NHL Most Important Players: New York Rangers

by | Sep 13, 2019 | News, NHL | 4 comments



  1. Good article Lyle.

    Very good read, thank you.

    You referred to the Rangers Coach as Jack Quinn, but it’s actually David Quinn.

    Thank you for your excellent website Lyle. I read it everyday!

  2. Thanks, Vinny. BTW, the columnist was Adam Proteau.


    • Sorry Lyle, I was wondering why there was a picture of that guy at the end of the article.

      At the top it said by Lyle Richardson, so I thought you wrote it.

      Take care and enjoy having hockey back!

  3. Only thing is….Georgiev is not being “groomed” as the Kings replacement. The heir apparent has just come across the pond…Georgiev will follow the travels of the past few Ranger backups….he will be gone by the start of next season by the latest…