Jets Re-Sign Patrick Laine

by | Sep 27, 2019 | News, NHL, Rumors | 12 comments

TSN’s Darren Dreger reports the Winnipeg Jets have agreed to a two-year, $13.5-million contract with Patrik Laine. The 21-year-old winger’s annual average value is $6.75 million.

Winnipeg Jets re-sign left winger Patrik Laine to a two-year bridge contract (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After months of speculation over Laine’s status with the Jets, his contract situation is finally resolved. The Jets were said to be offering $6.5 million and the Laine camp around $7 million. He reportedly wanted a short-term bridge deal, thus putting him in position for a more lucrative contract while he’s still early in his playing prime. 

It’s still a substantial raise for Laine, who’s tallied 30-or-more goals in each of his first three NHL campaigns, including a career-high 44 goals in 2017-18. If not for the decrease in his production last season, he might’ve received more on this contract. 

Despite his scoring prowess, Laine’s drawn criticism for his streaky production and indifferent defensive play. He didn’t help matters this summer by appearing lukewarm about his future in Winnipeg and apparent grumbling over his second-line role.

Nevertheless, Laine remains a valuable part of the Jets’ offensive attack. Given his obvious offensive abilities, he should reach the 40-goal mark again.

Laine’s signing brings the number of top unsigned RFAs down to two: teammate Kyle Connor and Colorado Avalanche winger Mikko Rantanen. With Laine under contract, one wonders how much the Jets will invest in Connor, who’s reportedly interested in a long-term deal.  Laine’s deal eats up half of their roughly $15 million in salary-cap space, though they theoretically have more if Dustin Byfuglien ($7.6 million salary-cap hit) remains suspended or decides to retire.


  1. And the Leafs are paying Marner how much?

  2. Kyle will need to take negotiation 101 as he needs to find 4 defenseman for next year.

    • Hi Obe

      11F , 1 D , 1 G signed for next year with (pending on how much Cap goes up) somewhere in the $16M – $17M range of space

      Extending just ONE of Barrie or Muzzin or replacing with a top pairing DMan …. not a penny under $6M (and that’s conservative)

      Leaving $10M – $11M to sign or bring up and pay for 5 more D; 3 more Fwds ; and a back-up goalie …. 9 players for $10-$11 M …. avg between $1.1 M to $1.2 M

      Under no circumstances can Leafs vie to go deep next year and beyond w/o getting top 4 D … 3 more on top of Reilly …. and even with a Miracle top D @$6 M and 3D and 4D each at $3. 5 M… $13M

      Leaving $3M – $4M for 7 players …. 3 D ; 3 F; 1 back up goalie ….. oops league min. is $700 K …. $4.9 M …. more than in the bank account …. ouch!

      Can’t succeed w/o a trade…. should have moved WW July 2nd … receiving team only pays $700 K this year and cash wise less than $5 M AAV for balance of contract

      Move him next July 2nd and receiving team only pays $2.5 M next year and effectively Cash-wise $5.1 M per in term

      So …. 2/7/20…. WW for a mid 20’s top 4 D (or tending towards) that is currently $5M or less in Cap

      Boy would WW for Pulock (this past July) have been “smokin “
      …. and would have given $5M more in Cap space !!!!

  3. With that, CapFriendly now shows the Jets with $14,859,169 in cap space (including Byfuglien’s $7.6) with 22 at the ML level (13F 7D 2G)

    • Just had good look at the Jets 7D you mention George.
      Man, do they need Buff back.
      I have never been big on Hellebuyck (Decent not great and overpaid IMO) and thought his save % was a reflection of the team and D in front of him.
      We will see how he does with what looks like 4 NHL D men on the roster, none resembling the guys that left.

    • Strange isn’t it George

      CF jumps Sharks up to 30 and then back down to reality ; and Jets jump with one signing from 19 to 22…. LOL

      I see Jets will now be playing with the immeasurable relative of Dr. Seuss !!!

      $14.9 M …. ($15.6 M effectively because they have to replace/bring back Buff so that droops a league min contract) to cover KC and Buff … 👍

      I still , if I were Chevy ; reach out to McQ camp…. sign low; can always waive like Petrovic

      Gamble is only heavier $’s at the AHL; upside is a RHD in case Buff does not return

      • Like I say, Pengy, you almost have to check the site every hour on the hour to see the adjustments as cuts takes place, waivers, etc. Probably fluctuate like that right up to opening day for some teams.

        Here we go, flucked again!

  4. Laine should build on the D side of his game the next 2 season so there will be no peanut gallery comments when he cashes in big time.

    Good deal for both teams.

    Me thinks if Ehlers does not live up to his contract this season he is gone in the summer and makes room Laine and Conner long term.

    • No one in Winnipeg is complaining about Ehlers contract. The reason for trade rumors is that he has value and a good contract therefore potential to deal from a strength to get a top D, or #2 C. No reasonable offers were made public.

  5. And Kulikov, Beaulieu and Broissot are all UFAs next years so, potentially, there’s $6.5 mil additional, and if they can get someone to take Perreault next off-season, add in another $4.1 mil. Unless they intend to try and re-sign Kulikov – although I don’t see why.

    • Agreed. No reason to invest more in Kulikov. There will be options for WPG next summer.

  6. Happy to see the Leafs insistence on peeing the pool isn’t having a dramatic impact on other teams. Close to $40 million in four forwards is downright nutty.