How Does Marner Deal Change Futures of Other NHL Top Young Talent?

by | Sep 15, 2019 | News, NHL | 8 comments



  1. Caper
    From yesterday thread , Willie certainly was asking 8.5 initially in the media , and it was reported by many . I’m not up on the adding links but google nylander asking for draisaitl money you will quickly see article after article . Do you not remember hearing the Mathews negotiation began with an 8 year discussion and 13-14 rumours ?
    This isn’t new . Like any and all negotiations you start high , he did . He didn’t start with the number he was willing to accept . That is negotiation. Just like dubas didn’t start with the offers we are hearing leaked . They both clearly moved and like I mentioned yesterday Mitch was able to use Mathews as his 1 and only comparable , like was the goal from the day Mathews signed and Ferris commented .
    This can only help the other rfas but NONE will get the overpayment Mitch got . A couple who are better players .

    • Craig time to move on. It was speculated never confirmed. Doesn’t change the fact the Marner didn’t get what he wanted. I believe it he held out he would’ve gotten exactly what he wanted.
      For the record I also said he is over paid. One has nothing to do with the other.

  2. Most GM,s have more experience than The kid so I don’t believe they will fold like a cheap tent. Two wrongs don’t make a right if you look at all the signings so far only two are way out of wack Skinner and Marner.

    • The big 4 in Toronto, make more $ than the entire Carolina Hurricanes forward group.
      All you Leaf fans can’t really believe that this is good asset management?
      Dubas is a Cap master alright!
      Wonder what happens next?

      • Not a problem as of yet though they have their work cut out for them over the next 3 years.

        If it doesn’t work out then this Leaf fan here will 110% believe the Ballard curse is real.

      • If nothing else it has been very interesting to watch him make the peices fit.

        Still curious as to how he’s going to improve the back end.

        They’ve got 4 years to pull it off, imo.

  3. We hear it all the time, a new market is set.
    Not that long ago Larson for Hall was the new price to pay for a decent dman.
    As I said then and still believe one deal doesn’t make another and any GM managing their team based on what another GM did shouldn’t be a GM
    Lots of folks were and are saying the bridge deal is done and it’s not.

    McAvoy will sign a bridge deal today like Werenski did, not because they want to but because that is what the team is giving them.

    • Charlie will come at 5 or just below on a bridge deal. Carlo about 3.