NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 25, 2019

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Auston Matthews faces a disorderly conduct charge, Connor McDavid plays his first preseason game, plus updates on Josh Morrissey, Brock Boeser, Robin Lehner, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs center Auston Matthews is facing a charge of disorderly conduct over an incident in his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, on May 28.

Matthews and several friends allegedly attempted to get into a security guard’s car. When she confronted the group, Matthews is said to have pulled down his pants, bent over and “grabbed his butt cheeks” through his underwear. The guard claimed the group appeared to be intoxicated. A pre-trial conference is set for today in Scottsdale but Matthews doesn’t have to appear in person.

A disorderly conduct charge could jeopardize Auston Matthews’ chance of being named captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs issued a statement last night indicating they were aware of the situation. Neither they or Matthews will comment further.

The 22-year-old center was considered among the candidates for the Leafs’ captaincy. This incident could derail his chances. The allegations haven’t been proven in court but more than one Toronto pundit has taken Matthews to task over his behavior. 

SPORTSNET: Speaking of the Leafs, they released goaltender Michal Neuvirth from his professional tryout offer.

NHL.COM: Connor McDavid made his preseason debut as the Edmonton Oilers fell 4-2 to the Coyotes. It was the Oilers’ captain’s first game since tearing a ligament in his left knee in the final game of the 2018-19 regular season in April.

TSN: Winnipeg Jets defenseman Josh Morrissey missed the third period of his club’s 2-0 loss to the Calgary Flames as a precautionary measure. Coach Paul Maurice said Morrissey was “tightening up”, adding his exit wasn’t related to blocking a shot earlier in the game.

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Bruins center Patrice Bergeron could return to action in the club’s final preseason contest on Saturday against the Chicago Blackhawks. He’s recovering from a nagging groin injury.

VANCOUVER SUN: Canucks winger Brock Boeser and defenseman Oscar Fantenberg were placed in concussion protocol following Monday’s preseason contest against Ottawa. It’s uncertain how long they’ll be absent from the lineup.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Blackhawks goaltender Robin Lehner left practice yesterday with an undisclosed health issue. No word on how long he could be out of the lineup. 

TSN: Former Edmonton Oilers coach Craig MacTavish was fired by the KHL”s Lokomotiv Yaroslavl after just eight games.

TRIBLIVE.COM: The Pittsburgh Penguins hired Duane Sutter and Kevin Stevens as professional scout. Former NHL forward Jay McClement also joined their scouting department.



  1. Pro athletes more than ever are being held accountable for bad behavior these days with very real consequences and regardless of how this plays out, the public stain left behind by his actions may fade as time passes, but will likely never completely go away.

  2. Public stain? More like authoritative over-reaction…
    He grabbed his butt cheeks with his underwear on.
    Unless they were tight whiteys, he committed no crime.

    • @BCDan: We shall see Dan. We shall see

      • Ever made a mistake you regret in your youth Joey?

        Not a bright thing for him to do but lets not go over board here.

        Time will heal maybe he will grow up from now on.

      • Joey we all can’t be a saint like yourself. Everyone I know have acted like that or worse in our early 20s. Get out more.

    • BCD

      Hoping they weren’t white with the big Leafs emblem on the cheeks …. LOL

      Simmonds says this will cost him any chance at Captaincy…. for me no huge deal… my choice since mid last year has been Reilly

      If they do want to give the C to AM ; I think they’ll have to wait a bit to let this die down

      Reports were that Leafs new about this as early as July …. you’d figure they would have had a spin doctor able to release the information on their own terms mitigating impact

      • It should cement his chances! If the refs make a bad call he can drop trou and give his cheeks a squeeze! Might attract more women and certain men into tuning in!

    • Ha

      • Chrisms

        Your just the Spin Doctor that Leafs need in this situation

        You don’t have to move here…. the work can all be done remote … give Shanny a holler

      • Big shame it only came out now. He’s the face of the new ea nhl game. They could have made that his goal celebration!

  3. Neither did Evander Kane doing push-ups clutching fist-fulls of cash, but there are some who STILL drag it up when being critical of him. Nor, it turns out, did Patrick Kane “rape” that woman in Buffalo. But, unfortunately, it’s just human nature to hang onto the negatives once it hits the media and is sensationalized out of proportion.

    • @ George: I’m not judging him; but on the other side of the story: you have veteran, suffering from PTSD sitting in her car on the job when suddenly an apparently intoxicated Matthews opens the door to see her reaction and when confronted, drops his drawers and spreads his cheeks for an implied cavity search.
      Right or wrong, the court of public opinion will have more sympathy for the veteran than a young millionaire any day of the week. In the end, he’ll get a fine; likely an out of court settlement but people will remember and that’s the stain I’m talking about.

      • The article said that there is video evidence of Matthews in that parking lot with his pants around his ankles at the time of the “alleged” incident. Clearly, whatever happened, Matthews was at the very least behaving like an idiot (yes I know he is 22).

        None of those guys could have known that the security guard was a military veteran with PTSD. That’s unfortunate, probably made this scenario even more difficult for her, and yes will affect public opinion.

        With that said, the worst part of this for me is that a group of young men were opening the car door of a woman sitting in a car by herself in a parking lot late at night. That would be terrifying for any woman, PTSD or not. Just thinking about a group of men doing that to my wife or another woman I care about makes my blood boil.

  4. Joey, actually, my comment above was in response to BadCowboyDan’s post – but somehow it got buried down the line a bit.

  5. Is it an issue; yes that’s why it’s being discussed. Is it a big deal, no. However the ramifications are very real for Austin Matthews he is in a media hot bed in Toronto’ he’ll be asked about it over and over again.

    For some it calls his character into questions. You have a group of young men drunk at 2 in the morning trying to enter into a vehicle that has a female occupant in it. At the moment how did she feel, Threaten? scared? I don’t know and instead of apologizing he doesn’t like her reaction so he drops his pants and grabbed his butt cheeks and spread them, with his underwear on.

    You may joke about it here and say it much to do about nothing and will be over blown. Yet it wasn’t one of the other guys doing it. Matthews was the one doing both, trying to enter the car to give her a scare and a laugh for his buddies and when confronted he did the mature thing and dropped his pants. So is he the leader or was he easily lead by his buddies to pull the prank.

    For me its much to do about nothing, for the lady in the car it was more then that and for Matthews it’s a headache he didn’t want and may cost him his captaincy and a whole lot of attention he definitely didn’t want.

    • Lays it out pretty good Caper. I don’t think there was any malicious intent on Matthews part, but was he being an A-hole while drunk? Obviously.
      I did plenty of stupid sh** when I was young and drunk, and a few times paid the price, all part of growing up, but I would never open the door of a car with a woman in it by herself at 2 AM.
      There was a level of respect that seems to be missing in this story.
      Wouldn’t have gone over well with buddies in my home town. Line would have been crossed and the guy who did it would have been tuned in.
      In the end there are some unintended consequences of his actions. Started out harmless and did something stupid that impacted someone who didn’t deserve it. Matthews will likely learn from it and it won’t happen again. At least one would hope so.

      • He can nip this ion the bud with a public, earnest apology to the lady in question. Seems to work for a certain politician in this country who appears to apologize for something every few days!

  6. I see words…guard…veteran….PTSD..

    I don’t know if the “Stand Your Ground” law is in effect in Arizona but if it is maybe Mathews should consider himself lucky to be alive had the word “gun” been also used in the description of events.

  7. I do find this sad/weird that we comment on an event that occurred where we were not present. Does that make sense?

    This seems like dumb kids horsing around and is never acceptable no matter who it is. Not to undermine this incident there are worse things that could of happened and thankfully it wasn’t.

    I think this will and should blow over as it should and isn’t a stain on the NHL or Mathews/Leafs. He apparently did someone wrong and should correct that and everyone, can move on with hockey.

    • If the new standard is we are only allowed to talk about events we were physically present for, this board will be pretty quiet. Even the luckiest fans attend only a small percentage of NHL games in a given season. None of us will be present in the GM’s offices on trade deadline day.

      “There are worse things that could have happened” is true of almost every news story…it doesn’t change the situation a bit.

      I agree this will blow over, but it is comment worthy in the here and now. Especially so with the Leafs captaincy up in the air. Matthews is (or was?) certainly on the short list to receive the captaincy. Does this situation affect that decision? Will he be disgruntled if he doesn’t receive the C?

    • I am not defending his actions or behaviour for one minute. His actions were disrespectful, threatening and embarassingly stupid, but this is what I find strange…

      Why did someone who was afraid, get out of her locked car to confront them (If I have heard that right)? If the Officer (a veteran) suffers from PTSD should they be in a role that requires them to face potentially more traumatic circumstances than this? Why did it take 2 days to file a Police report? Were the others who were also apparently attempting to enter the car charged as well?

      There is a lot we do not know, but even at the least, this was not a proud day for Auston, his family, the Leafs and the League.

      • She had no way to know what their intentions were.

        There’s no safety in a locked car unless the windows are shatterproof.

        At least outside of the car there is some potential to defend yourself or run away.

  8. So Kyle and Babs, who will it be …

    Captain Morgan (Reilly)
    Captain Canada (Tavares) or
    Captain Underpants ?

    • Now that’s funny!

  9. To those on here who judged me for stating my support for a veteran suffering from PTSD about how stupid and irresponsible Matthews behaved?

    Don’t shoot me: Remember America, of all nations, honors those who have served and are especially protective towards those suffering from PTSD as a result of that point of view? U Judge them? What Have U done?

    U judge me for seeing her point of view ?

    Look in the mirror boys: You’re not beyond reproach. If anything, some of you have revealed and shamed yourselves on the net. Congrats to you for your achievment

  10. This is going to be fun I can hear the chants ..I see London I see France I see ….to begin with ….hopefully morphing from there…. it will be brutal in beantown

    • I’m thinking Matthews will have plenty of young fools mooning him over the next few years. I hope it becomes a thing on our weekly Hockey Night in Toronto broadcasts. Welcome back to Toronto, hockey fans. Hold my beer!

  11. Just watched video I hope Matthews was gooned because if that’s how he acts he’s an idiot wow what an embarrassment to the Leafs