NHL 2019-20 Season Preview: Toronto Maple Leafs

by | Sep 22, 2019 | News, NHL | 10 comments



  1. Assuming TML make the playoffs, they will have to not only advance , but advance at the expense of the Bruins; much like Washington had to at the expense of the Penguins a few years ago.

    • The team doesn’t believe in Babcock. They will not respond as hoped and Babcock will be fired around allstar break with Keefe promoted. Assuming Dubas trades Ceci and replaces with a true top 4 RD they will then rally and go to final out of a wild card spot.

      • Jesus I guess the house is always on fire in Toronto. They don’t believe in the coach yet they got the 100 pts last year and lost in a seven game series they should have won. They have the same young forwards that are one year better, Nylander is already playing really well in preseason, their defence is objectively better… Time to panic.

      • Wow, I guess the house is always on fire in Toronto. Under the coach they don’t believe in they got 105 points, a franchise record two years ago. 100 points last year and lost both years in seven games when they arguably should have won both series. Their forwards are one year older and when you’re better, Nylander looks like he is in better condition than any year in his career so far. The defence is objectively better as well. Time to panic I guess.

  2. They lost both game 7s BECAUSE of the coaching decisions and personel deployment.

    • Hmmmm … so the players had nothing to do with the result? Matthews, with 5 goals, performed. None of the other high priced forwards scored more than 2.

      By comparison there aren’t calls in Tampa for Cooper’s head. As tb notes the house is always on fire in Toronto, the epicenter of perpetual angst.

    • What about the 40+ regular season games they won both seasons? Despite of the coaching I guess…

      • It is clear you dont watch the games. He makes the same dumb decisions game after game. They just have enough raw talent to still beat the majority of the teams during the season but it catches up to them in playoffs when they play quality prepared and coached teams and Babcock is entirely unable to make the necessary adjustments like having 3 top centers on PP together so Boston can put out Bergeron line against Gauthier as soon as penalty ends…not to mention pulling the goalie when the other team already has possession. Hi is a dinosaur in this league.

      • Sounds like you should be coaching the team. I don’t always agree withBabcock, and yes I do watch the games. I didn’t understand Matthews ice time but I’m not in the room and don’t know what the issues are, was his shoulder still hurt? Did Babcock have less trust with him because he had the worst +/- among their forwards during the season? I didn’t like his player deployment but I’m not gonna pretend that I know more than him. The guy has won a couple Olympic gold medals, a couple Stanley cups… That’s more than I’ve won. It’s pretty easy to sit here and snipe about how terrible he is and how the team hates him when you don’t know anything about it, and if someone disagrees with you say they’ve never watched a game. Obviously if someone disagrees with you they have just wandered out of the forest and decided to randomly post on this board that they know nothing about…

      • Wendle, to tb’s comments, I add:

        Cheer up, friend. The season has yet to begin and it’s a long road of unhappiness if you start with Eeyore’s jersey on. At least wait until a losing streak.