One-Day NHL Retirement Contracts Nothing But Hollow Gestures

by | Aug 31, 2019 | News, NHL | 6 comments



  1. I’m a fan of one day contracts! In today’s world, players are moved so frequently (sometimes by their choice and sometimes not) that it’s good for everyone (and bad for no one) when they’re able to retire with the team they’ve spent so many years playing for.
    Ray Borque will always be remembered as a Bruin, Jarome Iginla will always be remembered as a Flame and Vincent Lecavalier will always be remembered in a Lightning jersey in my eyes.
    If a player wants to retire as a member of the team they served for so many years, what’s the harm???? If a player doesn’t care doesn’t care to retire from the team they served for so many years, what’s wrong with that? It should be the player’s choice (assuming the team agrees when the player would like a one day contract).

    • Totally agree with you on this one. If I spent “X” amount of years on a team that was a SC winner, but got traded later on down the line, I’d want to finish my career with the team I had my best moments with.

  2. It’s all for show as we say in the show business. It’s all entertainment and so it’s a matter of liking it or not.

  3. Can’t agree, Lyle. If these things weren’t important to players they wouldn’t agree to them.

    Most honours have orders of merit. Think of these retirement things as the equivalent to being a Member in the Oder of Canada, with having one’s jersey as the Officer and the Hall of Fame as Companion.

  4. What an altogether grotesque reading of the one-day contract. It’s a nice thing, it hurts N-O-B-O-D-Y and it acknowledges the importance the player had to the organization. And to compare Ward’s to Marino’s? Give me a break. Marino’s was a stupid publicity stunt that is in absolutely no way related to other one-day contracts.

    Anyone who is annoyed with one-day contracts should give their head a shake and rethink their priorities.

  5. Cynical trash. The author should be embarrassed.