,

        St Louis was more of a surprise bottoming out than they were a surprise making the playoffs. Last year they added a ton and people’s expectations were sky high.

        Just look at last years “winners and losers of FA”

        St. Louis was not a team expected to bottom out.

        And I can’t reiterate enough… sure anything CAN happen. But that is hypothetical. Saying something is possible vs something is likely are two different stories completely.

        It is POSSIBLE any one of the above teams make the playoffs…. maybe even win a cup, but certainly not likely.
        There is a HUGE difference.

        If you were laying money down, are you going with hypothetical or with reality?

      • I hear you Nyr4life, I enjoy betting the u.dogs….think 69 Mets

      • Lock for the playoffs? Ask TBL what that feels like!

      • “Nyr4life on July 14, 2019 at 1:34 pm

        Absolutely not MG. Any one of them COULD make it, hell if we’re dive in to the hypothetical pool… all of them could!

        So, you now admit that any or all of the teams you list could make the playoffs, then?

        For the record, any team that could make the playoffs is a…playoff contender.

        Just FYI.

      • Mg,

        I’ve maintained that all along. But once again saying COULD and talking about parity and only a few teams off that list is a bit of a stretch.

        Reality says, most of the above mentioned teams (outside of extreme hypothetical scenarios) won’t make it.

        That’s not parity, that’s wishful thinking. That’s a big difference.

        How many times I’ve read on this very site how Buffalo, Edmonton etc are turning a corner … with this player or that player , coach, gm, hot dog vender … etc etc etc.

        You’re never going to sell me on 26 teams having an actual chance. Or that some of these perennial bottom dwellers have as good of a chance as anybody.

        Logic , history defy what you’re trying to sell.

      • And if ANY team could make the playoffs…. why are you eliminating any in the 1st place?

        Apparently Ottawa is just as dangerous as Tampa?

        Your methods for arguing your case sometimes is a little strange.

      • Ouch. Yeah doesn’t look promising in Minny.

    • I’d lose a overrated, selfish top pairing Dman and a bottom pairing guy who wants $6 million (plus a rental and a 4th liner) well before I lost my top scorer, my top center and my starting goalie but keep rolling these hilarious takes. Thanks.

      • Wheeler getting up in age is not helping the Jets window but that core is still very good

      • Wasn’t their top center a rental too? and hilarious takes? Like losing 2 dmen regardless of your personal opinion is an easy thing to overcome?

        That’s hilarious!

      • Trouba is far from overrated. The one thing you definitely can say about Jacob was he showed up every night and played his butt off and was Winnipeg best dman last season.
        Not only did they lose Trouba and Myers they also lost Chairot.
        That’s 3 dman from the roster and yes they’ll be miss and they do have some young guys who will be getting a good look.

      • A lot of 25 and under dmen are putting up 50 points per year and playing 24 minutes a night.

        I’m sure Pionk will step right on and fill that role without a hiccup!

        Hilarious !

      • Possibly. He’s three years younger than Pavelski, who just signed for 3×7, with 5 years left at 8.25 million. It’ll come down to if he can stay healthy – something he’s been pretty good at during his career. He’s also only 11 seasons in when some players his age are going into their 15th.

      • Forgot about him Caper. I’m sure he is overrated as well!

        No problem finding all of this on the fa market or in the Ahl I’m sure ….

      • If you watched the Jets and saw Chiarot play without Buff you’d understand why no one was sad to see him go. He better be playing with Weber… Everyone Jets fan will be happy to Chiarot’s minutes go to Niku.

      • We’ll see how happy Jets fans are with 3 new bodies on defense covering those kind of minutes. You seem to be completely brushing every player Winnipeg lost off.

        Overrated, can’t play without Buff….

        Let’s bookmark this page and revisit this conversation in December.

        It’s never a good thing to replace 3 dmen in one year. Florida did it a few years back. How good did ekblad look without Campbell that first year?

        Winnipeg lost a lot more than you’re willing to admit. Again, let’s revisit this in December, January and May .

        As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Winnipeg has never really been a contender with these players. Let’s see how they do with 3 Ahl level guys eating minutes up and a few other core guys aging.

    • And you know Ottawa will miss for sure how?

  2. Whatever went on behind the scenes, the bottom line is, Labanc is taking a huge gamble. What “hand-shake” guarantees did Wilson give him that he would be taken care of for life in the event he suffers a career-threatening injury next season?

    • george, I agree still think labanc is crazy to take that risk…..

      • When can Labanc sign an extension?
        Can he this off season?
        If so I am surprised we haven’t seen this before, and you would think there would be a rule about that. I just don’t know what it is.

      • I see it is Jan 1. I scanned instead of reading. Risky it is.

      • 1million dollars, 26 weeks of work, 38,461.54 dollars per week. Maybe his parents worked at Walmart and understands that is pretty good money. Us old guys are nit pickers, Nylander’s making too much, Labanc not enough. Sounds like a bunch of old women talking. Lord take us now ,its over. This is all we’ve got whining to a keyboard. Wish for the days on the ball field and skating. Outdoor things.

      • Vinnie, you can still play ball and play hockey when you are old. Need to work out every day to stay somewhat strong though. And yes I get on outdoor rinks still, just now it is with my grand kids!
        Age does have it’s benefits.

      • Kucherov did something similar, gave a serious discount and was rewarded. Lebanc will also be popular in the room especially if the money he left on the table goes toward signing Big Joe and Marleau for one more year.

      • That and $3.00 will get him a coffee at Bridghead if he blows out a knee like Fabbri did. But I’m sure all those grateful teammates will fork over a million each for the rest of their careers in that event.

      • Crazy, risky or dumb the kid has ballz. I respect his decision and hope he has a great year and gets rewarded.Gutsy move.

  3. Trouba was all about doing this move to NY for his girlfriend – as if North America has no other doctors. He has now seen Panarin money and wants his fair share. I hope Trouba extorts the Rangers for as much as possible. Actually hoping for a nine year deal, because Dmen always age so well…..The Rangers went from Cap heaven to Cap hell in a matter of weeks. Gorton was building something good there, but bad cap management is going to ruin him.

    • I don’t believe the possibility of losing Deangelo, Buchnevich or Lemieux is all that bad. Nor do I think they lose 2 of the 3.

      NY is in temporary cap hell. Next yer 2 million in relief on the Girardi buyout, Strome, Kreider, Fast , Namestikov, Beleskey (16 million in cap space) come off, the following year Smith, Shattenkirk, Staal, Lundqvist.23-24 million in cap space.

      With a bunch of elc players on the roster and coming. The cap management is nowhere near the sky is falling just yet. It’s actually much better planned out than it looks on paper today.

      • Ray Bark , that’s great with you and the grand kids . They will remember those times always

      • Losing Lemieux would be a mistake. Power Forwards with a great family tree- don’t grow on trees (pardon the pun). As an Islander fan, I hope they do drop the puck so we can sign him.

      • Craig v,

        Perfect world I’d like to see them keep all of them. And I think that’s what they’re shooting for, just need to buy out Smith or Shattenkirk (not preferable) or trade a Namestikov etc.

        All that being said. +Kakko, + Panarin, + Fox, + Trouba, + Kravtsov, + Shestyorkin
        – Lemieux seems like a good trade off if it has to be.

        This is why I say it’s not all that bad.

    • @NYR
      Deangelo is worth more to NYR than he would get in return still. He had half a season of consistent play in his career so far. I still feel he gets out muscled too easily down low but he does get the puck up ice quick which with the new Ranger forwards should make the transitions fun to watch

      • ds
        Not sure if it’s about what return he could bring. If Rangers think Fox can step in and give them what DeAngelo brings, it will be more about excess. Trouba will lock down one spot and I’m not sure they do anything with Shattenkirk. How much will it cost to keep DeAngelo? Will it be better to trade him now While his value is slightly higher than before?

      • @Slick
        who actually wants ADA? and would give up even a 2nd round pick for him

    • He wasn’t building anything good…He had no stars signed to the team. Now he does. Every team in the league this time next season will be massively cap strapped except Ottawa.

  4. I am certainly surprised that Trouba has not yet signed a long-term deal with NYR. And I still expect that he will before arbitration. But he is quite the difficult negotiator. I could understand his battles in Winnipeg, but I thought he would want to quickly sign with NY. If he is, indeed, trying to parlay this into a 9 year deal, he is taking quite the risk. One thing about the Rangers, unlike the strategy the Jackets used this year, they abhor losing players for nothing. If February comes and the Rangers aren’t confident about reaching a long-term deal, they will look to trade him, even if they’re in the playoff race.

    • i will assume the NYR brass & Trouba are just waiting for the most opportunistic time with more work to be done getting cap friendly, and getting a center to support Mika not an unproven inexperienced kid , if Gorts gets it all right we are in the OP O’s

      • I don’t think Rangers traded for Trouba without the intention of signing him long term. After acquiring him they then had to get ready for draft and free agency. Guessing Gorton has been busy also working phones for trades. With arbitration hearings set, I expect a Trouba deal will be priority 1 in next week or so. I don’t see him making it to hearing. As mentioned above, Rangers are far from being in “cap he’ll” in coming seasons. The Panarin signing has forced them to to make some moves before this season starts, but, there’s some guys in last year of contract who where going to get traded before next deadline anyways. Adding Trouba and Fox I think makes dealing DeAngelo a possibility. Although they didn’t buyout anyone in first window, I don’t think they have a choice now. Unless they are able to move a couple players before next window opens, I think Smith buyout is inevitable.

    • Everyone seems to be stating he is trying for a 9 year deal with ny. With peg not letting him talk to rangers… there is a lot of lean towards him wanting to go to ufa to see his options.

      The other alternative is he really likes arbitration hearings.

    • Why would anyone think Trouba would be an easy sign? Hasn’t in the pass and yes I understand NY isn’t Winnipeg but Trouba been marketing himself all along. We has taken 1yr arbitration deals. Maybe he wants a one year deal so he can sign an 8yr deal next season.
      It’s key to remember that Chevy wouldn’t allow the Rangers to speak to Trouba prior to the trade, why would that be? It would only help Winnipeg get more out of NY if he knew Trouba would sign. Interesting to see where this goes.

      • In hindsight hard to believe Rangers could not of sent that #20 pick to Buffalo for the signed Risto…

      • Caper, Trouba’s hold out a few years ago was more to do with wanting to go to a team he had more opportunity with. He was stuck behind Buff and Myers, and wanted bigger role. Chevy didn’t allow Rangers to talk to Trouba, but it was clear when trading him which team or teams would sign him long term.

      • Slick62 clear to who? Each year Trouba had a different reason for holding out, we all knew Trouba wasn’t staying in Winnipeg.
        Is the Rangers the only team? No, he has been reported to have interest in Florida and Detroit.
        The point is the same Trouba is going to do what he thinks is best for him. He isn’t worried about an injury on a one year contract, he doesn’t play with the thought “what if I get injured ” he could sign today or next week or drag on but it will be done on his term.

      • Caper, you don’t think Chevy had an idea of which teams Trouba would be willing to sign with? As you mentioned, Fl and Detroit were both assumed to be in on it along with Rangers. So, I guess it was pretty clear to practically everyone.
        I admittedly don’t follow Jets as closely as their fans, but I only recall one holdout. I don’t understand your comment about every year being a different reason for holding out. This was first year he had a little leverage in deciding where he wants to go. As far as money goes, that’ll be up to his agent to get him what he deserves. Just like any other player, except for maybe Labanc. Rangers will lock him up long term and that’ll be the end of it.

  5. complete conspiracy theory stuff , why would Le blanc take a prime year of growth and risk it on the future ,he should be in the Buchnevich class of $$ 2.5 -3 mill and hes taking a mill after a 50+ season,because he has a deal in place under the table, how come S J keeps getting these sweetheart ,home cookin discount deals? i wonder how legit any of the cap crap is when you see the Marleau buy out ? & LTIR $$ used , its like the fuzzy math thats prevalent in all forms of biz, and this is a biz back room deal

    • Old Hockey Fan..

      Good article major….elaborate some more on your conspiracy ideas…..
      Is there anyone out there that does not believe that this stuff is happening every day in the NHL ???? It’s called the old boys network and it keeps them all employed year after year….Raise the cap then raise ticket prices so we can keep the show rollin’.

      • Much like the Federal government.

  6. Players now seem to be pushing for shorter term contracts for below market money coming off ELCs (eg., Matthews,Marner). The advantage to the team with players rights is to offer 8 yr term. You woukd think that players would want term. Matthews and Marner are not physical but the playoffs show you that physicality is still part of the game and so are injuries. You woukd tho k that they want term given the risk of potential career ending injury rather than gambling to earn potentially more money down the road.

    Maybe I’m old school and don’t understand this new generation of players.

    • I’m with you, Frank, why wouldn’t a good young player leap at a long-term contract with a terrific annual income?
      For example, with Auston Matthews’ injury history already in the books, why wouldn’t he go long term?
      Kids these days….. Labanc needs a talk with the guy in the mirror too.

    • Maybe cause they are playing under a system they had no representation in that limits their ability to get actual market value for their talent. They want ufa status ASAP. Why let a team buy those years off you? And honestly how often does a “career” ending injury happen. Rare.

      • They are rare Chrisms. But the possibility exists. Look at Fabbri as a classic example

      • Chrisms, you’re right but it’s still a risk that these guys don’t need to take. $10 million times seven – there’s a reason to go for more?

      • Fabbri signed

        And yes there’s a reason to go for more. Because it’s more. Why buy a speed boat when you can buy a yacht.

      • 4 years in the league and he signed for less than his ELC. Because he had no other choice.

      • But career ending injury? Fabbri don’t count

  7. Trouba isn’t smart enough to spell team but he can definitely spell ME. One of the most entitled players out there. Singlehandedly lost game 5 against the Blues this year by trying to eat the puck in the corner for 90 seconds (apparently he thought he could secure 1 point in the standings?). SMRT.

    • Can’t spell team without the M and E.
      Happy to have him in NY. No matter what others think of him personally, I see him being a mainstay on our back line for years to come.

      • Yes, so he’s half way to spelling team – smart kid. Hopefully Manhattan can team him about T&A.

      • You can’t spell team without T&A either. More T&A please.

      • Ha!! Had put something at end of my comment along those lines but erased.

    • Can’t spell smart without an A.

      • Simpsons reference…

      • Didn’t get it. And still don’t. Sorry. Fan of the show but not a big fan. I honestly applaud the effort though!

      • Ha

    • Bingo! That’s his MO!

    • Wow, he lost his team a game? Well, I guess that must make him a professional hockey player now, doesn’t it?

  8. Brooks makes sh*t up just so the huddled masses have his tripe to fawn over every morning. His drivel is nonsensical. Just as bad if jot worse that the resident buffoon at HockeyBuzz.

  9. There are also career altering injuries. You come back but not quite the same.

    I think Thornton and Marleau should retire.

    I also believe Trouba will go to arbitration. He has a better case this year than the last two times. Not sure of the dollars but would guess in the $7m range. From there UFA and looking for more.

    • I think they do something in the next 10 days to free up cap space and get him signed. It’s been forever since any Ranger has gone through arbitration. Avery or Dubinsky I believe.

      • In the 15 years under Sather for sure … is Gorton cut from the same cloth Nyr4life?

        Attached article showing history of arbitration is interesting – the only Ranger there that I can see is Nikolai Zherdev, and they walked away from his $3.9 mil award – he went back to the KHL.

        As for Dubinsky and Avery, according to Wikipedia, “After the 2010–11 season, Dubinsky avoided arbitration with the Rangers and signed a four-year, $16.8 million contract … on August 1, 2007, Avery, as a restricted free agent, earned an arbitration award of $1.9 million for the 2007–08 season, which the Rangers accepted, keeping him with the team for at least another year.”

        So, the Rangers history in that regard is few and far between when it comes to arbitration. The Bruins, on the other hand, have been involved in a few

  10. Hi All

    Changing track from threads above

    Re Kurtz: “However, if the 40-year-old winger expects more than a one-year, $1 million contract, Kurz thinks GM Doug Wilson could seek other options. ”

    Holy Sh%##^*t Batman

    Marleau if NOT considering retirement; should sign at league Min. and be happy he’s playing.

    With the buyout; he lost only $417 K … that’s it.

    With Sharks he’d get to play where he wants and at League min he’s netting more than if he had stayed in TO (in TO… gets back the 417K lost in buyout but at highest [along with Min and Ottw] tax bracket) or in Car

    Lebanc deal well we’ll below what he’s worth

    Double dipping (after a buyout) and earning more than if you’d not been bought out; to me is not a huge deal if your in your late 20’s or early 30’s

    Marleau staying in SJ and signing for greater than League min. is Uber greedy; IMO

    I don’t think SJ should consider a 2 year for him at any price …. 1 at 650K; he gains ; gets to retire a shark; team gets back a respected and loved player; fills a spot at league min and has Cap room for other maneuvers

    Win win win

  11. Circumvention and the CBA…

    I’m unsure how thry can change it in the CBA.

    The only way I can see is if they put % increase restrictions after a 1 yr contract that forces the team to sign player to multi year deals. Arbitration would be the only way to exceed the one yrcontract increase.

    You can pay a pkayer after an ELC and thry jump to say $6M or more. If an EZlC goes to a 1 yr $2M contract, thrn the max the next contract can be is say $2Zm or 100% increase. If it was a 2 yr contract then you are fee to raise to whatever.

    The other option is players can file for arbitration after a 2+ yr ELC.

  12. I wouldn’t pay Trouba a dime after his three terrible playoffs in a row, he thinks he the new Ray Bourque but he’s a bum

    • If only gms could get smarter and sign guys like Eichel, Okposo, Etc. To big dollar deals. You know , proven playoff performers!

    • Great point, Trouba isn’t what he’s been hyped up to be and the trade return proves it. Weber for Subban it was not!

      • I’m sure the Ahl players and Pionk will be much better.

      • They’ll be better than an $8 million a year anchor.

      • Somehow I seriously doubt that. Again, let’s revisit your optimism for the Jets in December-January, and again in May.

  13. At least the speculation about Slava Voynov can take a rest – for a while anyway – he signed with Avangard Omsk in the KHL.

    • How long? Does there season go past the trade deadline?

      • Not sure. However, I think there have been negotiable “out” provisions when it comes to the KHL if a better NHL offer comes along. He might have one of those.

  14. Leafs should sign Marleau back at the minimum, great 4th line guy. Don’t play him back to back. The young guys love him

    • I dont think the Leafs are allowed to resign Marleau.

      • leafs could resign Marleau because he was traded. If they had bought him out, they could not.

  15. I think they are, wasn’t it the Capitals trading Orpik to the Avs and they bought him out. The Caps then resigned him.