Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 7, 2019

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The latest on Taylor Hall, Tyson Barrie, Ryan Dzingel, and more in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup. 

New Jersey Devils winger Taylor Hall could command $13 million per season on his next contract (Photo via NHL Images).


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks speculates Artemi Panarin’s new contract with the New York Rangers (seven years, $11.642 million annually) could affect how much New Jersey Devils winger Taylor Hall receives. The 27-year-old left winger is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next July. Brooks believes the bidding for Hall could start at $13 million per season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brooks noted the Devils have plenty of salary-cap room for 2020-21, which they’ll need to re-sign Hall. However, that might not be enough to entice him to stay.

I believe Hall intends to see how things play out in New Jersey this season. He wants to play for a winner and will need assurances the Devils are heading in the right direction. A big improvement in their performance in 2019-20 could play a big role in determining Hall’s future.

Hall’s health will also be a factor. As Brooks points out, he’s been hampered by knee injuries twice in his three seasons with the Devils.  Another will affect his free-agent stock. 


TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons believes Maple Leafs defenseman Tyson Barrie will seek a substantial raise on his next contract. Barrie, 27, is eligible next summer for UFA status. “He apparently wants an eight-year deal and around $8 million a year,” said Simmons. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs acquire Barrie last week in a trade with the Colorado Avalanche. A slick, puck-moving blueliner, he’s tallied 49-or-more points in four of the last five seasons, including a career-high 59 last season. Another 50-plus point season will push his stock higher. His current annual salary-cap hit is $5.5 million but he’s earning $6 million in actual salary this season. 

The cost of re-signing Mitch Marner this summer will affect the Leafs’ efforts to keep Barrie beyond this season. According to Cap Friendly, they already have over $55 million invested in 12 players for 2020-21.


Simmons also reports a deal that would’ve sent Nazem Kadri from the Leafs to the Calgary Flames was nixed by his unwillingness to waive his no-trade clause. The swap would’ve seen the Leafs receive defenseman T.J. Brodie and center Mark Jankowski.

The Leafs subsequently shipped Kadri to the Avalanche in the multi-player deal that brought them Tyson Barrie. Simmons said Flames general manager Brad Treliving wouldn’t confirm or deny the potential swap. 


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks notes former Columbus Blue Jackets winger Ryan Dzingel remained unsigned. He assumes the 27-year-old is “carrying some red flags on his resume”, especially since the Blue Jackets didn’t attempt to keep him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dzingel enjoyed a career season (26 goals, 30 assists, 56 points) split between the Jackets and Ottawa Senators. However, his production plummetted with the Jackets as the coaching staff lost faith in him. He appeared in nine playoff games for Columbus and was a healthy scratch from one contest.

Dzingel’s asking price could be another factor. Before getting traded, the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch reported the winger sought a five-year, $25-million contract extension from the Senators. 


TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports it hasn’t been confirmed if Don Cherry will be back on Hockey Night in Canada this season. “Rogers is cutting all over the place, which included the removal of Bob McCown on radio and television and Doug MacLean doing the same.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This isn’t a trade or free-agent rumor but it’s an interesting tidbit. Cherry and his “Coach’s Corner” segment have been a first intermission fixture on HNiC since 1982. Now 85, Cherry’s age and his sometimes controversial views make him a frequent target of media criticism and social media mockery. 


  1. The Ron and Don show needs to stay.

    Cantankerous spirited and oft politically incorrect Don carefully maneuvered and balanced out by the punny Ron is (and always has been) entertaining.

    Rogers …. cut it out

    I knew that McCowan was leaving but thought he retired ; didn’t know he was axed

    I’m ok with Doug McLean retiring … not much added value from him

    The funniest part is that McCowan is gone and their talking about axing Cherry but complete Koo Koo Kyper remains. Nary a cogent thought or valid insight leaves his lips?????

    Rogers …. cut it out!

    • Careful what you wish for – Rogers went for the grand slam when they secured all the national rights for NHL hockey and the staff there have been paying for it ever since.
      Can’t wait for TSN to be back in charge and the pros are running the show again.

      • “Release the Kypper”…. then we’re all more informed… LOL

      • Pengy…..Looks like your boy J.J is heading to Anaheim soon…Sutter and Murray like him… not sure what’s coming back? low pick I would imagine..

    • I have been watching Grapes from the U.S. for many years. Moved to Georgia and HNIC followed me here, my wife said she moved but could not get away from Don!

      Saturday night would not be the same without Cherry. Didn’t always agree with him, but he has rarely strayed from the beliefs that define him. Like to have a beer with him someday.

      • 4th Hanson brother…Agree DC sticks to his guns… I would take DC over Trudeau as PM anytime!

    • McCowan has been a self grandizing blowhard since his days on Globals Sportsline.

      Good riddance, no loss in him getting canned.

  2. The only problem with them dropping don is that some format might snap him back up. One that might bring more exposure to me! Please no. Keep that used car salesmen bottled up north.

    • IMO I don’t think he would do well as a used car salesman. If it was a piece of sh**, he would tell you.
      He is as genuine as they come and really doesn’t give a crap what the exec’s at SN think. There is a charm in that.
      Behind the times with the X’s and O’s and when he tries it isn’t a good look. But that’s OK too.
      He loves the players and the players love him. He’s our guy even if he can’t pronounce names correctly and never could. We have his back because he would have ours. He’s the guy you wanted beside you if sh** got nasty because you know he would be there.
      Stay as long as you want Don.

      • And that’s why he would be a good salesman… he got you to buy that load of crap

      • Ray Bark , my sentiments exactly. Well said.

        I also love the fact that he supports the troops and police forces across North America.

      • He reminds me of Dizzy Dean. There was a concerted effort to get him off the air because of his lousy grammar (he slud into 3rd …) and often brutally blunt opinions about teams and individuals … but the masses loved him.

      • If you are suggesting that Don isn’t genuine Chrisms, we disagree.
        He was the same when he was playing or coaching. If a guy hasn’t changed in 50 plus years, safe to say it is who he is don’t ya think?
        Clip from Canada vs USSR below after a brawl at the WJC and Canadian team getting ripped in our own media.
        Seems pretty consistent/genuine to me.

      • Ok ray. I’m not going to get to into the debate… people including many on this board have a very protective stance regarding cherry and I’ll never see eye to eye with them. To each their own. My exposure to him is really the past 15 years or so. I watched your clip so here’s mine. I cannot watch cherry without this scene popping into my mind.

      • Not sure what the clip has to do with Cherry, but pretty funny, give you that. Jerry Lawler ish.
        Did he ever club the seal?

      • Whats wrong with harvesting seals?

      • It is a funny clip but I am serious that that clip is the first thing that pops into my head every time I see cherry. Maybe my wiring is screwy

      • Don Cherry is the best—its nice to see genuine honesty—95% right all the time too—Ron Mclean is a fantastic speaker —they need to stay forever and given way more time

    • Hi Chrisms

      I get that there are those who don’t like him ; he is a character ; he is unique ; but Coaches Corner is very entertaining IMO

      As Ray and Fergy 22 have pointed out; he is loved by the players and all Canadians and you won’t get another celebrity more proud of and supportive of those who defended (and are defending) our freedom and the police and firefighters who daily put their lives on the line for all of us.

      A character …. yep

      Politically astute…. nope

      Canadian centric … yep

      Phonetically challenged…. you betcha

      But he is and always be himself

      Don and Ron must stay


      • What I like about him is, he is the complete opposite of politically correct.

  3. Don Cherry should retire. It’ll greatly entice me to stop changing channels as soon as the 1st intermission starts.

  4. Don & Ron should stay intact and continue where they’ve always been. People, for the most part, enjoy that first period intermission segment.

    In the end, trying to save a $ by cutting those two from the team is likely to cost a lot more in lost TV revenue than just the immediate salary savings.

    • The people I know, Joey, spend the first intermission elsewhere with the TV on mute.
      Good reason to get up and move, all you kids out there.

      • Well apparently BCLeafFan, who by the way I am too, don’t appear to enjoy Don’s rants. It does get hokie at times ; but you know, for all Don’s rants, if you sift thru what he’s saying and apply it here and there, he’s right…Just saying…maybe I’m too old !

  5. Don is set to retire soon. If this was not his last year, then, in all likelihood, next season will be his last. Replacement? Brian Burke. Note that Rogers gave Burke’s segment a title – “To the Point”.

    • @ Hammer: Now that idea has traction: Same gruff, different perspective: Ya I can see that as a go !

    • Joey, I’ve heard his rants for a long time and, about ten or twenty years ago, they started to be repetitive.
      In fairness, I love that he-s at the rink watching minor hockey all the time and really knows who the prospects are from southern Ontario. I also thought his idea of having a big red “Stop” sign on the back of a player’s sweater was brilliant and should be adopted by the NHL, especially for playoff games.
      He’s getting into Bob Cole territory though and that’s sad.

  6. So if the Leafs still want Brodie they should Nylander to the Flames! Just one more forward gone for another great D man! And I know Barrie is only around for a year all you amazing cap experts. Bring in Brodie for Nylander and then you have Reilly, Muzzin, Barrie, Brodie, and Ceci as your top five rounded out by Dermott, Harpur, and Marincin. Not bad if you ask me. It’s about the year ahead with many acquisitions while sustaining your core. We would still have Tavares, Matthews, Marner (they will sign him), Kapanen, Johnsson, Hyman, Kerfoot, and Moore upfront with plenty of 3rd and 4th line talent to go around. And don’t forget we have Andersen. This is a deal Dubas needs to make!

    • Yeah, but is it a deal Treviling needs to make? He already has enough F who disappear in the playoffs. Seasonal scoring is not Calgary’s problem so why would he give up Brodie for Nylander?

    • @ Steven: I agree that the Leafs should unload Nylander to anybody who will take him at this point in time , his value is nominal ;but why is Calgary the team that should acquire him?

      They already have enuf players with” no bruise clauses” in there contracts without adding another.

    • I think Nylander is an overpay for Brodie. When Brodie plays with Gio, he has good numbers. When he doesn’t, not so much. He really struggled when they were separated.
      I will predict that Nylander has an infamous “bounce back” season. Tough year last year but not unexpected considering the time he missed and the scrutiny. The guy has real talent IMO. Why sell low?
      If they are planning on extending Barrie, I would target a guy more in the mold of a Muzzin or Hamonic. The cost depends on the player.

      • @ Ray: Well it seems you have proven both our points. Brodie is not good without Gio and Nylander from my point of view, adds skill without toughness; so in which case, who benefits from a needy Dman vs a soft forward with skill?

      • Ray, you may well be bang on. I said many times during this past difficult season for Nylander that he wouldn’t be the first pro athlete to struggle after missing training camp and the first portion of a season (and in hockey, only returning when the game was switching from the wide open often loosy-goosy early-season play to the more tight checking of mid-December on), and that he could rebound solidly this coming season.

        But the underlying factor is, he now has to prove that that was indeed the case AND follow it up with a solid playoff. And if he does that why would Dubas move him?

        Until then, any attempt to trade him will likely draw mild interest with little substantial return as there are few teams that not only have the space but will willingly become the team that has to be shown proof his almost $7 mil per for the next 6 years is worthy.

      • Just out of curiosity, as matters now stand, where do those Leafs fans who follow their games closely rate Nylander (the 3rd highest paid on the team) in terms of the Top 10 best Leafs (all aspects of the game considered)?

      • I simply think guys who can score at close to a point per game at that young age are worth more than a guy like Brodie. It’s not like Brodie is a top 3 guy on D unless he is paired with a guy like Gio. 5-6 guy if he isn’t IMO.
        Like George says, depends how this year goes. If a guy like Pastrnak can learn to play a 200′ game, and engage more in puck battles, then I think Nylander can. All part of growing up.
        We will see of course, but you have to think he is motivated to prove the doubters wrong?

    • I don’t think the Flames would make that trade. Two reasons, cap space and toughness.
      The flames are trying to shed salary not gain, also nylander is a good regular season player but disappears is the playoffs. The Flames have enough of those players already.

  7. Don Cherry is no longer worth commenting on. And yes I see the irony as I just did. I would watch hockey without Don Cherry present. BCLEaffan is right when he says many go elsewhere during his segment. I for one go to the fridge.

    • @ Steven. sorry hockey fan but I go to the fridge before he comes on. But, if it becomes dumb and hokie while its on, i change the channel

    • The facts are simple Don Cherry and the Coaches corner are still on the air because people watch.
      Personally I don’t leave my couch until it’s over. Don’t always agree with his pov but always entertaining.

      • Among all the Toronto centric media types involved with hockey broadcasts, Ron and Don, at least, speak to the whole nation. So I can see why Sportsnet want them gone.

    • Don and Ron have become South Park’s version of North Park; without the profanity or controversy.

      As long as Hockey Night In Canada is the root source, you will get some version of Don and Ron. it is what it is. Doesn’t matter who hosts. CBC or Sportsnet. It is what it is

  8. “Rogers is cutting all over the place, which included the removal of Bob McCown on radio and television and Doug MacLean doing the same.”

    I wish Steve Simmons were as good at writing words for the purpose of clear and effective communication as he is for making hot dog jokes.

    This sentence says that Doug MacLean is cutting all over the place, which included the removal of Bob McCown on radio and television, since he is “doing the same” as Rogers.

    If it means they got rid of MacLean, big mistake as he and Marek are the only two interesting people they had. NHLN or NBCSN should grab him.

    • @ MG I’m all for opinionated people: Doesn’t mean I have to agree with any of them but I’m the first to defend their right to speak their mind.

      I like Jeff Marek and Mac and Nick too. Don’t always agree with what they got to say but they are candid and candor; for all its perceived faults, is at leas honest.

      • I’m surprised they let MacLean go, he was a bit of a dufise but he was entertaining.
        It’s about time Cherry was let go, about 20 years to late the old windbag.

  9. Would NYI take Nylander? He has upside and he fits in their structure of building for the future

    to NYI: Nylander

    to TML: Cizikas & Dal Colle or Ho-Sang

    Gives TML another $3 m in cap space to get Marner signed and some flexibility for the following season to get Barrie signed.

    Nylander can play in anywhere in the top 9. With NY it would be on wing With Barzal & Nelson s their top 2 C.

    Not sure Lou would give up Casey though as he isa fan favorite and solid 3rd line C.

  10. @ Ya..Not sure Kyle would give up Nylander to Lou either. You have to remember, Lou stuck him with a bunch of stuff he didn’t need so, you know, Nylander, if going anywhere, would be likely the Western Conference;or at least out of the division

  11. Brooksie strikes again. 13 mil for Hall? Paid MORE than McDavid, Mathews, Panarin? don’t think so. Devils will not have another JT situation either.
    TML issues will continue from here on in with Barrie seeking big $$. Somebodies got to go

  12. Devils in a bind. They just brought in Subban and his 9m cap hit in part with hopes of keeping Hall… They have a ton of cap space but not close to a full roster. There’s no way I’m giving Hall a long term deal for 13M. Maybe if he comes back and shows he’s 100%. Next summer they’ll have to also deal with Hischier rfa. If he has a big year he’ll want to get paid. In 3 years they’ll need to deal with Hughes

    • @ slick: Ya I hear you: But if he thinks he can get that, what do you think Marner thinks he should get?

      • Joey, Hall had one big year with Devils. I don’t see him getting any more than Panarin. Certainly not right now coming off serious knee injury. He’ll be turning 29 when next deal starts. I have a hard time thinking Marner gets a ton more than Aho, who has more goals in about same number of games played…Meanwhile Point is also still unsigned. I honestly think best case scenario for Dubas is someone offer sheets Marner. Takes decision out of his hands and might solve cap issue for him.

    • Then the safe play is to offer sheet Marner. Give him 7 for 11.5

      Trade Hall at the deadline if necessary unless they can work him into their cap long term.

      Acquiring Marner would hedge against being left with nothing if Hall walks.


  13. They should remove Cherry from the air and in his place get a guy or woman who is sensitive to the guys in Toronto who wear tight pants with elf boots. I also think the NHL should put a safe space zone on the ice so Nylander can stand there and not get touched or have his feelings hurt.

    • That seems fair.

    • Matt – that is hilarious ! Thanks for making my morning !

    • Good one, Matt, you win a Rock Em Sock Em dvd – just up your alley. Watch from a safe distance while guys hammer each other – man’s hockey.

      • Thank you Chrisms

    • Geez , I see the sky is gonna fall next year in Toronto because of Barrie being a free agent. Could we stop the sky this year first. I think alot of people on this site use the devil’s lettuce. Could you please indulge alittle more so you can relax. The paranoia is running rampant. Just a minute, gotta go, think I hear something in the basement.

  14. Just watching some of the moves Dubas is making and it sure looks like he is preparing to move on from Marner.
    I think he knows he cannot sign Marner for anything less than 10 million so he moved on by securing his lesser RFA.s, making the trade for Barrie.
    I firmly believe he is hoping for a big fat offer sheet over 10.6 million and will jump at the draft picks to start balancing out his roster.

    • The problem there revolves around the massive majority of Leafs fans who are fiercely loyal to the team, and turn out in their thousands either inside the arena or outside watching on the big screen, faces painted in team colours, wearing their favorite’s number on the team jersey. Most of that type don’t frequent sites such as this, nor send comments to the local newspapers, but that doesn’t make them any less passionate about the team and almost all have their specific favorites.

      Just look at the recent circus revolving around Kawhi Leonard – lined up outside a hotel based on rumours he was staying there while in gown to discuss a new deal. Now they are devastated that he chose to go home to California. How do you think those Leafs fans would respond to approaching a new season suddenly without their top points producer for the past two seasons? And how quickly would they turn on a Nylander or even a Matthews if the team started to struggle?

      • ” … in town …” not “gown” LOL. Don’t think he was ever one of Matt’s “guys in tight pants who wear elf boots …”

      • @George: Toronto Media is an eating machine: They won’t shut up no matter what.\\\

        Call me stupid;but i think part of reason Kawhi moved on was, not only the weather and customs BS, was the expectation from fans the he owed us a resign.

        Kawhi, owed us nothing yet delivered everything and people are bitching cause he moved on?

        God help TML if they ever win the the Cup becuz every fart they pass moving forward after that Cup win, will be scrutinized for values sake.

      • You are absolutely correct Joey about the TO media … and whether we like it or not, their main target audience is that vast majority of fan I describe above.

      • what about a moron owner who says toronto forgot about defence and then goes and gets toronto’s defensive coach

      • thomas, at the risk of repeating myself, if you ever watch Tim & Sid (out of Toronto) you may have seen the show where they talked about Babcock relinquishing all aspects of a key element of the their game to an assistant … complete with an ironic “yeah … right …” eyes rolling. You go ahead and choose to believe what makes you comfortable going forward, but if you truly believe for one fleeting second that Babcock did not have THE major say in how the D was conducted, well. be prepared for a revelation.

      • you my friend are never wrong are you as long it’s a leaf story you are all over it get over it mr smith was hired as a defence coach but your right as always

    • FlameFan, I completely agree with you. Kyle has turned over all his cards for the Marner camp. Leafs can match any offer sheet requiring less than 4 first rounders. If Mitch demands more than $10.5 million, then bye-bye, and remember to keep your head up when skating against Muzzin.

      In one month’s time $9 million in cap space will be golden.

      • Actually, Chrisms, they got legal pot in TO now – if you can find an outlet with a supply that is. To their chagrin, demand fast exceeded the supply once it became legal

      • Hammer you will the know slow footed muzzin could even sniff marner? Lol

      • That all Canada? Cause we’s talkin bout Calgary

      • The legalization came from Trudeau at the federal level. That, in fact, will be his lingering political “legacy” after 4 years at the helm.

      • So that’s why you are so much calmer after your most recent specters walk out!!

      • Phweeeeeet …. cough …. yep!

  15. @George: Nylander value? I would have let him sit rather than sign him. Dubas got bullied and now Marner is attempting the same thing; But all within his rights to negotiate Bullies are cowards and no matter who signs Marner, trouble will follow.

    I get Marner..but the CBA and the way RFA’s are running things, needs to change

  16. Taylor Hall has been injury prone his entire career. Head first into the boards often and even got hurt in warmups for crying out loud. Not worth Panarin money based on that alone. I would have to look but 2 good seasons ?
    Not sure why Kadri would nix the suggested Calgary deal but take Colorado. Similar cities. Leafs would have a chance at resigning Brodie virtually none at Barrie

    • Fed up with the constant microscope coverage of Canadian media perhaps? He wouldn’t be the first.

    • Colorado has a goalie?

      He wouldn’t have to compete with anyone for dirtiest player on the team?


      • Weed is legal in Canada now too Chrisms, come on up!
        That is a weird one both good teams, but yeah Colorado looks poised to be really good, and need a guy just like Kadri.
        The media light does shine pretty bright out west as well when it comes to hockey. Maybe that’s it, and no they still don’t have a goalie.

      • Can’t. Work in the medical field. Too risky. I’ll stick with my jack double straight and a yungling draft.

    • My thoughts as well. Brodie has been very reasonable on his contracts here in Calgary. Also, if Jankowski went the other way, he was almost 2.0 mill cheaper than Kerfoot & Janko is an intriguing big centre & a way cheaper 3rd line
      centre. Barrie is going to be hard to sign next summer.

  17. Colorado will miss Barrie.Too big of shoes to fill at this point with Makar . You will see him and Reilly light it up on the PP this year.

  18. it looks to me that mariners agent is talking up an offer sheet to force up the price while other teams are pretending to be interested to hold up the leafs from further signings of UFAS

    • crazy canuck, the Leafs are not interested in any UFAs that cost more than the minimum salary ($700k). Without Mitch, they already have more than 23 one way contracts. Extras will be waived and sent to the Marlies. If Marner demands more than $10.5 million, see-ya. Then Dubas cleans up as other teams attempt to clear up space.

      Will be interesting to see what Montreal offers Marner tomorrow. I suspect it is less than $10.5 and Mitch turns them down. Anything above $11, the Habs will have to shed contracts or buy out Alzner.

      I have paid close attention to how the Leafs have managed their assets the past few years. One of the top priorities of their strategy has been flexibility. With a lower than expected 2019 salary cap, Dubas and company realized that cap dollars would be extremely valuable this summer, so dump Marleau’s contract and sign the RFAs (Kapanen, Johnsson) ASAP, then load up with depth players at $700k. Ideally Mitch would have been signed before the draft but if Marner’s camp wasn’t willing to sign a reasonable contract, just move on and address the other roster issues. By the time August rolls around, the cost to trade Marleau’s $6.25 million contract (1st round pick) will be seen as a huge bargain.