NHL Rumor Mill – August 1, 2019

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The latest on the Rangers and Flames in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NEW YORK POST: While the Rangers intend to shed salary by buying out defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, Brett Cyrgalis believes there’s still some trade possibilities on the table. Winger Chris Kreider ($4.65-million annual average value) is a year away from unrestricted free agency and could cost around $7 million annually on a seven-year deal to re-sign. Forwards Vladislav Namestnikov ($4 million) and Ryan Strome ($3.1 million) could be smaller cost-cutting options.

The Rangers plans to buy out Kevin Shattenkirk might not quell the Chris Kreider trade speculation (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As per Cap Friendly, the Rangers currently sit around $4.156 million above the $81.5 million salary cap with Brendan Lemieux and Anthony DeAngelo to re-sign. Buying out Shattenkirk will free up over $5.16 million for 2019-20.

Assuming Lemieux and DeAngelo are each signed for under $900K for next season, the Blueshirts will have to bury one or two contracts in the minors to stay under the cap. That won’t leave much wiggle room. Trading Kreider, Namestnikov or Strome isn’t a certainty but we can’t rule out the possibility one of them will be moved before the start of the season.

Kreider’s pending UFA status ensures he’ll be a fixture in this season’s rumor mill, especially if the Rangers sit outside the playoff picture by the trade deadline.


THE ATHLETIC: Kent Wilson observes the Calgary Flames need to clear about $5 million in salary-cap space to re-sign Matthew Tkachuk and Andrew Mangiapane. He speculates Flames winger Michael Frolik could attract interest as the depth in available wingers in the unrestricted free agent market has dwindled. He has a year remaining on his contract with a $4.3-million salary-cap hit.

Wilson suggests the Ottawa Senators, New Jersey Devils, Philadelphia Flyers, and Columbus Blue Jackets as possible trade destinations. All have plenty of salary-cap space to absorb Frolik’s contract and could use a good utility winger. The Devils, Flyers, and Blue Jackets are poised to be competitive this season. Frolik’s 10-team no-trade clause could complicate things.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind the Flames nearly had a deal in place at the trade deadline that would’ve sent Frolik to the Minnesota Wild for Jason Zucker. Given the management change in Minnesota and the Flames’ shipping James Neal to Edmonton for Milan Lucic, I don’t believe that potential deal will be revisited.

Nevertheless, it suggests Frolik could waive his modified no-trade for the right team. We don’t know if any of those on Wilson’s list might come calling for Frolik. The veteran winger might prefer joining one of the more competitive clubs.


  1. Vladislav….not Vaclav

    • Fixed

  2. While Frolik might be interested in a “more competitive” club, there just aren’t many who might fit that bill, who have the cap space to take on his $4.3 mil cap hit for one year (he’s a UFA next season) and who, turning 32 in February, had his best two goal-scoring seasons 9/10 years ago in Florida. Since then he’s average about 15 goals per season.

    Maybe NJ, Montreal, S,J, or NYI could be interested. None of the others who could accommodate his cap hit are expected to be competitive – Detroit, L.A., Anaheim, Minnesota, Columbus, Ottawa.

    • Would think the younger @4 mil would be better option.

    • Sweetener required.

      Valimaki would be my sugar choice for Mtl.

      • Valamaki will not be going anywhere. He is the Brodie of the future

    • Sorry, that should’ve read the younger Namestnikov.
      Hey George, interesting how you mentioned twitter yesterday. This seems like a good time to mention the pitfalls of writers falling over themselves to be first to report a story. As Lyle wrote, Buchnevich contract wasnt filed right away, so buy out window didn’t even start until this morning! Interesting, even though some of the same writers have said they’ve confirmed with Shattenkirk agent, there’s still no word from Rangers. I’m not doubting he won’t get bought out, but there still seems a possibility that he won’t( last minute trades) or that someone else will. Window open till midnight tomorrow.

      • Wouldn’t THAT be ironic after my “fake news” suggestion yesterday? 🙂

    • George, Frolik has earned a reputation as a good two way player. There must be teams out there that could use him.

      • Oh, I’m sure there are, and those that could, given their own cap situations, and who should be competitive this coming season, I named above. And it is only for this coming season. But, if a competitive team is his choice – as indicated in Lyle’s blurb above – none of the others I mentioned fit that bill. There just aren’t any others that I can see who could take him on, either because they are smack up against the cap themselves and/or have key signings to complete. And Calgary obviously doesn’t want a cap hit back.

  3. I also don’t see where Philadelphia has “plenty” of cap space to bring in a $4.3 mil cap hit. Yes, they are currently shown by CapFriendly to have $13,417,421 at hand – but they still need to sign Provorov & Konecny – two pretty important cogs in their machine – and if both get hefty raises (as they should) there won’t be a lot left to take on Frolik and still leave some wiggle room.

    What do the Philly fans in here see those two receiving?

    • George,

      My two cents puts Konecny between 3.5 and 4.0 on a 3 yr deal and Provorov between 6.5 and 7 over 5 yrs. Which as you mentionedcwill use up most of the Flyers cap room.

      Theyre going to rue the Hayes deal in my opinion.

      • That’s about what I was thinking, Ron. In fact, when someone asked the other day who others thought the RFA D every one was waiting for as a gauge could be, I said Provorov. Of the existing RFA D-men I think he’s the best.

  4. A sweetener for Frolik would be a mid round draft pick not a 16th overall pick.
    They could also deal with Stone.

    • If a sweetener was only a mid round pick I doubt they would have bought out stone. Teams are asking for a premium to bail out cap teams. Stone and shat are really good indicators of that

  5. Calgary will have to add something or retain salary if they want to move Frolik.

    • Dont think so, his actual salary is only 3.0 mill but cap hit is 4.3mill. Sounds like an Ottawa special to me & at least Frolik would easily fit in their top 9. Doubt Frolik causes any problem with the NTC as he needs to showcase himself in a top 9 somewhere to get a new contract. Return for Flames right now would be minimal other than cap space but Frolik could be easily traded at the TDL for a 2nd & maybe later pick to a contender as a rental.

      • Kevin: I agree that Frolik has the type of contract Ottawa likes, but they have no reason to make that trade. They are already above the cap floor with Colin White still to sign and they don’t have any bad contracts that would be appealing to Calgary. Ryan and Boedker don’t make sense given Calgary’s cap situation in a trade. Ryan is a useful player, but overpaid by about US$3M/season and Boedker is worse than Frolik and paid the same this year with minimal cap savings for Calgary.

        Ottawa won’t want to take on more money other than whatever they sign White for in the next month (likely US$3M-US$5M/year depending on term). They also want to leave spots available for their promising young forwards including Batherson, Brown, Veronneau, Norris, Chlapik and Formenton. It should be a competitive camp for Ottawa with at least two from my list making the main roster. Time in the minors wouldn’t hurt any of those players and someone like Nick Paul may surprise and make the team out of training camp.

      • I agree Van. And while on their upcoming season, one player I see as a certainty to go at the trade deadline is Craig Anderson. IF he’s having a decent, uninjured season, and IF a contending team suddenly finds themselves in need of a goalie at that time, either through serious injury or poor play by one of their two starters. Even as a back-up down the stretch, Anderson could be useful.

      • George O: Agree on Anderson. I also think Pageau or maybe Tierney get traded at the deadline too. If Pageau resigns, he is their third line centre long term and Tierney will probably get traded next summer. Ottawa has decent centre depth other than a true 1C and can afford to trade Pageau or Tierney. Maybe they surprise, keep both long term and trade Anisimov instead.

      • Maybe Tor will take Anderson as a backup at the deadline, tandem of Andersen and Anderson, a true 1A and 2A situation.

  6. The problem with the Shattenkirk buyout is the 6 million dollar cap hit next year. Ranger will have over 7 million in dead money next year.

    • The way they look at it is if they don’t buy him out, they’re going to have the 6 mil cap hit anyways. And dead money from someone else’s buyout

  7. With the buy out of Stone, that will give the Flames about 8.5 million in cap space after Gillis and Quine get moved down to the minors removing their cap hit.

    I think Tkachuk gets bridged in the 6 million range and Mangiapane will get 1.2 million.
    That would give the Flames a full roster with about a million dollars left to spare.

    With the buy out of Stone, I don’t believe Brodie or Frolik will be moved.

    • Probably not. No real need to move either now.

  8. NYR have one more trade of Vlady Nam and they will be good with Strome off the books the following season.

  9. Has anyone told Vyle Dumbass its Aug 1, not July 1st? You know, the date he said he’d have his #1 priority Mitch Marner signed sealed and delivered.

    To be fair he has been very busy trading away a 1st round pick, his #2 center, #4 defenceman and juggling dollars so he’s only 3 million over the salary cap for next season.

    The Shanaplan is looking more and more like the Shanascam with each passing day.

    • His number 2 center? Tavares is his number 2 center.

      • I thought JT was 1C?

    • Good lord…Lol

  10. Smartest G.M. in the whole league

  11. Would Hooland trade Kasian to NYR for Namestnikov?

    EDM looking for more skill

    NYR needs more toughness for their younger kids

    cap works for both teams

    both are UFA at season end