NHL Most Important Players: Boston Bruins

by | Aug 15, 2019 | News, NHL | 8 comments



  1. Boston is amazing, always competitive. Only team I know that can trade a Joe Thornton Doug Hamilton, Tyler Sequin and many more and just keep going.
    Continually produce and draft outstanding defensemen.
    Definitely alot of pride in that uniform.

  2. Vinnie stay off the booze this early and post what you really believe this isn’t like you.

  3. Sure it is. Boston is my second favourite team always has been. All the way back to Leo Boivin.
    Since the late 60’s I don’t think there has been more consistent than the Bruins.
    And this is late in the day for booze.
    Doesn’t everyone have a beer when you’re making bacon and eggs for breakfast

    • Yes Vinnie, Pilsner is more than a breakfast drink.
      Sweeney gets plenty of accolades, and he has done a good job overall.
      All GM’s miss on picks, but the lost opportunity of those 3 picks, in one of the greatest draft classes in recent memory, will haunt them in the years to come.
      Especially when you consider almost every list had Barzal and Connor ranked right where the Bruins were picking and Senyshyn was 2nd RD. Too clever by half.
      How would that look today?

  4. 2015 was a missed draft. Boston selected Zboril, Debrusk and Senyshyn 13th 14th and 15th overall the take three players taken 16th, 17th and 18th Barzal, Connor and Chabot if you were to flip the 3 wow Boston would be looking strong and they certainly would have there secondary scoring. Boston will look back at this draft as a missed opportunity or what could’ve been, even with Carlo drafted in the second round.
    The most over used phrase “their not getting any younger” Let me know of someone who has got younger.

  5. Caper , Benjamin Button

    • That’s a curious case.

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