Can Jessie Puljujarvi Get His NHL Career Back On Track?

by | Sep 2, 2019 | Soapbox | 2 comments



  1. Everything in life comes down to attitude. If he changes his, he will make it. If he doesn’t? He won’t. For me, when things get tough, giving up is a huge flag.

  2. Hopefully – to use one of a pro athlete’s favourite words – this is the last we hear of Puljujarvi until and unless something happens regarding his actual return to the NHL. Meanwhile, despite being a 4th overall pick in 2016, why should he be any different than a host of others taken high in their draft years and who never lived up to expectations. Edmonton gad two others in Yakupov (1st overall in 2012) and Pajaarvi (10th overall in 2009) who didn’t pan out.

    Others who have so far not lived up to their draft hype include

    Oli Juolevi (5th overall in 2016 by Van), Alexander Nylander (5th overall in 2016 by Buffalo), Derrick Pouliot (8th overall in 2012 by Pitt), Slater Koekkoek (10th overall in 2012 by TB), Scott Glennie (8th overall in 2009) and Jared Copwen (9th overall in 209 by Ottawa).

    There are a host of other similar examples proving that, in essence, drafting can be a real crap shoot.