Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – August 11, 2019

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Updates on T.J. Brodie, Matthew Tkachuk, Patrick Marleau, and Jesse Puljujarvi in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


SPORTSNET: Eric Francis told Sportsnet 960 host Pat Steinberg the Calgary Flames are still shopping defenseman T.J. Brodie. They must shed salary before the start of the season if they hope to re-sign restricted free agent forwards Matthew Tkachuk and Andrew Mangiapane.

The Calgary Flames are reportedly having difficulty shopping defenseman T.J. Brodie (Photo via NHL Images)

A source from within the organization claims they’re having difficulty trading Brodie, leading Francis to wonder if they might have to package him with someone like Mark Jankowski to make it happen. He also dismissed speculation suggesting Hamonic could be traded, citing the rearguard’s value to the Flames blueline and his love of playing in Calgary.

Speaking of Tkachuk, Francis noted reports indicating the Flames have offered up two, five, and seven-year offers. He expects management is looking at a two-year bridge deal. He also believes Tkachuk could miss the start of the season. Steinberg said he’d heard the two sides aren’t even talking at this point.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates Brodie is a year away from UFA eligibility with an affordable $4.65-million cap hit this season. He also carries an eight-team no-trade clause, which could explain the supposed difficulty the Flames face trying to move him.

Their limited cap space and their need to re-sign Tkachuk could also hamper efforts to move Brodie Teams could be interested in him could be attempting to squeeze the Flames into packaging a young roster player into the deal.

As for Tkachuk, GM Brad Treliving recently said the two sides will “keep plugging away”. If they aren’t talking right now, it could be because they’re taking a bit of a break. I expect talks will heat up once the calendar flips to September and the start of training camp approaches.


TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports Patrick Marleau’s off-season isn’t working out as planned. He claims the 39-year-old winger hoped to return to the San Jose Sharks but they “don’t want him”.

The Arizona Coyotes are said to be interested in Marleau but he might not want to play there. In June, the Toronto Maple Leafs trading Marleau to the Carolina Hurricanes, who bought out the final season of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sharks have over $4.6 million in salary-cap space, giving them more than enough room to bring back Marleau on an affordable, bonus-heavy contract. Whether they want to, however, is another matter.

When the rumors of Marleau hoping to go back to San Jose appeared this spring, I suggested that might not happen partly because of his hefty salary-cap hit ($6.25 million). While that’s no longer an issue, the decline in Marleau’s performance over the past two seasons could give the Sharks good reason to skip a reunion.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Kurt Leavins took note of a recent report out of Finland citing comments by the manager of Finland’s Karpat Oulu regarding Jesse Puljujarvi, who has requested a trade from the Oilers. Harri Aho called Puljujarvi “a really interesting player”, adding his club is following the winger’s situation.

Leavins points out Aho is the father of Carolina Hurricanes center Sebastian Aho. He also observed the Hurricanes are among several clubs said to be interested in the 21-year-old winger.

Leavins adds Karpat Oulu hasn’t made a contract offer to Puljujarvi. He speculates this could be a final bluff by the winger’s camp to force the Oilers to trade him.


  1. So the flames (and other teams) might not get value for their players because of cap space? Good players might need sweeteners to move? Who coulda predicted that?

    • crazy as you noted Chrisms that sweeteners would need to be included to move good players.
      NHL economics is really turning me off. I was a big MLB and NFL fan a few years back and the big bucks, constant player movement & lack of loyalty caused me to turn my back. I have been a pro hockey fan for for 50+ years and close to packing it in, sad.

      • Really? I find it fascinating. Like a really slow game of chess.

      • Agree Chrisms, it is interesting. Brodie is the text book case.
        The last couple seasons we were amazed at the cost to land a decent top 4 defender. Now one (Brodie) is being shopped and they haven’t been able to move him and the press is speculating that they may need to add.
        I still don’t think they will need to add, but won’t get what they thought they would. Maybe they will need to add, and I am wrong. I dunno.
        Maybe that will change when camp opens and GM’s evaluate what they have in camp. There are plenty of teams that could use a guy like Brodie, but they can do simple arithmetic too and know the situation the Flames are in.

      • A month ago, I dubbed this the 2019 summer of the NHL capocalypse. Leaf management (Pridham and Dubas) also saw this oncoming freight train and dumped Marleau’s salary as quickly as possible.

        With the exceptions of Colorado and Columbus, the other 2019 playoff teams are facing a cap crunch to one degree or another. Even some non-playoff teams (e.g. Rangers, Canucks) have found themselves in salary cap hell.

      • Hammer,

        The Canucks are tight with cap room because the GM is a dithering idiot. At least the Rangers have not only Panarin but a ton of very good draft picks as well.

        Vancouver has JT Miller, no 1st rd pick.

        Well played Jimmy, well played.

      • TJ Brodie is like a fourth or fifth cousin. So is Travis Konecny. Even though TK plays for the GD Flyers I want nothing but the best for both of them. Ryan Jones is my good friends brother but that’s enough name dropping. Maybe the Flames would take Jackhole for TJ and then he can be home where I told him a few years ago that he should be.

      • It’s like 6 degrees of deeeee

    • MTL has $4m in space

      to MTL: Frolik (4.3M)w/($500k retained) & Brodie (4.6m)

      to CGY: Alzner (4.6)

      cost to get the extra 4 this year for CGY is to take back Alzner but MTL will eat Frolik’s $4m this year

      no prospect swaps helps both clubs.

      CGY now has plenty of $$ to sign Tkachuk

  2. As an Isles Fan I would take TJ Brodie to bolster my teams defensive core.

  3. I love that the players and agents have caused their own issues. Holding out, driving up market prices, demanding more for less talent. Playing like crap on a contract and being overpaid yet refusing to put money back or take a lower deal. Fact is all of them make more than they could in most any other profession and more than they had growing up. I won’t root for players I root for teams…otherwise it’s the NBA which I will never watch again.

    • AZ, yes, most players are only loyal to their own pocketbooks, maximizing their contracts at the expense of team performance. It’s a zero sum game. If the stars all want to be paid $8 million plus, then the 3rd and 4th line players will be playing for the league minimum.

      The smart managers will start trading the stars as soon as they notice a slippage in play lasting at least half a season. One or two bad contracts will sink a team. How many of the current RFA contracts will become boat anchors (ala Nail Yakupov) in a couple of years? Teams betting on continued progression of elite players exiting their entry deals may be severely disappointed. A few of these RFAs have already peaked. Which ones? I don’t know, but I do know probabilities. Performance can level and decline due to a myriad of reasons such as injuries, team chemistry, or lack of commitment.

      • “lack of commitment …” aka the dreaded “comfort zone” (hello Milan Lucic)

      • George O I wouldn’t say that about Lucic. Some of Lucic could still be in his own head. It’s been reported that he had an extremely hard time dealing with his Dad passing and hasn’t played the same since.
        I counting on Lucic to have a rebound season. He’ll score between 18 and 22 goals this season.
        I know I know he couldn’t do it with McDavid but he isn’t the type of center he needs. Lucic is best suited with a center that can slow the pace ie David Krecji. We’ll see how is this season hopefully he has a good season

      • Agree with Caper.
        Lucic is better than he’s shown.
        Losing ones Dad is a tough part of life.
        I hope he makes a positive impact on the Flames.

  4. A competent GM would have seen the opportunity to take advantage of teams with major cap issues. The chance to obtain good players and or draft picks could clearly be seen coming and any GM with foresight should have been able to seize the moment and improve their team at very low cost.

    Imagine if Jim Benning hadnt given 7 million a year to Tyler Myers? Or if the Bungling One didnt give away a 1st round pick to Tampa to get a player (Miller) he should have gotten Tampas 1st rounder with. Or if maybe Dim Jim didnt grossly over pay for Roussel and Jay Beagle.

    Then he’d have tons of cap room, roster spots to not only resign Boeser but to add much better defencemen (Brodie), forwards and draft picks via trade or free agency.

    The opportunity to really take advantage of other GMs was clearly there but as usual Benning has bungled and stumbled through another off season building his lottery team on his rebuild/make the playoffs strategy. All the Canucks have now is a couple of vety good forwards (Horvat, Pettersson), a ticked off unsigned potential star winger (Boeser), a bunch of 4th line slugs that are grossly overpaid (Sutter, Ericksson, Beagle), a still porous defence and suspect goaltending. Add that all up and combine it with no 2020 1st round pick and next to no cap space and the entire situation oozes incompetency.

    This will undoubtedly be the year the Canucks win the draft lottery only to watch the top Jr prospect go to Tampa Bay while Canuck fans get to enjoy JT Miller and his 18 goal outburstl

    Just how does Dim Jim keep his job?

    • Ron Jull. The 1st for JT Miller is conditional. If the Canucks miss the playoffs they keep the pick in 2020 and the Lightning get the 2021 pick. You must be on bath salts to think the Lightning would have to add a 1st to get rid of Miller. He had positive value and is 26 on a good contract. The guy has averaged 55 points over the last four years playing 15 minutes a night.

      Roussel isn’t overpaid whatsoever. Beagle, Sutter and Eriksson absolutely are. Ferland was a good signing. Myers is getting 6 million, not 7. It’s pretty much the going rate for a 2nd pairing D in UFA.

      Maybe get your facts straight. I’m no fan of Benning but your post is ridiculous.

      • Myers is not a 2nd pairimg defenceman, at least not on a contending team, 6 million for a pylon is a huge mistake by Benning.
        2020 or 2021 pick doesnt matter, Benning grossly overpaid for Miller. 5.25 million for a 13 goal scorer isnt too much?
        Roussel most definetly is way overpaid, 3 million for 9 goals?

        Benning has traded, spent and run the Canucks into the ground and up against the cap with his incompetency. If he wasnt an Aquilini yesman and puppet he would have been curbed eons ago.

        By implying that Benning has done anything remotely close to an acceptable job implies that you need to get your facts in order.

    • If the Canucks mid the playoffs the pick moves to next year

    • I am with RON….giving up a 1st this year or next is an ABSOLUTE overpayment for Miller. Especially with TB being up against the cap. He could have leveraged the situation better.

      Benning could also not have signed Ferland till he had Boeser locked in. Missing out would have been worth it to ensure adequate cap room.

      Same can be said for the Beagle & Roussel contracts. (being overpayments)

      Leaves them significantly less room next year when Virtanen & Stecher are up……or to flex his roster IF he had available cap space.

      Benning has NOT used his cap space wisely for top 6 players. He has a big chunk of his cap being used on bottom 6 players. They are not even 1 yr contracts. Pretty rough.

      • IHC,

        Nice to hear from another resident of planet earth, lol.

      • It amazes be how Vancouver post Sedin’s is at the cap ceiling and not floor LOL. SCAREY!!

  5. Puljujarvi to Boston for John Moore or have I suggested that before.

    • I think the Oil are good on D Caper and looking to add up front.
      Do the Bruins have a guy they could move for the extra cap space to sign McAvoy and Carlo?
      Not sure I would do that from a B’s perspective but I think the Oil would.
      Agree the B’s need to move Moore or Miller, but not sure that is what the Oil are looking for.

      • Ray would you move Heinen for JP? I know Sweeney and Cassidy are very high on his hockey IQ and defensive play.

      • Caper, no I wouldn’t.
        Senyshyn? Yep.
        But I don’t think the Oil would do that.

  6. I can’t believe that all these RFA’s will sit and Maybe that is what it will take for them to accept what is left in their respective team kitties. You can only afford what you can afford.

    • It may seem the trendy thing to do is sit out and let the GM sweat it out. May need a GM willing to let the player sit out for the season. Not ideal of course, would leave harden feelings and player may fly the coop at first opportunity.

      • Seems like harball vs hardball to me. If a team has offered a fair deal than ya it is fine IMO.

  7. Well . . . go ahead and pack it in if you wish. For this 50+ year hockey fan, the NHL has never, ever been more exciting with articles (like Spector’s – thank you Lyle!) and headlines every single day. The off season is as exciting as the regular season!
    If you want to go along for the ride – great! If not, it’s your loss, not mine.

  8. The Rangers are in a cap crunch because they couldnt wait and had to sign Panarin to a huge contract. Even under new management they havent learned from their past mistakes. Maybe one day.

    • Rangers aren’t in a cap crunch. It doesn’t take much effort to go to cap friendly website and figure it out. They where over but made choice to buy out Shattenkirk instead of forcing bad trades. JD has stated, they couldn’t wait on a guy like Panarin, because guys like that aren’t always available!

      • slick, I would hate to know what you think is a cap crunch. The Rangers bought out Shattenkirk to become cap compliant. With a roster of 22 players, they have $1 million in available space (i.e. no flexibility). Buyouts are costing them $5.4 million this season and $7.5 million in 2020-21.

        Maybe Ranger fans are expecting the players to opt out of the CBA, forcing a work stoppage next year.

        Which leads to this thought. Could GMs be playing a game of chicken with the current RFAs? If the players decide to opt out and the elite RFAs continue to play hardball, they may end up sitting out 2 seasons with zero income. Assuming the players opt out, there is no way I would be signing an RFA to deal that included a signing bonus in July 2020.

  9. The future looks frightening for my Flames. Once Tkachuk is signed for likely $9 million per season, that will set the market for Gaudreau to ask for $10 million per, and Monahan at least $8.5 or $9 million per…. and the Flames will be just like any other team with too many high-priced players: unable to afford the proper supporting cast.

    So, a quick thank you to the studs of the NHL for asking for an eighth of the team’s entire cap for one player. You fools are making it impossible to build a contending team and keep it together. The lucky ones who have their top players (like Nathan MacKinnon) on team friendly deals had better use those years while they can to try and win.

    • Johnny has 3 years left and Monny has 4.
      Everything’s gonna be just fine in Calgary.

  10. I don’t believe that Simmons story one bit. The fact that Thornton hasn’t signed should be an indicator that something is up in San Jose. They have cap flexibility now, and are more likely just waiting for something else to fall prior to announcing Marleau and Thornton signings.

  11. Tkachuk shouldn’t be more than Draisaitl and Aho so he should be happy with $8m. That being the case Jankowski or Czernak Dube and Quinne can be moved to accommodate . T.J. Brodie stock will increase as camps-preseason and eventually regular season unfolds.

    • Exactly. If Tkachuk & these other RFA’s want to sit out the start of the season after they all have been offered decent deals to play hockey…fine. No Tkachuk means Flames have plenty of cap space, tons in fact. So we wont need to trade Brodie or Frolik at ridiculous lack of returns. Injuries happen & Im quite sure teams will look at making more meaningful offers if they lose a key position. Can guarantee one thing, Brodie & Frolik will have way more value at the Trade Deadline. Maybe these RFA’s start to change their minds when the league is well into gear & they are still skating on their pond in their backyards. Means other young players get a chance to make their mark.

    • Lot going on in Finland this summer, it seems, lots of talk anyway, but as we all know talk is cheap.

  12. So, Ristolainen for Puljujarvi – one Finn for another – if Holland adds a decent pick

    • NYR will offer ADA (?M), Strome (3.1M) and prospect for Risto (5.4M)

      subsequent move

      Kreider (4.6M) & Namestnikov (4M w/ 725K retained) for RNH (6M)

      NYR takes in 11.4 M and a retention of 725k

      NYR ships out 11.7 plus (ADA contract)

      net wash for salary but NYR gets their legit 2 C for the same cap they use now

      Chtyle move to wing
      Risto gets fresh start
      EDM gets a legit winger for McDavid and Leo D can center line #2
      Buff gets a cheaper RD and a #2c / winger who is cost controlled

      not too shabby =)

      I did not even try to include Smith 😉