NHL Most Important Players: Toronto Maple Leafs

by | Aug 29, 2019 | News, NHL | 3 comments



  1. I expect another first round kick to the curb for TML this post season.

  2. I post again re Leafs and Cup:

    To me, their window is ‘21-‘25 where they have a shot at a 🏆 or 🏆🏆

    No chance in ‘20

    They must address their most glaring long term concerns …. D….. Leafs only have 1 (one ) single NHL D-Man under contract for ‘20-‘21…. Reilly

    If this is not addressed soon ; the ‘21-‘25 window just may go by the wayside

    I’m a patient guy (been waiting 52 years (and counting) but I’m a selfish guy …. I’m in my late 50’s and would greatly appreciate another Leaf 🏆 B4 I retire


  3. That line about Bozak being defensively-responsible made me laugh. Yes he was slightly above average in the faceoff dots but that’s about it. Bozak was a center on a sheltered scoring line, ie lost of draws in the offensive zone and usually played against lower 6 players the final two years he was on the team, Kadri was their checking center-man which wasn’t a good role for him too. Kerfoot is a gamble/wildcard at center simply because he work in the dots is so-so. He’s young and cheap and can improve slightly but not much.
    Just remember all teams lineups will drastically change come Allstar break.