The Latest on This Summer’s Top NHL Restricted Free Agents

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Soapbox | 15 comments



  1. Now that Brisbois has traded Erne to Det, should Point get the full 9.3mil Tampa has available?
    Does that help everyone else’s case if that’s the case?
    Can’t see Charlie or Carlo signing for more than 5.0 and 3.5 respectively.
    I personally think everyone is waiting to see what happens in Calgary with their RFA.
    Probably the most well rounded player of the lot.

    • I still think Point’s getting between $8 – $8.5 million. Gotta leave some wiggle room under the cap for other moves as needed during the season (waivers, trades, PTOs).

      • Perhaps, Lyle, this is the first indication of a team with cap space taking on someone at a cheaper price than might otherwise be dictated by simply waiting. Detroit gets a big winger taken in the 2nd round – 33rd overall – by giving up a 4th round pick that might fall around 81st overall. Good move by Yzerman.

      • Hi George

        To me that was certainly a steal.

        It is strange (check that… absolutely nuts) that Bolts thought that they couldn’t afford the extra $350K for Erne. He got $1.05M ($350 K over League Min)on a 1 yr. Any other player filling that spot has to be paid league Min!!!!

        If they had no intentions on paying him that; you would figure they could have gotten better than a 4th from someone else????

        You had said in around 81st pick— it actually can’t be any lower than 94th pick (1st pick in 4th round) and will likely be post 100th pick.

        That is a head scratcher to me.

      • Morning Pengy. To me, this illustrates what I’ve been saying for a while now – that is, those teams with sufficient cap space are playing chicken with the cap-strapped teams. And why not? Rather than give up anything significant for what has become a necessity to dump salary, they’re simply letting some of those teams sweat as they run out of options and get closer to the opening of training camp either over the cap and/or still needing to sign a key RFA.

        This was just the first of what could be several similar exchanges.

      • Yep

        Dorion is going to get in on this — he’ll net something nice in early Sept.

    • I don’t think Point will get anything over $8M+, just for the fact with Florida’s no-tax. Maybe see Point get between what Stamkos is getting and Palat. Maybe a 7 year, $7.5M AAV.

  2. It kinda looks like Detroit will help Tampa and vice versa.
    Looks like it could be a good relationship for both franchises

    • So much for not trading within the division, never mind the same conference.
      Crazy business, huh Vinnie?

      • Yep, relationships matter. Doesn’t matter what biz it is.
        Most GM’s get that, except maybe in MTL.

      • I believe you trade with who you feel you are going to get the most out of.
        I believe Detroit and Tampa can help each other very much.
        Could build two very good hockey teams if they have decided to work together.
        Hope Steve Yzerman likes Brendan Shanahan as well.
        Maybe a new way to work the cap, using 2 or 3 teams. Could work very well

      • Reminds me of what Dubas and Dorian have going. Minus the under the table $ of course.
        I’m merely speculating on the last part btw.

  3. Probably would be good for Ottawa and Toronto to work together.
    When one’s on top the other one is rebuilding. I could see it being beneficial, not sure the fans of each team could handle it.
    I’m about 50 minutes from Ottawa’s rink and it annoys me to think that Melnyk, in my opinion is trying to get low attendance to make it possible to move the team.
    I’m not a Senators fan but I do attend games.
    I like the rink location, don’t have to go near the city.

    • 50 minutes for an NHL game is certainly doable.
      I’d buy season tickets if I was that close.
      I prefer the country drive over downtown driving anyday.

  4. When was Marner made a center? No wonder he’s holding out for more money.