Leafs Re-sign Marner

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Various sources this evening report the Toronto Maple Leafs signed restricted free agent winger Mitch Marner to a six-year, $65.38-million contract. The annual average value is $10.893 million.

Mitch Marner inks a six-year deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Finally, the long wait iover this year’s most-hyped contract negotiation has been resolved. It came in pretty close to what many of us expected, being a hair shy of $11 million per season. The term is slightly less than the Leafs wanted (seven or eight years) but longer than the three years the Marner camp sought.

Fans and pundits will likely debate over whether Marner was worth that much. If he continues putting up 90-plus point seasons. no one will remember what all the fuss was about in a few years. But if his numbers decline, things could get ugly.

Honestly, no one should be surprised Marner got as much as he did. We all knew he, Matthews, and Nylander were going to be expensive re-signings. We also knew Tavares’ signing was going to complicate matters. In today’s NHL, it costs a lot of money to re-sign top young talent. Anyone who’s shocked by all this is living in a fantasy world. This is a business, and it sometimes gets messy and expensive.

According to Cap Friendly, the Leafs now carry three players (Marner, Auston Matthews, and John Tavares) among the league’s top-ten salary-cap hits. Their combined cap hit is over $33.5 million. Toss in William Nylander and they’ve got over $40.5 million tied up in just four players. That’s almost half of this year’s $81.5-million salary cap.

It could also have far-reaching consequences for the Leafs’ cap payroll. Indeed, the effects will be felt as early as next season, as they now have over $66 million invested in just 12 players. They’ll also have Jake Muzzin, Tyson Barrie and Cody Ceci to re-sign. 

For now, the Leafs’ cap payroll is a league-leading $94.865 million. They’re expected to place the dormant contracts of David Clarkson and Nathan Horton ($10.55 million combined) on long-term injury reserve. Zach Hyman and Travis Dermott (over $3 million combined) are also expected to be placed on LTIR to start the season. Demoting a lower-salaried player or two should provide sufficient wiggle room to become cap compliant when the season opens.

Hyman and Dermott, however, will return at some point this season, meaning the Leafs will have to shed some additional salary to accommodate their eventual return. In other words, general manager Kyle Dubas will continue to walk that fine salary-cap line into the regular season.

The ripples from Marner’s signing will be felt throughout the league, specifically among the clubs with notable restricted free agents of their own yet to re-sign. That includes Colorado Avalanche winger Mikko Rantanen, Tampa Bay Lightning center Brayden Point, Calgary Flames winger Matthew Tkachuk, Winnipeg Jets forwards Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor, and Vancouver Canucks winger Brock Boeser.

It’s believed they were waiting to see what Marner got. Now that they know, perhaps their respective negotiations will be resolved before the end of September.


  1. It’s interesting numbers but the cap keeps rising. Any mention of signing bonuses? No move clauses and such thing. How hand cuffed are the leafs? Did Marner protect himself from any look out or salary recapture?

    • No word yet. Details will likely roll in over the next day or two.

    • The #MapleLeafs Mitch Marner 6 year $10.893M Cap Hit:

      -Yr 1: $700K Base, $15.3M SB
      -Yr 2: $700K & $14.3M SB
      -Yr 3: $750K & $9.608M SB
      -Yr 4: $750K & $7.25M SB
      -Yr 5: $750K & $7.25M SB
      -Yr 6: $750K, $7.25M SB

  2. wow isn’t this something what will some off these guys on here talk about now i thought he wasn’t going to sign with tor hmm i guess the new numbers will come in on here about how over the cap tor is because we all want to know

    • Leafs have won nothing but have all the money tied up in 4 players. Hawks at least won a couple of cups before screwing themselves

  3. So the Leafs have AM, JT, MM, WW, Rielly and Andersen at 50.5 million for the next two years with Andersen and three years till Rielly is due at substantial cost.

    So the window is 2 to 3 years.

    Six players at 50.5.

    Let us get crazy and say the cap is 90 million next year.

    That would average around 2.5 million per player to fill the roster and I feel that might be generous.

    I have no problem with players getting paid. I wish them well.

    Filling out a roster behind them is tough to do.

    Good luck Toronto, it would be crazy if the Leafs win it. Just not sure with how it will all fit together.

  4. The only thing I care about is that it is done . Thank Christ ! It was still August and all consuming
    Good move not to miss camp .
    Let the good times role. Next signing and or trade ? Rantanen should be just under and Tkachuk just under him and Skinner get’s a steal of a deal.

    • Amen SilverSeven!

  5. As Silver Screen has eluded to, it’s over; but there will be ramifications. TML now has their top 4 players consuming $40+ million dollars but at least, TML was able to establish a clear cut salary structure whereby Matthews is top dog and rest fall in line.

    Clearly the window to win with this D-core is now cuz at year’s end, barring the unforeseen of course, I think only Morgan Reilly will be left while the rest are off to greener pastures.

  6. Saw a tweet that said no team has ever won the cup with any player making over 10 million and the leafs have 3 lol

    • Well they need to rewrite history anyways so here’s their chance

    • And you were on here barking he should get it! Ironic

      • He is just one of many Leaf haters.

        I suspect the rumors are true and the cap will climb quickly the next 5 years and all will be forgotten…or so I hope.

      • Oh I definitely think he should get it! And with the escalator it sounds like the cap will stay flat the next 3 years!

    • The Cap keeps rising (except for this year) so that trivial information is irrelevant…

  7. Gms getting out of control again. Players with no rights but sitting out getting money like this in a salary cap world is stupid. Building a winning team takes more than 3-4 good players. Toronto will be in trouble if any of these guys suffer a serious injury. How’s the defense and goaltending going to be. I’m not sure this will work.

    • Not trying to pick a fight but I read daily on here about “rights.” This is just insane. I know people will default to “but this is the NHL…yadda yada…it’s a privilege…yadda yada.”

      Use this same logic in your job position in your field for any worker in the world. Not a good stand is it?

      Cannot change the mindset of rights from industry to industry. Any person, or player in this case, should have the basic RIGHT to accept or to negotiate their working wage. NHL so happens to have a contract. Marner and the other RFA are NOT under contract. They are FREE AGENTS, albeit restricted in terms due to the CBA, but nevertheless still FREE AGENTS.

      They have EVERY right to say yes or no.

      Just like we have every right to complain about the time it takes for team and player to agree lol.

      I am all about every player getting what they can and when they can to set themselves up for financial freedom and their families for generations.

      I am actually pro-ownership BUT if the owners keep working the profit angle why shouldn’t the player too.

      Please do not give me “well what about the other players and the cap and others get less”

      That is the whole point of negotiating. Accept the offer or don’t but please be pro worker’s right to NOT be pigeon holed into a less than market value across ALL industries including the privilege pro-sports. BC ownership ain’t paying the medical bills when ya retire.

      Sorry for the rant.

      • Not the same in the workforce. If I ask my employer for a million a year I will be let go and replaced.
        If say Toronto said Marner we are going as high as 8 million or you can sit then he either accepts it or goes and plays in Europe.
        Just saying gms don’t have to pay restricted free agents anymore than they want. Player can sit and they don’t have any other choice. Either sit request a trade or go play in another league.

  8. Lock out, here we come!

  9. It’s a damn shame Marner capitulated to this. Leafs and the league won big. Other rfas furious tonight. What a cheap way to buy ufa years for stars.

    • Chrism as I said in the rumour page. Marner caved, or blinked first. This isn’t to say he is under paid but he wanted a 3 or 4 year deal and settle on 6. If he had of settle on a 5yr I would’ve said it’s a wash but settling on a 6yrs when he knew he would get 11m per season is a cave.
      This team is payroll heavy on its stars and their window is this year.
      Congrats to Marner for making almost 11m coming off elc. We won’t know how this all works out until playoff time. Leafs are contenders but in a tough division.

    • Chrisms all the hockey guys are saying marner won big Time? I’m going to go with their opinions over yours lol

      • How’s the saying go? “Opinions are like butt holes… and so are you” Or something like that.

      • And the old saying goes “ stick to what you know…….and for you murses cleaning buttholes s that! “

  10. Marner won this hands down and if the Leafs dont win the next 3 years their window is gone. The reason I say 3 years is that they have some really good young D coming with entry deals that should be able the D that will walk in FA next summer.

    AAV is 1-1-5m too high on a 7 year deal

    • Who wins or loses now comes down to how the team does. No more excuses. Management made a plan – followed it to a T – paid top dollar for arguably the best coach in the world, drafted well and has groomed the well drafted players into stars and re-signed them creating a 3 year window to win it all…

      If The Leafs win a Cup – players and management both win and no one argues about players being over paid. If The Leafs don’t win over the next three years then fingers will be pointed and blame dished all around…

      Being a Leaf fan – i’m still happy that my organization is now obviously “all in” on at least trying to be competitive every year to win the whole thing. Isn’t that as a long suffering fan of an organization (where historically it’s fair to question their commitment to winning) can ask for???

    • So you’re making light of nurses. Who contribute immensely to saving lives and in my opinion are just as important as doctors? Tell us bbb, what do you spend your days doing?
      12 hour shift of Call of duty with a 10 min porn hub break in between? Stick to pretending to be a Bruins fan you play that off like your getting a xmas bonus anyway.

      • Read the comment you will offend Chrisms he is a murse not a nurse geez shticky different handle same old crap

  11. Let the rumor mill turn to which RFA signs next….

    who ya got?? lol

    I say Connor in WPG on a 6 yr deal

    • For the Jets’ sake, it HAS to be Connor next.

    • Agree on Conner. Are offers coming from other teams for this guy? If he signs an offer sheet, it could get hot in a hurry in Winterpeg.

    • Yep …. must and should be Connor…. but now Who TF knows?

  12. How is it possible to have 94+ million in Cap when the LTIR off season cushion is 10%

    • Hi Brian

      I expect that just before the deal went through they put at least one of their IRS formally in the LTIR to get below the 89.65 (10 % over) threshold

      They can’t be over 81.5 on first day of season so those LTIRs have to be made official by then anyway

  13. Let’s be clear on who won here

    Both sides

    If you agree on a contract and both sides sign …. they have agreed…. both sides wanted the player in uniform for the Leafs… both sides win

    One side stood fast for the longest time at 5 years(to get the same next contract re-signing Window as AM and WW) while the other stood firm on long term buying more years of UFA

    One side then moved to 3 years ; heavy in last year to affect QO; other side stood firm at 7/8

    Each side moved off their firm stance to get things done; price up a tad; move from 7 lowest offered term ; to 6…. sign on the dotted line

    I own a company so I’m a capitalist minded big picture kind of guy…. if there is a minor clause in one of our takeover bids that can potentially stop the whole process 3 years from now …. that has to be addressed; small cede now to gain the big picture down the road

    Each side moved … deal done …. both sides win

    I just missed out $1,000 … had he taken just $5,600 less a year I would have won our pool; my best friend had him @ 10.925 and I had $10.85 (for the 6 year slots in our pool)

    For Leafs this addresses the short term but long term (cup window … ‘21-‘24)…. they need to address the D

    Only Reilly signed past next June

    Reilly, Freddy + top 4 Caps leaves only $31 M in 20/21 for 17 players including 3 top 4 D (note that’s at static cap of 81.5 per TSN last night saying cap likely to stay flat due to escrow issues)

    That math basically parses out that Barrie and Muzzin can’t be re-signed unless one of those top 6 are moved … and since it is D that is in need it won’t be Reilly; and it certainly won’t be Freddy;

    So just straight logic has a big move required…. the top 4 are all huge on SBs…. so a big trade just may happen July 2nd after SBs are paid

    So …. I’m very glad this is over; move on Leafs and let’s at Least try to get to 2nd round vs Bolts


    • Bolts? Lol I think they’re hoping to get to the second round also!

      • Hi BBB

        I still think Lightning can’t strike in the same place twice ( sorry had to use that Pun—- LOL) and that freaky series loss this Spring is way in the past; and that Bolts will be in SCF in June

        No one needs to buy any tickets to or watch games 1-6 in next April’s Leafs/Bruins tilt …. 7th game winner moves on again …😁

        I’m hoping 3 times a charm

      • Pengy I wouldn’t underestimate the Panthers. They may very well claim at least 3rd in the division.

  14. I don’t like it ….think it is 1.5 million too high…..I would have let him sit or traded him before giving in..

    However, I am a fan not a professional administrator in hockey. Dubas believes in a certain style of play ( not the one I think will win the Stanley Cup). He stuck to his ideas/philosophy which he almost has to do. The upper management group/Board must have thought it through before giving him the keys to the corner office with the nice views, and the responsibility for big decisions.

    I see the Leafs built as a team that will do really well in October -November…..quite well the rest of the regular season. They may well get by Boston….if things really gel get out of the East ( don’t really believe this). I can’t see Nylander nor Marner moving through the St Louis d men.

    As a Leaf fan , I hope I am wrong.

    • Hi OBD

      I agree it might be hurting as a bit high AAV but there is no way he was only getting 9.5

      Dubas bought an extra year of UFA …. so that cost and extra $0.5 M – $0.8 M in AAV

      Both sides signed … agreed … both sides wanted MM to play game 1 and not be (1) hampered by missing some/all of camp and (2) a distraction to team

      All good now

      I stand by my claim that this would not have happened if he Sat WW last year (or maybe traded) ….if GMKD had not capitulated last year… WW ends up eventually signing for less, AM contract with either/both lower AAV / better term and MM signs for lower AAv and/or better term ; a couple of months ago

      Small mistake last Dec cost the long term ramifications this year and years beyond

      GMKD under no circumstances could have Sat MM this year.., the message would be clear lunacy …. reward a far inferior player with an unbelievable contract after capitulating and then penalize team of top point getter and the player himself who had every right to negotiate term/$AAV for what he could comfortably sign off on

      GMKD tied his own hands

  15. I think Marner needs to thank JT for his big pay raise , before him , his numbers and WN were comparable. As for the top RFA , i think Point is the better player

  16. I hope Marner has a poor season and they miss playoffs, then they can boo him and soft Nyander.

    • Matt stick to your day job of telling kids there’s no Santa.

      To hear everyone’s opinion is a real treat because there have been soooo many comments on how it’s would be impossible and how dumb Dubas was to announce he will sign all of his RFAs as his goal is to keep the squad together. Now if you couldn’t see how that was going to happen without giving up good assists, well then, you now know your opinion should probably be kept to yourself because you sound dumb.

  17. So Matt, how’s that rebuild going in Buffalo?