NHL Rumor Mill – August 9, 2019

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The latest on Chris Kreider and Jesse Puljujarvi in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NHL.COM: Dan Rosen reports Chris Kreider is expected to start the upcoming season with the New York Rangers. The 28-year-old left winger is a year away from unrestricted free agent status and his future with the Rangers is unclear as trade speculation continues to swirl.

This coming season could be Chris Kreider’s last with the New York Rangers (Photo via NHL Images).

Rangers president John Davidson said he “totally expects” Krieder to be in training camp but suggested it was difficult to make promises regarding a new contract. “He’s got one year left, and that should be a whole lot of importance to him to come in and have a great camp and a great year, and we’ll just see where it all goes,” said Davidson.

General manager Jeff Gorton echoed Davidson’s comments. Neither executive ruled out trading Kreider even if the Rangers were in playoff contention. While they consider Kreider a vital part of the roster, Rosen thinks there’s a chance the winger could be dealt before this season’s trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The New York Post’s Ted Holmlund considered Davidson’s comments on Kreider a “lukewarm vote of confidence.” The Rangers no longer need to trade him to free up salary-cap space after buying out Kevin Shattenkirk last week. Nevertheless, we can’t dismiss the possibility of Kreider getting traded between now and the February trade deadline.

Cap Friendly indicates they have over $64.8 million invested in 14 players for 2020-21. The good news is Kreider is their only core player up for a new contract. The bad news is re-signing him could cost over $6 million annually, pushing the Blueshirts to over $71 million invested in 15 players. Assuming a salary cap of $84 million, they’ll have less than $13 million to fill out the remainder of the roster.


TSN: The agent for Jesse Puljujarvi said his client’s preference is to play in the NHL this season, but he’ll play in Europe if he isn’t traded by the Edmonton Oilers. Markus Lehto told Finland’s MTV Sports a trade remains possible, even likely, but finding a suitable return for the 21-year-old winger has proven difficult thus far. Puljujarvi is a restricted free agent but Lehto said money has nothing to do with his trade request.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sure, a Puljujarvi trade is possible but GM Ken Holland isn’t going to do it unless he gets a decent return. It’s apparent he hasn’t received any offers to his liking.

Puljujarvi still has potential to blossom into an NHL scorer but his struggles over the past several seasons have hurt his trade value. With the Oilers still holding his NHL rights, my guess is Puljujarvi plays in Finland next season and both sides will revisit this situation next summer.


  1. I somehow get the feeling that Jesse Puljujarvi has become an “easy target” for Holland to demonstrate that there’s a new regime in charge in Edmonton.

    • He did it to himself

      • 31 years ago exactly today , Wayne Gretzky was traded from Edmonton.

        Now Edmonton’s is faced with the horror all over again by possibly having to trade Puljujarvi!

        It doesn’t seem fair.

        “A Kings ransom part deux.”

      • Snicker

    • Ah, no. Holland has too much credibility, smarts and gravitas to need to make a “statement” by singling out Puljujarvi.

      • Agreed LJ, in fact he doesn’t even need a target. Outside of a few players the whole team in Edmonton is a target.

      • “Holland has too much credibility, smarts and gravitas”


      • Where does Hollands credibility come from? From taking a Stanley Cup Champion and turning them into a capped out bottom feeding lottery team?

    • To me it seems the only side that keeps talking about this is JP and his agent. Which shows the weakness in their position. The agent talking on Finnish TV hurts JP’s chances of getting traded, doesn’t help. The reason is Holland will only trade him for what he thinks he is worth, nothing less. Opposing GM’s see the Oil as having no option but to trade him and offering low ball deals accordingly to see if Holland will bite. What opposing GM’s also see is a player who has accomplished nothing and thinks it is only someone else’s fault. He shares plenty of the blame for his play. Think they are going to lineup for that act?
      I have an idea.
      JP and your agent – shut up, work on you skill in close, work on winning a puck battle as you lose almost all of them and you are 6’4″ – 215, learn to read the play instead of taking weak shots on net or getting yourself trapped in the corner after you enter the zone.
      Sign a one year deal, work on your game, and say nothing. You can still want a trade, but if you do it this way you may wake up one day a better hockey player and on a new team as you are actually worth something in return.
      And as a bonus you will make a whack of $$ as an NHL player because you may just turn into a good one instead of a self entitled, spoiled brat. JP need to wake the F*** up and realize the opportunity he has right in front of him.
      My rant for today.

      • I certainly can’t disagree with any of the points above. Just that, it seems Holland has dug in his heels in this instance to send a message and that, short of a really significant offer, he’s not going anywhere. Which is the way it should be.

        But that raises another question about the Oilers organization. Since Holland has taken over does anyone know if he’s cleaned house insofar as the scouting staff are concerned? Because, with all the faults in his game that you mention Ray, you’d think that that might have registered on someone before taking him 4th overall while Matthew Tkachuk went 6th, Sergachev 9th and McAvoy 14th, not to mention DeBricat going 39th after Edmonton took Tyler Benson 32nd.

        I know that sort of second-guessing and hindsight can be applied to just about every franchise, but the Oilers selections that failed to emerge big time stand out like the proverbial sore thumb.

      • Bang on ray , 110% agree . Been saying this since jesses agent spoke .

      • George .
        The pro scouting staff has been addressed , big changes were made . The amateur scouting side has done some great work since coming in with and around Chiarelli . Is the strongest it has been possibly ever been . You can do that with each and every franchise in hindsight to see who was passed over . Every one . He brought in his own guy from Detroit , no other major changes to that side .

      • Thanks Craig.

      • Agree Craig, the pro scouting department was either brutal or refused to speak up when PC made some of those deals.
        In Edmonton we debate which trade was worse – Strome for Spooner or Caguilla for Manning.

      • Disagree Ray, he can speak all he wants, he doesn’t owe Edmonton nothing. He wants out Holland is saying no, so he and his agent are taking to the airwaves to try and put pressure on Holland. I don’t have an issue with either side. But why would Edmonton want him in their dressing room?
        There isn’t many ways for a player coming out of elc to get moved so Jesse is trying to go public to get his wish and Holland is saying I don’t have the right offer to move you.

      • Agree that he can speak up Caper. Free society, he can say whatever he wants. His decision speak out or not.
        All I am saying is that it isn’t helping him get what he wants and is actually hurting his chances.
        Also agree he doesn’t owe Edmonton anything, but JP needs to understand that the Oiler’s don’t owe him anything either. Every time they tried to do what they thought was best for him, like send him to Bakersfield, he whined to his agent who called Oilers Mgt. Shame on the Oil for thinking a young kid actually knew what was best for his development and caving.
        He is an asset that needs to be managed like any other and he is lowering his value which makes him difficult to trade for anything of value in return.
        Why would Edmonton want him in their dressing room? Why would any other team?
        What makes JP think any other team would give up something of value for him? All of a sudden he will turn into an effective player because he moves and now he isn’t sad anymore?
        There are two parties in this, and only one of them can decide if he gets traded or not and he isn’t making it any easier for them.
        Drouin tried the same thing and eventually came back and played and got his wish and TB got what they needed in return.
        That is the only way JP will get what he wants.
        JP is almost worthless now. If he stays home and pouts all year he still isn’t worth anything. Until he proves otherwise, that won’t change. Only JP can change it.
        Prove you are a pro, show up and and be a good hockey player instead of a whiny little boy.

      • Ray, I don’t think being welcome in another room would be an issue. He clearly doesn’t want to be in Edmonton. I cannot speak to what happened or didn’t happen in Edmonton. I would educate to guess Holland told him he wasn’t moving him and that didn’t sit well with JP so he is trying another Avenue to get his wish. Personally I have no issue with either side, do what you think is best for you. See who blinks first. When is the expansion draft?

  2. Kreider will be looking for $7m. He may come down a bit, but likely not below $6.5m. If the cap goes up by the same amount it did this year, which is quite likely, that’ll leave the Rangers between $11-12m. to sign their back-up goalie, a D-man and 6 forwards. It can be done, but it would be a tight squeeze that would leave them with a very top-heavy roster. That’s never a good thing.

    One thing about the Rangers is that they abhor losing good players for nothing. Even if they’re in the playoff picture. If Gorton and JD do not feel confident at the deadline that they can re-sign Kreider, they will trade him.

    • Perhaps Namestnikov & Lettieri to Minny for Fiala & conditional?

      Minny gets a forward that plays all forward positions plus a prospect

      Rangers get cap relief.

      • No one seems to want Namestnikov or they do not want to help the Rangers cap issues.

        The Rangers have a lot of youth and prospects. The bottom 6 should be decent and affordable. they just need to get through the next two seasons with Hank+Staal+Smith hits

      • Part of the reason for buying out Shattenkirk was so they weren’t forced into a bad trade. They are currently under the cap and don’t need to trade anyone. Any trades going forward will be to move guys in last year of their deals that are t in future plans.

      • I would do that if I were the Rangers.

    • With Shestyorkin now under contract, I don’t think NY need to concern themselves with Georgiev or another backup.
      Lundqvist expires the following year giving them time.

  3. I don’t see what the big deal is , if Puljujarvi doesn’t want to play in Edmonton trade him. Why keep a player that doesn’t want to be their. Can’t imagine Holland is showing him it’s a new regime.
    Did they become the Red Army or something. Lol
    Players decide they don’t want to play for a certain organization all the time. When Holland gets a trade he likes he will be gone.
    Ha Ha a new regime my arse !!

    • And why should Holland trade him for nothing because that’s his value right now? You would make a brutal GM bud. I’m all for seeing that crybaby who’s getting terrible advice go and play in Europe and maybe find his game because at this moment, he’s not an NHL player…….he’s lost on the ice and has no clue.

      • Lots of couch GM’S on this site. I guess George’s flunkies changed their names. LMAO
        And I did say when Holland gets what he wants he will trade him.
        Charging your names is so obvious

        Better ask George what to do now. lol

    • “I don’t see what the big deal is , if Puljujarvi doesn’t want to play in Edmonton trade him.”

      To who? And for what?

      Pretty easy to GM from your couch when you don’t actually have to DO anything, eh?

    • WTF Vinnie why get your stick up on George? he wasn’t even on the ice. You can dish it out but you can’t take it.

      • Ha Ha , ya Ok Fergy22

  4. I don’t know what is going to happen to JP, but i’ll keep proposing John Moore for JP

    The one thing for sure is for all the people who shook their heads and couldn’t believe that Jesse Puljujarvi fell into Edmonton lap when Columbus GM Jarmo Kekalainen decided to draft Pierre-Luc Dubois over his countryman. Must be wondering what did Jarmo know? it certainly looks like Kekalainen made the right decision.

    • Good point Caper. Safe to say he knew the player and knew some people around him better than most or all other GM’s. I suppose it could still mean he had PJ rated high, just not as high as Dubois due to Dubois being a center or simply just a better player.
      Or there is something else.
      I would pay $20 to see where he had Jesse slotted in the draft and why.

  5. Just trade him what’s the big deal , why would you keep someone that doesn’t want to be their.
    Bad attitudes won’t help Edmonton turn it around.
    And my apologies on being a bad couch GM.

  6. Would TB have a player like Killorn or Johnson that would be wiling to go to EDM in a trade for PJ?

    What does TB have locked in that EDM may want and that player may want to go to EDM ??

  7. Why not go to the Media and state that JP has played his last game in the NHL and make that statement publicly. State obvious things like “JP’s a RFA that has refused his qualifying offer, and he has no bargaining rights” If he ever wants to play in the NHL, be clear that road goes through Edmonton. Either you suck it up and play another year or two in Edmonton or stay in Europe.

    • I understand your frustration from a fan perspective but perhaps look at it from an alternative perspective

      Players are drafted and thus considered property for a minimum of 3 years. The player has no negotiation rights AT ALL. In the real world, we as workers get to apply to who we wish. These players do not.

      Using PJ for an example, perhaps we wanted to apply to MTL and not EDM. In our world we get to resign by giving our two weeks and apply to any other job. Any industry “black balling” would be held liable in civil court.

      players do not have that option.

      So PJ “holding out” to be traded to a more “forgiving” situation is all he can do.

      I am not agreeing with PJ tactics but that is his only option as a worker in a sport that makes people PROPERTY and they sit down and shut up or don’t et paid.

      Strange to me.

      • IHC, I tend to agree with you … one size fits all doesn’t actually work for all. I don’t know JP’s work well enough to evaluate his meddle, but clearly no GM in the league thinks he has Holland over a barrel b/c no GM in the league is going to willfully make a bad trade for his team. If someone values JP, they will propose a trade and Holland either accepts or passes. Only fans think someone is going to rob the Oilers.

        And teams do mishandle players and player development all the time. Dismissing JP’s issue out of hand is not frugal or good asset management. Him playing in Finland might be the best way out of this.

      • IMO it’s not strange IHC. Of course players don’t have that option for years in pro sports.
        If that wasn’t the case only half the teams in every league could consistently compete the best players.
        JP does have a choice, stay in Oulu Finland or play anywhere else in Europe.
        Or he could go to university and become a nuclear physicist.

      • IHC, thing is it is a negotiated agreement between the league and its players. That is not the same at all.

      • @BCLEAF

        Correct NHLPA and the NHL negotiate BUT my position is the DRAFTED players becoming property. They never negotiated, nor would a worker, give up their freedom of movement in a fair negotiation. They are subject to the league rules in order to play. They start as property and only a 28 when their youth is behind them, have a chance at CHOICE. That is my contention.

        so for PJ, thought he signed his initial contract he signed for 3 yrs…he never agreed to not get a value he agrees with for more. SO because he signed in the 1st place now he is PROPERTY.

        Imagine you at your current job not being able to give two weeks notice to join another company in your field for market value because you think your company is holding you back from developing. We do not allow that in this world so my point was only to view it in their world from that perspective.


        Agree to disagree on points is ok =)

  8. Geez , maybe that would work with all the RFA’S that are refusing to go to camp without a contract.

  9. All great points on JP

    Does he need to get better (playing and hockey sense)… yep

    Does he need to get more physical; yep

    Does he need to get his head out of his butt… yep

    Does he and/or agent need to be wiser when spouting publicly— yep

    Would he have more success with another NHL team w/o addressing the above needs/concerns– perhaps but not a given.

    Does he need to be traded— here I say; not necessarily, in fact IMO , the prudent move would be to NOT move him right now.

    Whether he plays in Ed this year or not is irrelevant w.r.t. what his “asset” value is right now. It is very low (lowest it has been) now. So trading now will only return something relatively equal in value…. pittance.

    If the Oil are not going to budge at all w.r.t. an offer above qualifying…. Either wait him out; or let him sign in Europe. Oil will still own his rights.

    If he goes to Europe and succeeds, the asset value increases… choice to sign him back with Oil then or trade him for someone/thing greater than they would get right now. If he fails; his value can’t plummet much further.

    I do think this kid has potential. Most of the change has to come from within; but he also needs to be coached/mentored/developed further.

    Fingers crossed on this for both JP and for the Oil

  10. JP to Montreal for Karl Alzner, a late pick & the Habs retain 50% of old Karl’s salary.

  11. I hope the Bruins had or will look into trading Krug , there’s no way they pay him what he’ll be looking for next off season & bring in a winger with size who can score for that #2 line …given a chance McAvoy could be just as good on the offense and better on the D

  12. What do you think the don’t match price would be for a Puljujarvi offer sheet. Compensation is not very much for the type of offer he would receive, but would Edmonton match anything over say $2m for someone that said he wouldn’t play there?

    • Good question. The fact that nothing of the sort has transpired tells me that the other GMs and their respective scouting staffs have seen the same warts in his game as listed by Ray Bark above and see little or no point in forking over a contract that size to someone who might never develop into a bona-fide NHLer. Like Yakopov.

  13. Trade scenerio here

    To Winnipeg RNH & J.PUILARVI