NHL Rumor Mill – August 27, 2019

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The latest Islanders and Rangers speculation in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Shayna Goldman recently explored where the New York Islanders could turn to add a top-nine forward before the season begins. Free-agent options could include Brian Boyle, Tobias Rieder, Devante Smith-Pelly or former Isles winger Thomas Vanek.

Could Los Angeles Kings winger Ilya Kovalchuk become a trade option for the NY Islanders (Photo via NHL Images).

Looking at the trade market, Goldman listed Nashville’s Kyle Turris, Vegas’ Cody Eakin, the Rangers’ Vladislav Namestnikov, Los Angeles’ Tyler Toffoli, or Winnipeg’s Nikolaj Ehlers. If Toronto needs to clear salary to re-sign Mitch Marner, perhaps Kasperi Kapanen or Zach Hyman become available.

Vancouver’s Tanner Pearson could be on the move if the Canucks need to free up cap space for Brock Boeser. LA’s Ilya Kovalchuk or Boston’s Charlie Coyle are other possibilities.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello could evaluate his roster during training camp and preseason play before deciding if additional moves are necessary. Cap Friendly indicates the Isles have over $6 million in cap space though that’ll shrink a bit once Anthony Beauvillier is re-signed. That will still leave sufficient room if Lamoriello decides to bring in an affordable UFA forward.

Many of the aforementioned trade options carry expensive contracts, meaning the Isles must give up a salaried player to make the dollars fit. Some of the players on Goldman’s list (Nashville, Vegas, Rangers) have limited cap space.

The Leafs could part with Kapanen or Hyman if necessary to sign Marner. As we’ve seen, however, Leafs GM Kyle Dubas has juggled his cap space this summer without hurting his roster.

The Canucks could part with Pearson but he improved in Vancouver after struggling in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh last season. They might prefer shipping out someone like Loui Eriksson or Brandon Sutter.

The Kings would love to move Kolvachuk but I don’t think Lamoriello is keen on a reunion with the aging winger. The Bruins could put Coyle on the block to free up room to re-sign Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo, but talk out of Boston suggests they’ll consider other trade options.

Winnipeg could be a possibility once they get Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor under contract. They need depth on the right side of their defense and Ehlers has frequently come up in this summer’s trade chatter. Goldman suggested Nick Leddy as an option but he’s a left-side defender.


THE ATHLETIC: Rick Carpinello believes New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider is more like than not to be traded before he goes to free agency next summer. Carpinello suggests Kreider’s UFA value could be in the range of seven years at $7 million annually. He doubts the Blueshirts will invest that much in a player turning 29 next year.

Carpinello also dismissed the possibility of an offer sheet for Brendan Lemieux or Anthony DeAngelo. He feels the Rangers would walk away and accept the low compensation of a third-round draft pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Expect this summer’s Kreider trade chatter to carry over into this season, provided he’s not moved before then. One way or another, this season could be his last with the Rangers.

As for Lemieux and DeAngelo, I think any club interested in either guy will go the trade route instead of the offer sheet. If a team wanted to use the latter, they could sign away either player for under $1.3 million without giving up anything in compensation.


  1. Watch the You tube video of Kreider jumping out of a swimming pool. His core and leg strength is impressive
    That”s all I have to say regarding his demise in NewYork except he will be moved at the trade deadline at the earliest.

    • Silvers even, I’ve seen that video and one of reasons where I’d be fine with giving him a long term deal. Even if he slows a little, he’s still so far ahead of most guys his age as far as speed and athleticism. Carpinelli mentioned in that article that he had an off the record convo with Kreider, who sadly believes his chances of being dealt are probably higher than him staying. Agree nothing should happen before deadline, unless a western conf team makes a ridiculous, took good to refuse offer. I don’t see many teams right now with the cap room. Also Kreider has partial ntc.

    • No, that’s the latest.

  2. CapFriendly shows the Canucks with 24 at the major league roster level – signing Boser and Goldobin would bring them to 26 so 3 would need to start the season in the AHL – two likely candidates are D Alex Biaga ($825,000) and F Tyler Motte ($975,000), but after that it’s harder to pick out a 3rd – maybe Goldobin if and when he’s re-signed – although he would likely require waivers. Right now Benning has $5,058,461 in cap space and adding in the hits of Biaga and Motte would bring him to $6,858,461. Is that enough to get Boeser (who is OS exempt) signed? A 1st rd pick in 2015 (23rd overall) he’s coming off an ELC of $925,000 and just had a break-out season of 26g 30s 56 pts and in 140gp so far has an impressive 59g 57a 116 pts so you’d think he’d take up the bulk of that, perhaps in a bridge deal.

    • As for dealing either Eriksson or Sutter – good luck with that unless Benning throws in one helluva sweetener. As if the 34 y/o Eriksson’s $6 mil per to 2021-22 isn’t bad enough, this guy has done zilch since the 2015-16 season in Boston. The 30 y/o Sutter ($4,375,000 to 2020-21) missed most of last season after having surgery to repair a sports hernia on his right side, 3 years after he had a similar operation on his left side. Maybe if he shows he’s healthy as the season wears on he might be a trade candidate given that he’s a C – but that isn’t going to help clear up cap space now.

      • Being the rare Canucks fan on this board, I know the feeling of the burden Sutter and Eriksson’s salary brings. I think Benning and ownership know this and know its time to carry on and do their best to proceed and just find a way around those 2. Listening to Jims recent interviews of trying to move him unsuccessfully, I have no doubt he has been given the green light to bury him in the minors even if it only saves over a shmill in cap space. Its clear Loui isnt in their plans.
        Signing him to play with Sedins in hopes of reuniting their chemistry from World Championships and other international tourneys was the great hope. Sucks it was never to be and I just think Willie D didnt know how to play or deploy them

        Its a shame about Sutter, before he came to Vancouver, injuries were never a problem. They seen him as a 2nd/3rd line C that can score, win hard faceoffs, kill penalties and basically be a good utility guy. No word yet how he is doing and can still join Roussel on LTIR thus clearing cap space for Boeser and Goldobin.

        Gotta hand it to a guy like Biega. 32 now, has been the teams best 6th/7th/8th D for a few years now bouncing up and down from Utica, pressbox, and playing with the club. Not bitching about it once. If thats not an example of perserverance and “stick-to-it-ivness”, I dont know what is.

      • Thanks for that insight Tyler. I truly hope Sutter can stay healthy and, if he can and they deal internally with Eriksson’s albatross contract as you suggest, it wouldn’t surprise me to see some team needing C depth heading into the playoffs make a pitch for him at the trade deadline.

      • The only good thing a bout Eriksson’s contract is a lot has been paid up front, as far as I know his cap hit is 18 over the next 3 years but he’s only owed 9 million in actual money to be paid.

  3. Sticking with the original thought of this “thought of the day” and being a closet Isles fan….the only two I’d trade for in that list are Toffoli and Turris. Both are quality humans and players would do well in the T.I.T system (Trust In Trotz)

    Lou might be able to even get Nashville to pay HIM to take Turris who will then turn around and surprise with a 2-3 60+ point seasons.

    • You have more faith in Turris being able to turn things around than most Dark G. After his high-water mark of 27g 28a 55pts in 2016-17 in Ottawa, adding 4g 6a 10pts in 19 playoff games, things turned sour very quickly in contract-extension talks – apparently around the term being sought by he and his agent – and after just 11 games in 2017-18 (when he had a respectable 3g 6a 9pts) he was dealt to Nashville, who immediately gave him a $6 mil deal to 2023-24. In the following 65gp all he could contribute was 13g 29a 42 pts and, in 13 playoff games, 0g 3a.

      Then, last season, he appeared in just 55 games scoring 7g 15a 23 pts and in 6 playoff games added 1g 1s 2pts. Not what they expected from a $6 mil C now 30 y/o and who will be 35 when his deal expires. You may be right that, if the Islanders could get him at minimal cost (and with Nashville holding back a chunk of his salary), someone like Trotz could get his game back on track. But, since Nashville has everyone signed and with $1,334,524 in cap space, I think they’ll give him one more shot at becoming what they thought they’d obtained two year ago. If he falters again, however, they’ll have another Loui Eriksson on their hands.

    • Hi Dark G

      Toffoli for sure

      Is Turris capable of those numbers…. yep

      However the probability of him getting to those numbers is quite low IMHO; so with that in mind …. what is the “bonus” to NYI in that trade?

      If Turris is moving….. I’d rather see:

      Turris ($1M retained) and Irwin

      for Bjug & JJ

      • But as George pointed out, Nash doesn’t have the room to retain much.

        I dunno. I hear what you’re both saying about Turris, he’s not a big body but he’s taken some big body abuse. I guess I just know him pretty well. He’s one of those proud “fight on” kinda guys not a…mail it in I have a sore finger “bobby ryan” types.

      • LOL. Touché. Hey Pengy, what about Ryan for JJ and Rust?

      • Ottawa holds back $1 mil of Ryan’s cap hit

      • Hi George

        It’s always done in percentages

        with $3M ($1M * 3 years ) cash retained plus JJ’s still owed $12.25…. $15.25 M for Ottw to pay

        That can be done in two ways

        1) Ottw retains 14.6 % of BR

        2) Pens retain 50% of JJ ; Ottw retains 44% of BR

        Same CASH for both deals but option 2 nets Pens an extra precious $560K in Cap for the first 3 years (Pens have dead Cap of $1.63M year 4)

        …. now instead of the $3M total hold back ; if you can call Eugene to offer up an extra $1.1M total over the 3 years ($4.1M vs $3M ) Cash …. we have a deal….

        That’s done with both teams retaining 50%

        Option 3:
        JJ (50 % retained ) plus Rust

        For BR (50% retained)

        That deal is just $1.1 M cash more than your offer but the net Cap is maximized for Pens

        *Option 1…. nets $500 K in Cap for Pens for next 3 years

        *Option 2: $1.06 M for 3

        Option 3: $1.38 M for 3

        * 1 & 2 same cash

        Door number 3 and you have a deal


  4. Who would take on Kovy?????….. 35+ contract …. another Marleau situation just waiting to happen

    Re “Free-agent options could include Brian Boyle, Tobias Rieder, Devante Smith-Pelly or former Isles winger Thomas Vanek.”

    I would rank them (see below) in order of preference:

    Boyle …. solid ; flexible (can play W or C and OK on the dot) great veteran presence

    Reider (if you believe you can turn him around)

    DSP …. great physical presence …. but again can he be turned around as a reclamation project

    Vanek …. last on my list only ‘cuz he’s a 35+ contract and NOT due to his abilities …. if it’s a 1year contract and you have the space if he suddenly decides to retire; then he goes to the top of this list

  5. GMs are so averse to the offer sheet route and the long-term ill will it brings upon themselves, no one is wasting sending one for 3rd liners or #4 dmen over a few hundred k… save that spite for a potential star.

  6. The Canucks can want to trade Eriksson and Sutter all they want but its going to cost them. Either a bad contract coming back which makes a deal moot or Vancouvers going to have to add prospects or picks. Benning has already foolishly given away the Canucks 2020 first rounder. How much more of the future will he mortgage to get rid of his own mistakes? Just signed a 3 year extension with Vancouver.
    I feel sorry for the next GM in Vancouver, he’s going to be inheriting a completely capped out, no picks no prospects trainwreck.

    • Hi Ron

      Re bad contracts…. tell JB to call JR

      Loui (46 % retained) for JJ 👍😁

      Sutter (50% retained) for JJ (33% retained) 👍👍😁😁

      Both have zero cap gain/loss for next 2 years

      Can we shake on it Ron?

      Insist on a bonus from JR ?? Oki Doki ….. we’ll throw in Ruhweedel

      Now can we shake on it?

      • Pengy..The Penguins will be making a move or two before camp… They will add a top 4 d-man. If Jake Gardiner doesn’t go back to Toronto which seems for some reason to be his first choice. (after adding Ceci and Barrie)

        Pittsburgh Arizona and Florida er in on him..


      • Pengy,

        Rutherford has traded Sutter twice already. Are you suggesting a 3rd trade to get Sutter back and which would probably lead to a 4th trade to get rid of him again. Thats a lot of trades for one player, even by JR standards.

      • Pengy,

        GM of the year Jim Benning says he’s always looking to add an all star dman to his current roster of future Hall of Famers Tanev and Edler.

        Vancouver – Stecher, 2021 first
        Pittsburgh – JJ

        Vancouver insists on adding a draft pick cause Benning finds picks confusing and a draft is much easier to do the fewer picks you have.

      • Hi BlackNGold

        Hope your right

        Gardner in and JJ out …. boooooyahhhhh👍


      • Hi GP


        You are so right

        I’d trade and re-trade Sutter 10 times if it meant that JJ never played another game for Pens

        With my luck; he (JJ) somehow gets traded to Leafs …… 🤬🤬🤬🤬

      • Hi Ron

        Ahhhh … the meeting of the “brilliant” minds …. Jim and Jim

        Again , I’m at wits end here

        If JB really insists on giving up pics; I on behalf of JR; am willing to accept a 7th in 2048 for JJ

    • RON

      how about

      to NYI: Eriksson ($1M retained) & Pearson
      to VAN: Ladd

      Swap of stuff and Pearson adds depth to the 3rd line for NYI and they can always trade off at the deadline if necessary.

      Clears a little more cap room for Van

      • No thanks from Canucks perspective.

        If there is 1 trade I hope Canucks can make room for is Toffoli. Reunite the magic him and Pearson had with Horvat in the middle.

      • That looks fair to me. Vancouver however will likely insist the Islanders take their 2021 first rounder as wel.

  7. Hard to imagine that anyone wold contemplate training Kappy, Hyman or anyone else for that matter in order to fit Gardiner into Leafs plans….they need to move on and so does he.

    • Ron Jull

      No thx…respectfully decline.
      Canucks will just fine even with Erikssons cap hit and still keep that pick

      Thx tho

  8. To be slightly off topic 🙂 imo the Sens could get Chabot signed before the Leafs get Marner signed.
    The term could be 6 or 7 years for (similar to the Colin White deal) and depending on the $ a steal in the later years.
    What do you think George?

    • Whatever ultimately transpires, Chabot – when he signs – is going to come in at a lot higher level than White. And, I would guess, whatever he gets, it won’t be for more than 5 years.

      • At his and his agent’s request I should add. Dorion would probably love to get him locked up for 8 years, but that ain’t gonna happen.