Canadiens Prospect Caufield A Little Man With A Big Shot

by | Aug 6, 2019 | News, NHL | 5 comments



  1. This kid will score goals in the nhl, debrincat is a good example

    • Thats two great 1st round picks in two years for GMMB.
      There’s gold in the middle and late parts of the 1st round too.
      He’s gonna be a good one I’d bet.

  2. This kid sounds like he will be a star, I look forward to following his career.

    What caught my eye the most in the entire article was the fact that MTL hasn’t had a player finish in the top 10 in scoring since the beginning of Reagan’s second term*!

    *DISCLAIMER – DoubleMinor mentions the name of this politician for the sole purpose of emphasizing the length of time since the Montreal Canadiens had a top 10 scorer on their roster. The mention of this name is not an endorsement by DoubleMinor of any political view, party or person.

    • Naming the Canadian Prime Minister would have been more appropriate.

      • Hehe…my apologies to Prime Minister Mulroney, the fans, and the entire Montreal Canadians organization.