NHL Rumor Mill – August 2, 2019

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Potential destinations for Kevin Shattenkirk and how Michael Stone’s buyout could affect the Flames’ salary cap in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: With the New York Rangers buying out Kevin Shattenkirk’s contract, Steven Ellis examined the top five destinations for the 30-year-old defenseman. 

Having been bought out by the New York Rangers, defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk could draw some interest in the UFA market (Photo via NHL Images).

If the Buffalo Sabres trade Rasmus Ristolainen, they’ll be in need for an affordable right-handed shot on their second power-play unit. The Columbus Blue Jackets have plenty of salary-cap space to “throw a couple of million at Shattenkirk for a season or two” to solidify their blueline corps.

Ellis also suggested the Edmonton Oilers as a destination. The Los Angeles Kings could use experienced, affordable blueline depth. The Winnipeg Jets could use Shattenkirk on their second defense pairing

NJ.COM:  Chris Ryan examines whether the Devils should look into signing Shattenkirk. While a “buy-low opportunity” is possible, the Devils right-side blueline depth (P.K. Subban, Damon Seversen, Sami Vatanen) makes Shattenkirk a gamble they don’t have to take. 

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan wonders if Shattenkirk would be a fit with the Detroit Red Wings. He notes the Wings plugged a hole on the blueline by signing Patrick Nemeth earlier this summer while Oliwer Kaski and Dennis Cholowski will be competing for a full-time spot in training camp. Wings general manager Steve Yzerman intends to sign veteran Niklas Kronwall if the 38-year-old decides to return for another season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite the decline in Shattenkirk’s production and foot speed, several clubs could be willing to sign him to a reasonable short-term deal. He might prefer joining a playoff contender like the Blue Jackets or Jets or staying close to New York. I agree with Ryan’s assessment regarding the Devils. If Kronwall decides to retire, perhaps Yzerman will look at Shattenkirk as a replacement. 


THE ATHLETIC: Kent Wilson examined what Michael Stone’s buyout means for the Calgary Flames’ salary-cap situation. The move frees up $2.33 million, giving the Flames $7.75 million in salary-cap space. That won’t leave enough to re-sign RFAs Matthew Tkachuk and Andrew Mangiapane.

Assuming an affordable bridge contract for Tkachuk isn’t possible, Wilson believes they’ll have to make a cost-cutting trade. Stone’s buyout could make trading a defenseman like T.J. Brodie or Travis Hamonic less likely. Wilson suggests right winger Michael Frolik could be aggressively shopped to free up sufficient room for Tkachuk’s new contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates Frolik, 31, is in the final year of his contract with a $4.3-million cap hit ($3 million in actual salary) with a 10-team no-trade list. The Flames were reportedly close to shipping him to the Minnesota Wild at last season’s trade deadline but ran out of time to complete it. Since then, there’s no indication the two teams will revisit that deal.

While the Flames might be keen to move Frolik, rival clubs could be interested in Brodie. Like Frolik, he’s in the final year of his contract and carries an eight-team no-trade list. A top-four defenseman, his cap hit is an affordable $4.65 million.


  1. I’m going to guess Nashville for Shattenkirk. I though maybe Rangers could’ve traded him there. Maybe now that they can get him cheap, Pred’s might take a chance. They had one of the worst PP’s in league and traded away Subban. Shattenkirk actually played well second half of season last year.

  2. Updated
    Until GMs finalize their 23-man rosters, and using what appears in CapFriendly as the source (no mind-reading involved 🙂 )

    These teams COULD be (unwilling) sellers of quality players since they absolutely must make roster changes (whether buyouts, trades or delegations) in order to either sign key RFAs and/or, in cases preceded by *, get below the upper cap limit (“and the list whittles down, to a precious few …” (Sung to the tune of September Song – as teams resort to expensive buy-outs):
    * Toronto – RFA Marner – Horton’s $5,300,000 & Clarkson’s $5,250,000 LTIRs available – currently $2,897,199 over the cap);
    * Washington – no RFAs – currently $1,364,294 over the cap;
    * Pittsburgh – RFA Marcus Pettersson – currently $157,500 over the cap;
    Boston -$7,294,167 in cap space – RFAs Carlo & McAvoy (who is OS exempt);
    Calgary – $7,756,625 in cap space – RFAsTkachuk & Mangiapane;

    These teams will (might?) have the cap space needed to sign their key RFAs through roster maoeuvres but likely aren’t buyers at this stage:
    Dallas – $970,001 in cap space – Stephen’s $2,350,000 LTIR available – RFA Honka;
    Nashville -$2,334,524 in cap space – RFA Grimaldi;
    Florida – $2,405,456 in cap space – RFA Malgin;
    Edmonton – $2,433,001 in cap space – RFA Puljujarvi;
    NYR – $2,493,534 in cap space – RFAs DeAngelo, Lemieux;
    Buffalo – $3,115,476 in cap space – RFAs Ullmark & McCabe;
    Chicago – $3,336,539 on cap space – RFA Perlini;
    Vancouver $5,058,461 in cap space – RFAs Goldobin & Boeser (who is OS exempt);
    St Louis – $5,070,406 in cap space – RFAs Edmundson & Barbashev;

    These teams should be able to re-sign any key RFAs and also be buyers, either with available cap space or through roster manoeuvres but, if a buyer, likely to a limited degree:
    Arizona – $178,099 in cap space – Hossa’s $5,275.000 LTIR available – no RFAs;
    Vegas – $1,025,001 in cap space – no RFAs;
    Carolina – $2,495,209 in cap space – no RFAs;
    Montreal – $4,044,524 in cap space – no RFAs;
    San Jose – $4,682,583 in cap space no RFAs;
    NYI – $8,653,334 in cap space – RFAs DalColle & Beauvillier;
    Tampa Bay – $11,126,669 in cap space – RFAs Point, Erne;
    Philadelphia – $13,417,421 in cap space – RFAs Provorov & Konecny;
    Winnipeg – $17,592,503 in cap space – RFAs Comrie, Connor, Laine;

    These teams COULD be major buyers if so inclined:
    Detroit – $5,284,623 in cap space – no RFAs – Zetterberg $6,083,000 & Franzen $3,954,545 LTIRs available;
    L.A. -$8,740,606 in cap space -RFA Kempe;
    Anaheim – $8,500,242 in cap space – no RFAs;
    New Jersey – $8,715,000 in cap space – RFA Zacha;
    Minnesota – $9,446,411 in cap space – RFAs Eriksson Ek & Fiala;
    Columbus – $15,765,918 in cap space – RFA Werenski;
    Colorado – $16,465,239 in cap space – RFA Rantanen;
    Ottawa – $20,640,000 in cap space – RFA White (OS exempt) – Gaborik $4,875,000, MacArthur $4,650,000, Callahan $5,800,000 LTIRs available;

    • VGK need to sign another D or bring one up… they have prospects that can be brought up that will fit in the Cap….including Hague and Whitecloud; but Schuldt is still RFA…, not sure if they are still key on signing him (vs trading) and if so; can they get him signed for less than $1M?

      Marner will sign with Leafs and fit in Cap

      See below for my suggestion for Cgy space LOL

      Bos situation is attainable but tenuous as at now…. two key young up and coming D to sign and not enough to pay for both…. a trade for space?? At 23 now; moving two down to AHL gets them to $8.8M…. not enough IMO

      Would some team move on Backes with 50% retained? For receiving team, The actual cash AAV would be $1.5M per for 2 but $3M in Cap??

      • Pengy, when you say “Marner will sign with Leafs and fit in Cap” – clearly, that issue has to be resolved if the Leafs hope to have another season like last … but just out of curiosity, how do you see that unfolding?

        I know Dubas can call upon the combined $10,550,000 of the Horton/Clarkson contracts, but since that can’t take place until the season opener, does that mean Marner misses all of training camp?

        And how does Dubas deal with the current $2,897,199 amount over the cap?

        Your insight with this high-math crap appreciated.

      • George my understanding is the Leafs can place both LTIR players on LTIR before the start of the season if it’s known that those players will not be fit enough (aka pass their physical) in time for the start of the season or something like that.
        The LTIR allows the Leafs to protect Marner in the event of an offer sheet being tendered if he remains unsigned once the season starts as well now.

      • Hi George

        My gut feeling is that Marner is signed after training camp…. first week of season; it’s a risk for him to play pre-season w/o a contract … not sure if he’d take that risk

    • Personal question, George: did you ever live in Montreal?


      • Nope. But played football there with Verdun Shamcats for a spell, was married there – wife lived in Pierrefonds at the time) and Montreal was always our first choice of somewhere to go on a weekend (usually Crescent Street). And when the Expos came along we were regular visitors to Jarry and then the Big Owe. Prefer it a thousand times over Toronto – for a variety of reasons.

      • Plus always made a point of going to Dunn’s or Ben’s for something to eat and, if on the outskirts, Cora’s for breakfast or Dagwoods for supper.

      • George, with Marner added, the leafs will have 2 contracts to send down adding another 1.4-1.5M to cap on top of LTIR leaving a little over 9M for Marner

    • You’re not counting Hyman or Dermott for the leafs on LTIR. both are expected to miss months meaning at least $1M savings.

      • I get that, Noel – part of the “roster manoeuvres” I mention. But that still does not pave the way for Marner to take part in training camp – as far as I can see with the way LTIR works (unless I’m missing something fundamental). Not many top-notch kids and their agents will risk an injury without protection.

  3. Columbus is not signing Shattenkirk. With Jones, Werenski, Savard, Murray and Nutivara forming five of the top six, and as many as five other d-men fighting to fill the last two spots, why waste salary on Shattenkirk? Besides, one reason the Jackets are carrying so much empty cap space is that Anderson and Dubois will be RFAs, next off season, and both are due significant raises.

    • Makes sense Paul. In Ottawa’s case, however, that doesn’t apply to those who prefer to point the finger at the owner as being “cheap.”

  4. I just don’t see Shatts in Ed; I don’t see Stone either but if it’s either I would think Stone a little more likely a move

    Shatts in NJ, NYI, or Buff would be my bet

    For the Cgy fans on here …. I can easily get you over $10M in Cap space ….

    Brodie for JJ (Pens retain $1.0 M)

    …. can we shake on it?

    Will throw in Ruhweedel…. he can be waived w/o any issue… so no cap hit

    …. now can we shake on it?

    • Pengy, stop with the JJ BS. We get it – move on.

      • Hi BC Leafs Fan

        Sorry ; I wish I could move on from it…. I just can’t….

        I’m just a passionate Pens fan that would like another cup; and knowing there is ZERO chance of that happening with JJ as a reg upsets me to the core

        I’d rather do the wishful thinking posts than give up on Pens chance at a cup


      • Poor Pengy…..Jj is the Penguins Andrew MacDonald….

      • Hi Ron

        MacDonald should be referred to as “Andrew Robert Orr MacDonald” if being compared to JJ in the same sentence

        If there was somehow to waive a magic wand and switch JJ as a regular for AM as a reg; Pens would leap from absolute ZERO chance at a cup to probably 15-20% chance; they would definitely move from IMO the current situation of (1) equally split probability IMO between (a) just missing the playoffs and (b) just making the playoffs and out in first round ; to (2) 99 % probability of making the playoffs and high probability of finishing top two in Div ; and fair probability of making ECF

        They are the same age (4 mos. apart) and height ; JJ is 20 Lbs heavier

        The biggest difference is the MASSIVE negative impact that JJ has on EVERY player he plays with vs the MARGINALLY negative impact that MacDonald has on MOST (not all) teammates

        I would take MacDonald over JJ EVERY single time

        I would take any Dman over JJ

        I was listening on the radio the other day on the ramblings if the negative impact that JJ has on players. These generalities were not news to me.

        I knew it was atrocious but didn’t realize how atrocious it was for key players. Apparently his most negative impact is on Gino.

        The exact numbers escape me but it was in the range of average XGF % loss (for Pens as a team) when JJ on the ice vs when he was off the ice was in the range of 20% (something in the range of 40% ‘ish when he’s on the ice vs 60 % ‘ish when he’s off the ice).

        The 20 % drop due to JJ is the average for the team; according to the stats they were throwing out … Gino loses in the range of 30% XGF (When he is in the ice with JJ compared to when Gino is on the ice and JJ is off the ice)

        At this point; unless a miracle multi-player trade is made by GMJR to nix JJ; the only shot Pens have at a cup is (1) sitting him all 82 games and if so better solution (2) burying his contract …. same effect on team but frees up $1.08M in space

        I’m hoping and praying though that GMJR picks up the phone and calls Murray back just to see what it will take …. nothing lost in making the call

        I’ll pose a suggestion again

        Rust + ZAR + JJ

        For Ritchie and Steel

        Waive Ruhweedel

        Leaving over $7.0 M to sign Pettersson ; another D ; and bring up or sign (close to league min) another depth winger

    • The Pens are stuck with JJ. There’s a reason he didn’t play in the Jackets series against Washington, two years ago. He’s old, slow and poor on defense. Rutherford was stupid to sign him and insane to sign him for more than a year at such a salary. There isn’t a GM in the league stupid enough to trade for him. So, suffer until Rutherford buys him out.

      • Hi Paul

        Sadly you are probably right.

        Somehow it was reported a couple of weeks ago that Murray had interest in JJ????

        RE other GMs accepting him ; they would at the right incentive:

        No team would refuse Sid and JJ for a 7th round pick in 2022

        No team would ever pay a 1st for JJ

        Both above of course ludicrous …. but there is a deal somewhere between that’s maniacal extremes ; who will do it and how much does Jimbo have to give up

        I do think there could be a taker with JJ and Rust for a minimal return ; who is it and what is that minimal return???

        He (GMJR) still has the more desirable option (than playing him) of burying the contract ; freeing up $1.08M in Cap and immediately making the team substantially better


      • ” … was reported a couple of weeks ago that Murray had interest in JJ???? …”

        That was probably a leak by Rutherford! 🙂 Had to cease and desist when Murray damned near had a heart attack

      • Hold your horses…. Chiarelli was just interviewed for the job in Minnesota. Jack Johnson could very well be traded to the Wild if Petey gets the job.

      • Probert Fan

        Now your just toying with my fragile emotions 😫😩🥺😭😤😡🥺😩😢😀☹️

      • Hi George

        Re “That was probably a leak by Rutherford! 🙂 Had to cease and desist when Murray damned near had a heart attack”

        Your killing me …. I’m counting on these remote and highly unlikely “glimmers of hope” just to keep me from having a heart attack

        I guess I need a 🍺🍷🥃🍸🍹🍾 or two

    • Can’t see him in Buffalo as there is an abundance of RD on the team and the cap space is zilch once RFA’s McCabe and Ullmark are signed. If Risto is traded it’s going to be for a second line C or RW’er and that will pretty much take up Risto’s 5.4.

    • Pengy, sorry bro but no thanks to another 4 years of JJ
      Thats a buyout waiting to happen.
      Brodie for JJ Pens eat 1.0 mill & we get your lottery protected 2020 1st. & even yet, I would rather trade Frolik to the Sens, retain 1.0 mill & watch Dorian get a woody over getting a top 9 forward for $2.0 mill in real $$$ & a 4.3 cap hit that can actually skate & play on their team opening night. All this for a meagre cost of a 3rd round pick. That gets us over 10.0mill in cap space as well.

      • Hi Kevin

        Re “Brodie for JJ Pens eat 1.0 mill & we get your lottery protected 2020 1st.”

        Done 👍

        Just tell me where I sign

        I’ll throw in a dozen of Tim’s best plus two XL Double Doubles

        Thank you Thankyou Thankyou

    • Pengy, I like your persistence in trying to get rid of JJ.
      Unfortunately it wont happen with Calgary. I’m not sure it would happen even if Pittsburgh would suggest taking a dirty old cowboy hat and some Sh11ty boots for JJ

      You might be in luck though, I heard Chiarelli is interviewing for the Wild vacancy. If that were to happen I am sure Chiarelli would trade you Dumba for JJ straight up

      • Flamesfan…black n gold here i heard that Calgary might be willing to move T J Brodie due to cap reasons..is there truth to that??? Also now they have rid themselves of Michael Stone what does that mean for Brodie..

        The reason i ask he is terrific and the Penguins need a second pairing top 4 guy to go with Schulfz Let and Dumolin….

        My proposal 27 year old Brian Rust $3.5 million 18 goals would have been 20 missed 15 games injury for T.J. Brodie 29 $4.75 million

        Pittsburgh gets its top 4 dman Calgary gets some solid secondary second li e scoring..thoughts..

      • Flames fan

        Please see above

        Kevin and I have a deal in place flipping Brodie and JJ

        There’s no backing out now


      • Hi Flamesfan,

        I will take BlackNGold’s offer one step further

        Brodie and Frolik

        For Rust and JJ and Ruhweedel

        Waive Ruhweedel

        Now Cgy has over $10 M available to sign Tkachuk and Mangiapane

        Cgy gets Rust to augment the forwards

        Ggy moves on from Frolik which is a contract that has been recently bandied about as a trade option

        Pens get great D addition and the Brodie for JJ swap alone makes the D massively better and hence takes the team from ZERO chance at s cup to a fair chance at Winning Div and netting Bolts in ECF; this comes at the expense of taking Frolik over Rust

        These moves put Pens at $1.8M over the Cap plus more required just to get Pettersson signed ; but the above move puts them way better off than they are right now

        Jimbo , we’ve done the work for you ; you just need to figure how to move some money out 😀

  5. I think Stone will either be in Detroit or Toronto

  6. Frolik at 50% and Edmonton’s conditional 2020 third and maybe the Flames 4th in 2020 draft for a prospect would save an additional $2.3 giving the Flames over $10m. Tkachuk should come in around $8m.

    • That is a trade proposal that makes sense SilverSeven. I can see the Oil doing it, although Cgy might hold out for better.
      Frolic is still a good player who is responsible defensively, and can still contribute offensively.
      When options dry up for Cgy, which they could, I can see that happening.

  7. Boston retains 1m and sends Coyle to SJ for picks or prospect. Seeing that SJ drafted Coyle they could have interest in regaining his services.

    This gives Boston some cap relief and gets SJ closer to a full roster. If Coyle cant hit 50 points on a line with Lebank and Hertl just dont resign him next summer.

    • Jshark don’t see Boston making that move. Boston has defenseman like Miller and Moore who they can move if they want to pick up a couple of mill in cap space.

      • Yep Caper

    • Boston has major scoring depth concerns…moving a versatile forward like Coyle seems unlikely.

      Boston’s 2020 1st for Kreider in February is more likely ;-0

  8. “If the Buffalo Sabres trade Rasmus Ristolainen, they’ll be in need for an affordable right-handed shot on their second power-play unit.”

    Since adding Montour at last year’s TDL the Sabres brought in Miller and Jokiharju. Add in Bogo who should be back by late October, Nelson who’s been a 7/8 dman for 4 years now and Borgen fighting for a chance with the big club and I just don’t see why anyone would think Buffalo would be looking for yet another RD.
    Out of all the defensemen that have been bought out, Phaneuf would be the one I would bring in on a PTO to see if he could replace Hunwick or Scandella.

  9. Lyle, you state that Shattenkirk may prefer to go to a playoff contender like Columbus. Most sites I’ve seen have them at 84.5 total points. Do you still see them as a contender?

    • While I have concerns about their goaltending, I believe they have sufficient talent to remain a playoff contender.

      • I was thinking about the same thing when I was reading that Adam.
        Their strength is defense but defense is only as good as goaltending and vice versa.
        With PLD, Atkinson and Josh Anderson I don’t see enough talent on offense. Foligno , Nyquist and Wennberg’s respective productions are questionable.

        I’d put them on the outside of the race. Boston, Toronto, Tampa, Pittsburgh and Capitals should be locks.
        The Panthers, Devils and Rangers all improved in the offseason.
        Philly, canes and Buffalo have more raw talent.

        Montreal would be a playoff contender.
        NYI, your guess is as good as mine. That Varlamov signing is the biggest head scratcher of the offseason

        The only thing working for Columbus is that the 3rd spot in the metro has a lot of competition

  10. Pengy , don’t worry JJ can be traded. I don’t know how people can say that. It’s been proven time and time again.
    The problem may be that Rutherford doesn’t want to trade him.
    I’m pretty sure if Philly wanted to, the could still get something for Pelle Lindbergh.
    Maybe helping the fellow out. Play all those years and not have any money
    To bad for JJ

  11. Why would my Sabres want a washed up old guy? They just traded for 3 young D men. I wouldn’t even sign Shattenkirk for AHL team

    • Okposo is 31, Sobotka is 32, Hunwick is 34, Bogosian and Scandella both 29. Shattenkirk is 30! Old guy??

  12. Matt, you’re right Buffalo sure don’t need him. Go with the youth
    He was way overrated