Best NHL Players You Didn’t Know Played For Your Favorite Team: Metropolitan Division

by | Sep 8, 2019 | News, NHL | 6 comments



  1. Ida thunk luc robitaille or scary Gary might have been mentions for the pens.

  2. Every Jackets fan knows that Vanek (Who helped the Jackets reach the playoffs) and Gaborik (Celebrated by Jackets fans because he had to wave his NTC to come to Columbus) were on the team. Many of us also remember Marschechault playing here when he struggled to be consistent.

  3. Marchault actually played for NY, Tampa and Columbus.

    His career in NY (Hartford) will be long remembered by NY fans like Antonio Brown will be forever embraced by Raider nation!

  4. Bure would be another good Ranger mention.

    • Over the years the rangers were like the nhl star player retirement home.

      • Bure was far from a retirement home. Injury prone yes, old and out of his prime? Far from it. He put up 50 points in 51 games for NY.