Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 28, 2019

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Updates on Kevin Shattenkirk, Zach Parise, and Ben Hutton, plus the latest on the Flames in today’s Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes Kevin Shattenkirk’s tenure with the Rangers will be over “by the close of the team’s second buyout window Wednesday at 5 p.m.” That’s because the Blueshirts are above the $81.5-million salary cap by over $4.1 million with restricted free agents Brendan Lemieux and Anthony DeAngelo to re-sign. He expects those two will play for their respective qualifying offers ($874k each) because they’re coming off entry-level contracts and lack leverage.

Will the New York Rangers buy out Kevin Shattenkirk? (Photo via NHL Images)

Brooks notes the Rangers can clear $5.17 million in cap space for this season by buying out Shattenkirk. However, those savings shrink to just over $1.1 million for 2020-21 and burden them with over $1.43-million in dead cap space for the following two seasons. Still, he believes that’s better than trading one of their best players in Chris Kreider.

Brooks adds he’s got no evidence to suggest the Rangers are shopping Kreider. He’s a year away from unrestricted free agent status and carries a $4.625-million cap hit this season. There’s also no indication the two sides have discussed a contract extension.

Trading Kreider now when dealing from a position of weakness seems to Brooks to be an unrealistic proposition. At this point, it appears both sides are willing to enter the season with Kreider playing out the final year of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see how Rangers general manager Jeff Gorton plays this. Given his recent signings, he knows he’ll have to shed salary to become cap compliant. Buying out Shattenkirk ($6.65-million salary-cap hit through 2020-21) is the quickest option. If that doesn’t happen, Gorton will either have to try to trade Shattenkirk or someone else such as Kreider. We’ll find out soon enough what he’s got in mind.


THE ATHLETIC: In a lengthy piece on Minnesota Wild winger Zach Parise, Michael Russo reports Wild GM Paul Fenton looked into trading the 35-year-old left-winger. He cites sources claiming Fenton, since last month’s draft, explored what teams might have interest in Parise.

Finding a suitable trade partner, however, won’t be easy. Parise has six years remaining on his contract with an annual average value of $7.53 million and a full no-movement clause. If he waives that clause, Russo believes the Wild will have to absorb part of the winger’s cap hit and still ensure they get a decent return.

Parise said he and his family love everything about Minnesota but admitted: “The hockey part lately has been difficult.” While Parise would love to win the Stanley Cup, Russo said he’s starting to wonder if he’ll get that opportunity with the Wild.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Parise’s age, contract, and recent injury history will significantly hurt his trade value. The Wild will have to pick up a big chunk of that cap hit and perhaps bundle him with a young player or prospect to make him enticing. Even then, it’ll be difficult to find a taker willing to send them an equitable return.


CALGARY SUN: In the wake of the Flames re-signing goaltender David Rittich, Kristen Anderson notes the Flames have RFAs Matthew Tkachuk and Andrew Mangiapane to re-sign. However, they have just over $4.6 million in cap space.

She expects they’ll make a move before re-signing Tkachuk that could potentially double their cap room. Anderson reports Flames GM Brad Treliving said his side has stayed in touch with the Tkachuk camp throughout the summer and will continue working toward a new contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It could cost up to $9 million annually to re-sign Tkachuk. That’s sparked frequent trade speculation suggesting T.J. Brodie, Michael Frolik, or Travis Hamonic could be moved in a cost-cutting deal to create sufficient space for Tkachuk’s contract.

That move will probably take place between now and the opening of training camp in September. My guess is it’ll be within the days leading up to the start of camp.



  1. Updated list – ALL DETAILS ACCORDING TO CAPFRIENDLY – number needed to reach the maximum major league roster of 23 – number signed for the organization (maximum of 50) – available cap space – RFAs still to be signed including those (marked *) regarded as part of each team’s minor league rosters.

    When considering available cap space keep in mind that, for just about every team, CapFriendly shows players with minimal cap hits who will likely be sent to the minors before the season begins. Some will require waivers. Their explanation is:

    “We usually don’t adjust rosters for the upcoming season until training camp opens and we get a better feel of who might make the team, and who might not. At the moment, we let other factors dictate who we tentatively have up on the roster or not. Such as contract AAV, are they 1 or 2-way deals, waiver status & NHL experience.”

    NYR – 0 44 $0 DeAngelo, Lemieux, (team currently $4,156,466 over the cap);
    Toronto – 0 48 $0 but with Horton’s $5,300,000 & Clarkson’s $5,250,000 LTIRs available – Marner (team currently $2,897,199 over the cap);
    Washington – 0 47 $0 none (team currently $1, 364,294 over the cap);
    Pittsburgh – 0 47 $0 Marcus Pettersson (team currently $157,500 over the cap);
    Arizona – 2 46 $178,099 but with Hossa’s $5,275.000 LTIR available – *Emil Pettersson; *Hill
    Dallas – 1 48 $970,001 but with Stephen’s $2,350,000 LTIR available – Honka, *Hansson;
    Vegas – 1 43 $1,025,001 Gusev, *Schuldt (both OS exempt);
    Nashville – 0 44 $2,334,524 Grimaldi;
    Florida – 3 43 $2,405,456 Malgin;*Mamin;
    Edmonton – 0 47 $2,433,001 Puljujarvi;
    Carolina – 0 38 $2,495,209 *Maenalanen, *Carrick, *McKeown, *Forsberg;
    Buffalo – 1 43 $3,115,476 Ullmark, McCabe, *Elie;
    Chicago – 3 44 $3,336,539 Perlini, *Ejdsell;
    Montreal – 0 48 $4,044,524 none;
    Calgary – 0 42 $4,673,292 Tkachuk, Mangiapane;
    San Jose – 2 46 $4,682,583 – none
    Vancouver – 0 45 $5,058,461 Goldobin, Boeser (OS exempt);
    St Louis – 1 45 $5,070,406 Edmundson, Barbashev;
    Detroit – 2 46 $5,284,623 plus the Zetterberg $6,083,000 & Franzen $3,954,545 LTIRs available – *Rybar;
    Tampa Bay – 2 48 $5,576,669 but with Callahan’s $5,800,000 LTIR available – Point, Erne;
    Boston – 0 43 $7,294,167 Carlo, McAvoy (OS exempt);
    Anaheim – 0 48 $8,500,242 – none;
    NYI – 1 43 $8,653,334 DalColle, Beauvillier, *Ho-Sang;
    L.A. -1 48 $8,740,606 Kempe;
    Minnesota – 4 45 $9,446,411 Eriksson Ek, Fiala, *Warner, *Belpedio;
    Philadelphia – 3 45 $13,417,421 Provorov, Konecny;
    Columbus – 2 46 $15,765,918 Werenski, Sedlak;
    Colorado – 1 41 $16,465,239 Rantanen, Kamenev, *Greer;
    New Jersey – 4 39 $16,945,000 Butcher, Zacha;
    Winnipeg – 6 39 $17,592,503 Comrie, Connor, Laine
    Ottawa – 3 48 $20,640,000 plus the Gaborik $4,875,000 & MacArthur $4,650,000 LTIRs available – White (OS exempt);

    • Thanks for the update list George

    • Nice work George

    • Hi George,

      great list, but misleading as you noted, because of the CF Roster # problem.

      Because of this you cannot be making statements like “Mtl could make a deal for players in the $2-3 million range”.

      In fact one should hesitate to make any conjectural statement, unless the particular team is looked at carefully.

      I would suggest your list should display a minus (or other designation) # for the Roster, if CFriendly’s shown Cap figures are based on a roster exceeding or below 23.

      The CF “Cap available” list, standing alone, distorts the real situation.

      For eg Montreal:

      The first digit on your list for Mtl should not be “0”, it should be “-2”, because the CF “Cap$ available” # ignores that it is based on a Roster of 25, not 23.

      Alzner is not staying, Juulsen is – so increase Cap available by app $250,000 right there.

      Two Forwards – likely Weiss and Peca – are also going down.
      So increase the Mtl Cap available by another $2,100,000 there also.

      $4,044K + $2,100K + $250K = $6,400,000.

      $6,400,000 is the real Mtl Cap space available.

      Sure, too complicated to work out for each team – I accept that.

      All I object to are statements such as the one implying Mtl can be involved with players only in the $2-3 mill range. Because this isn’t near to being true.

      Before making a statement about a particular team, one has to look at their particular situation.
      Is all.

      Thanks for the effort, again.


      • I get your point rich, I truly do, but anything of that sort would be pure conjecture on my – or anyone else’s – part in terms of the entire league. As things now stand, CapFriendly is it insofar as complete team lists are concerned. We can speculate all we want – a lot of it based on logic – about who stays up and who is demoted – but unless we can somehow see into the future we just don’t know for sure.

        If I, for example, surmised for each team who I think will be part of the 23-man list (and face it, although there have been exceptions, the vast majority of teams make sure they identify 23 and also leave themselves some wiggle room), some would be all over me like fleas on a dog for daring to assume the final make-up of THEIR team which, they would (correctly) point out, I don’t follow closely enough to make such assumptions.

        So I use what’s at hand and allow people like you who follow their teams closely to make those points. And I’m sure Lyle prefers it that way, too, since it increases the frequency.

  2. Scanning the above it’s pretty evident that at least 11 teams will need to make roster moves in order to either get below the upper cap limit and/or sign key RFAs. Toronto and Tampa Bay should be able to do it with available LTIR money, while NYR, Washington, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Vegas, Calgary. Vancouver, Sr, Louis and Boston will need to do some roster juggling.

    Looking back at Chrisms observation yesterday that “Teams can hold sellers feet to the fire now …” there aren’t that many with loads of cap space to do so. Ottawa, certainly (but only if Dorion gets Melnyk on a good day), NJ & Columbus. But really, that’s it insofar as “loads of cap space” is concerned. Minnesota, Anaheim, Detroit, SJ & Montreal might be able to engage in deals with players in the $2 to $3 mil range.

    On the surface it might seem that Winnipeg, Colorado, Philadelphia have loads of space, but most of that will disappear if and when their key RFAs are signed.

    • George, there are a few more teams with plenty of cap space; they could easily accommodate trades for players having AAV in the $5 – $6 million range. Total number of potential buyers is in the high single digits.

      Detroit – $5 million plus $10 million of LTIR
      Islanders – $8.6 million
      LA – $8.7 million
      Anaheim – $8.5 million
      Minnesota – $9.4 million with 19 man roster

      Interesting stat: Of the $43.5 million in LTIR, $36 million is accounted for by several teams in the Atlantic (Detroit, Ottawa, Tampa, Toronto).

    • Thanks George, and you nailed it.

      No-one can know how these things are going to shake out on each team, and, indeed, you have to follow a team pretty closely to even make reasonable surmise.

      As stated, I’m good with the numbers – hell, I’m sure you have better things to do than fine-tune Cap Friendly!

      What I’m going on about at such annoying length is about making statements about the Cap space available on a particular team.

      These assertions really have to be looked at with much closer than cursory attention, at the particulars involved, before just being trotted out there.

      Montreal Is one example.
      Much more Cap than it seems.

      Winnipeg is another. Much less.
      Calgary also much less.

      There are many, many.

      Montreal was my bugaboo today.

      They have about 50% more space than the superficial CFriend’y #’s imply, if you both look at the complete C Friendly portrait (Roster #’s!) and also know something of the team.

      They can actually look for players in the $4-6 mill range, not just the $2-3 mill range that you were stating was the C Friendly availability.

      A significant difference, indeed.



  3. Unfortunately, I think Brooks is right about Shattenkirk. This was a terrible signing from the start. Ironically, they bought out Girardi to make room for Shattenkirk. Now, both will be hitting the books for the next 4 years with dead cap space.

    I think Shattenkirk will find himself in the same position as Gardiner unless he is willing to take a 1-2 year deal for next to nothing.

    Ultimately, the trading of horrible contracts had to come to an end at some point. The Rfa dilemma has just accelerated its end.

    Panarin is a great player. But NY would have been in a much better position riding out the next 2 years and clearing 40+ million in cap space before jumping in the UFA pool.

    • With CMB not able to resign Panarin, Duchene & Dzingel would they entertain Namestnikov along with a decent pick from NYR for a “conditional” ? It gives CMB depth and an extra pick since they traded a ton of picks away to make the cup run. No long term investment by CMB either as he would be up at year end.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think the NHLPA allows for someone like Shattenkirk – who’s on the books for the next 2 seasons for $6,650,000 per – to re-negotiate a 2-year deal for less.

      • Hi George

        We’re you referring to re-negotiating current contract or being bought out and then negotiating a new contract with another team?

        For sure he can’t be bought out and then re-sign directly with the same team

        Regarding buyout then signing with a new team; I may be wrong ; but I thought TSN has said in the past that any player bought out can negotiate any deal they want with any team (with the exception of the team that bought them out)

        In other words it’s possible fora player to earn more Sal (buyout plus new contract with new team)

        It’s highly unlikely in most cases because the player is being bought out due to Sal/performance value rationale …. the remaining Sal is (other than under 26 yrs old) 2/3rds over twice as long…. so with simple math ….. getting 1/3rd of current Sal and would need a Sal at 2/3rds or greater just to break even that year.

        Note: For players with SB …. they are only losing 1/3rd of the Sal

        Marleau if he signs with ANY team (can’t be Car) will net more than if he had played the final year of last contract for Car or Leafs

        He gets $834K less THIS year through buy-out ; League min is $700 K; so worst he is down is $134K; but he still has $417K coming from the buyout next year;

        To me; if he signs with SJ (as he has said he’d like to …. retire with); then negotiating for more than League min. on a 1year is , to me; absolutely greedy…. just signing with SJ is what he wants and no matter what he’ll come out financially ahead

        If he’s trying for a 2 year…. that’s different

        Re Shatt … a buyout costs him (setting aside NOV of deferred future Sal) $2.9M in overall Sal…. and setting aside any tax differences wherever he signs … if he signs to any team for 2 years at $1.5 or more…. he’s ahead of the game

        For Rangers …. very costly dead cap next year …. $6.1M (per Capfruendly)…. is that right? If so very though to swallow $6.1 M in dead Cap next year(‘20-‘21)

      • “were” not “ we’re”

      • “NPV” not “NOV”


      • Very true. But first the NYR need to make a decision to actually buy him out. As far as I’m aware, time is running out for that option.

      • Hi George

        I would think the dead cap of $6.1M in ‘20/‘21 is making the buyout decision extremely difficult to make

        Trading him at 50% retained, IMO, might just be a better move… frees up $3.3M in Cap next two years

        Receiving team gets him for $3.3M Cap hit for 2 years and owes him $6.3M total in cash ($3.15 cash AAV)…. not sure what the trade would involve or who it would be?

      • Similarly a Staal 50% retained frees up $2.85M Cap for two years

        Receiving team pays effectively $2.05M Cash per for $2.85M Cap

        Smith at 50%… $2.2 M in Cap freed up… receiving team gets at around $1.95 M cash per year

        Options IMO; better than a $6.1M dead cap hit in 20/21 by buying out Shatt

      • Pengy, your analysis for potential cap withholding by the NYR makes sense but only insofar as there are teams with sufficient cap space who might be willing to take on a Staal or Shattenkirk even at reduced cost. And such teams (like Ottawa, NJ, Columbus) aren’t figuring on being a contender any time soon so why would they want two crocks like that? To what end?

        In the unlikely event one or more would get involved, the sweeteners they would want from NYR to do so would like cause the latter to balk.

      • George , buyout window for Rangers starts tomorrow and closes 5:00 pm Wednesday .
        Pengy, Rangers have been rumored to be shopping those guys all summer with 50% retained. Staal trade isn’t even an option. Full nmc! For this reason I see him as most likely candidate.
        Ranger fans. Would you be will to give up Howden as sweetener to get rid of Smith?
        To Detroit: Smith and Howden
        To NYR: Luke Glendening. Solid 3c who is one of the best face off guys in league. Stevie Y gets one of his guys back he drafted in Tampa.depending on what you see Howdens ceiling being, this could be kind of deal Rangers could be forced to make

      • @Slick… not thank you on Luke G

        Rather give the 3rd line center spot to Lias and put Nieves on the 4th if Howden has to go.

        Det has $5m in space perhaps they might be interested in this

        to DET: ADA & Namestnikov
        to NYR: Daley

        DET gets another young and good vet
        ADA is cheaper than Daley for Det

        NYR clears Vlad 4m albeit losing ADA. With FOX in the hole perhaps it can work for both teams

      • Didn’t Perry and Sekera just sign for much less than the deals they were bought out from?

    • Bottom line is still if the Rangers can afford to resign Kreider next season. Even with Strome+Names salary expiring+Fast leaves little to fill the roster AND Kreider’s raise.
      And if Strome keeps progressing he has to be resigned if he is a #2 center in the NHL

      I always thought Stepan was traded to make room for Shattenkirk. Girardi bought out for Smith… Who would not take Girardi’s contract over the Smith situation.

      Hanks 8.5 is off the books in two years with Staal, Smith and Shatty. Mega cap and some extensions to the youth

    • @Nyr4life
      Panarin addition takes pressure off Kakko and the kids. Zib+Panarin+Kreider brings down the need for the young guns to produce right away.

      And you know NYC cannot pass up an UFA like Panarin. At least it was not EK……….

      • Read an interview with JD saying they would’ve preferred not to spend big in free agency. What they decided was, like many have discussed here, elite players don’t always make it to free agency. As far as Brooksie, I wonder sometimes if he has a beef with a player. He didn’t exactly give a 2 sides argument. Not once did he mention Shattys cap hit jumping back over 6mil in 2nd year of buyout. His rational was that with signing Trouba, and Fox, that there was no use for him. Granted that gives us 4 right shot D men, but also assumes that Fox will be full time and nobody will ever get hurt. He ignores Rangers are deeper on left side in prospects along with fact that Shattenkirk is better than Staal and Smith.

      • From afar it appears like the Rangers were retooling to try and take advantage of Hanks last 2 years and if thats the case they have to keep Kreider imho.

    • Wasn’t everyone just super gaga over Shattykluk quite recently? (especially himself)

      • Unfortunately for Shattenkirk, he hurt his knee in his 1st training camp with Rangers. Played through it, but shut it down mid season and had surgery. Spent most of offseason rehabbing and didn’t have a great start to 2nd season. Also suffered a separated shoulder last year. Was playing pretty good at end of last season. Has he lived up to contract? No, but let’s not forget he took less to come to NY than other teams where offering. Hopefully with a full summer to train, and barring injuries, he can be better. His buyout numbers are terrible and I just can’t see it. Staal is 2 years older and has full nmc, so buyout is only option. Smith can go to minors for some savings or be bought out. At least with Shatty he’s still a useful player and still small chance he can bounce back enough to garner some trade interest as season progresses

      • Yes, there was plenty of interest in Shattenkirk when he hit free agency. Most thought Rangers got him at a very reasonable price, both in money and term. Nobody could foresee him wrecking his knee in first training camp. Add to that a separated shoulder last year and things really havnt gone well. With that said, there’s no way I’d buy him out over Staal. At least with Shattenkirk being 2 years younger and having a partial ntc, there at list is a glimmer of hope he can still be traded in future. Staal zero chance.

      • Maybe Shattenkirk for Pionk might work?? hmm? lol

      • I was never a fan of bringing Shattenkirk to NY. Even when he was rumored to be coming to NY from St. Louis.

        You can go all the way back to the year he was traded to the caps… I was quite verbal about NOT wanting him.

      • Sorry for basically double comment. One didn’t show up long after I posted. Now both

  4. Why doesn’t Praise have a “Callahan” and come out with some degenerative issue and help Minny out? lol

    or go with the Hossa technique

    I am sure he’ll land a job in the front office

    • IHC

      I was hoping that Hossa would lend JJ his gloves to play a single pre-season game with …… then 😀👍🤞

      • JJ for Shattenkirk? no money retained either side

      • Pengy… Black n gold here your obsession with Stahl and J.J. ok J.J I get hoping that Anaheim thing I heard still comes through…..or just buy him out.

        Rutherford has done a nice job getting younger, faster and more skilled… This Marino kid 22 defenseman going to be the captain OF Harvard who we just traded for…hopefully he can be a Charlie McAvoy and step in.

        he would be a nice third pairing fit with Gudbrasson who can protect him and hep him fit in so your boy Peterson can slide up with Schultz.

        I would still like to see the penguins get a T.J brodie from Calgary 9 goals 25 assist 34 points +29 $4.75 million

        Brian Rust & Tristan Jarry to Calgary that’s$4.34 million.

        we are one more top 4 defenseman from being Stanley cup contenders…….. Brodie / Brodin Scandella / Montour someone..

        we have the forward depth speed and skills now…

        Crosby Guentzal Kahun

        Malkin Tanev Galchenyuk

        McCann Bujgstad Hornqvist

        Blueger ZAR Simon (or bring in a Patty Marron on the cheap) terrific in the Stanley cup playoffs needs a job

      • Hi BlackNGold

        Obsessed with JJ? Yep guilty as charged.

        I stand by my conviction though.

        I know that OBD and George are older than I , maybe a couple of others on this site; but I’ve played and coached and watched hockey ; at many levels ; HL through competitive though Jr through university through pro and international play; for North of 5 decades

        I have never ever seen a player so detrimental to a teams ability to succeed

        With JJ as a regular; Pens have absolutely ZERO chance at a cup. None, Zip, Zilch, Nada

        I was hoping for a buyout … unfortunately that ship sailed in June; it was brought to my attention a few days ago that JJ can’t get bought out during the second window as he is shy of the minimum Cap threshold by a couple hundred K

        He absolutely has to go

        Re E Staal… not an obsession at all just trying to find a solution that works to move JJ and improves 3C.

        Bjug is an OK 3C but not a great 3C. If Sid or Gino go down for a stretch; Bjug as 2C would not be a great solution

        If there was a chance to rid JJ AND replace Bjug with the far (and I mean far) superior E Staal at 3C it is worth exploring

        You are right that with a Brodie chances increase; but if JJ still plays as a reg ; it’s irrelevant

        Unfortunately with Pens over the Cap and Cgy needing to shed; a trade between the two is almost impossible to swing

        A Rust ($3.5M) and Jarry ($0 at NHL level) only frees up $1.15 M for Cgy…. not enough. He’s also 29 and would be looking for an expensive long term extension

        Montour would be great … Buff got him literally for a steel

        If it was the Brodin of 17/18 then I’m with you in thought…. the Brodin of 18/19 was not very good at all defensively ; not at all; … Pens couldn’t guarantee to get the 17/18 version of Brodin so a big gamble IMO

        Scands would be a great add

        Long term I think for sure 2ndLD is Pettersson

        a move that (1) rids JJ; (2) provides a second option at 3C is a move towards a deep run

        Pens with JJ as a reg; IMO ; have about an equal chance of (1) just missing the playoffs and (2) just making the playoffs but out first round

        Just moving JJ out; signing Petterson and waiving Ruhweedel…. to me 80% chance of winning the Div; 60% chance of getting to ECF

        Re Marino; good low risk add. Don’t know much about him other than what is out there in the media …..that being fair depth add; possible eventual 3rd pairing /7th D in a couple of years…. so for a 6th… good add.

        I don’t think Pens are in for the second coming if MacIvoy though

        Re your line up proposal; as I suggested before; the forward tenuous spot is 3C; Bjug might work out but there is a gamble

        Top line (and I believe they showed great chemistry) should be, IMO , Sid Guentz and McC (who should NOT be relegated to 3rd line).

        Tanev jusT might be suited better on 3rd with Kahun given a shot with Gino

        As you may remember my other proposal had Pens squiring Gusev to play with Geno and G-Chuck

        Fingers crossed that GMJR can trade JJ or if there is absolutely no team taking him even with massive incentives; has the guts to bury him at least freeing up $1.08M


  5. Your list and capfriendlys is a great starting point George . But many of the teams can open up the space required to make trades higher than shown without any trade or buyout .
    I’m sure you are aware of this but I agree with chrisms take on the market .
    Edmonton(my team) as an example shows 2.4 . They can sign Jesse around a million , shift guys to the minors and open up a little over 4 million with a 22 man roster and room to trade picks for that amount or package a roster player ie Russell or benning and he would have the ability to add 5.9-8 million in trade return .
    Would love to see ehlers .
    Would this trade get it done ?
    Jesse (signed 1 m) / Russell / oilers 1st
    For ehlers ?
    I can show the roster I’m talking about if anyone interested .

    • Hi Craig

      I suggested the other day a JP for Gusev type of swap (might need balancing picks)

      VGK would have just enough ( $1M ) for a JP 1 year “prove yourself” contract and Oil moving one or two down can sign Gusev

      That would benefit both teams

      • Pengy
        I’ve talked with my buddy about this one a couple times . I’m sure Ken has checked in there on Gusev but if reports are true on his 4 million dollar ask I think that ends that call for Ken . Works on paper potentially for both teams but I don’t think and hope he doesn’t meet that ask if true .

      • Hi Craig

        Agree , $4M doesn’t work ; he’s asking 4 that means final won’t be that high

        Perhaps if they could get an agreement at $3.25 for 2; that would work for both sides. Asking fir $4M; means to me likely would take $3.5M ; so the $3.25 M compromise gets him to stay in the NHL and show his stuff to get a great contract in a couple of years !!!

        Tell Ken to give it a shot

      • Pengy
        I agree with your take . I would make that trade if Gusev was signed for 2 at 3.25 absolute max . I believe Ken and Vegas would too . Gusev signing at that number or one that Ken agrees to could be the issue .
        If jesses agent was playing poker with Ken, he pushed all in and flipped his card before Ken had to make his move . I would be ok with signing him in the million range if the right trade isn’t there . So far it hasn’t been but I have to believe Ken looked in to Gusev for sure . Holding out hope for ehlers

      • PENGY.. i agree whole heartedly about Johnson he has to go without a doubt..


        BUJGSTAD is a winger great shot too big bulky for center dominik kahun is super fast and skilled will fit in top line..and if he doesn’t bujgstad hornqvist can slide there if need be..Mccann gives us sped at 3C. SCANDELLA MAY BE THE BEST TRADE FOR SECOND PAIRING D WITH Schutz…

        Like you been around hockey played high school college [inducted) college hockey hall of fame 2004 played 2 years semi pro..have a eye like you for the game.. fingers crossed J goes

    • It might be possible considering the Pegs own cap situation.

  6. While that’s true Craig, as is the post by Hammer_of-the-Gods above, neither Edmonton nor the teams he lists have what I described as “loads of space” – certainly not to take on a contract in the $5-6 mil range if they want to retain some sort of wiggle room. NYI for example have $8,653,334 in space but need to resign RFAs DalColle and Beauvillier. Neither are big deals, but even if both re-upped for their ELCs of $865,333 and $894,167, that cuts their space to $6,895,634 which wouldn’t leave them much wiggle room. But of course, both are going to get more than that, likely in bridge deals of around $1.5 mil each. And that cuts them down to just over $5 mil in space.

    I realize, like Edmonton, they can juggle their roster with a delegation or two, but not enough to bring in a serviceable veteran with term while at the same time dealing with their own UFAs/RFAs next year who will need to be re-signed or replaced.

    Yes, they can do it, just not as smoothly as those few teams with a ton of cap space.

    • I agree , it’s a case by case deep dive required on each team . But I think around 10 could , would and some will when things begin to move . Looking at the rosters , lots of movement is still coming prior to camp , and the buyers should hold the edge in negotiations. As I mentioned Edmonton specifically can add a contract in the 5/6 million range if it’s a package with a roster player going back . Russell with a couple million in Space in the package I mentioned above.

      • Russell has a 10 team trade list. Of those 10 how many have the cap space and are willing to use it on a 32 teal old with 2 years left of 4m per cap hit? Maybe Detroit? They’re showing only 6 dmen on their roster, and 3 of them are over 30 and in last year of contract. Getting Puljujarvi with Russell could entice but what would return be?

      • You don’t think Jesse and a 1st would entice any gm’s out there , that was the package I mentioned , could be multiple trades or Russell or benning or Gagner traded in seperate deals if they can be found but I’m not going to project moves on moves ? I guess that’s where we disagree .

    • george, Islanders have a roster of 22. Adding both DalColle and Beauvillier increases that to 24. Someone must then be removed, freeing up at least another $700k. So, in your bridge scenario of two $1.5 million deals, NYI will have more than $6 million of free space. And in a trade, its the differential that matters. Moving out a $1 million contract for a $6 million player only adds $5 million to a team’s cap hit.

      As I noted, there are close to 10 potential buyers. How many of those teams will actually spend money to acquire high priced talent is another question entirely. Ottawa, for sure, won’t take on contracts that will cost them lots of hard cash. Many of these teams may also play the patient waiting game, seeing who can be picked up real cheap as training camp approaches (Phaneuf, Gardiner, maybe Shattenkirk after next Wed, …)

      • Phaneuf and Gardiner might come cheap because they are UFAs who are quickly running out of options. Shattenkirk would only come “cheap” in terms of who or what is relinquished to NYR – but certainly not cheap in terms of his cap hit.

      • If he’s bought out he could come cheap

      • As indicated above, first the NYR need to make a decision to actually buy him out. As far as I’m aware, time is running out for that option.

      • George, that window opens tomorrow to buy him out. I think Gorton tried everything to move him , Namestikov , Smith etc. before going down this road, but was unable to find a sucker…. I mean trade partner.

  7. It’s to bad we have some lazy journalists.
    When articles are written they just have a quick glance at cap friendly and for a team like the Flames they see only 4.6 million dollars worth of cap space. If they looked a little closer 3 players listed on the roster will be sent down making the true cap space of nearly 7 million.

    7 million is not enough to sign Tkachuk and Mangiapane but, I am convinced Brodie will be traded for draft picks clearing up another 4.6 million. This provides Calgary with 11 million to sign these 2 players which should be plenty of space.

    Possible trade partner would be Montreal. I would trade Brodie for their 2 second round picks in 2020.
    Montreal’s defense looks really weak and would get a big upgrade with Brodie.

    • Again… getting value to cut costs right now will be nearly impossible. If Montreal gives up one second for bodie that would be a coup for Calgary.

      • I totally disagree Chrisms.
        Brodie played in a top 2 for a team that finished 2nd overall in the league plus 1st pair on the power play. Montreal’s two second round picks are more than fair for a top defensemen with a cap hit of 4.6 million.
        The biggest problem with people in the east they do not watch a lot of western teams to get a true value. Most people just go on the latest hype from chat boards or journalists
        I don’t think most people thought a straight up traded, Brodie for Kadri would be possible but that is the value.

      • No you don’t get it. There are more teams that need to lose salary than those that can or will take salary. Trade value is based on the market and it is a buyers market right now. Normally Brodie would be worth far more. But a handful of teams can cherry pick from about a third of the league who needs to drop salary. And due to that they can offer pennies on the dollar for those players. Any cap space team that can get anything close to reasonable value for their players right now should buy their gm a cigar…

      • Or three! Unfortunately some continue to look at trade options for their team of choice needing to make a move as bringing back top value. It will all boil down to which sellers blink first, and when that happens and the buyers have moved on those left holding the bag are going to be faced with some hard decisions.

      • Gotta go with Flamesfan on this one. While Brodie’s #’s are skewed playing with Gio, he is still a top 4 D. I can’t see a world where they give a guy like him up for a 2nd, or even 2 of them.
        If we are talking MTL, they NEED a D-man or they won’t be competing for a playoff spot. Who else are they going to get for a price close to that?
        Not saying they get what they would in an off season from a couple years ago because players will move for less this year, but a 2nd? I would be shocked.
        They can move Frolik for a 2nd. Or give Stone away for nothing or even add a 2nd and they would be better off. Both those guys are solid NHL players.
        IMO if they wanted to move Brodie for a 2nd it would have happened already.
        Not sure if I missed the memo but there are still NHL teams trying to win aren’t there? I would bet that Brodie would help a few of those.

      • Ray your contention that moving Brodie for pennies on the dollar is not wise is spot on. But the argument is that the return in this market would be sub optimal. Buying out stone or trying to pay someone to take Frolik is much better business. Teams are trying to win. A good way to do that is to not help your competitors out of a jam without making them pay dearly

      • I understand the theory and your argument Chisms. I think what we disagree on the degree which it is impacting the market. I agree it is and it will.
        If MB has the opportunity to get Brodie right now for a 2nd and doesn’t take it, he is a moron.

    • Flamesfan..T.J. Brodie is a terrific defenseman and I have been hoping Pens GM Rutherford goes after him.

      To Pittsburgh T.J. Brodie $4.7 million he is a terrific fit with Schultz… 9 goals 25 assists 34 points +29

      Brian Rust a 20 goal scorer if healthy $3.5 million & Tristan jarry $800,000 a total of$4.3 million solid young dependable back up goalie Calgary needs

      • Calgary is set for years at G. No need for Jarry.

      • Not sure Rust is a 20 goal guy on any other team. He’s never hit that number in Pittsburgh.

        And I don’t think Calgary moves Brodie for any other reason than cap space….. why would they take back 4.3 in cap space they desperately need for Rust and a backup goalie they don’t need?

  8. You can take Sedlak off CBJ list. He signed in KHL. Werenski is their only unsigned.

  9. I really hope that L. Brooks is wrong about Kreider. I just can’t stop thinking about him skating on a line with Ryan O’Reilly and David Perron–even for 1 year. It’s making me CRAZY

  10. Typical Brooks. Trade Kreider. All summer long, this has been his mantra. Now, Kreider is too valuable, but, “sky is falling” ! Kreider will be a lame duck with contract negotiations hanging all season long. What a tool. Said it before, I wouldn’t give him the time of day. Tortorella was right. He must have gotten beaten up at the bus stop.

  11. …..and why “Rangers mess”? So, Brooks has greater experience and knowledge then Gorton and Davidson? I’m happy they are there, and Brooks? Just go away !!!


    • They need cap room… so why are they taking back 4.3 in salary? They’re not taking Rust and Pittsburgh’s 3rd string goalie for Brodie….. again, the idea of trading Brodie is to clear cap space.

      They won’t be looking for a dollar for dollar trade.

      • Then we send a Calgary a pick then and trade the others..,,somewhere else.

        Cap space.. right..

        you said Calgary Is set in goal for years recently signed Rittchie?? (still along way from proven) an a struggling Cam Talbot (for last 2 years) as back up you goalie standards aren’t great…but ok!

        Jarry is better than Talbot at this point but you traded for Talbot so…guess net is full…

        I do think the rangers have improved what are they going to do with Shattenkirk? bad signing there

    • Pay attention…CAP SPACE in CAPS LOCK! Lmao

      “SPECTOR’S NOTE: It could cost up to $9 million annually to re-sign Tkachuk. That’s sparked frequent trade speculation suggesting T.J. Brodie, Michael Frolik, or Travis Hamonic could be moved in a cost-cutting deal to create sufficient space for Tkachuk’s contract.”

      How does that translate to a dollar for dollar trade?

      • Touché…. Ny4life sorry cap bar stuck didn’t want to go back and retype..

        I remember you now your the obnoxious one…

        Your not a 20 goal scorer until you score 20 great quote (Who are you Stephan A Smith ) Hey Einstein you know what I mean. Injuries have cut him short on three different occasions or he would have scored 20.

        You ripped on the city of Pittsburgh a while back and I ripped back at New York and you stupid politicians couldn’t figure out how to rebuild. we probably shouldn’t interact…LOL

    • And you’re not a 20 goal scorer,until you score 20 goals…. they don’t keep “what if “stats on players.

      • LOL

  13. I am a Flames fan, and have watched Flames games. Yes Brodie is a very good puck moving defenceman. Would be a great asset for any team. Unfortunately, based on the market, too many teams close to or over the Cap ceiling, and not enough near or at the Cap floor, the ones trying to shed salary are at the mercy of the ones trying to get to the floor. I would suggest trading Brodie to Ottawa for a 2nd and a 3rd for the 2020/2021 draft with a conditional 2nd round in 2021/22 if Brodie resigns with them. If Ottawa offered that if I were Tre I would jump all over that like it was stolen money. That would free up 4.6 mil to assist in signing Tkatchuk and then by out Stone to sign Mangipane.