NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 8, 2019

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The latest on Connor McDavid, Zdeno Chara, Auston Matthews, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Oilers captain Connor McDavid show no ill-effects from a knee injury suffered during the final game of last season during an informal skate on Saturday. He claimed he felt great but remains uncertain about being in the lineup for next month’s season opener.

Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid remains uncertain if he’ll be ready for the start of the season (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s a promising sign that McDavid said he feels like nothing’s changed regarding his skating. Still, he’ll have to test it during training camp with his teammates and preseason play to determine if he’ll be good to go for the season opener. The Oilers won’t take any chances and could ease him into limited preseason play.

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Bruins captain Zdeno Chara can’t say for certain if he’ll be ready for the club’s season opener next month. He’s recovered from the broken jaw suffered during the Stanley Cup Final. However, he’s now recovering from a “small elbow procedure” this summer that might not be fully healed in a month.

THE SCORE: Toronto Maple Leafs center Auston Matthews is disappointed over speculation by Sportsnet’s Brian Burke suggesting he’ll head to an American market when his current contract expires. “We haven’t even started my first year (on the new contract) and then this?” he said.

Matthews grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and recently said he hopes the Coyotes become successful. That sparked speculation over his plans. He insists he loves playing in Toronto, praising the city and its fans.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Matthews also pointed out Burke’s comments came in late August, suggesting they were made to stir up controversy and generate internet traffic. It’s way too early to start pondering Matthews’ plans. Worry about it if he hasn’t signed a contract extension in the final season (2023-24) of his current deal.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets re-signed goaltender Eric Comrie to a two-year contract worth $700K per season. The first season is a two-way deal, meaning he’ll earn $200K at the AHL level.

TSN: The Los Angeles Kings re-signed goaltender Jack Campbell to a two-year, $3.3-million contract extension. The annual average value is $1.65 million. The annual cap hit of his current deal is $675K.


  1. Do you have power today, Lyle, or are you using a generator? Hope you’re high and dry.

    • Ditto

    • Fingers crossed Lyle

      • Good morning, everyone! Hurricane Dorian hit PEI pretty hard but not as badly as Nova Scotia, and certainly nothing like the monster it was over the Bahamas a week ago. Lost power for only four hours yesterday evening. Fortunately, I live in an area where several essential services are located here in Charlottetown so we tend to get our power back faster than most. Still a number of my neighbours without power this morning. No damage to our house but a tree next to it suffered serious damage and will have to be cut down.

      • Lyle

        Glad to hear the hit was minimal


      • Glad to hear that Lyle. That thing was about 90 miles off the coast of Florida as a 5! Stressful times! I’ve seen a 2 and a 3 in my area. And people were being rescued off their rooftops in helicopters with the category 3, , 1 1/2 miles from my home. I can’t even begin to imagine what a 5 would bring.

  2. I like Burke but sometimes, he can stir the pot.

  3. Bruins could have trouble with their D going into and coming out of camp….Chara,Miller,Moore might not be ready for season start …McAvoy and Carlo are not signed , probably why a McQuaid is hanging around. The Bruins drafted a lot of Dmen & they are going to see if any are ready ..

  4. Re: AM and Burke

    AM is saying the right things.

    I side completely with Burke’s thoughts; but I’m very glad to see AM’s responses

    On 1/7/24 Meruelo will open the chequebook and instruct Chayka to sign no matter what (the then 26 year old) AM….. and I believe strongly that this is the highest likely destination for him for the ‘24-‘25 season

    He will be certainly be thrown some wild contracts by many teams

    Him as a Leaf in October of ‘24, to me, is quite a long shot.

    • To my dismay BTW

      • @ Pengy: I think what happens with Matthews 5 years from now will largely depend on what happens with both teams moving forward over the next 5 years; assuming money and term aren’t the issue at that point in time.

      • Hi Joey

        Agree to a certain point.

        If somehow Leafs have back to back cups in ‘23 and ‘24 then things are absolutely different…. little doubt there

        If Arz is a bottom feeder in June ‘24 …. then Arz might not be his destination and not even in play

        …. but he should be listening to 31 GMs …. and his agent would be a fool to have him miss out on at least listening to those offers

        I’m of course hoping differently but to me ; odds as at now; are not in Leafs favour

        As an aside: Seattle will be a franchise on the rise (3 seasons in) at that time and likely with a load of prospects/pics (just like LV now)


    • IF they’re still in Arizona!

      • Houston 7 to 1
        Portland 15 to 1
        Quebec City 50 to 1
        Hartford 100 to 1
        Kansas City 100 to 1
        San Diego 150 to 1
        Europe/Asia 1M to 1

    • Pengy it doesn’t help with Matthew debuting the Arizona State new uni.

      • Caper

        I didn’t know that

  5. @Pengy: Like Lyle said in the header and I quote

    It’s way too early to start pondering Matthews’ plans. Worry about it if he hasn’t signed a contract extension in the final season (2023-24) of his current deal.

    • Hi Joey


      But that may be too late for a good return if they think he won’t re-sign

      I agree let’s see how it plays out ….. but if for whatever reason they haven’t won a cup by ‘22 and somehow they are on the bubble (long shot happening; but just sayin’) at TDL in ‘23…. then perhaps a flip for a big return might need to be considered then

      Again 🙏🤞

      • You watch any of the prospect games Pengy? Compared to last years team the Penguins actually have 5-6 kids that could be NHL players in the next 5 years. Addison, Marino, and Joseph are solid, fast, they can move the puck. They all have top 4 potential. Poulin, Legare and Bellrive all have top 6 potential. We haven’t had this many kids with promise for at least a decade.

      • Eh. Bit of an exaggeration but I do like what the pens have done young talent wise despite remaining competitive and using the capital to maximize cup chances

      • 5 of their top 10 prospects are 3rd – 5th rounders. They are ranked dead last in prospect rankings in the nhl.
        If this is the best the kids have looked in a decade……

        I like the lemonade out of lemons attitude.

        Side note: do Penguins fans ever watch anything outside of Pittsburgh?