NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 1, 2019

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Rangers to buy out Kevin Shattenkirk, Avalanche re-signs Samuel Girard, and the Devils re-up Will Butcher. Details and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

The New York Rangers reportedly intend to buy out Kevin Shattenkirk’s contract (Photo via NHL Images).

SPORTSNET: Multiple reports indicate the New York Rangers intend to buy out the contract of Kevin Shattenkirk.

CAP FRIENDLY: The 30-year-old defenseman has two years remaining on his contract with an annual average value of $6.65 million.


SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was confusion over when the Rangers would buy out Shattenkirk. Because they settled with Pavel Buchnevich before his arbitration hearing, the Rangers were allowed to buy out a player during a 48-hour window three days after Buchnevich’s contract was filed.

While the agreement with Buchnevich was signed on Friday, the deal wasn’t registered with the league until Saturday. Thus, the three-day period didn’t begin until Monday.

TSN: The Colorodo Avalanche re-signed defenseman Samuel Girard to a seven-year contract extension. The deal is worth $35 million with an annual salary-cap hit of $5 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Girard joined the Avs in November 2017 as part of the three-team deal with the Ottawa Senators and Nashville Predators that sent Matt Duchene to Ottawa. The 21-year-old rearguard has become an invaluable part of Colorado’s blueline. Given his youth he still has plenty of upside, potentially turning his new contract into a considerable bargain down the road.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: The New Jersey Devils avoided salary arbitration with defenseman Will Butcher, re-signing him to a three-year, $11.2-million deal. The AAV is $3.73 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A reasonable deal for both sides. Butcher had a 44-point rookie season in 2017-18 and netted 30 last season. He was a key part of the Devils power play during that time. The 24-year-old is a skilled puck-moving blueliner.

THE SCORE: The Buffalo Sabres and goaltender Linus Ullmark are about $2 million apart heading into salary arbitration on Aug. 2. Ullmark seeks an annual average value of $2.65 million while the Sabres countered with $800K per season.

AZCENTRAL.COM: Arizona Coyotes captain Oliver Ekman-Larsson required four stitches and a tetanus shot after being bitten by the family dog in May. Ekman-Larsson confirmed the incident yesterday, indicating he’s recovered from the bite.


  1. Waiting until the last minute to make an announcement on Shattenkirk makes you wonder if Gorton was having agonizing second thoughts about the wisdom of that move – especially with its effect next season – or if he indeed was trying to arrange a deal right up to decision time.

    Be interesting to see where he signs as a UFA when the dust settles.

  2. I see these teams as perhaps offering him 2 years at $1.5 or $2 mil per – in order of likelihood (IMHO)

    San Jose

    • He would not make the Habs powerplay any worse. He could also be insurance in a Nashville but I am sure he wants playing time

      • I thought, maybe, Montreal … but I don’t think he’s interested in any Canadian destination. Being from New Rochelle, N.Y., he might be interested in the Islanders – and Lou might be interested in him for a couple of years anyway.

    • Along with the suggestions above; I think any team expected to miss the playoffs should offer up a one year contract between 3-4M. If he goes off, he may be a solid trade chip come trade deadline

      • Unless there are no other suitors Taz, that may be his only option. Even somewhere in Canada (the HORROR).

  3. As I posted yesterday:

    “So Shatts loses just shy of $2.9 M by being bought out….if some team signs him for 2 @ $1.5M… he’s ahead financially … LOL”

    I’m still in awe that they are doing the buyout instead of a trade with 50% retained

    George above has pointed out 6 teams that might have interest

    From your list George, I would think Ducks make the most sense ….. this is bad for me personally as I was counting on GMJR still getting a deal done with them to take on JJ


    • I’m positive they exhausted every possible trade scenario. Hence why the buyout decision was made in the 11th hour.

      I don’t think Gorton just bought him out without trying everything else. If that’s the route he was going to take, he would have done it in the 1st buyout window.

      • I agree Nyr4life – I posited a couple of scenarios yesterday (and above) – but I agree he most probably exhausted every possible trade approach

      • You would think they would buy out Stall or Brendan Smith before Shattenkirk. He’s really crashed and burned his career. Maybe he goes back to the Blues and has a resergence.

      • Except that hockey personalities – from players to management – are notoriously superstitious, so I doubt a team that could never win anything with him in his prime is going to take him back as they set out in defense of the Cup. And, at the same time, possibly worsen their chances of re-signing Edmundson. They’re going to be tight as it is.

    • More proof the buyers are playing very tough against those needing to shed salary

      • It’s developed into the perfect storm for that scenario.

  4. I posted yesterday my praise of Joe for getting Girard to sign that contract. Simply amazing

    His value will be definitely above that in 2 years and just picture in 5 years when with what I perceive as the progression …. Cap nigh $100 M and Girard just getting into his prime; playing top 2 and high 20’s minutes nightly with big offensive numbers….. that contract will IMO be perceived as an absolute steal

    Kudos again to Joe

    • I like the deal today. But Girard is still young. A lot of people praised the Zaitsev and Skjei signings at the time of those deals, and both took giant leaps backwards .

      I just don’t agree with giving these young guys 7-8 year deals before they’ve proven themselves for more than a season or two.

      • great deal for avs!…other than a long term injury or something happening to him…Girard already plays top pairing minutes…and when they paired him with Makar for a bit it was a treat to watch those two in the offensive zone anyways…deal doesn’t kick in until next year so that helps as well…

      • I lean to the same opinion as Nyr4Life. The kid has had a pretty good start to his career, but it’s not like he has been lighting it up offensively and still needs to work on his overall game when it comes to defending.
        If he continues to improve and becomes a reliable top 4 who brings offense, great signing, if he flat lines, bad signing. Has been sheltered (expected) by getting mostly O zone starts.
        Some risk for both sides, so seems about right, but I prefer shorter deals with young guys because you simply don’t know and every player is different.
        Especially D.

      • I believe Zaitsev simply had one good year as a fluke and will never again live up to his contract. Skjei on the other hand slipped over the past couple of years because his team was going backwards. As the Rangers improve, so will he.

      • I believe Zaitzev will be fine, and the contract will look good at the end . Zaitzev looked good playing with Muzzin. He can’t play with a defenseman who takes chances all the time. He can’t cover other people’s flaws. Leafs aren’t really a defense type team.

  5. Every contract is a bet on future performance – that doesn’t mean it has to be seven years.

  6. 2001avsattack I agree and the fact it doesn’t kick in until next year makes it even a prettier deal for the Avs! Risks involved in all contracts but I’d rather have a young guy tied up on a long term deal than an aging vet who’s play is on the downhill side.

  7. I could see the Sharks being in on Shatt. They still have a hole from the departure of Braun, and we still dont know if Simek will be healthy or recover from the knee injury. at 1-1-5 it’s a gamble id take. He couldnt be worse than Braun and He might pair well with Dillion.

    I’m still wondering what the sharks are doing. They need a second line scorer a third line center and another D man. Not to mention they need to upgrade the back up goalie situation.

  8. and the family dog has bitten the hand that is supposed to be feeding him? Has the cost of puppy chow gone up that much that even a rich NHL player has trouble making ends meet?

    • Maybe it was a pitbull. Those suckers could bite their mother while emerging from the womb!

    • They used to be known as the nanny dog, until people started doing people thing with them.
      People really are the worst sometimes.
      They’re mostly all good boys and girls unless made to be otherwise.

      • Agreed , shoreorrpark. In order to train a dog the person has to be smarter than the dog. All dogs are good, people suck.
        Now back to the boring summer.
        Sure wish another league would start up and play through the summer.
        I think it would work in Canada. Just Canadian teams.
        No Pierre Maquire either