NHL Most Important Players: Montreal Canadiens

by | Aug 23, 2019 | News, NHL | 3 comments



  1. Montreal surprised alot of people last year and were fun to watch.
    Mete only 20 and already 120 games. The goals will come I’m sure. Didn’t understand the offer sheet this year. But what a great young centre they got in the draft of 2018

  2. How is a 26 yr old whose highest career goal total is 13 the #1 center above a younger, more highly-touted, PPGer?

    • And there you have it, Ranger. The Habs are either weak at center and need Domi to play there, or weak on the wing and have Domi play there leaving Danault as the # 1 center.

      The Habs will trend up, in a year or two.