NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 30, 2019

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An update on NHL CBA negotiations, the latest on Justin Williams, Ben Lovejoy retires, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

TSN: Darren Dreger reports the NHL is expected to announce it will decline its Sept. 1 option to reopen the current collective bargaining agreement “within the next day or two.” Dreger claims the decision will be based on “progressive discussions” with the NHL Players Association.

Will the NHL and NHLPA pass up on their early-out CBA options?

Meanwhile, Pierre LeBrun reports the NHLPA executive board plus other players are expected to meet in Chicago next Wednesday for an update on the discussions. The PA can reopen the CBA on Sept. 15. The two sides have had numerous meeting throughout the summer but LeBrun declined to speculate over where this all leads.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Having covered the last two NHL lockouts, these latest reports give me cause for cautious optimism. The run-up to the last two work stoppages saw both sides snipe at each other in the media. Indeed, the coverage in the summers of 2004 and 2012 was filled with daily CBA reports and analysis even though most NHL insiders were on vacation.

We haven’t seen that this time around. Reports have been few and far between, as both sides kept mum other than to say talks were ongoing and positive. If the league doesn’t take the early out, the pressure falls on the PA to do the same. It’ll be interesting to see what they do. I’m guessing they’ll also pass on the early out.

If both sides decline to reopen the current CBA, they’re either close to a new deal or kicking the can down the road to when the current agreement expires in three years.

THE SCORE: Defenseman Ben Lovejoy yesterday announced his retirement after 11 NHL seasons. He played for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Anaheim Ducks, New Jersey Devils, and Dallas Stars, winning the Stanley Cup with the Penguins in 2016.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Best wishes to Lovejoy in his future endeavors. TSN’s Rick Westhead points out the blueliner became the first active player to pledge his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation in Boston. No other active player followed his lead. “I am a believer in science,” said Lovejoy. “I want to do anything I can to help.”

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Carolina Hurricanes coach Rod Brind’Amour has an idea over whether Justin Williams is leaning toward returning or retirement. However, he’s not saying which direction it’ll be.

THE ATHLETIC: Financial pressures led to Sportsnet cutting NHL analysts Nick Kypreos and Doug MacLean earlier this week.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Toronto Sun’s Steve Simmons recently reported John Shannon is also out but there’s been no official statement. Nevertheless, Sportsnet’s hockey coverage will have a significantly different look this season.

CAP FRIENDLY: released a list of notable dates on the NHL’s 2018-19 schedule. The Christmas holiday trade freeze (all times Eastern) begins at 11:59 PM on Dec. 19 and ends at 12:01 am on Dec. 28. The league’s holiday break runs from Dec. 24 to 26. The NHL trade deadline is 3 pm on Feb. 24. The regular season ends on Apr. 4.


  1. Wow

    Losing those Guys as analysts is ridiculous.I looked forward to their unbiased insights on hockey.
    Kypreos I remember when He started I thought back then He was terrible but He won Me over over the years to the point I thought He became one of the best analysts and an analyst I did not want to miss hearing from.All credit to Mr.Kypreos to become the professional He was.
    I think Sportsnet is crazy!!!
    I will definitely miss all the characters let go.

    • Terry, Sportsnet went big when they bid for the national rights to NHL hockey. The executives who made that decision are all gone now and Sportsnet has been letting people go for the past couple of years.
      Careful what you wish for – it’s a big money gamble.
      You might want to check out DAZN – a sports streaming service – for future reference (subscription required). It has taken English Premier League football away from TSN and Sportsnet in Canada and is unlikely to stop there. NHL hockey will surely be in its sights come time for contract renewal.

  2. Have to commend Ben Lovejoy for donating his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation as research in that field of science can only improve safety standards for players moving forward.

  3. Kypreos and Maclean were almost as bad as Glenn Healy. Just terrible. Unwatchable. With unbelievably bad hot takes. The only positive that has come from Kypreos being on TV was watching the steam coming from Elliotte Friedmas as he had to hold himself back from laughing at or openly mocking Kypreos’ complete idiocy.

    This inches Sportsnet a tiny bit closer to being actually watchable.

    Almost there, guys…

    • Well, that’s one way of looking at it. Chaque un à son goût as they say.

    • Each to their own, but you’re way off base.

    • Garth you’re 100% right. They both or all three never had anything new to say and really didn’t have any insight which was not too shocking when your talking about those guys.

      For an example and I’m not saying he’s amazing but in comparison to these clowns Mike Johnson, holds his own and it seems like the ego was checked at the door which with Kiypros, Healy (king of clowns) , Shannon and McClain never could even when they were told they are misinformed and wrong.

      They were media dinosaurs with old age thinking. With the game changing we need to change the way we talk about hockey and have new voices doing it. Not guys that would have a hard time escaping a paper bag.

    • Agree on the tension within the HNIC analysts. It never seemed like the chemistry was there – they were pros and worked together but rarely relaxed. It was worse with Strombo and improved with McLean but not a winning team.

  4. Re: Williams..26 words that amounted to nothing to report.

    • And yet, if I hadn’t posted it, someone would’ve complained that I didn’t refer to Brind’Amour’s comments. Can’t win for trying, it seems.

      • Damned if you do … damned if you don’t Lyle – gotta stop twisting people’s arms to make them read!

      • What struck me with that post is that the gentleman took the time to count them. That’s high quality whining right there