Leafs, Babcock Face Difficult Roster Choices After Busy NHL Offseason

by | Sep 21, 2019 | News, NHL | 4 comments



  1. Domingue might be a batter option in the long run as the back-up goalie than either Hutchinson or Neuvirth

    • I doubt that. Domingue had a nice winning percentage, but that was only because Tampa was able to outscore his mistakes. Which was something Toronto did at the beginning of the year with Sparks in net. But once the goals dried up, Sparks was seen for what he was. A good AHL Goalie and nothing more.
      If you look at Domingues’s overall stats, you will see he is average at best.

  2. Unless TML rethinks their lack of defensive approach moving forward, it won’t matter what backup they have in net; be it Hutchinson or Neuvirth as neither will be able to defend against any team that would rather play pond hockey than any form of sound defensive hockey and I’m not suggesting trap hockey either.

    • There were some in here Joey who laid their defensive woes at the feet of D.J. Smith, saying defensive system/pk were “his responsibilities” thereby suggesting that Babcock turned those roles over to him entirely and had do input into how they were run. As Sid Sexeiro observed one day on Tim & Sid “yeah …. riiiiight.”

      We’ll soon see if there’s any improvement this year with whoever is “totally” in charge now.