NHL Rumor Mill – August 5, 2019

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The latest speculation on possible destinations for Kevin Shattenkirk, the Bruins face salary-cap pressure, and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE SCORE: Sean O’Leary lists the Winnipeg Jets and Edmonton Oilers among five teams that should give Kevin Shattenkirk another chance. The 30-year-old defenseman was recently bought out by the New York Rangers, making him an unrestricted free agent.

The Jets could use an experienced right-side blueliner after trading Jacob Trouba to the Rangers in June and they’d be a good destination if he wants to join a playoff team. His experience would also make him a valuable addition to the Oilers’ defense corps.

Speculation persists over possible destinations for defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk (Photo via NHL Images).

O’Leary also suggests Shattenkirk could be a fit with the Columbus Blue Jackets and Buffalo Sabres. The Jackets have plenty of salary-cap space and the puck-moving Shattenkirk might help inject more offense into their lineup. The Sabres are deep on the right side but could perhaps have a gap to fill on their blueline if they trade Rasmus Ristolainen for a forward.

O’Leary also wondered if a reunion between Shattenkirk and the Colorado Avalanche might be possible. The Avs drafted him back in 2007 and they could use another experienced hand on defense after shipping Tyson Barrie to Toronto last month.

THE ATHLETIC: Following Shattenkirk’s buyout, Joe Smith recently observed the Tampa Bay Lightning had interested in Shattenkirk two years ago. He wondered if they might consider signing him to a low-cost contract. He would be more affordable than pursuing Buffalo’s Rasmus Ristolainen.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons suggested the Oilers and Montreal Canadiens should look into signing Shattenkirk. He believes the blueliners could help lots of teams looking for help on the power-play.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the dearth of available talent in this summer’s UFA market, it’s not surprising Shattenkirk is generating some chatter in the NHL rumor mill since his buyout last week. His old contract had a 10-team no-trade list which reportedly included all seven Canadian teams. Beggars can’t be choosers and if one of the Canadian teams came calling he’d probably listen. 

I don’t think the Lightning can afford to squeeze Shattenkirk into their roster as they’ve got Brayden Point and Adam Erne to re-sign. I don’t see the Sabres adding another right-side defenseman even if they trade away Ristolainen as they will still have plenty of depth on that side. As for the Avs, never say never, I suppose, but the decline in his performance and speed might not make him a fit there.

**UPDATE: The Tampa Bay Lightning signed Shattenkirk this morning to a one-year, $1.75-million contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So much for my theory that the Bolts couldn’t squeeze Shattenkirk into their rsoter until Point and Erne are re-signed. 


NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien pondered how the Boston Bruins can free up sufficient salary-cap space to re-sign restricted free agent defensemen Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo. He suggests trading Kevan Miller would be the most doable, as he’s on the final season of his contract with a $2.5-million cap hit. He also wondered if they might have to move Charlie Coyle ($3.2 million), who’s also in the final year of his contract. O’Brien also wondered if the David Krejci trade rumors might resurface.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bruins GM Don Sweeney could surprise us by finding a way to move out fading, overpaid veteran David Backes or perhaps blueliner John Moore. I agree with O’Brien that Miller seems the more likely option, though his recent recuperation from injury could hurt his trade value.

Coyle’s solid performance in this year’s playoffs would make him an attractive trade option but I believe Sweeney prefers retaining him for another shot at the Cup this season. Despite the trade rumors that swirl around Krejci, he remains a valuable part of their roster. Besides, his $7.25-million cap hit and modified no-trade clause would make him difficult to move.



  1. Until GMs finalize their 23-man rosters, using what appears in CapFriendly as the source, and also showing players who will – or could – start the season on IR freeing up part of (or all) their cap hits at season opener, including their injury/prognosis and cap hit

    These teams COULD be (unwilling) sellers of quality players since they absolutely must make roster changes (whether buyouts, trades or delegations) in order to either sign key RFAs and/or, in cases preceded by *, get below the upper cap limit
    *Toronto – RFA Marner – Horton’s $5,300,000 & Clarkson’s $5,250,000 LTIRs available – D Travis Dermott – shoulder surgery – late November -$863,333 & LW Zach Hyman – torn ACL – late October – $2,250,000 – team currently $2,897,199 over the cap);
    *Washington – no RFAs – currently $1,364,294 over the cap – D Michal Kempny – surgery to right hamstring – uncertain as to season opener – $2,500,000;
    *Buffalo – no RFAs – currently $1,059,524 over the cap – D Zach Bogosian – hip surgery – late October at earliest – $5,142,857 & C Dylan Cozens – thumb surgery – 3 months – $925,000 (on minor league roster);
    *Pittsburgh – RFA Marcus Pettersson – currently $157,500 over the cap;
    Boston -$7,294,167 in cap space – RFAs Carlo & McAvoy (who is OS exempt);
    Calgary – $7,756,625 in cap space – RFAsTkachuk & Mangiapane;

    These teams will (might?) have the cap space needed to sign their key RFAs through roster maoeuvres but likely aren’t buyers at this stage:
    Dallas – $970,001 in cap space – Stephen John’s $2,350,000 LTIR available – RFA Honka;
    Nashville -$2,334,524 in cap space – RFA Grimaldi;
    Florida – $2,405,456 in cap space – RFA Malgin;
    Edmonton – $2,433,001 in cap space – RFA Puljujarvi;
    NYR – $2,493,534 in cap space – RFAs DeAngelo, Lemieux;
    Chicago – $3,336,539 on cap space – RFA Perlini – D Calvin De Haan – right shoulder surgery – late November – $4,550,000;
    Vancouver $5,058,461 in cap space – RFAs Goldobin & Boeser (who is OS exempt);
    St Louis – $5,070,406 in cap space – RFAs Edmundson & Barbashev – RW/C Robert Thomas – surgery right wrist tendon – uncertain as to season opener – $894,166;

    These teams should be able to re-sign any key RFAs and also be buyers, either with available cap space or through roster manoeuvres but, if a buyer, likely to a limited degree:
    Arizona – $178,099 in cap space – Hossa’s $5,275.000 LTIR available – no RFAs;
    Vegas – $1,025,001 in cap space – no RFAs;
    Carolina – $2,495,209 in cap space – no RFAs;
    San Jose – $4,682,583 in cap space no RFAs – D Radim Simek – torn ACL/MCL/meniscus – uncertain as to season opener – $675,000;
    NYI – $8,653,334 in cap space – RFAs DalColle & Beauvillier – RW Cal Clutterbuck – back surgery – expected for season opener – $3,500,000 & NYI – LW Andrew Ladd – torn ACL – may be back for season opener – $5,500,000;
    Tampa Bay – $11,126,669 in cap space – RFAs Point, Erne;
    Philadelphia – $13,417,421 in cap space – RFAs Provorov & Konecny;
    Winnipeg – $17,592,503 in cap space – RFAs Comrie, Connor, Laine;

    These teams COULD be major buyers if so inclined:
    Montreal – $4,044,524 in cap space – no RFAs – but with Alzner’s $4,625,000 buried in Laval again they could be a player still;
    Detroit – $5,284,623 in cap space – no RFAs – Zetterberg $6,083,000 & Franzen $3,954,545 LTIRs available;
    L.A. -$8,740,606 in cap space -RFA Kempe;
    Anaheim – $8,500,242 in cap space – no RFAs – C/RW Ryan Kessler – out all season after right hip surgery – $6,875,000;
    New Jersey – $8,715,000 in cap space – RFA Zacha;
    Minnesota – $9,446,411 in cap space – RFAs Eriksson Ek & Fiala – C Mikko Koivu – torn right knee ACL/meniscus – may be back season opener – $5,500,000 ;
    Columbus – $15,765,918 in cap space – RFA Werenski;
    Colorado – $16,465,239 in cap space – RFA Rantanen – D Ian Cole – surgery to both hips – late December – $4,250,000 & D Erik Johnson – shoulder surgery – may be back season opener – $6,000,000;
    Ottawa – $20,640,000 in cap space – RFA White (OS exempt) – Gaborik $4,875,000, MacArthur $4,650,000, Callahan $5,800,000 LTIRs available;

    • Why would the Jets be interested in Shatternink? He is a non physical d man and Mark Stone a rite handed d man plus being a Winnipeger would be a more logical choice.

      • Irrelevant now. Shattenkirk signed with TB.

      • Robert, I also think the jets will sign Stone.
        They could sign him to a 1 year deal at 1 million.
        A very good signing if they do.

  2. Blackngold – saw your post re Gardiner in yesterday’s thread only this morning, so thought I’d try and answer you here instead.

    Like an unfounded accusation where, no matter how innocent a person is, they will always be looked at with some doubt, when the term “back problems” starts circulating in any pro sport, there will be hesitation. Especially when the player started out having earned – and expecting – top dollar combined with term.

    Whether or not it’s serious – or even potentially serious – I have no idea. All I do know is that, having dragged on this long, and as teams get closer to their final rosters heading into camp, there has to be widespread doubt to the point where GMs won’t even discuss contract with his agent if he is holding firm to top dollar and anything more than 2 years.

    I believe he will eventually land a job – but it’s going to be a “show us” deal for 1 year and no more than perhaps what he earned his last year in Toronto. Right now the Leafs can’t possibly take even that on – nor can an increasing number of teams. Maybe one of those in the last grouping above – IF one of them needs a D-man.

    • Note to readers/posters…when you u write or read someone say something like this; “Whether or not it’s serious – or even potentially serious – I have no idea.“ just stop.

      • I was responding to Blackngold’s question in yesterday’s thread – “just the back thing seems to b holding teams bAck.. is it serious do you know..”

        Would you prefer “I don’t fu*^ing know!” ??

      • Ron don’t pick on George. He resorts to using big words. and stuff.
        He kinda reminds me of the wizard, in the wizard of oz..

      • Burp

    • Gardiner should be looking for a new agent.

  3. Shattenkirk to either Nashville or NJ!

    • Nope. TB 🙂

      • Just saw that. I posted early this morning. Don’t know why it shows up so late.

  4. This RFA season will be interesting. I thought I read someone suggest McAvoy would get 6.5 million over 7 years while others are suggesting Marner at 11.5. I have no idea if either is credible but the difference in salary implies no one knows what is reasonable, and is not credible IMO.

    I wonder if the insiders,,,,the GMs the agents the players really know …it has a feel of everyone awaiting the guidance of precedents while not acknowledging the precedents that have already happened.

    What are those?

    Ano at 8.5 million, Timo Mier at 6 million and Louis LeBlanc at 1 million.

    One fan’s opinion on the RFAs ….most overrated Mich Marner….most underrated….Brando Carlo

    • Generally speaking, you’re bang on old blue dog. But opinions on both players and organizations will always vary widely, often based on nothing more than personal bias towards or against/ ‘Twas ever thus.

      One thing is clear, however, those like Labanc (who decided to gamble on himself) are in the minority. Players and their agents will almost always strive for the best deal possible – both in money and term (the latter, more and more frequently, becoming shorter in order to reach UFA status faster). There are almost none who will take discounts for “the glory of the logo.”

      As for Aho, that’s not a good comparison because he got that amount (and shorter term) thanks to the OS from Montreal which carolina had to match in order to keep him. To that point it looked like Carolina was gearing towards more what Meier received.

    • Whoever gave Louie Leblanc $1 million should be fired IMMEDIATELY!!!! 😂😂😂

  5. OBD , I think the problem is most people want Toronto to overpay Marner. The media have been saying he should get 11.5 million since January . His dad believes it too.
    McAvoy , Point, Tkachuk and Rantanen are all worth as much as Marner, and hopefully get it
    Marner will get it because everyone has been saying he’s worth it.
    You would think with all these teams in cap trouble Ottawa would step in and pluck one of these grade A prospects . No team could match.
    Lots of opportunities to turn a franchise around if they wanted. Lots of picks to entice cash strapped teams.
    The arena isn’t the problem. It’s out in the country and that’s usually where you keep sheep.

    • The most surprising (at least to me) consistent “guesses” at final Cap hit is Pointe at $8M.

      Yes for sure the excellent tax situation AND being on the currently projected “fav” for the cup mitigates things and pinches somewhat the final number acceptable to Pointe …. but $8M is a steal

      Now, I’m not saying they would ever do it; but getting him at $8M and knowing he can’t have a NTC in place for at least 3 years; if he continues at pace; $8M for that quality of Centre would get a huge return in trade in a couple of years.

      I’m fairly confident that discussions by other teams wrt an offer sheet for Pointe are still ongoing

      He’s publicly stated that he’s only interested in Bolts; but that shouldn’t stop other teams from at least considering it

  6. Marner way over-rated and the Leafs will regret paying his price..trade him and get rewards!

  7. I posted the following this morning on Morning Coffee but now realize after reading posts in Rumour section; that it would have been more appropriately posted here; so:

    “Both Jets and Bruins have 2 key RFAs to sign so I would place their “urge” to get things going; ahead of the rest

    Bruins with 2 key D ( great young D I might add; in Carlo and MacIvoy) are in the most tenuous position.

    Bruins certainly can’t wait too long to get at least one of the two young D signed

    Bruins might also have to move out somebody to get Cap space”

    • YA Pengy, the Bruins need to do something, but perhaps nothing too radical.
      23 players signed now, with McAvoy and Carlo that is 25.
      3 salaries are going away. Kampfer and Shen are obvious to AHL so $1.6M there. Next year Clifton’s deal is still his ELC, so I am guessing he is waiver exempt. So now at $2.35M. Total cap space now at $9.5M and still have 7 NHL D-men on your roster.
      So some flexibility in case of injury.
      Both McAvoy and Carlo on a bridge gets you there IMO without doing anything.
      If you want or need to lock them up, Miller is movable. Tough as nails RD have value. Perhaps a sweetener due to injury history, but it shouldn’t be too big.
      I think Sweeney can get it done without too much pain. All depends on the contracts of McAvoy and Carlo. McAvoy at 8 x 7 and Carlo at 8 X 4.5.
      Moving Miller gets you there.

  8. Shattenkirk signs with the Lightning…

    • 1 year $1.75…. fair deal both sides

      • Shat now has only lost $1.1 M gross (and in a better tax bracket) and playing one less year than he had signed up with for Rangers; and with Cup Fav

        He can “show” himself this year and even with just extending for 1 year next year at League min; he’s already then financially better off than he was pre buyout; AND he may get a cup

        Huge win for Shatts

        Bolts get a reasonable contract

        Win Win

      • Doesn’t this make Rangers cup contenders? Last 2 winners where teams that let Shattenkirk go!

      • Lol Slick..maybe!

        Good deal for Shattenkirk and for the Bolts.

        Not such a good deal for Luke Schenn. I suspect he signed a league-min deal with TB to hopefully rebuild his career and increase his market for free agency next year. He just moved a notch down the depth charts though.

    • Good gamble by TB. That changes their above cap situation to $9,376,669 in space with RFAs Point & Erne still to re-sign, so likely bumps them up the second grouping above going forward.

  9. Boston won’t be trading Krejci or Coyle; The only reason Krejci who is coming off his best statically season (tying 2008-2009) with 73pts would be because of the cap hit of $7.25m
    Boston will either have to move Miller or Moore, with Miller coming off injuries he might be harder to move. Moore contract is a luxury to have, with 4yrs at $2.75 and only 28yrs old he be an easy move.
    Personally would like to see Boston move Krug, I know lots of Bruins fan wouldn’t, but I’m not one of them, never seen I guy him could hit the shin pad 9 out of 10 times while trying to blast from the point only to see the opposing player going in on a breakaway.

    • I get your logic Caper, he is one dimensional, but Krug is a great, and I do mean great, PP guy.
      He was the B’s 3rd leading scorer in the playoffs, so a lot of those shot off the shin pads are finding there way into the other teams net eventually.
      McAvoy is a better player obviously, but he isn’t better on the PP. At least not yet Can Grezlyk be the 2nd PP guy if they move Krug? Maybe, but I’m not sold.
      Agree they won’t resign him after this year, (although they might) but I think he still has value for this season. I think the B’s are in it to win it this year and next. Father time is undefeated, and he is gaining on the B’s.
      Need a good PP to win the playoffs. Keep giving him OZ starts and play him with Carlo or on your 3rd pair.

      • Ray the last time Boston won the cup, they only had 10pp goals and ran 11.4%

        Best time to trade Krug is now, won’t have to cap space to resign. Personally I don’t think moving him hurts their chances at all. Might help but won’t hurt. Detroit has interest Sweeney should see what the offer is; however I know they won’t be moving him.

  10. I guess tampa did get him.

  11. 4 years and counting the Bruins have been trying to get a goal scorer with size to play along side Krejci….

    • I think they might have some in the system.
      Let’s hope they make it before Krech starts regressing. Although he does still have lots of gas in the tank with his style of play.

  12. So back in 2017, Shattenkirk spurned Tampa’s offer and killed the trade from St. Louis for a much better deal than NY ultimately gave him. Ny bought out Girardi to make room for Shattenkirk. Now NY is stuck with dead cap space on both Girardi and Shattenkirk, and Shattenkirk is now playing on a one year deal for Tampa for less than 2 million?

    It seems everyone would have been much better off if he just signed that extension Tampa was originally offered!

    • Agreed
      and not buying out Girardi to re-sign Smith

      They have made a mess of things.

    • Sounds like Tampa is the clear winner?

      • Are they? Sure it’s a low risk move short term. But Shattenkirk definitely doesn’t make Tampa better defensively, and if he doesn’t come back and put up offensive numbers……

        Tampa has Hedman, Mcdonagh, sergachev, and a boatload of forwards that can score at will. They have 9 million to sign Pointe and Erne. If Point plays hardball that 1.75 would be a total waste.

        The clear cut winner today is Shattenkirk.

  13. I enjoyed the comment from Shattenkirk (althought I think professionals should NEVER use that term when talking to a national audience) that he was “pissed off” for being bought out.
    I wonder how NYR feel paying over $3 mil PER GOAL in 2018-19???
    Shattenkirk now says he has a “chip on his shoulder” after the buyout. Wonder how the NYR had a chip on their shoulder after filling up his checking account with over $6 mil???
    Funny how there are 2 sides to every story.

  14. And if Shattenkirk thinks he’s so good, wonder why he signed for $1.75 mil? I guess he’s not really a $6 mil + player like he thinks he is while playing for the NYR?
    Maybe if he would have played like he had a chip on his shoulder LAST YEAR, he would still be a NYR?
    These players act like they’re going to be extra motivated when traded or bought out – if they were extra motivated BEFORE the trade or buyout, maybe they wouldn’t be taking up a new residence in another city???