NHL Rumor Mill – August 30, 2019

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The latest on Jesse Puljujarvi and Jason Zucker plus an update on the Canadiens in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NHL NETWORK: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reports the Edmonton Oilers won’t trade Jesse Puljujarvi unless they get a deal that makes them happy. He claims their asking price for the unhappy winger is a player and a pick.

Are the Carolina Hurricanes and Tampa Bay Lightning interested in Jesse Puljujarvi? (Photo via NHL Images)

Friedman believes they’ve had lots of conversations with the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Carolina Hurricanes. He thinks the Hurricanes are willing to offer up one of their prospects like Julien Gauthier but not a draft pick. As for the Lightning, Friedman believes the Oilers know what Tampa Bay prospects they might be able to get.

There’s been little interest in Puljujarvi from Canadian teams. Friedman believes he prefers playing somewhere a little quieter in the United States.


SPECTOR’S NOTE: Seems like the Oilers best return for Puljujarvi will be at most a prospect. With all due respect to Jim Matheson, they’re not getting Cirelli or Sergachev and I don’t see the Bolts parting with Raddysh.

Gauthier, 21, spent the last two seasons with the Hurricanes’ AHL affiliate in Charlotte. He’s big (6’4″, 227 lbs) and skates well but he’s not ranked among their top-five prospects. Gauthier has potential and perhaps a better attitude than Puljujarvi but the former first-rounder (21st overall in 2016) is not a certainty to crack an NHL roster this season.


THE ATHLETIC: In an interview with Bill Guerin, Michael Russo asked the Minnesota Wild general manager if he’d meet with Jason Zucker to ease his mind. Former Wild GM Paul Fenton twice attempted to trade the winger this year. “Yes. He’s safe. But if I can make the team better, I will,” said Guerin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Guerin won’t be shopping Zucker but he could listen if a rival expresses interest in the 27-year-old right-winger.  I’m sure he’ll do the same with most of the players on his roster.

It doesn’t sound like Zucker, who now has a 10-team no-trade list, is going anywhere this season. I expect Guerin will take some time to evaluate his roster before deciding what changes are necessary and which players he’ll move.


TVA SPORTS: Montreal Canadiens head coach Claude Julien hinted his club might not be done making moves before the season opens in October. Julien declined to elaborate but said there were “still things going on” that were discussed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With over $4 million in salary-cap space, the Canadiens have room to add a veteran player. They signed center Sebastian Aho to an offer sheet last month but that was quickly matched by the Carolina Hurricanes. I don’t see them going the offer sheet route again.

Concern over their left-side blueline depth has prompted speculation linking them to unrestricted free agent defenseman Jake Gardiner. Maybe a trade will address that issue.


  1. Lyle, if the Habs bury Alzner in Laval again, does that give Bergevin his entire $4,625,000 cap hit to add to the $4,044,524 he has now? If yes, do you see that happening? And if so, he could really make a splash.

    • Buried salary provides cap relief of up to $1,075,000 per contract. They’ll be burying Alzner, Weise and Peca. That’ll take them up to about $7m. in space. Enough to add a useful player.

      • Thanks for clarifying that Howard. That is a good chunk to have to make a significant move sometime during the season, and also provides for the necessary wiggle room should one of those you mentioned need to be brought up as a short-term injury replacement.

      • It’s the League min salary – -700K – plus $350, the max that you benefit from burying a salary.

        So – $1,050,000.

        Also, the Habs have a 25 man roster on Cap friendly – only two can go down.

        So max saved us $2,100,000.

        The Habs Cap space is about $6,200,000.

      • Unless, rattus rattus, they send all 3 down after someone on an ELC makes the team out of camp.

  2. Raddysh is exactly the kind of return for JP . You will not get anything more. In fact I would add a lesser draft pick as well to land Raddysh. Lots of upside.
    Move on.

    • Disagree SilverSeven, don’t move on until you actually get a return. If that takes until next season, then it does.
      What’s the worst case scenario if JP doesn’t impress, or decides he is going to stay in Finland?
      No Raddysh?
      This will have zero impact on the Oil this season, adding Raddysh will have the same.
      Either JP comes back and plays in Edmonton or someone actually offers something Holland wants.
      I don’t know if that is what Holland is thinking, but that’s what I would do.
      JP can’t make decisions for the Edmonton Oilers, only for himself.

    • I wouldn’t give up Raddysh, or Cirreli . And Sergachev is beyond a pipe dream.

      Cirrelis 39 points in 82 games last year, primarily playing on the 4th line are more than JPs career totals.


      • Ya, Sergachev suggestion is bizarre. I pass on Cirreli as well if I am TB.
        Raddysh? I pass on the Oiler side.
        JP’s talent was impressive as a JR, specifically as a 17 year old in the WJC against the best players in the world, most 1 or 2 years older than him. 17 points in 7 games is crazy. On a great line that tourney, but still.
        Seems like forever ago, but the raw talent was there. I simply can’t see how the Oil can cut bait for a guy like Raddysh, who is older and proven even less.
        If it was me I wait this out rather than accept nothing in return, which is what will be offered until JP proves otherwise.

      • NAIled it ray bark .

      • Ray Bark,

        Raddysh is 3 months older. I don’t think you’ll see much difference in that category.

        To me PJ is a year or 2 away from being a total bust. 17 points in 7 games is insane on any level. But that was then and this is now. And he hasn’t looked good in the NHL with 139 games under his belt.

        Distant from teammates, hip issues, demanding a trade…. Raddysh is a 2nd rounder. And I don’t think I’d even give up a 3rd round pick for him. Let alone a promising you prospect.

        Hard pass for me.
        Eventually the oilers are going to have to come to the harsh reality that teams aren’t giving up much for his service at this point.

      • Agree on almost all of that Nyr4Life. Exactly why I wouldn’t trade him. Nothing will come back of any value, so to me it is a no-brainer to wait as the downside to waiting is…. well there is none.
        Not worried about his hip surgery. He was riding an exercise bike in 3 days.
        He was sitting across the aisle from me at the Oil Kings first playoff home game with his Finnish buddy for the 2nd period as he was rehabbing below, which was only 2-3 weeks after surgery. Zero limp heading up the stairs after the period, so I view the surgery as a positive.
        His biggest problem is in his head, and it might be as simple as being immature. Entitled without a strong work ethic. Sound like any other hockey players who have been looked after their entire lives?
        Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. He isn’t worth anything and the Oil have 3 years invested. This one won’t cost them anything. See what happens after.

    • George O, this doesn’t matter because the amount coming up would be for Juulsen and / or Poehling.

      Basically a wash, esp if Hudon is one of the guys sent down, as I expect he will be.

      In sum, I expect Peca, Weise and Hudon to go down, along with Alzner.

      I expect Juulsen and Poehling to make the club.

      3x 1,050,000 = $3,150,000 + 800K (Hudon) = $3,950,000 total going down.

      Poehling and Juulsen coming up:
      $925K + $863K = $ 1.788,000 total coming up.

      End result is adding $2,162,000 the Habs’ Cap space giving a total of app $6,200,000 Cap.

      Pretty much exactly what I said earlier.

  3. Well, for anyone complaining that Marner gets talked about too much, that’s 3 straight days of latest on Puljujarvi!! I still think Rangers should be in. They had some success with another highly drafted player they got from Edmonton last year.

    • Taz mulls over the current contract impasse between The Maple Leafs and Marner. He feels that that the Clarkson trade was made to ensure the Leafs can get enough salary cap relief to sign Marner. He notes however that such a deal cannot be made until the season begins. The Leafs would be hoping that this is not a repeat of last year where William Nylander, the Leafs Swedish winger missed training camp and that played a role in his effectiveness over the course of the season. Leafs get roughly 10.5M of LTIR relief and they would be hoping to sign Mitch Marner at or below that number.

      There, you’re all covered Slick

      • Taz. Haha. Was joking. Slow times. Any news is good news

  4. The Oliers want Cirelli or Sergachev for for JP. What are the smoking in Edmonton.

    Whatever it is send it to Toronto as this Leaf fan wants to sign Marner for what he is worth. A deal close to the Timo Meir deal….only around 7.5 million with a final year of 10 million.

    Fans can be excused when their affection for their team affects their judgement, but reporters do it, as they do especially in small Canadian towns it is less acceptable.

    • Ask for the stars, get the moon. 😉

    • Lol obd 7.5 million for your leading scorer who also plays the pk and well defensively while 2 other forwards make 11+ ………that’s funny

      • BigBadBruins….it was a form of sarcasm….if JP gets Segachev then Marner only gets 7.5 million….

        I don’t expect he comes anything like that cheap….but I would sit him out before I gave him over 9.5….however I have an untypically low opinion of his real value….

        The people who value Marner most highly are the ones that don’t wish the Leafs well

      • I wouldn’t say that, most analysts and all around hockey people think marner should get close to 11. Think of it if an arbitrator was involved and you put all the stats you could think of hockey related between him and Matthews put your fan aside what do you the know the outcome would be?

      • BBB, I am sure the team would put the stats of Kucherov, Kane, Draisaitl, McDavid, Marchand, MacKinnon and all the 10 players who finished ahead of Marner last season in front of the arbitrator. Then compare their salaries and careers vs Marner.
        Mathews is the outlier.
        They may also use the “fancy” stats that show Marner generated the 24th most scoring chances in the NHL. 4the best on the leafs behind Tavares, Matthews, and yes, Willie. He was 22nd.
        Then I would show the difference in Marner’s stats with Tavares, and without. Wow, big difference! How come?
        If he gets $11M, then Dubas made a mistake, which I don’t think he will.

      • It’s funny you didn’t put him against matthews stats the guy that makes 11.6! You are cherry picking stats you also didn’t do defensive stats plus pk! You also look at marner leading the leafs in points without Tavares, plus the new contract of panarin which is the most recent comparable

  5. To perhaps generate some chatter, here’s a list of UFAs still available (i.e., not signed anywhere – even Europe, or on a PTO) – some will have seen their last NHL game in all likelihood but several, I think, will get a shot somewhere, a few of them obvious. Those I think we’ll see back in the league this season I preceded with an *

    Patrick Marleau – age 40 in Sept – 16g 21a 37 pts in 82gp with Tor
    *Joe Thornton – age 40 – 16g 35a 51pts in 73gp with SJ
    *Brian Boyle – age 35 in Dec – 18g 6a 24 pts in 73gp with NJ & Nash
    Riley Sheahan – age 28 in Dec – 9g 10a 19pts in 82gp with Pitt & Fla
    Micheal Haley – age 33 – 2g 4a 6pts in 43gp with Fla & SJ

    *Thomas Vanek – age 36 in Jan – 16g 20a 36pts in 64gp with Det
    Jamie McGinn – age 31 – 4g 3a 7 pts in 19gp with Fla
    Zac Rinaldo – age 29 – 1g 2a 3pts in 23gp with Nash
    Cody McLeod – age 35 – 1g 0a 1pt in 38gp with NYR & Nash
    Magnus Pääjärvi – age 28 – 11g 8a 19p[ts in 80gp with Ott

    *Justin Williams – age 38 in Oct – 23g 30a 53pts in 82gp with Car
    Jason Pominville – age 37 in Nov – 16g 15a 31pts in 73gp with Buf
    Tobias Rieder – age 27 in Jan – 0g 11a 11 pts in 67gp with Edm
    Troy Brouwer – age 34 – 12g 9a 21 pts in 75gp with Fla
    Devante Smith-Pelly – age 27 – 4g 4a 8pts in 54gp with Wash

    *Jake Gardiner – age 29 – 3g 27a 30 pts in 62gp with Tor
    *Ben Hutton – age 26 – 5g 15a 20 pts in 69gp with Van
    *Niklas Kronwall – age 39 in Jan – 3g 24a 27pts in 79gp with Det
    Dion Phaneuf – age 34 – 1g 5a 6pts in 67gp with L.A.
    Adam McQuaid – age 33 in Oct – 3g 4a 7pts in 50gp with NYR & Clb
    Dennis Seidenberg – age 38 – did not play last season
    Fredrik Claesson – age 27 in Nov – 2g 4a 6pts in 37gp with NYR
    Dan Girardi – age 35 – 4g 12a 16pts in 62gp with TB

  6. Thinking of folks in Florida, especially NY4life. Stay safe and keep writing.

    • That’s a friggen big storm headed their way – possibly a Category 4 … Jaysus!

    • Thanks BC! Getting ready now. I think I’ll be dealing with storm surge and probably category 2-3 winds where I am. So we should be okay here.

      • Good to know and, after you get the all clear, it might be Lyle’s turn up in the Maritimes. Hope not.
        I’m old enough to have vivid memories of Hurricane Hazel in 1954 which was bad enough for the tag end of a tropical storm – can’t imagine a Category 3 or 4.

      • Well, we just went through post-Tropical Storm Erin, though it was largely spent once it reached us on PEI. Usually the hurricanes have spent all their energy once their remnants reach here as they hit the colder water while tracking up the coast. The exception was Hurricane Juan in 2003, as that one barreled straight toward Nova Scotia and PEI, rather than track up the US coastline.

  7. BC Leaf Fan….I remember Hurricane Hazel too…..lived above a store Lakeshore and West 26 th Street…..storm hit hard on West 43 rd…..do you know the neighbourhood

    • Hoping for everyone to be safe in Dorians path. My wifes grandfather had race horses and was transporting one to Toronto from Montreal during Hurricane Hazel. When asked how it was he said “a little bit windy”. Just like an old school hockey player. Be safe everyone. Enjoy the Labour Day weekend.

  8. Late to the site today

    First of all , wishing all here in Dorian’s path ; a minimal hit and hope for your (and your friends’ and families’) safety

    To everybody; hope you have a great long weekend (Ex for me)

    Re: Raddysh/JP

    If I’m Oil; I take the deal; if Bolts; nix it

    Same age and weight (2lbs diff) but JP 2” taller

    One is developing well and has potential; the other had tremendous potential and so far has not planned out; has not fit in well ; and has repeatedly asked for a trade

    Their long term NHL outlook may appear to be the same right now… that is …..a chance for a future career; but I would stick with the player still on the up curve and who has not alienated himself at all

    JP may just turn this around ; as at right now; things aren’t looking rosy

    With Bolts Raddysh may get some games this year ….One has to figure its Verhaegue’s time for call up and a chance

    Next year with even tighter cap reigns on Bolts they might be very happy to Have Raddysh at $830 K than what they’d need to pay JP (who may still not have found his NHL game)

    Someone will come through on a gamble on JP; I don’t think his NHL future is in Northern Alta. though

  9. Raddysh played two world junior u20 and did quite well for points also. On Team Canada . Maybe a conditional pick to protect Edmonton.
    Agreed enough chatter on an irrelevant player. I am done.
    A lot is going to happen in the next 30 days.

  10. Pengy,

    Alzner for JJ? Classic garbage for trash manouever.

    • Hi Ron

      Make the Cap equal and you have yourself a deal


      Alzner much much better than JJ

  11. I’d love to hear any news on PTO openings this week. There should be a lot of guys who are looking for an audition, especially with the potential number of RFA holdouts.

    • hi doktor Dave

      I think you may see a few more retirements …

      Looking at Cap Friendly there is about 30 Roster spots left out there; just shy of 30 young and up and coming RFAs

      And there there are UFAs…. some long in the tooth trying to compete in the faster NHL (12 of those UFAs are 34 or older)

      Some will come to the reality that Lovejoy did….. very few spots left so it’s an embarrassing PTO that may not work out and if I do get an offer it’s League min. Do I want to put myself through potential embarrassment at PTO and no offer or play a whole season just to take home $400 K….. when I’m now mid 30’s?

      They start easily evaluating their future after the NHL; their family etc…. the result will be more “Lovejoy” announcements