NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 22, 2019

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The Wild hire Bill Guerin as their new general manager, the Senators re-sign Colin White, the Islanders sign Derick Brassard and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

TWINCITIES.COM: The Minnesota Wild yesterday named Bill Guerin as their new general manager. Guerin spent 18 seasons as an NHL player and the past decade as an executive with the Pittsburgh Penguins, including the past five years as assistant GM.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wild hope Guerin, a proven winner as a player and in management, can right the ship and change the culture after they missed the playoffs last season. He didn’t waste any time getting started, re-signing forward Joel Eriksson Ek to a two-year, $2.975-million contract.

Guerin must also re-sign restricted free agent winger Kevin Fiala. He must decide if defenseman Jared Spurgeon still has a future with the Wild as he enters the final season of his contract.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators yesterday re-signed center Colin White to a six-year, $28.75-million contract. Cap Friendly indicates the annual average value is $4.75 million and lacks no-trade protection.

Ottawa Senators re-sign center Colin White to a six-year contract (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: White is considered a core player for the rebuilding Senators. The 22-year-old played 23 games between 2016-17 and 2017-18. Last season was his first full NHL campaign and he didn’t disappointed, tallying 41 points in 71 games to finish fifth among NHL rookies.

A swift, versatile two-way forward, White should prove worthy of his new contract over the next six years. Given his upside, this deal could turn into a bargain for the Sens.

NEW YORK POST: The New York Islanders yesterday signed center Derick Brassard to a one-year, $1.2-million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So much for recent speculation claiming Brassard was on the verge of joining the Edmonton Oilers. The Isles hope the 31-year-old will provide some much-needed depth at center on their bottom-six.

MILE HIGH HOCKEY: (stick tap to Shawn Lamba) cites a report out of Finland indicating Colorado Avalanche winger Mikko Rantanen “is set to travel to Hamar, Norway next week to begin training with Storhamar of the GET league.” Rantanen reportedly intends to keep his options open if a new contract with the Avalanche isn’t in place when training camp opens next month. Meanwhile, Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston believes a new contract with the Avs isn’t far off.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The site reports Rantanen is believed seeking an annual average value in the range of $10 million. There’s also speculation he could get a four-year deal worth around $9 million per season. We’ll find out soon enough when Rantanen is signed and for how much for how long.

TSN: cites The Columbus Dispatch’s Brian Hedger reporting Blue Jackets defenseman Zach Werenski seeks a three-year contract with an annual salary-cap hit around $5 million.

Hedger also said he’s heard Philadelphia Flyers blueliner Ivan Provorov’s camp has asked for $10 million per season, likely on a long-term contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Werenski probably thinks he’s not going to get more than Seth Jones’ $5.4 million AAV as Jones is a better all-around rearguard. As for Provorov, I’ll be stunned if the Flyers pay him $10 million annually. He’s a talented defenseman yet to reach his full potential but he’s not worth that much.

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: The Carolina Hurricanes are still awaiting word from winger Justin Williams if he’ll return for another season. GM Don Waddell said he doesn’t want to set a deadline for Williams to reach a decision but noted time is getting short. Williams, meanwhile, is visiting family in Northern Ontario and has “nothing to report.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wouldn’t surprise me if Williams makes his decision following the Labor Day weekend.

TSN: Former Washington Capitals winger Dmitrij Jaskin is expected to sign with the KHL’s Moscow Dynamo.

SPORTING NEWS: Mark Pavelich, a member of the 1980 USA “Miracle on Ice” team and a former NHL player, was arrested Monday for reportedly attacking a neighbor with a metal pole following a fishing trip.

The charges include “second- and third-degree assault, possession of an illegal shotgun and possessing a gun with a scratched off serial number.” Pavelich was ordered by a Minnesota judge to undergo a mental evaluation before standing trial.


  1. All the Best Billy G. You have your work cut out for you.

    Man do you work fast though… first day on job and you do the whole negotiations and signing on an RFA …. whooosh…. maybe that will rub off on all other GMs

    …. kidding of course; that contract was already negotiated and his job was just formally signing ; but it paints a pretty picture. Re trading Spurgeon …. Pens would love him!!!

    Re : Wierenski @ $5M and Props @ $10M…. I realize different situations and different terms and that Clb has Jones at $5.4 M….. but WTF???? Wierenski is NOT only worth half of Props!!!

    With Rantenen talking of going to Norway ; MM already discussing with a Swiss team; is this the beginning of many more RFAs making overseas calls?

    • It’ll be interesting to see if Guerin – who now has $7,958,911 in cap space with only Fiala to re-sign – contacts Rutherford to see who he’d be willing to relinquish in order to re-sign Marcus Pettersson given that he’s now $157,500 over the cap.

      But don’t get your hopes up, Pengy, I seriously doubt that it will be Jack Johnson. Maybe someone like Rust?

      • Hi George

        Any deal giving up a Rust or a Bjug MUST MUST MUST include JJ

        Pens have absolutely ZERO chance at a cup playing JJ as a reg

        Bjug is from Minny … so there is that draw

        Bjug + JJ for Staal 🙏👍

    • it would be a good start if Guerin could undo all the terrible trades that Fenton made

    • Pengy hearing Guerin is a big JJ fan and one of his first business of order is to bring JJ to Minny.

      • Now you got Pengy doing cartwheels down Yonge Street!

      • Caper

        I fainted and just woke up

        Your Bazinga had me going

        Dang … we’re it only true 😢

  2. Lyle, is Werenski precluded from an offer sheet?

    The $5 M vs $10 M (Werenski vs Props) just seems outlandish

    A team could offer sheet Werenski up to $6.3M and would only have to pay a 1st and a 3rd

    The two are the same age; selected one apart in the same draft and Werenski is slightly bigger and appears to have slightly better numbers :

    Props : 246GP-30-67-97 ; Minus 6

    Werenski : 237GP-38-90-128; Plus 13

    Props twice as much?????

    • Pengy, Werenski is eligible to receive an offer sheet. Given what he’s seeking and recent rumblings that a deal could be close, it’s obvious he’s not interested in one.

      • Thanks Lyle

        Greatly appreciated


    • Pengy, now that White has re-signed in Ottawa – there’s one player at least who doesn’t mind playing for Melnyk 🙂 – the only OS exempt RFAs still left are McAvoy and Boeser.

      • Thanks George

        I knew about MacIvoy being exempt of OS; didn’t realize Boeser was as well

      • George that could be a very good signing for Ottawa, it’s already a good signing.

      • Well, as I said elsewhere Caper, by signing for 6 years (with NO ntc included) it at least demonstrates that there’s one on the roster at least who doesn’t mind playing for Melnyk 🙂

        But all kidding aside, I do agree that that could turn out to be an excellent signing by about half-way through the contract as the other kids develop. Sens fans can only hope after the recent negativity. Only time will tell.

        Personally, I still see the franchise elsewhere within 4 years.

  3. I like Provorov a lot. But $10 mil per?? Holy crap.

    • George

      Yep yep yep

      Holy Crap on a Cracker

    • sounds like Provorov is playing his way out of the league, most likely KHL bound for the season

      how can he expect to make $10M per coming off an off-year?

  4. I can see Werenski at 5.5-5.9 AAV on a 3 year deal but I don’t see Provorov anywhere near $10 million per season. He can ask for whatever he wants but I doubt the Flyers come anywhere close to that; even on a long term deal.

    • Since Brian Hedger is a Columbus scribe, you have to wonder where he got the idea that Provorov’s camp is seeking $ 10 mil per! You’d think something of that nature would have also been reported by journalists closer to the Flyers organization, or even someone like Elliott Freedman, I realize that negotiations always begin with the agent and player tabling their demands and the team counter-offering, and that often they meet somewhere in the middle. But $10 mil!! That would ultimately represent a helluva drop from expectations.

      Right now the Flyers have $13,417,421 in cap space with Provorov & Konecny to re-sign. With White and his 14g 27a 41 pts getting 6 years at $4.75 per off the cap in Ottawa, you know Konecny and his 24g 25a 49 pts is going to demand sometrhing north of that. A $5.5 mil contract would leave the Flyers witharound $8 mil to re-sign Provorov … which should be more than enough. But if he and his agent are really thinking like that, he might be one of the RFAs who Freedman suggested could be sitting the year out.

      • That’s more like it Joey – even if still a tad high coming off a not-so-great year – not bad mind you – just not $8 mil worth. He might be better off signing a 3-5-year deal at around $6.5 per and reach UFA status quicker. Maybe that $8 x 8 you mention is their tactic to get the Flyers to give a shorter term. We’ll soon see one way or the other.

        Would like to see Ron’s views on this – he’s closer to all things Flyers than I am, that’s for sure.

      • Ya I think $8 Million is a bit high too but its a lot more realistic as it pertains to term anyways.

        George, likely $6-6.3 on a 5 year or $7.3-7.5 on a 7 or 8 year deal; but with all these crazy expectations with RFA’s this summer, who knows.

        Boeser apparently wants $7 million per season on a 4 year deal. Don’t see Benning doing quite that much but like I said, this is all new territory

  5. In a matter of years the Penguins lose Fitzgerald, Botterill and now Guerin who are 3 up and coming great hockey minds. But they extend the guy that gives Jack Johnson and 5 year contract and a fourth liner a 6 year, 4 mill per contract. All Rutherford has ever done right is get Kessel, which was a big deal, but the rest of the credit for the 2 cups goes to Ray Shero and his staff. Now Rutherford is running the team into the ground and he’s losing all the rational minds that were around him.

    On another note ESPN named Crosby the NHLs MVP for the last decade and even his biggest haters would have trouble arguing with that. Captain of 3 cup winning teams, world championships, Olympics and World Cup teams. He really lived up to the hype he had in his draft year.


    • Shero seems like a good GM, but you have to admit some luck involved with the Penguins success.
      They won the lottery after the lockout season and the guy available was a generational talent the game hadn’t seem since Mario. Didn’t need to be a great GM to make that pick, nor did you need to be that bright to take Malkin at #2 the year before.
      There are draft classes that simply don’t have great players in them, especially in the class of Crosby, who as you say, is the best player in the last decade.
      This year Shero took Hughes, again seemed pretty easy, but I will go out on a limb and say he won’t be as good as Crosby.

      • Hi Ray


        Short limb though…. no chance IMHO that Hughes is anywhere near the player Crosby is and has been.

        I don’t even think that Hughes is a lock for ROTY (Calder)

        Crosby was edged out by Ovi …. still burns me

    • Deee

      I am , and have always been, extremely proud of my future son-in-law

      I am only now willing to concede the likelihood of this year where Sid is overtaken by McD as the “Face” of the NHL

      He still remains a sight to watch

      BTW …. you (as a Pens fan) are invited to the wedding … yes open bar …. I’m insisting the groom’s side picks up the bar tab though …. fair is fair

  6. First 3 seasons ages 20 , 21 and 22
    Colin White 2 games – 0 points
    21 games- 6 points
    71 games- 41 points
    Minus 23
    21st overall
    4.75 million 6 years

    William Nylander 22 games- 13 poin
    81 games- 61 points
    82 games- 61 points
    Plus 18
    8th overall
    6.9 million 6 years

    Everyone likes the statistics,
    Statistics don’t lie ,only liars lie
    I know Dubas is a dumbass, and Dorion is doing it the right way.
    Brain wash complete

    • Based on last year stats Nylander would of finished with 48pts and White 47pts. Not to mention Nylander as you noted is getting over $2m a season more.
      Curious how much do you feel the difference should be? 3m 4m per season?

      • Last year is 4th year stats for Nylander.
        Coming out of elc is how they based the contracts.
        Try to keep up Caper

      • Haha Vinnie, I deal with the present not pass history sorry it doesn’t fit your narrative, but nice come back.

        George is playing you like a fiddle.

    • Hahahaha.
      Vinnie, you’re doing it wrong.
      Lyle must have really rattled you the other day.
      You aren’t even trolling George properly.
      ps. He probably won’t bite.

      • George won’t bite because he knows I speak the truth about Ottawa.
        They pay all their mediocre talent.
        Bad contracts Jared Cowan. Milan Michalek, Colin Greening, Bobby Ryan, Mike Condon, the Hamburglar.
        Won’t pay their superstars Alfredsson, embarrassed him and made him play his last year for 1 million and then low balled him so he went to Detroit. Chased Karlsson, Hoffman, Stone and Turris out of town. Wouldn’t offer reasonable money and they new better than to stay. Duchenne wanted to stay to be close to Peterborough but couldn’t stand it.
        George knows I am right. That’s why he doesn’t bite.
        Laughs at the Leafs but they are worse.
        They would have not had the run in 2017 if the Leafs hadn’t taken their bad contracts in 2016 .Greening, Michalek and Cowan

    • An old saying that I first heard from a professor of statistics:
      “There are three kinds of lies – lies, damn lies and statistics.”
      His point was that you can make statistics prove whatever you want, depending on your point of view, and that we should always be cautious when someone cites statistical evidence.
      In the NHL, I think there’s one stat that should always be at the top and that’s number of championships won.

      • He was quoting PM Benjamin Disraeli of Great Britain. Mark Twain and Lincoln loved that quote too.

  7. Would you trade Werenski straight up for Iva P?

    • ds, yep.

      • But not if he continues to ask for $10 mil per Ray. Otherwise, in a heartbeat!

      • 100% George. He definitely isn’t twice as good a Werenski, as is being suggested in the asking prices.

  8. I really bizarrely love it when the morning coffee comments outstrip the rumor comments. It’s in the win column for my day.

    • That is a rarity Chrisms. Maybe has a lot to do with the fact that, relatively speaking, there aren’t all that many fans of the Sabres, Canucks and Blackhawks in these threads than those teams who are the subject of the Headlines page.

  9. Caper , I guess there is nothing to talk about if you only deal in the present.
    Oh you mean, you didn’t win the debate, so you don’t want to talk history.
    Actually pretty easy to see Nylander is definitely worth 2 million more per season if you read the stats for first 3 years.
    But you can ask George, I know he likes statistics.
    He probably will say.
    I’m bloody well not going to tell that mealy mouth vitriol but , he’s right the statistics are right there.
    And than you guys will stick up for George and hurt my feelings.
    And I will slither back down to my mama’s basement . And look at porn and say maybe tomorrow they will like me.
    And maybe Obe can make fun of bullying again

    • Vinnie you are entertaining, but some days we agree and other we don’t.
      What one does or doesn’t do in their mother basement or anybody else’s is no concern of mine.

  10. Vinnie I don’t think anybody will like you anymore by tomorrow but hey what do I know besides I’m happy Toronto over pays all their young players. 1967 I was three the odds are they will win one in next 50 years.

    • And chances are – using statistics – most of those Leafs fans who were 40 and up in 1967 are long past waiting. In fact, their likely dead.

      • Still alive and hoping they win at least one before our Maker comes calling 🙂

      • George you just gave the fiddle back.

      • Not directly Caper.

  11. It was Mark Pavelich who was the former US Olympian and Ranger who was arrested – not Matt Pavelich the former NHL linesman

    • Fixed, thank you!

      • The only Pavelich I remember is Marty who played his whole career with Detroit from 1947 to 1957. Are they all related?

  12. You know I’m looking forward to the next time when you fellas use statistics because they don’t matter. So I guess Keith and Wayne had about the same career.
    Oh yeah we live in the present, we don’t talk history.
    I’m starting to think I’m talking to a bunch of old women.
    And George is the Queen bee.
    When my Mom comes home from work she gets a kick out of this.
    She says Vinnie leave the weak minded alone.

    • Yo mama! Would do us all a favor if her son would listen to her. Please do so otherwise you callin your own mother an idiot.

  13. Vinnie stats don’t mean everything I remember a kid named Dan Hodgson played in WHL scored probably 500 points in three years Leafs drafted him I think 2nd round. Pretty sure he never scored a 100 points in his NHL career.

    • You remember Dan Hodgson Obe? That’s a wow.
      PA Raider from the glory days.
      You a Sask boy? No wonder you make so much sense.
      It was almost 500 pts, absolutely killed it the playoffs and M. Cup too.

  14. Obe, I understand you are trying to make a point and prove me wrong. But maybe you should consult with someone first.
    Hockey is all about statistics. That’s why they keep track of goals and assists, wins ,losses , goaltending averages. Road wins , road losses, home wins , home losses.
    I could go on and on but I’m not sure you or PM Disraeli of Great Britain, Mark Twain or old Abe Lincoln who I didn’t even know was a hockey fan will understand.
    I did type slow, I hope that helps.
    I think even Lyle would agree hockey revolves around statistics.
    Wow , that’s all I got left.
    Hockey, sure would be interesting without statistics.
    Keith will be excited, Walter will be his father again too.

  15. Ray I am Saskatchewan boy followed him couldn’t believe the numbers he put up. Vinnie stats just tell a number many things contribute to those numbers like Power play time line mates empty net goals etc. Ovies goal total crushes Crosby,s numbers but most people would take Sid over Alex. You keep justifying why scuba guy signed Nylander for twice his value if it makes you sleep at night.

  16. Obe , don’t use statistics they don’t matter.
    Come on you guys you got Obe in over his head.
    He didn’t know hockey was about statistics. You guys set him up.
    Don’t go quiet now , or maybe George and everyone just went.
    Bloody hell he is right hockey is about statistics
    Victory is mine !!

    • Wow, Vinnie, you’ve outdone yourself. Ever play the game? Sure doesn’t sound like it.

  17. Naw , I’d rather talk about the salary cap and how to fit players into it. And how much each player is worth. I guess that’s what old hockey players do like yourself.
    Don’t talk about hockey, but wages.
    Gee that sounds like accounting.
    Don’t think I ever played hockey with anyone like that.
    Gee you’re right.
    And I guess there’s no statistics in hockey. I think you pointed that out.
    At least you came back to defend Obe , that fella is unarmed

  18. Here are some stats for you last time Leafs won Stanley cup Johnny Bower was their goalie Mike Walton was their leading scorer. Lester B Pearson was Prime Minister and gas was .33 cents a gallon. Best thing about sports is Vinnie still thinks they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Keep cheering Vinster your day in the sun will come.

    • Obe , better check your stats again, information is not totally correct. Jim Pappin was the Leafs leading scorer and Sawchuk actually played as much as Bower and played the clinching game.
      My day in the sun was like everyone else, when you’re young
      And the Leafs were kicking butt