Lightning Re-sign Brayden Point

by | Sep 23, 2019 | News, NHL, Rumors | 25 comments

The Tampa Bay Lightning have re-signed center Brayden Point to a three-year, $20.25-million contract. The annual average value is $6.75 million.

Tampa Bay Lightning re-sign center Brayden Point to a three-year contract (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: According to TSN’s Pierre LeBrun, the contract breakdown is as follows: $5.25 million total ($1 million salary, $4.25 million signing bonus) in Year 1, $6.5 million total ($3 million salary, $3.5 million signing bonus) in Year 2 and $9 million all salary in 2021-22.

LeBrun also reports the Lightning came up by $1 million per season from their previous offer of $5.75 million annually. It’s still a bargain for the Bolts. Point steadily improved in each of his first three seasons, reaching 92 points in 2018-19 and finishing third in team scoring.

Like Boston Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy, Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Zach Werenski, San Jose Sharks winger Timo Meier, and Vancouver Canucks winger Brock Boeser, the final year of Point’s contract gives him a substantial increase in his actual salary. It’ll cost the Lightning $9 million to qualify his rights in 2022.

Cap Friendly also indicates they have over $1.76 million remaining in salary-cap space, giving them sufficient room for in-season additions if necessary. However, things will get interesting next summer, as they have over $74 million invested in 14 players for 2020-21. A marginal increase in the cap ceiling could force them into a salary-cap crunch. 

Point’s signing leaves four notable restricted free agents still unsigned. They are Colorado Avalanche right wing Mikko Rantanen, Calgary Flames left wing Matthew Tkachuk, and Winnipeg Jets forwards Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor.


  1. This makes Dubas look like a rank amateur,

  2. Great deal for TB. This further shows how much Toronto overpaid Nylander last year plus Matthews and Marner this year. Dubas has destroyed their cap before they’ve even gotten out of the first round.

    In my opinion, Point is a better player than Marner. Even with the term differences and no state tax advantage for TB, it’s crazy that Marner has a US$4M+ higher cap hit.

    • Van, agree and disagree.
      I think Nylander’s deal isn’t crazy. They purchased UFA years and I believe Nylander will bounce back barring injury. Methinks he posts career high in points this season.
      Still think Marner is overpaid and I think Point is a more valuable player.
      Point could still make more than Marner over the next 6 years, but his next deal will have to be a doozy.
      Approx 15M/year.

    • Van, wait till Point re-signs after three years. Then we can compare him to Marner.
      Two terrific young talents – should be fun watching them for a long time.

  3. Even with the Point bargain, TB has some serious cap issues next year. TB has to resign Sergachev, Cernak and Cirelli and Vasilevskiy’s extension kicks in at US$9.5M/year. TB has a lot of NMC’s and NTC’s to work around and I can’t see them trading Point. Looks like Killorn is a goner given his NTC becomes a M-NTC next July.

    • I agree, Tampa is in a tough spot next year. But they’re in a much better spot than Toronto. They still have Hedman and Mcdonagh Coburn under contract. Toronto only has Reilly. 6-7 dmen needing to be be re-signed or replaced. That may look a lot like the Jets situation or worse next year.

    • Just a thought say (having fun)
      Tampa wins the cup this year and then offers up Kucherov in trade. NMC don’t kick in till July 1st. He is at a 9.5m cap for 7 years. How many teams would come calling and what could tampa get in return.

  4. The cap system is flawed.
    Toronto, among other cities, get screwed twice. First, they have to pay more to keep players due to high taxes. Second, the higher amount counts against their cap making it more difficult to be both cap-compliant and competitive.
    I’d like to see the cap system take taxes and cost of living into account for each market. That way each market would have a different cap and create true parity, which is the ultimate goal of the cap.

    • Ya Troy, the taxes are definitely an advantage for TB, Vegas etc. Leafs have the advantage of making way more $$ than other teams as well. That is because of where they are, not because of how they manage their team. Carolina and OTT will not ever be able to compete with that.
      The Leafs front load their contracts, which many teams can’t.
      Should we adjust for that advantage as well?
      I agree that it is a slightly uneven playing field with taxes, but if you adjust for that what else will have to be adjusted?

      • Yes, adjust for that as well. No team should have an advantage when it comes to the cap, unless a team (like Ottawa) has a lower internal cap. That’s their decision and should not affect the league’s cap.

      • Yes, adjust for that as well. No team should have an advantage when it comes to the cap.

      • Personally, I’m tired of Leafs fans complaining about the taxes. Only a select few places have zero taxes. Others, such as California, Boston, NYC and many others have similar taxes to Toronto.

        Many locales offer tax incentives in order to bring in businesses. If Toronto wants to level the playing field with places like Tampa, maybe they need to consider offering to reduce or eliminate taxes on NHL contracts? This is not the NHL’s problem to solve.

    • I hear you, but how do you level the playing field when it comes to overall desirability of a city? for example, how many times have we seen players take less to play in NYC, for example? The bottom line is that you will never be able to achieve true equality. Personally, I’d love to see a soft cap and let the rich teams spend whatever they want as long as they pay a luxury tax for going over the soft cap. When I take my two boys to watch a Ranger game at the Garden I spend over $500, easily. If I’m paying that kind of money, I want to see the best product possible……

      • That makes for an interesting other debate, THR. In my opinion, the best product possible is an exciting game where the result is totally unknown.

        A cap (for all its many faults) helps ensure parity, and parity helps ensure competitive matches. That to me is the best product.

        Rangers have Panarin, Kakko, Fox… it will be a great product, while also being in a cap world.

        The wish should be for teams to not charge $500 for tix when Nashville, for example, can be a success with tickets costing a fraction of that.

        Just my two cents on a rainy Tuesday morning 🙂

  5. The hidden key here is that maybe, just maybe, Connor now comes back down to Earth in Winnipeg and, who knows, maybe even Laine gets the message. Unless Cheveldayov is trying to get them both around that amount but for much longer terms. Rantanen, too, has to now look reality square in the eye.

  6. A lot of leaf fans didn’t think marner should get paid because he gets assist not goals we’ll point scored 40 last year and makes 4 million less than marner? Dubas really screwed up on the matthews and nylander contracts which led to mariners big pay day

  7. LMAO, Dumbass got schooled by Marner and Matthews…

  8. Kyle is in way over his head has zero negotiation skills. Leafs need to win this year because unless all their defense take pennies on the dollar they can’t afford more than one and will be left with old slow guys or kids. I’ve said many times it started with paying Matthews way more than he was worth than Nylander and now Marner. Every other team and GM must be laughing out loud.

    • They ain’t laughing too loud Obe as those contracts will try to be used by agents as a comparable. And submitted to arbitrators when negotiations have to go there.
      I am guessing more cussing than laughing.

      • Would that be like how Points agent used Marner as a comparable, then took less money than Nylander got?

        Dumbass got taken to the toolshed by Matthews, Nylander and Marner….. but all is goodcaccording to the Shanascam, Oops I mean plan.

  9. Just because Toronto over paid doesn’t mean all other teams have to follow ,unless there’s a offer sheet an RFA has no power. Point will get his money just not yet same as McAvoy but if they don’t perform than both teams still own the hammer. Let’s now see what Laine and Mikko get.

    • Fair enough Obe, but what I said was agents would be using it as well as arbitrators.
      Point just signed and Laine, Rant and Conner still haven’t. I would bet their agents a using the Marner deal and Kudos to TBay for standing firm. Sakic is sounding like he may as well.
      Perhaps the arbitrator throws out the Marner, Matthews deals when they are applicable. Perhaps he doesn’t.
      All I know is it wouldn’t make me happy as a GM.

  10. Excellent deal with Point

    They’ll have to Pony up next contract …. and they will have serious cap issues next year … but in the here and now … smokin’ deal

    A centre … 90 + points ….. $6.75 M Cap …. wow

    They still have a couple of moves to make … per CF… they are 12-9-2 (Fwd-D-G)…, so very likely 2 D moved /waived (I’m thinking Schenn and Witowski) and 2 fresh forwards brought on ( I would not be surprised if one of them was Verhaeghe)

  11. Gary wanted equal chances, so here we are. Canadien market is tough because of taxes, NY also, so it’s “fair” that player like Point will sign such a cheap deal. IN other markets to get similar amount of money to the pocket, he would ask for what? 8,9,10 per season? I guess it’s not a problem for our superior leader

  12. I go farther back in the chain of events . Great player and no issue -it’s not my money – but Tavares was an overreach as well . Loves T.O and you make a $11 deal just to land him. That should have come at a discount . Not more than Kane and end up only a few percentages below Mcdavid. That started the dominoes .