Does Matthews’ Recent Misadventure Change Leafs Captaincy Plans?

by | Sep 26, 2019 | News, NHL | 6 comments



  1. If the plan was to name him captain, then the answer is a resounding yes. Doing what he did was stupid in the extreme … trying to hide it was even more stupid.

    Rielly should be named captain.

  2. I agree George..

    I can only imagine that he wants to hide under the smallest rock.

    Only 10-12 year old kids would be doing that kind of adolescent behaviour.

    Leafs are cursed…

  3. I don’t believe Matthews is Captain material regardless of this incident Johnny should be captain he’s been there done it. Players on Long Island weren’t big fans of his but I believe Leaf players are and we know Babcock is.

    • I think it will be “captain underpants” over “captain morgan”.

    • Tavaras will be captain, took less money to come home.
      Ultimate team guy and leaf fan.
      No other choice, it’s that simple.

  4. There was a feeling the Leafs would have to make Matthews captain, even it he wasn’t as well suited to the role as Reilly or Tavares. I say they now have adequate cover now to go in another direction; hopefully they go with Reilly. Let the natural leader take on the leadership role and let Matthews concentrate on popping 50+ goals every year.