Five NHL Teams Still in Need of Shedding Salary

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Soapbox | 5 comments



  1. What about Toronto, Washington, Rangers, San Jose, Winnipeg… rough summer

    • Those clubs are facing as dire a need to shed salary as the others.

    • Toronto is in great shape, don’t need to shed salary. Media hype doesn’t mean its true.

  2. Vinnie???? How in the heck are the Leafs in great shape? they are currently approx. 3 mil over the cap with Marner left to sign. Yes they will have Horton and Clarkson for LTIR. But they also have Hyman and Dermott to come off the IR and they will be at 26 bodies. And you also want a mil or 2 in flexibility in the season. They are not in great shape

    • You are going to be at the top of the cap when you’re one of the premier teams. They are not in trouble , they know how to run a business.
      Everyone is hoping for the worst, but it’s not going to happen
      Toronto is signing Marner right now, because it is screwing the other teams up. Everyone is waiting to see what Marner is getting.
      The Leafs and Marner know. They are just making the other teams wait. Make them scramble, advantage Leafs


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