Most Improved Teams in the 2019 NHL Off-Season

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Soapbox | 7 comments



  1. It seems like many trades were just that, trades that helped both parties such as the Leafs-Avs trade.

  2. I guess the point of such a list is to generate discussion, Lyle. But it is hard to follow your logic regarding the Leafs being one of the most improved teams.

    Trading Kadri (whom I dislike intensely) and substituting Spezza is hardly an upgrade, unless remaining in the line up during playoffs counts 😉 .

    Picking up Barrie while (presumably) letting Gardiner go is standing still.

    That leaves swapping Zaitsev for Ceci and that surely does not equate to a big improvement for the team.

    • As I pointed out, they addressed their long-standing need to bolster the right side of their defense. You forget they also got Kerfoot in the deal with the Avs. He and Spezza will provide additional depth at center. It’s also a good bet neither guy will take costly suspensions in postseason play.

      • Let’s also acknowledge organic growth from a young core. Internal improvements alone would push them forward again this year.

      • That’s right, and it will offset any point loss from moving Marleau. Kerfoot still has upside, as does Kapanen and Johnsson. And of course, let’s not forget two superstars in Matthews and Marner, plus Nylander is bound to regain his form after missing nearly half of last season in a contract standoff.

      • I didn’t forget Kerfoot, but doesn’t he essentially replace Marleau? That’s a one goal increase and a – 3 decrease in plus/minus. The only upside would be an age advantage.

      • `Also salary cap considerations. The team is better than last year likely because of imporoved defense, plus by juggling LTiIR and saved cap space has enough to match an offer sheet for Marner if needed but has enough to sign him regardless.