Chasing 40 Wins for Goalies the NHL’s New Moby Dick?

by | Sep 14, 2019 | News, NHL | 5 comments



  1. 40 wins for goalies is going the way of 30 wins in MLB The last to do that – Denny McLain – was 51 years ago in 1968.

  2. Has the author ever heard of Connor Hellebuyck?

    • What about him? Helluva good goalie but surely you aren’t suggesting that train wreck on D (half their complement from last season gone), and shaved-down offense (their 2 best goal producers still not signed) known as the Jets can play well enough in front of Hellebuyck to get him 40 wins again?? Certainly not in the foreseeable future.

      • The RFAs will be fine and no team needs 15+ million plus of Trouba, Myers and Chiarot. Any goalie who might start 70 on a decent team has a crack at 40 wins.

        Also “trainwreck”? Have they played a game yet? But let me guess, I bet you called VGK in the Stanley Cup Final in year 1 right?

  3. Oh, for Pete’s sake. How many games a #1 goalie plays is relevant to his odds of winning 40. How many goals are scored league-wide absolutely is not.

    It doesn’t matter whether the average team scores one goal a game or five. Each team plays exactly 82 games and there is a winner in every one of those. A 7-6 win doesn’t count for less in the stats than a 1-0 win.