NHL Rumor Mill – August 15, 2019

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The latest on the Sharks, Flames and Red Wings in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Kevin Kurz expects Joe Thornton will return for another season with the San Jose Sharks. The delay in signing the 40-year-old center could be because the Sharks haven’t finished shaping their roster for the upcoming season. They still need depth at right wing and perhaps a more reliable backup goaltender.

Will the San Jose Sharks bring back Patrick Marleau? (Photo via NHL Images)

Kurz is less assured about a possible reunion with Patrick Marleau. The former Shark agreed in June to be traded by the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Carolina Hurricanes, who bought out the final year of his contract.

Kurz believes there’s isn’t a “handshake-type agreement” between the Sharks and Marleau as there is with Thornton. Marleau isn’t a right winger and general manager Doug Wilson doesn’t like to add veteran players who would take away playing time from younger ones.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With over $4 million in salary-cap room, the Sharks have enough to bring back Thornton and Marleau on affordable one-year, bonus-heavy contracts.

Thornton’s return is assured. If Wilson finds a younger, cost-effective right wing via trade or free agency, that’ll put an end to any talk of a Marleau reunion.


SPORTSNET: Eric Francis reports Juuso Valimaki’s knee injury changes Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving’s plans for T.J. Brodie. Treliving was shopping Brodie and nearly shipped the defenseman to Toronto for center Nazem Kadri but the latter refused to waive his no-trade clause. Kadri was later traded to the Colorado Avalanche.

With Treliving now seeking a replacement for Valimaki, Francis considers it likely “trade talk involving Brodie will now cease.” He expects Oliver Kylington should easily slide in Valimaki’s spot on the Flames blueline. Instead of moving Brodie to free up salary-cap space to re-sign Matthew Tkachuk, the focus could instead shift to trading winger Michael Frolik ($4.3 million).

THE HOCKEY NEWS: If Treliving opts to shop around for blueline depth, Jared Clinton suggests unrestricted free agents such as Ben Hutton or Joe Morrow. He also proposed contacting the St. Louis Blues about Joel Edmundson or Carl Gunnarsson, or shipping Frolik to the Los Angeles Kings for Derek Forbort.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Failing to trade Brodie this summer may be a blessing in disguise following Valimaki’s injury. Treliving doesn’t seem too concerned about finding a suitable replacement. If he seeks a more experienced and affordable option, he shouldn’t encounter much difficulty finding one via trade or free agency. He could also wait until after training camp or pre-season play to go that route.


THE DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan recently reported changes will be ongoing this season for the Red Wings defense corps. They’re waiting to see if veteran Niklas Kronwall will return or retire. Trevor Daley, Jonathan Ericsson, and Mike Green are all a year away from unrestricted free agent status. Kulfan doubts they have a future with the Wings. If they stay healthy, he expects they’ll likely be moved by the trade deadline if the Wings are out of playoff contention by then.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wings blueline was a work in progress before Steve Yzerman took over this spring as general manager. That work will continue throughout this season and into next summer. Don’t expect the Wings to get much back in return for Daley, Ericsson, or Green.


  1. I expect Hannifin to step up. The Flames will pick up a 7-8 defence man. Their Stockton Heat Corp is thin and they actually could use a couple of 7-8 for some organizational depth.

  2. If the goal is Cup then why bring back Marlaeu and Thornton?

    • Good question Matt. They never came close to a cup with both in their prime (they did get to the 2016 finals against the Pens but both were well past their prime by then) so why bring one or both back now? Sentimentality? All that does is stymie the development of their better prospects.

      • George, are you suggesting a rebuild? They just gave a 29 year old an 8 year deal for mad money. Burns and Vlasic both over 30 and going nowhere. I don’t see a need for Marleau, but Thornton had a decent year for a 2/3c. 51 points plus his shear presence makes him well worth bringing back. Only 4 points less than 7 million dollar man K Hayes. SJ window is now. What prospects are needing to be brought in to replace him? They’re currently showing only 11 forwards on roster.

      • No, not suggesting a rebuild. But, in responding to Matt who suggested both are questionable signings, I simply pointed out the facts in agreeing with him. It seems every year has been SJ’s window … seemingly always a bridesmaid … never a bride in their case.

        Maybe it’s simply time to continue changing the culture.

      • At the moment, the Sharks have $4,682,583 in cap space with 21 shown at the major league level by CapFriendly. With players like Middleton and Simak likely delegated to the AHL, that adds another $1,410,000 bringing them to just over $6 mil.

        Wouldn’t that be better spent by getting in on the act with other teams having lots of cap space waiting on the cap-strapped clubs to start peddling off players in order to get under the cap and/or sign key free agents? Wouldn’t a younger, established F costing around $4 mil (such as Frolik) be better going forward than bringing in an older player who couldn’t help them to Cup success in his prime?

        Anyway, that’s the way I see it. Not claiming I’m right – just a different way of seeing things.

    • MATT..THey will b closer to a cup with Thornton and Pavelski. Than without..Matt and George..especially with Pavelski gone…

  3. I’ll say it again

    Marleau signing alone nets him more $ than he would have made staying in Toronto or with Canes.

    He lost $413 in the buyout…. League Min is $700K. He’s ahead.

    He stated many times that he had desires to finish his career in SJ.

    Just playing in SJ is a bonus for him… why would the contract have to be bonus laden? If you are SJ and want him; just give him League Min and slot him in wherever.

    If they have no intention of signing Marleau… let him know… then he can retire (I think that odds of him playing another year elsewhere — unless it is back with Leafs [I’m certainly not pro on that move]; is slim).

    For Jumbo Joe— I believe it’s SJ or golf 🙂

    • IF you trade JJ you can sign Marleau LOL

      • 👍

    • Pengy..i think johnson situation is coming soon… they need to make room to sign pettersson Johnson rust and possibly Bujgstad moving..

    • I think Marleau will retire. Of course I thought he’d be back with the Leafs, sporting a composite stick, new skates and primed for one helluva year.

  4. I hope the Wings do trade Daley, Ericsson, and Green near or at the deadline for picks/futures.

    • Curious will Detroit throw Seider out there on day 1? Big kid, physically ready… Rangers are loaded in left d prospects, and need a legit 2c. Would Detroit be willing to part with AA? Strome or Namestikov plus Lindgren or Rykov?

      • AS a NYR fan I’d be more than willing to give Strome & Namestnikov for AA & a chik-fil-A sandwhich

      • Seider will get a look in preseason to see if he is ready for a 9 game stint during the regular season.

        I would say no on the AA for Strome and Namestnikov. If the Wings move AA then it would be for something they need like a good young top pair defenseman potential or a good young goalie plus a young decent defenseman.

      • Slick…I really hope they can just send him to Grand Rapids for the season. I really like his upside and can’t wait to see him excel, but he’d be better off with some North American seasoning.

        As for the trade – Hard No! Lol! IMO, AA is gonna be good! I hope Stevie Y keeps the young Corp (Larkin, Manta, AA and Bertuzzi) for the long haul.

      • Or a chik-fil A sandwich for Strome and Namestikov.

  5. Some of those sandwiches are pretty good when there’s no ecoli mayo on them.

    or was chipotle….?

    meanwhile….Ottawa preparing to lowball “usual” on Colin White. And Chabbot doesn’t need signing…..lets just let the year play out and see what happens eh Eugene?

    • I don’t think it’s a question of lowballing White, Dark G. I get the impression that he’s one of the many RFAs still unsigned looking for shorter term in order to get to UFA status faster. That’s becoming more and more the approach lately.

      • maybe…..but they have no leverage. And the new CBA is quietly and potentially shaping up to be a nasty battle

        Austin Mathews had “leverage” because he’s Austin Mathews.

      • Hi Dark G

        AM also had leverage because Nylander forced GMKD to capitulate

        If Kyle baby had made WW sit the year I don’t see AM being allowed to sign a 5 year deal… I believe AM signs in Arz on 1/7/24