Coyotes Re-sign Keller to Eight-Year Extension

by | Sep 4, 2019 | News, NHL | 11 comments

The Arizona Coyotes re-signed forward Clayton Keller to an eight-year contract extension. Reports indicate the deal is worth $57.2 million, with an annual average value of $7.15 million.

Arizona Coyotes re-sign Clayton Keller to a long-term deal (Photo via

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s a big pay raise for the 21-year-old Keller, who’s entering the final season of his entry-level contract worth an AAV of over $1.6 million when factoring in performance bonuses (stick tap to Cap Friendly). 

A versatile forward who can play center or wing, Keller made an impressive NHL debut in 2017-18 with 65 points to lead the Coyotes in scoring. For his effort, he was named a finalist for the Calder Memorial Trophy.

Keller struggled through his sophomore campaign and his production dropped to just 47 points. Nevertheless, he was the Coyotes leading scorer for the second straight season. 

The Coyotes showed a lot of faith in Keller with this hefty new deal. In a statement following the signing, general manager John Chayka called the youngster “elite in every sense of the word”, singling out his playmaking skills and character.

The pressure’s on for young Keller to deliver. A return to 60-plus points this season will go a long way toward alleviating concerns. Fortunately, his prime playing years are still ahead. He’ll be a key component in the Coyotes’ quest to end their lengthy playoff drought this season. 


  1. GM’s are crazy, that’s too much for what he has shown so far IMO. I’d have bridged him or not gone over $6/season.

    If I was a gm it would be more hardball with these kids, who want the world.

    Jake guentzel last year is an example of a good signing. $6 mill for 40 goals and 72 points, yes please.

    • Icebar

      Yes yes yes and more yes

      This “could” payoff in a couple months f years ; if he takes off; but as you said; too much as at what he’s currently shown

      He’s also all offence and he needs to improve his defensive game; substantially IMHO

      Great analogy …. Guentzel …. agree great extension!!!

      • I don’t know what KD is going to do in TO. AM contract was the first of many bad moves for their cap space, IMO. Way to much money for 5 years? Should have been at least 8 years, and even then for less money.

        I’m surprised they got rid of Kadri too, cause I don’t see them winning it all this year, and it already looks like they will be losing many next summer. He had a good cap hit for 3 more years I believe and is a talented guy for 3rd line duties. I don’t know how they expect to build a team?

        But the worst signing which started this trend was botterill(?) in Buffalo with Jack Eichel and his $10 per season for we’ll potential that he still hasn’t reached.

        Seriously make all these kids hoping for big paydays prove it first

      • Hi Icebar

        The Eichel contract may have been the stepping stone (BTW SN has him ranked 50th best NHL player for this upcoming season… nice for $10 M)

        Dubas’ is e started with his letting WW and Dad and Agent dictate things

        If he’d sat last year; Leafs get no further in the playoffs than they did; and would end up signing WW for no more than 6 per tops! ; and AM no longer at comes in at $11.6M; and therefore MM not hovering/asking in the 10+ range

        Yes Leafs must address long term D contracts ; as at now only Reilly set for October of ‘20

      • This is the leagues fault. These young stars make peanuts compared to their peers playing much better hockey. They finally get a chance to make up for it and they are the bad guys. What a crock.

  2. Take the money and run, kid!

  3. Marner just said thank you Clayton! Marner had double the goals,assists and points and Keller gets 7.15! If I’m marner I’m going between Tavares and Matthews contract

  4. Small market teams have no choice but to pay big dollars for long terms or they will lose their star players. For all the talk about big market teams killing the cap, the reality is that small market teams tend to do the most damage by setting up stupid comparables.

    Everyone needs to understand that the only way teams can thrive under a hard cap is by using the leverage they have over young players. Generational players like McDavid and Mathews are an exception, everyone else needs to get in line and wait for their big payday.

    TOR made a huge mistake with WW. Even if you think he’s worth the money (which I personally don’t), a second tier player should never have been allowed to hold the team hostage. Teams should have firm rules for all young players (other than the generationals): if you’re not signed by opening night you sit for the season. These kids will NEVER make that year’s salary back. When that happens to the first one of them, the rest will get in line. Everyone saw WW “win” so now they all want to do the same thing.

    • You can’t give me stats or on ice play that marner doesn’t deserve matthews money, and don’t give the Center over winger panarin just signed for matthews money and marner is as good as him

      • UFA’s traditionally get more money than RFA’s (and that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be). For that reason, you shouldn’t compare Panarin’s contract to Mathews’ or Marner’s.

  5. AM, McDavid and Eichel deals changed the NHL for the worse….. I understand AZ wanting to lock up their potential star for 7 more but if last season was his game….