NHL Rumor Mill – August 31, 2019

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Should the Leafs part ways with Mitch Marner? Could the Blues shop Brayden Schenn? Should the Flames ship Michael Frolik to Columbus for Riley Nash? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TORONTO STAR: With the Maple Leafs facing the possibility of a protracted contract standoff with Mitch Marner, Damien Cox suggests it might be best to trade the 22-year-old winger. While acknowledging that’s “a crappy scenario,” Cox feels this might be the way to go if they hope to win the Stanley Cup rather than having Marner sit out part or all of the season.

Should the Toronto Maple Leafs consider trading Mitch Marner? (Photo via NHL Images).

If a rival club is willing to give up “two quality players under the age of 27 that have two or more years left on their contracts”, Cox feels the Leafs should look hard at that deal. One of those players must be “a defenceman capable of playing in Toronto’s top four and the other a forward capable of scoring 30 goals.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cox isn’t saying the Leafs are exploring a Marner trade. He’s merely suggesting they consider it if they can’t get the winger under contract before this season opens. Based on several comments on this site, some Leafs followers share that view.

If, and that’s a big if right now, another club pitched that offer Cox suggested, the Leafs could seriously consider it. The problem is there aren’t many teams with the cap space to pay Marner’s hefty salary asking price, believed to be around $11 million per season.

Yes, that club could free up sufficient cap space for Marner by trading two assets to the Leafs. Few general managers, however, will part with the type of package proposed by Cox at this point in the offseason.

Yes, a Marner trade is possible, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for it.


STLTODAY.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Jeff Gordon was asked if St. Louis Blues general manager Doug Armstrong will trade forward Brayden Schenn or let him walk via free agency. Gordon doesn’t believe Schenn hits the trade block this season.

While re-signing Schenn could prove expensive if he has another 70-point campaign, he’s a valuable member of their roster. Gordon thinks Armstrong will let this season play out and assess things before the free-agent market opens next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As per Cap Friendly, Schenn has an annual average value of $5.125 million on his current contract. Another 70-point season could push him toward $7 million annually.

With captain Alex Pietrangelo also due for a big raise next summer, Armstrong might not be willing to go that high for Schenn. If the Blues are out of playoff contention as the Feb. 24 trade deadline approaches, perhaps he’ll consider shopping Schenn at that point.


SPECTOR’S NOTE: So what say you, Flames and Blue Jackets fans? Yay or nay? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. So. Now that it’s out that Lyle is George … err, no, George is Chrisms … or was it somebody’s wife? … anyway, finally it’s at least clear that old blue dog has been Damian Cox of the Star all along! Either that or his consistent message of logic has finally struck a chord in the media. Something has to give soon in TO.

    • It has become pretty evident that Cody Ceci was a terrible signing for the Leafs ta this point …

      There was no reason for this and he would be my first player out via trade Nylander being the 2nd for both room and upgrades.

      Without Marner ..Tavares does not even come close to a 50 goal season …lets call a spade a spade ..

      Marner carried that line and in some cases during the season the entire team ..he has been the most consistent player game per game for 2 years now …
      IF HE ONLY WOULD SHOOT THE PUCK MORE..he would have had 30 goals this past season!

      I don’t see the Leafs going to any cup final with Nylander being a VERY SOFT perimeter player ..and Matthews a soft 1st line Center …

      Matthews is no Bergeron ..Getzlaf …Toews or Crosby ..sorry big fan of the Leafs but lets call it as it is …

      Nylander and Mattews seem to have cashed in on the big signing bonus and living Large …not so sure a Stanley Cup is worth much more than another Summer home in Arizona ..the Swiss Alps or a fancy new Bugatti to add to a collection of just ….THINGS!!

      just sayin…

      • Totally agree! I think marner carried Tavares more than the other way around which people think, if marner holds out which I think he will until he gets what he wants we will see how Tavares does without marner setting hm up for tap ins

      • AND you’re bang on about the Ceci signing Boogey Bomb. As I say elsewhere, unless there’s a totally unexpected change in his chronic inconsistency that lasts throughout the season, he’s a UFA next year who will likely still be unsigned as that season draws near as long as he and his agent think he’s worth anywhere close to $5 mil.

        He might prove us wrong – but then so too might Bobby Ryan score 30 goals again

  2. I would not do that deal with CLB. We already have Jankowski and Ryan in our bottom 6. I would be interested in Murray, but with his injury history and him moving to a tougher division, I don’t think it would be the best scenario.

    For me, I’d do a deal centered around either Jenner or Anderson. More pieces would have to be involved but that’s basically what I’d be looking at if I were CGY.

    RE: Montreal, it’s going to be a very interesting year. We have really good prospects that are pushing to make the club. Poehling, Suzuki, Fleury, etc. My belief is if MTL is out of playoff contention by December, we are going to move Danault. I believe he would fetch an excellent return.

    I’ve pondered moving Drouin to WPG for Ehlers. Any thoughts?

    • Le French09, while Ehlers has been pretty much a playoff bust for the Jets so far (21gp 0g 7a) his seasonal stats have helped get them there consistently – 298gp 90g 109a 199 pts and a career + F to this point.

      Drouin, on the other hand, has been a career – F so far, has yet to play a playoff game, and has poorer offensive results with 60g 134a 194pts in 322gp.

      It would take a lot more than just Drouin to pry Ehlers out of Winnipeg.

      • Drouin has played playoff games, not with montreal but with tampa, as a rookie he played 6 playoff games 0 points then as a sophomore he got 5 g 9 a for 14 pts in 17 games.
        I wouldn’t move Drouin for ehlers yet, lots of talk about Drouin haven taken this summer very seriously doing a lot of video review with Ducharme, can’t wait to see if it will help him find consistency and a more valuable 2 way forward.

      • Yeah, you’re right Steve – meant to say “has yet to play a playoff game with Montreal” … need to proof-read before clicking “send”

      • I would never trade Ehlers for Drouin…Montreal would probably have to add Danault but keeping Elhers is the best move for Wpg

    • Columbus will not trade Jenner or Anderson. Jenner is an assistant captain and to valuable to the team being strong at both center and wing. Andy is our only power forward and, most likely, will be on one of the first two lines, this season.
      Nor do I see Jarmo trading Nash for a higher salaried player and retaining salary. Not with both Dubois and Anderson looking at significant raises, next year, and Werenski still unsigned.

      • But Frolik is the better player AND he is a UFA at season end allowing CMB to let him walk to ensure $$ is there for their resigning. Then they would bring up someone next season to fill out the roster fore less than what Nash would have made. It is not that bad an idea.

      • CLB is an interesting team. Still a borderline playoff team IMO, and the space they have, for this season, could be used as leverage to acquire assets.
        Murray is a good player as mentioned. Just bad luck with the injuries? Top 4 guy when healthy.
        I think the Flames would need to add a little to Frolic to make the deal because of the extra year Murray has.
        Are CLB fans OK with the goaltending situation going into this season? Is Korpisalo the guy? I haven’t watched him enough to have a clue.

    • LeFrench09
      I agree with a Frolik for Anderson deal. I know the Flames would have to sweeten that to get it done most likely a draft pick which Columbus is devoid of after last years “go for it mentality “

      The Frolik for Nash is a non starter, Frolik is a good player, plays second line minutes can kill penalties. The flames would not be looking at trading him if they didn’t have cap issues.

  3. Let the Hall for Marner commence lol



    both have the cap room to get it done today.

    • Hi IHC

      That won’t happen

      How’s the Oils/Pens negotiations going?

  4. Again …. don’t trade MM

    Leafs issues all started with the WW holdout and Dubas capitulation

    If WW sat the year , 18/19 season ends exactly the same but AM and WW and MM all sign for less

    Leafs have 1 D signed beyond this year … chance at cup requires D long term; IMHO no chance for cup in ‘20

    Solution …. trade WW for up and coming early/mid 20’s Dman who is either now or is trending towards top 3 or top 4 D; and currently much less than WW’s $7M Cap hit

    WW is only owed $700 K this year and < $5M avg cash per year for balance of contract; and his most recent performance (world’s) was good … he’s worth massively more than he was at Season’s end

    There were a lot more trade partners in early July but there still are opportunities

    WW for Sanheim is just one example

    Sign MM the second the LTIRs go on the official list


    • Nylander for David Savard and a first.

      • Ray, that’s an overpayment for Nylander. Maybe a 2nd or 3rd

      • Maybe you’re right Caper, I thought about that too. Perhaps I am in the minority but I think Nylander rebounds with a good year. Legit top line guy for the next 5 years.

      • Nylander must get off to a good start or he won’t rebound,the guy is too soft mentally and physically! I don’t think nylander will ever get a good return he’s just a regular season player and is invisible in the playoffs

      • Hi Ray

        WW straight up for Savard works for me

        …. but I’d rather do WW-Sanheim (younger , will end up being what Savard is NOW, and less in Cap

    • I was just about to write the same comment. As a Bruins fan Toronto should move Nylander for a defenseman. Much rather have Marner.
      I know these teams don’t trade much but Carlo for Nylander help both teams. Boston will still be in cap trouble but maybe can add another player.

      • Dave no way i’m giving up Carlo for Marner. IMO Carlo is a staple on Boston for the next 12yrs. Furthermore it’s likely Carlo signs for $4.5 or $5m and if that is the case that will be an excellent signing by Boston.

      • If healthy for entire season (and I agree that’s a big if) Matthew’s wins Rocket Richard with close to 60 and becomes the clear 2nd best player to McDavid. Trade Marner now. He and his delusional father think he’s the 2nd coming of Lindros. Dumba and Zucker is a fair return and cap hits similar

      • Geez Dave???

    • WW for Sanheim?

      The Flyers decline, with malice. Dumbasses # gets blocked by Fletcher.


      • Hi Ron

        “With Malice” ?

        The deal is not that far off kilter is it?

        Phi sitting right now with 19….10-7-2 (F-D-G) with Pitlick on IR; $13.4M in space and Props and Konecny to sign

        Once signed they’d be 11-8-2….. in need of forwards

        WW for Sanheim gives them 12-7-2

        The WW for TS can’t be far off fair

        What’s your counter offer?

    • Pengy, I have no doubt that the combined $10.5 mil of Horton/Clarkson would be enough to sign Marner as soon as the season starts. But I have yet to see anyone detail how, at the same time, they deal with the fact the Leafs are currently close to $3 mil OVER the cap.

      Some will say they can use the combined $3.1 mil of Dermott and Hyman to cover that but, even if that’s doable, one is due back late Oct and the other late Nov and neither is currently shown as part of the 23-man roster that is $3 mil over.

      Some of those same “some” will also charge me with being “negative” for again raising this issue – probably tagging me as a “hater” at the same time despite frequent post to assert that I am no such thing when it comes to the team – but I am genuinely curious as to how others see Dubas handling this without entering the season short of the full 23-man roster.

      • For what its\’s worth, here’s the way the Leafs 23-man roster would look if Marner signs on day 1 at the $10.5 combined hits of Horton/Clarkson:

        Forwards – 13 – $54,508,866
        Matthews (11,634,000), Tavares (11,000,000_, Marnewr (10,500,000). Nylander (6,962,366), Kerfoot (3,500,000), Johnsson (3,400,000), Kapenen (3,200,000), Moore (775,000), Agostino (737,500), Wilson (725,000), Spezza (700,000), Aberg (700,000). Gauthier (675,000)

        Defense – 8 – $19,050,000
        Rielly (5,000,000), Ceci (4,500,000), Muzzin (4,000,000), Barrie (2,750,000), Harpur (725,000), Schamtz (700,000), Marincin (700,000), Holl (675,000)

        Goalies 2 – $5,700,000
        Anderson (5,000,000), Hutchinson (700,000)

        That adds up to $79,258,866 – with $2,241,834 in cap space

        But we still haven’t factored in the current $2,897,199 over the cap and when Dermott and Hyman return with their combined $3,113,333 cap hits – replacing, say, Aberg and Holl to sat at the 23-man roster, the diference of $1,758,333 added to the $2,897,199 still not dealt with, puts them back over the top by $2,413,698. It would then either take 3 of the ELCs being demoted to cover that (leaving them at a 20-man roster and no wiggle room) OR dealing away someone like Barrie, Johnsson or Kapenen and even any one of those would barely cover the difference and still one short on the 23-man roster.

        If my math is wrong – which is entirely possible – I ain’t no Einstein – someone please show me where.

      • Hi George

        I’m not 100% sure but I think this is how it goes:

        Leafs have to start with no more than 23 on roster and until a player is put on actual LTIR they are included in the Roster # as well as Cap

        So Leafs right now at 27 on Roster (including the 4 listed on Cap Friendly as IR)

        Forget about names and who but to simplify things I’ll speak generically

        On day before season opens ; send down/waive 4 players that each make around $700 K -$750 K(totaling $2.9M)

        That has them right at Cap $81.5 M with 23 on Roster on eve of Season

        First day of season (technically might have to be day 2???) ; put the 4 IRs on LTIR

        At that moment, 19 players $13.7 M in Cap room

        Sign MM; bring up 3 of the 4 listed above ; and you have 23 on Roster with (depending on MM contract) $1-$2M in space

        When Dermott comes back; flip out one of the 3 that came back on day 1…. 863K vs $700 -$750 K ….. not much impact on Cap space

        When Hyman returns ($2.25M) that is the tighter fit; but his Cap
        Hit will only be his remaining fraction of the year * $2.25M

        Again above is simplistically looking at it…. ideally you want to be at/ very near $81.5 with 23 at start of season ; then you get full use of the LTIR

        Lyle, am I in the ballpark with my logic?

      • Does that include dealing with the almost $3 mil currently OVER the cap?

    • What is up with the leafs?

      First Nylander holds out a year

      Now its Mariner???

      Kadri thing was a circus

      Gardiner is hanging on like a sick puppy wanting to return to this place holding out hope

      And how could we forget The Kessel saga…what’s going on up here and why would anyone want to play there..

      I know its the mecca yada yada yada but seems like a lot of problems there???

  5. what team could trade for Marner? First off, his Daddy has to approve any deal and you have to make him captain because his Daddy was on the radio saying he should be captain, then you have to be able to fit the leagues highest contract on your cap because he thinks he’s worth more than McDavid. Leafs GM will end up caving in again and giving Marner a short term deal so he can walk away as UFA like Matthew’s deal.

  6. If Toronto could land a top 4 dman (something Marner not) and a 30 goal scorer (something Marner not.) combine for less cap space then what is reported for Marner then that’s a deal Toronto should make.

    • @Caper: Agreed.

    • @ CAPER

      I think its so easy for other fans of other teams to easily say its sooo easy to just give away a player …

      One has to also realize Marner has been the Leaf TOP PLAYER and POINT PRODUCER for 2 years in a row now !

      Would you or anyone else just move out your top Point producer who has yet to even hit his prime for a top 4 D man and a top 6 player ..Come on …NO WAY !

      If we take Matthews out of this equation ….Marner is the Leafs Franchise player for the next 10 years !

      Ok Caper …Id be more than happy to take Pastrnak for one of my top 6 players and top 4 D man ..NO PRBLEMOOO !!

      Please lets make a deal !

      • BB first off never said it was easy, secondly Pastrnak is signed for 4 more years at $6.6 per season. Marner isn’t signed and KD doesn’t want to give Marner what he wants which is probably a 4yr deal at whatever number. Don’t blame Marner for wanting it and don’t blame Dubas for not giving it.
        This is more about what can you realistic get in return for Marner if traded. Personally don’t think he should be.
        Here is the list of names of players who scored between 30 and 35 goals last year.

        J. Huberdeau
        S. Aho
        T. Meier
        E. Kane
        A. Athanasiou
        P. Laine
        M. Rantanen
        M. Duchene
        P. Bergeron
        D. Larkin
        T. Seguin
        S. Couturier
        M. Stone
        V. Tarasenko
        B. Gallagher
        S. Monahan
        M. Tkachuk
        G. Landeskog
        K. Connor
        V. Arivddson
        S. Crosby
        A. Barkov
        T. Hertl

        these guys all scored between 30 and 35 goals so one of them and a top 4 dman from their team. Yes I would trade Pastrnak for most of them packages.

      • Of course you would Caper, but I don’t see the other team doing it for Pastrnak or Marner.
        Which I think is the point you were trying make.
        Ain’t gonna happen IMO.

    • Caper, you are so right.
      The idea that a team would trade a 30 goal scorer for another 30 goal scorer and then throw in a top 4 D-man is simply stupid.
      If any team makes that trade the GM should be fired.

      • Marners not even a 30 goal scorer! In 3 years he’s averaged 22. He had a crazy good assist total last year. Someone here saying Tavares didn’t help that isn’t being fair. 94 points is a great year, he had 69 season before.

    • Hi Caper

      I’m not advocating at all for a MM trade; Leafs should NOT

      There is no way they get another GM stupid enough to give up a 30 G scorer + top 4D (at less Cap) for MM

      However if that stupid enough GM is out there and can be duped; I cede that trade

      Again …. simplest solution …. WW trades for early/mid 20’s D either at or trending to top 3D or top 4D soon; at lower Cap hit than WW’s $7M

      Many opportunities early July (Carolina for one) ; lesser so now but doable

  7. If the Bruins plan on keeping Krug beyond next season at prob 8-9 mil per year ok go with it but if they are going to let him walk why wouldn’t they try to trade him for a 2nd goal scorer with size

    • Maybe Krug (if he signs extension) for Drouin plus pick?

      Bos gets 2nd line scoring

      MTL gets their LD to play with Weber on the top pair

    • Joe, I can see them keeping him for this season and not resigning him, unless the ask comes way down.
      Has value, but 8-9 seems crazy.
      I wouldn’t be against moving him if the return was worth it.
      He seems to like Boston, maybe he takes a discount.

  8. Don’t think you are getting a 30 g player and a top 4 defence man for Marner. The Leafs defence looks pretty good to me . I would work on keeping that more or less in tact including the depth.
    Like George has been saying all along another transaction needs to happen. Is that Marner who knows. I am sure the principles don’t know unless it is pre-set for Oct 3 and all this chatter is a waste

    • I bet the leafs defence is worse than last year, as bad as gardiner was at giving up the puck in crucial moments wait for Barrie! And ceci is just terrible not much more you can say about him

  9. Thank you George….I don’t think Damien would like the comparison….I have his hair ….but alas not as I shave but as I have none…I would have been searching out a Marner trade like the one suggested when the clock struck midnight on July 1

    In the article we have a reference to Marner asking for 11 million but poor old Stanley Cup winner Brayden Schenn maybe getting 7 million IF he can get 70 points again

    Last night I was listening to BBC radio…they made a reference to Alice in Wonderland….I think I know what they would encounter down the rabbit hole

    Paul Marner and Nick Kypreous spouting Marner is worth 11 million….and when some says but the NHL leading scorer just signed for 9.5….they would answer yes but he is a Kucerov is a winger ( ?? and Marner??)….when someone might say Aho a center who scored 83 points…they would say yes but Marner doesn’t play in the NHL he plays in Toronto where they all get more money …..when some might say Timo Mier just signed for 6 millionand scored more goals….they answer would be yes but Marner blocked 2 shots on national TV…..if it got pointed out that Lebanc signed for 1 million…..Leaf fans would be assured Marner will outscore him 11 to 1…..

    Marner’s people apparently feel that as Matthews got 11 he should too….Matthews is bigger and better than Marner as is Tavares….I think Nylander MAY surpass Marner this year….Morgan Rielly and Freddie Anderson are at least equally as valuable as Marner but he wants more then their total salary

    Wake up Kyle….go buy a Toronto Star and read what a writer who has watched more hockey than you has written …..take off your Harry Potter glasses…..put on your big boy pants…imagine your team without Marner…..they still will be good ….and trade or sit this guy out before you do some real damage by signing him…..

    And by the way Kyle your team (and mine as I have been a fan since the 50’s )….is softer than warm butter….St Louis and Boston are not…even if we could get out of the first round we do not have the grit to go on much further…

    Kyle ask yourself if Boston sign MacAvoy and Brando Carlo for 7 and 5 respectively ( 12 million total) or something close to it….what is Marner worth compares to those 2….would you take those in a trade for Marner…and how do decisions like those help or hurt team building…

    Doesn’t change anything but I feel a little better….sorry if I went too far with your lead George

    • Not at all old blue dog. Your views are clearly NOT based on some knee-jerk reaction but rather stem from being a long-time observer of the game who doesn’t let “but he’s a home-town boy who always dreamed of being a Leaf” get in the way of what you see as logic.

      If it ever got to OT in the 7th game of the cup finals and someone scores the winning goal for the Leafs, the LAST thing running through the minds of the delirious screaming crowds inside and outside the arena is where the player was born.

  10. A 30 goal scorer and a top 4 defenceman for Marner? Exactly how is Toronto going to find cap space to add 2 most likely over 6 million salaries? Under this scenario not only does Dumbass need to free up even more cap room but he also needs to find a GM incompetent enough to surrender a top 6 forward and a top 4 defenceman in a deal.
    With Chiarelli unemployed theres only one GM sucker/foolish enough to even consider such a deal.

    Toronto: Mitch Marner
    Vancouver: Brock Boeser, Tyler Myers.

    If Dumbass plays hardball he most likely can be talked into accepting the Canucks 2021 first rounder as well.

    Do any of these “professional” writers/insiders ever take into account salary cap room,roster size or expansion draft issues before they write their articles?

    • Lol, cant wait til the Maple Laffs r in town this year

  11. You trade Nylander for pennies on the dollar before trading Marner. Either way one has to go if you plan to resign any of the 2 Ceci, Muzzin, Barrie

    What will Dubas do NEXT summer never mind this one

  12. Marner and one of Muzz Ceci or Barrie to Carolina for Slavin and Nino and a prospect or a pick. Gives leafs room to sign the other two d man and have plenty of upfront talent and scoring plus gets rid of a headache. Carolina gets a top forward and playmaker and a D man they can sign or trade at deadline. Carolina definitely gets the best player but Leafs I think would be a better team.

  13. Unless there’s a complete turnabout in his chronic lack of consistency that lasts throughout the season and on into the playoffs, I seriously doubt Ceci will, play more than one season in Toronto. He’ll be next summer’s Jake Gardiner.

  14. Hmm.. I’ve seen some suggestions that Frolik for Josh Anderson, with maybe a sweetener, would work. In my opinion, Josh Anderson is too good a player to be replaced by an older UFA to be in Michael Frolik.

    New Jersey would be my destination for Frolik.. the Flames could take back someone like Joseph Anderson, or Miles Wood, combined with a draft pick. Frolik would be a great third line mentor for Pavel Zacha, and someone like Miles Wood would inject more speed into Calgary’s lineup, which was exposed against the Avs in the first round.

  15. Before last year nobody knew who John Tavares was. He came to Toronto and played on Mitch Marner’s line.
    Well now JT Is a sniper, scoring all kinds of goals. Some call him Johnny Toronto.
    Some people just get lucky to be in the right place at the right time, like John.

    • Uhhhh,

      Johnny its not about the money Tavares was an All-Star, an Olympian, World Cup player and also received a rare exemption to play in the OHL as an underaged player.

      Im no expert but Im pretty sure most had heard of Johnny Tavares long before he ever donned a Maple Leafs sweater.

      • No Sh** Ron. Marner’s point total went up 25 last season, Tavares – 4.
        I dare say that Marner benefited more.

      • No way ray! If Tavares wasn’t with marner he’d be in the 70s, marner gifted him a lot of goalsand points

      • So much biased takes regarding the Leafs most of which coming by non fans who “group-think” like follow rehashed terrible ideas.
        Terrible comment section so full of crappy posts.

  16. Well, Damien Cox got the reaction he wanted, even if he knows that there isn’t a fair trade for Marner that any team in the league is able, or willing, to make.
    Good to see some Bruins fans so eager to have the Leafs move Marner. They might want to check out the home front – some clouds on the horizon there.
    And, to those who think Marner carried Tavares, it’s pretty basic, guys – passers need shooters and vice versa.
    Can’t wait for training camp to open…..

    • BCLeafFan, I agree there are clouds on the Bruins horizon. Our 1 & 2C’s are fighting father time, and Chara has already met him.
      To make it worse, they lost the SCF in 7, teams don’t usually, if ever, follow that up with a great season. Especially when you core is aging. That was a tough loss.
      I hope they get McAvoy and Carlo signed long term because in 2 years they may not want to be in for a rebuild.
      You need strength up the middle and quality D to win. Leaf’s have a big chunk of that already. Blueline looks iffy to me and methinks they would prefer another Muzzin type back there, but if I had to bet right now who goes farther in the playoffs I would take the Leafs.
      But I never bet against the B’s so would abstain.
      Hope my head is wrong and my heart is right.

  17. Trade Marner for Nurse, Puljularvi, and draft pick. Connor gets a winger, Mitch gets highlight reels but no playoffs. Trading Willy is hard in a soft market. Who wants him and why? Go to hawks with his even softer brother?

  18. BC as a Bruin fan I hope Leafs sign Marner for 11.5 and leave zero cash for their defense. I was looking for a possible trade partner for Marner as that is what the article talked about. Not many teams can trade a good forward and top 2 d man and take on a huge contract. Carolina happens to be one. All this talk is just talk as Toronto will not trade Marner and will sign him for huge money.

  19. WW & Shmaltz for Pullock

    …. in the words of Russell Peters …. “takeitandgo, takeitandgo”


  20. Who’s Russell Peters?

    • A great stand up. I eish I could compare him to someone from your era but let’s be honest…how many colored people were allowed to be funny in the 40’s.

      • Chrisms

        Never got a chance to respond to one of your posts from s free days ago

        You are for sure the funniest guy on this site

        My EA came in the next morning and wondered what I was cracking up 😂 about

        I keep thinking of your limited words post for an NHL power forward with ESL (and very limited at that)… “I’m score” brings tears to my eyes



  21. Also as a Bruin fan I hope Toronto resigns Jake in last three game sevens he is like minus 10 or so exactly what Boston needs. Raybark I agree Bruins have two good years to make a run once Chara Krech and Bergie are gone they will need to find a couple studs like Mackinnon Barkov or Nuge to help Pasta Marchand and Debrusk. Need young guys like Shen Steen Studnicka Bjork Lauko or Senyshyn to take flight. Think their Defence will be good for years and Keyser looks like he may be special.